From 3d to 5d Consciousness – 3 Spiritual Awakening Traits of the 2020’s

From 3d to 5d Consciousness – 3 Spiritual Awakening Traits of the 2020’s

What is 3d to 5d consciousness in terms of the human?

This represents our transition. It represents the energy change that is taking place. It speaks of the level of experience that we have lived in, and the one that is to succeed this one we are in now. We are here to help everyone understand how this illustrates out story in terms of our hearts and behavior. 

To mention the consciousness is to point to our way. The style at which we have been living is going to change. We believe for the better. You make things easier for yourself if you are doing spiritual work to help catalyze your own change. Your conscious choice is involved so that means that you don’t have to take part. We are all here to live and be who we are. We are here to transform into the greatest version of ourselves. 

You see problems in the world vanish with an outcome you are manifesting. You see the hearts of those change right before your eyes whom you once thought could not love in this way. You witness a child tantrum being handled with clever reasoning instead of a steady hand.

The idea that on the quantum level that way at which your energy would move in the past now moves in a higher resonating position. A position that has you listening to your vibrational buzz, if you sit and listen to yourself quietly undisturbed.

The shift from 3D to 5D consciousness orchestrates the heart and mind’s transformative subliminal dance of the ages to uplift the spirit in a way that will open up the Kingdoms of Heaven for all involved. To reshape an era through a brand new human template. To witness a Marvel the Creatrix brings as a gift to all her children. A gift that will ring and shine it’s brilliance to a countless number of universal onlookers and spectators.

As the world turns, a move to the 5th consciousness world of vibration is imminent. A ride on this ship moves your consciousness from 3d to 5d, as your heart & mind embark on a journey that will take you far within yourself. Leagues outside yourself and beyond. As we shift and awaken, many take on these 3 spiritual awakening traits as we open up to more of the Creatrix in our move from 3d to 5d consciousness.

Move with ease through your transition with Mother Earth

This change is supposed to be natural. As natural as the butterfly moving from a larvae to a full grown insect with wings able to expand its horizon into the realm of flight. From crawling to flight, in one lifetime sound like a really awesome thing. Here for us humans, it has taken us countless lifetimes to see this adventure through to the end. The grandest of shows to end with a light show that the universe will not soon forget and will likely be talking about far off somewhere even in the now moment. 

A move 3d to 5d consciousness is a course set for transformation. As the transition with Mother Earth commences are are being filled up like her little batteries whose power she will to stand at the brand new resonance. 

We have been conditioned to think a certain way here in thee 3rd realm. We will need to make our cups empty again before we are able to grow more of what we want in our personal growth. We have purposely been made to think we have no power, when this is clearly not the case.

Shifting into that being will take a great amount of energy to pressurize our coal/carbon into a diamond. First we will need to recognize what in our energetic matrix is progressive thinking for ascension and what is 3d consciousness thinking stifling our growth and budding vibration.

3D Consciousness thinking is holding us back

Here in this realm and vibration, we have done what we needed to make it and be comfortable. This comfort zone has created a soft bedding to foster our complacency. For those whose minds are seeking to expand from the 3d world then congratulations. You too are amongst the greatest part of this world that is itching to shift into full potential.

The 3d consciousness thinking is what is keeping us at the vibration we are at. Once we start thinking in terms of the infinite and divine worlds, we will naturally rise in vibration, magnetizing to ourselves a greater outcome. People are afraid to dream as they once did.

We present problems when we invest too much into a dream laid out in the physical that does not serve the whole. Ensure that your dreams is geared for the fulfillment of all, and not just a select few when you formulate that dream in your reality. Whoever you can break free of this understanding and thinking that we are going to die in this realm from some ill fated propagandized pathogen. The light has come, and we will have our Heaven on Earth.

3d consciousness thinking
Put 3d consciousness thinking to sleep !

Self Love And Self HealingSpiritual awakening Trait #1

Self love and self healing are now the name of the game in providing yourself more of an initiative in getting into your more prime condition. There is a sense in the air. A sense that in this time we can be healed. As Mother Earth seeks to heal we too are coming into a healing space. 

The self is precious. The body vehicle that holds that spirit, houses it and makes a bed for it is also by relation a precious thing. Though it is nothing without its life, we now also realize the the greatest thing a spirit could have next to life is a reliable vehicle of expression. An intuitive, durable, steed-of-a-vehicle, one naturally possessing a self love and self healing mechanism built in.

Our self love and self healing by nurturing has reached a tipping point to where the body wants to move forward. The body has some work to do in be in line to move fully with the spirit. A lightness of being is needed and the higher octaves won’t suffer an energetic mismatch.  You have to get in where you fit in here, and when speaking in terms of frequency and vibration are no exception.

You will not ever be in a place where your vibration won’t accommodate its surroundings. Your vibration is the key and the door. Both pieces must be put in place for the journey to run smoothly for conscious willing participants. 

Never before has the spirit of the human found so much purpose in healing ourselves and taking responsibility for our health. The spirit sees what is happening to our bodies, and in an effort to pull the body along for this journey, shifts are going to have to be made. 

mastery over your now moment
Center, and find the place!

Mastery over your now moment

You want to create the right environment for the spirit to work/serve. Nurturing the body is not only necessary for self care but is necessary as a conscious practice as well. 

Anything you consciously practice, you practice your mastery, as being fully attentive to the now moment. This breeds focus, concentration and patience. As you breathe you connect the breath, with the moment in the now, with the action. 

Putting this all together brings shape and discipline to the body’s exhibitions. Shaping the nature or style at which the energy is exerted from body, teaching the body discipline by muscle movement/repetition. This is observed in all behaviors, habits & unconscious movements, both physical and non physical. Further practice is needed to further crystallize these things in the brain’s subconscious but this will get us there.

Attacking the crusty and shame ridden surface human here will help free up consciousness and further exercise your crystallization of presence of your divine self. Your divine self is what comes through when you are able to be still in your mastery over your now moment. Be still and bring the light down!

** Learn one of the skills needed to the the shift from 3D to 5D consciousness **

Manifesting a Better world for everyone – Spiritual awakening Trait #2

Societies in this now moment of the world are uprising. They are calling out what does not serve them in the world. They are occupiers in a free nation that’s not always kind to dissenters of its policies. These people are just trying to make a better place for everyone in the world, going about it in a way their own country says is right and legal.

People are awakening to their power of manifestation. Manifesting a better world for everyone is one of the jobs of light workers and those who serve the shift. Those who are directly using their light to help the energetic landscape of our civilization. They don’t feel the frequency of this experience and it is just not what they want.

Through people’s innate connection with the Creatrix, we understand that we are energy just like the cosmos and should not be so unfamiliar when working with energy from the cosmos. 

As we see a new world and focus our thoughts & feelings on tasting the light of that dream, we make delicious our experience. Visualizing and seeing that greater experience is an initial step that will magnetize the outcome into our conscious reality. Loving it is just a bonus.

Our spirit is opening back up to these gifts for the next go around to bring the Children of Creation back home to the stars. 

meeting off worlders

Meeting off worlders is getting more exciting to you and not so weird – Spiritual awakening Trait #3 

Humans have known extraterrestrials have existed for centuries. Despite many governments trying to hide this fact from its people, the evidence is clear the we have been visited by beings from outside earth on countless occasions. They is also substantial evidence they have been in here far in the past as well, to influence early humans.

They are our star brothers and sisters. Meeting off worlders will only advance our chances of ascension. When we are at a vibration to meet them, then we will be in a position to ascend or will have fully moved into 5D. Also, at that vibration we would be able to re-introduce ourselves to beings who either ascended from earth or are still here because they have not fully moved into the light. 

Meeting off worlders from another dimension offers us just another way in discovering about who we are and why we are here in this realm. Human extraterrestrials are likely related to us. Having finally moving forward with the part of our evolution that means meeting them. 

Meeting off worlders from another realm would mean that we will be playing out many scenarios that we have watched on film where the human finally meets the off worlders or beings from another dimension. 

We will welcome a giant leap in technological advances alongside that is no less exhilarating, likely one that has lived underground hidden from public eyes.  

Moving from 3d to 5d consciousness is an awesome thing for all, who stand to gain from this extraordinary stride in frequency experience. Meeting off worlders would be a remarkable event to witness. This is the way we are going. These spiritual awakening traits means you are also starting to be conscious of why you are moving how you are. We are consciously moving from 3d to 5d consciousness, an energetic shift with our physical bodies to become water crystalline in nature along with an ability to control our vibration at will. An adventure in its own right as Mother Earth makes her change before our eyes. 

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Love and Light Earth Brethren