3 Powerful Ways To Grow Spiritually – Feeling Detections In Your Energy Field

3 Powerful Ways To Grow Spiritually – Feeling Detections In Your Energy Field

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Everything is energy. Everything within and everything all around us. Our thoughts, our feelings, are an alive energetic aspect of our being. Feelings are detections in our energy fields. Your feelings and emotions are receptive powers that receive information from all around you. The emotional field itself is highly intuitive by nature. Your energetic fields react to the energy they receive and thus you get information or detections by way of your feelings.

Using this knowledge can create powerful ways to grow spiritually if we are both listening and learning. Our senses are becoming more vivid and turning up in this time, as we are awakening to more of what it means to be spirit embodied. More senses for what we could not sense before means your feelings are becoming more astute in terms of its immediate realm. In this article we examine how we can grow spiritually by becoming familiar with the energies we pick up and how we react to them. We examine how feelings can help us grow spiritually in ways we may have missed on our journey in the past.

Get into the spirit!

How to Process Feeling

Feel your emotions to process them. Feel them, as they are like a crying child, whom you must nurture. An aspect of yourself, disharmonious in nature, a wayward energy that has lost its purpose and way, most often due to trauma. We must feel them because they are us. They will give us clues into ourselves and unless you are being heavily medicated then they are not going away.

As we feel the feeling, and sit in it, we will eventually find the stem. The stem and then finally the root. The root will be the initial reason “why” these certain emotions are showing themselves. After finding the root, we can then pull up what is being a nuisance in our inner world. They are how you are being moved energetically, you need to understand why.

Our thoughts, emotion, and witness of the spirit move here or there, whilst there is an energetic relationship at play. This relationship is a dance between your thought, emotions, conscious choice and intent. Intuitive & imaginative conscious creation can present when thoughts wane and the receptive mind takes hold to improvise masterpieces. It is critical that we understand this instinctual potential to grow spiritually. 

Being able to feel in a physical body is a extraordinary wonder and to be alive to continually experience this natural phenomenon is a joy. Aliveness is a gift every second we are able to experience it. Feelings are the receptive powers that come along with the package and are a great and enlivening part of that experience. To process feelings of ill repute, can prove challenging, to those without training.

Dealing with Bottled Up Feelings

These are just feeling that you bottled up and put away in yourself somewhere. You didn’t want to feel them. You didn’t know what to do with them you just wanted them to go away. Energetically you could have blockages in your major energy centers because of them. You didn’t know what to do with them when they first made you feel how they made you feel. You chose to just forget about them and try to make it to where they did not bother you anymore by stuffing them down and temporarily removing them from your conscious reality.

Unfortunately they are not going anywhere.

As you lighten in the right way with self love, compassion and thankfulness, you will soon have the courage and strength of forgiveness to transmute your trauma and face it once and for all. You command what and how they should be in yourself, how they are to be dealt with within you. Through your intention and in the retraining of your subconscious mind, through mastery you create a path of spirituality while growing spiritually. Combatting any mental/emotional encumbrance to peace.

In this time these things will be coming up for you to deal, once and for all. They need to be brought up so you can come to terms with that feeling in your eventual understanding of yourself. Feel those feelings like never before. Feel what it feels like to live in that reality, feel those feeling and know what powers your world in that now.

You are a product of those feelings, thoughts and beliefs that you hold. This is your reality. You choose, allow or command it. It is better that you command it, knowing what you want and how you want to shift and grow spiritually.

When all the feeling have been felt, and when all the tears have been washed away. As our bodies experience and overcome they become more resilient to pain, and better yet, become accustomed to avoiding it with proper boundaries. 

Feelings Are Detections in Your Energy Fields

Feel to understand.

Your Emotions?.. Tendencies… What disrupts your fields?

When you feel something, your senses fire. Whether through sound or something felt physically/emotional/mentally. You have discovered something in close proximity to you that as a result of either its presence or actions, has caused a change in you.

You unconsciously made this choice without knowing you made a choice. The detection of the received by the feeling is not the unconscious change. Only when you react without conscious choice, your energy was spent, and like a wound must be mended, or in this case energy replaced. You may not have chosen to receive it, but inside yourself you have reacted to it. That’s ok. You are understanding what moved you in an energetic sense. 

Being still and giving yourself the chance in the moment to really feel what you are feelings and really take note of how you feel in the body. Do you have family who is similar? Do any of these tendencies you find tend to be hereditary? Or perhaps even learned in your environment.

To feel what is being felt is so important. Knowing what detections feel like in your energy field can give you the best chance at defending from an attack if necessary. Obviously, these are ways to not only grow spiritually but also in terms of defending yourself from physical attacks.

Timing can mean everything, and you want to have the detection first so that you can make the right decision at the right time. Intuition is everything here. A receptive power, Intuition is the abstract feeling mechanism creating our sixth sense for things that do not have a tangible investigative interface. Feeling in this way will have us growing spiritually to feel now, what we earlier could not.

How To Recognize Detections in your Energy Field

Understanding helps shape our personal growth. Understanding will shape the style at which you can potentially pursue your path to spiritual mastery. As you self study to grow spiritually you are revealing you to yourself. This gives you clues into the emotional/energetic tendencies of the energy conscious matrix (soul, inner spirit) that is you. 

Understanding the feelings that offset your energies is an indicator that should warrant further study. Offering more light/consciousness into who we are is what this changing of the times is all about. Finding new and old ways to grow spiritually

Let peace be your path to spiritual growth.

Ways to Grow Spiritually Through Feeling

To grow spiritually from here we take what we have learned and use that knowledge to build a path. On this path we are conscious and intent on learning and reaching spiritual milestones on our journey. They could be that you meditated longer than you ever have. Perhaps you can feel more of your chakra activity than you could before. Perhaps even you are just more thankful and feel more blessed more often. 

Our spiritual growth shows what has worked on our journey to master calming our mind. It has let us know what has served to relax us, and what resonates with our style of change. Honoring how we embrace our shift into the new paradigm. 

Feel to grow spiritually and know yourself more. Feeling is a wonder here in this experience. Feeling can definitely be a pain, but this shouldn’t hinder our spiritual development. Feel your way into knowing yourself better. 

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