5d Ascension Timeline – 5 Subtle Reasons The Shift Hangs On Us

5d Ascension Timeline – 5 Subtle Reasons The Shift Hangs On Us

5d ascension timeline

A 5D ascension timeline stands before us as enter our becoming. The ascension into 5d new Earth is something that can’t be properly predicted as each one of us are a variable. There is also a belief that there will be an event that will largely trigger our collective ascension.

With so many hearts in the equation the predictably of the event becomes nearly impossible. We can look at hearts and know where they intend to go, though not all hearts are yet on one accord. More people are awakening in droves.

As more and more come online to seek reunification a more accurate 5d ascension timeline can be surmised. As the energies rise our ability to see what is ahead will be increased. 

Those in the spiritual know are looking for the world to change as they change themselves. As we shift from inside along with Mother Earth we are creating this ascension journey as we go along.

The Divine has its idea of what it wants to achieve, and the hearts down here have manifestations of a greater world. We know what we want and what we see in our visualizations. 

Without a doubt, these are come crazy times to live in, to be sure. The 5d ascension timeline hangs on us. Here are 5 reasons the greatest show on Mother Earth can’t go … or start without us. 

#1 Anchor Light Into Mother Earth

Our light is anchoring into Mother Earth so she can rise up in vibration herself. We are ascending as a collective, with sights on having our collective consciousness uptick here in the near future. Mother Earth is depending on as many of her children as possible to embody as much light as possible for her to step in her next evolutionary experience. 

The next octave of experience will invite great wonders into our lives, as we open up to the energies that are catapulting us in the 5d new earth. Our world is about to transform and the souls are freshly into their becoming the new human, catalyzing everything. 

As we exhibit, practice, pray & breathe we take in light that is transferred into our fields. That light/energy, anchors from our feet down into Mother Earth. We are also receiving this energy from the Earth’s core as she is also changing from within. Her heart or magnetic core has been soaking up the solar sun rays and highly charged particles for almost a decade now more ferociously than ever before.

This collective light is creating a light grid of hearts for those watching and it is said we are creating the greatest show in the cosmos right now with our ascension journey into 5d new earth.

When we consume energy the way we did when we were simply a child of creation living as light/energy/information. This children of light, also children of the sun, are destined to help Mother Earth ascend. As we become more lighter, while being anchored, we assist Mother Earth. We add to her light, light she needs to fully realize the shift all over her spaces. 

We are light conduits for Mother Earth. We are anchoring 5th dimensional light and codes into the spaces we occupy on Earth. Information from the cosmos is coming in riding the cosmic waves and stellar stardust, to become intentions from the Most High for us to rise up. Imagine a light photon filled with information for the shift. You breath it in and a gift from the Universe fills you up.

As we anchor light into Mother Earth we are being changed. The shift hangs on us because we are the revelation of ages. As it is written, The Christ would …’come back to rule’. Christ Consciousness will rule, and all people will be spiritually free and sovereign on 5d new earth.

ascension journey

Tap into the Source And Transform

#2 Conscious Hearts Are Magnetizing A Greater Outcome

Our willing hearts are intending to magnetize a greater outcome for ourselves and brethren in this realm. Many of us are manifesting for a better end result. Though we don’t know what exactly the end result will be from all this, though we understand we have a part to play. As we take in more light our heart gains more power and we become more attractive magnetically. 

This allows humans to have a greater impact on what will be created from our attempts at laying ground for 5d new earth. The 5d ascension timeline currently has many hearts manifesting a greater world for everyone, this is assisting our creating it for ourselves. Magnetizing a greater outcome while we anchor light into Mother Earth and create a timeline for the shift.

Conscious hearts are drawing more potential for an awesome outcome for everyone. As we magnetize in our direction, we get more and more of what we want, collectively this manifests as us moving forward energetically as we intend on our ascension journey. 

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#3 Our Dreams and Visions Are Building On It

Our dreams and imaginings are laying some of the initial groundwork. As we intend our desired outcome, we are building suspense on our 5d ascension timeline. We magnetize our greater 5d new earth. We are further awakening, further driving us into our powerful new & exciting 5d resonance. 

Hearts are growing and transforming giving loving intent more power in this realm for change, being built on the dreams of those who seek reunification and harmony on Earth. 

With thousands on Mother Earth’s children investing in our new era and timeline for ascension so much love and light is being thrust into the collective light grid of Mother Earth. It is said that as we draw ourselves closer to this outcome, 5D fractals or pieces of the 5d grid are forming, like dreams frozen in time waiting to filled by a loving spectator.  

As more and more people put their love and effort into their 5d new earth it all comes together as a collective dream with Source and Mother Earth at the helm, making way for a divine space for God’s children to come home.

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5d new earth
Come Home To Divine Love

#4 Mother Earth Is Waiting On Us

Mother Earth awaits her children and even she waits on us to be ready. 

It is said that there is already a 5d space available for us to call home, we only need open ourselves up to it. The spirit of the new is all around us. Mother Earth has made way for the winds of change to brush her from corner to corner and humans are feeling this as gentle nudging to heal and find the center within. 

As we dream Mother Earth gets a grander and greater view of what we want to become. As she gets a better idea of the divine world that is growing beneath the feet of the newly awakened, she shifts. She also shifts her timeline for the shift.

We are creating a timeline for the shift with her, we are fulfill our desires for the ages becoming what we are to become to make our place on 5d new earth.

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#5 Our Patience

After 2012 we entered a very highly lite, highly charged area in space. Many refer to it as the photon belt, 2021/2022 marked our arrival into an even denser part of this phenomena. These entries and exits of this Photon belt are said to mark the ending and beginning of ages that go back far in Earth’s history.

Our patience is needed here, for we believe that the energies will only get stronger and stronger. Further increasing the vibrations of the realm and thrusting us forward on our evolutionary path. 

These cycles of time have always come here and there, just like the turning of the seasons. Be patient with yourself. Seek inner stillness and guidance from angels, spirit guardians or your higher self. 

They are suppose to peak again in July 2022, for another chance for us to go the distance in our ascension journey with the help of powerful blessings from on high. 

Creation’s experience is experienced and born through you, fresh never before done and newly introduced to the Creation. Exciting huh? 

The 5d ascension timelines depends on us. It depends on if our hearts can survive our ascension journey and the times to come.