5d Shift Symptoms Happening Now – 6 Key Physical Signs Your Consciousness Is Shifting

5d Shift Symptoms Happening Now – 6 Key Physical Signs Your Consciousness Is Shifting

 The 5D shift symptoms of our experience are getting more intense as the world makes its transition to actual freedom. People are finding themselves in a new energetic space. Whether they know it or not is varied, but everyone feels the needs to alter our experience to reflect what we want for a change.

People may not know what they are feeling. Though they are recognizing signs of inner change. Your consciousness is shifting. Change so subtle and subliminal, this crossing over of operating systems, that the majority of those in it are yet still unaware.  

It is said that on the quantum level everything is being overrun with highly charged cosmic light in the form of cosmic rays penetrating our weakening magnetic field. Cosmic rays and solar flares effect human consciousness here on Earth.  

When the Creatrix chooses to change our realm of experience she must do it in a way where we can acclimate to the energies needed to make massive changes where needed. If not we would either burn, or be flooded with cosmic rays that would be received as radioactive, which will not bode well for humans here on the Earth.

Highly charged cosmic light carries with it the promise of a millennia. The promise that we would have a heavenly world here for us all to enjoy, and enjoy it eternally if such is our desire. Who can deny this is what they want? They will deny it if it have some religious undertones of a religion that they personally do not subscribe to.

Fortunately this change we are going through does not require you swear fealty to a specific religion as a prerequisite to shifting your consciousness unto a 5d shift. These shifts are happening to everyone in the 3rd realm right now. We mean for people to understand what we are going through to best prepare for it. Here are 6 physical signs that your consciousness is changing with the shifting landscape.

#1 Your Consciousness is Shifting to show Signs of inner change

You can feel yourself changing in what feels like an unusual way. You know how you have thought and felt in the past, and you can tell that something has shifted you from the way that you were. 

Your change is being seen and felt by others. They may not have mentioned it to you because they are not sure of what it is, or what to speak on. Perhaps just on the way you are, your attitude your disposition. Only clues show on the service of the bigger transformation that is taking place.

The energy has shifted in you. As the world’s program goes on expecting blind acquiescence, you just decide to move in a different direction. You are being lead, but you can’t see what’s leading you. You know you are going somewhere, but you are not sure where. You probably feel that you are going somewhere inside yourself, not knowing what that will mean for your experience. 

How you feel you can’t explain. You may notice aspects of the spirit that you didn’t recognize in yourself before until now. You may feel more virtuous, more righteous or a feeling you need to follow your heart. A feeling to take note of what is happening deeper on the inside. 

And this leads into the next symptoms…

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You have more compassion and less judgement than you had in the past!

Your heart is turning. You hate people normally, because you know how people can be. Instead of letting your bitter reactionary pattern get the best of you, you start to initially hold space for compassion before you hold space for contempt. You look to caress and nurture a rehabilitating heart, one that does not look to immediately condemn and humiliate.

As harden hearts are lifted by the loving effervescence of 5d energies, old rigid beliefs and the callous feelings that go with them are being rooted up. These feelings were made to flourish in an energetic environment were hidden danger, horrors & sufferings of all kinds, as well as deception bred to the hilt, cause fighting amongst the people from every corner. 

The old and stagnant feelings of trauma and hurt are being brought up to the light to be illuminated and dealt with. Your 5d shift symptoms are turning out to be healing reactions as you release that which does not serve.

As the spiritual awakening of the 2020’s commences, AS IT IS WRITTEN, all things are being shaped to become suitable for a divine 5d world and nothing less. No expense is being spared as we are receiving an endowment from the Most High of Biblical and Dramatic proportions.

Our timeline for the shift sparks off when light bodies fly free. The initial marvel of the new age will commence and the skylines of Mother Earth will be more beautiful than ever.

squashing old patterns and habits
Squash old patterns and habits

Your are less attached to old patterns and habits

Your vibe is different now. 5D ascension symptoms you haven’t even heard of could be your reality if you are inviting the Universe into your experience. As we are flooded with cosmic winds carrying Creatrix-know-what in our physical fields by way of what we breathe. These days we are taking in the very thing that is meant and purposed to transform this realm for the better. and it isn’t being broadcast on the nightly news. 

You can now squash old pattern and habits. While you squash old patterns and habits, you are paving the way for your divine presence. As you release old patterns you enter light in the self, where there was less in the past.

These also signify that you are shifting into a new way. You are working on clearing your subconscious programming and you have broken your monotonous cycle of being abashed unconscious you.

As we age we seem to think that the way we are is because of our age, but it is in fact due to the program we are accepting within our matrix of selves. Age can certainly induce the fatigue that you experience in becoming old and inert.

In our new era of learning and discovery we know now that Source is what gives us life not the other things we worship. We are learning this lesson at younger and younger ages. Drawing from Source more and more is giving us the power we need to flip the script on our situation of resonance in defeating the programmed and spiritually dead self.

You find yourself 5D Daydreaming more often

You inner world hangs on your heart. The love that you are is present there in the now moment. Your love established in those dreams calls to you, and your heart yearns to answer the call received from those places wherein your heart remembers. 

Your treasure is where your heart is, and those treasures pull your desire in a divine direction. This is how love strengthens your heart’s magnetism. Bridging divine loving flow between dimensions, laying the groundwork for honest 5d desire 5d daydreaming a space for all higher resonating visitors. 

what is 5d consciousness

These 5d signs of shifting can take your breathe away, and take you on the ride of the millennia. This world is providing less and less excitement as the veil is lifted for us to find an increased number of ways that our elected leaders are being dishonest.

As we seek to escape more and more from the vibrations of of lower expression our light shines where it will. Usually towards a loving experience either in this world or the next. Your daydreams to your inner realms are claiming your heart for the divine, and the world modern 3d world’s deliciousness is appearing less bold to your eyes and bland to your lips.

The hope for divine things has your heart and there is no turning back. Your 5d daydreaming will take you away from your world on a vacation paid from the currency earned in your search for finding the self.

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You feel the inner buzz of your budding vibration

You feel your vibration. Like you actually feel it. You will be able to feel your heartbeat(of course, hopefully). You will also be able to feel a faint or subtle “buzz” that seems to go one. It is two different sensations that of your heartbeat and your vibration. If you close your ears in on themselves really tight you can hear it. 

You will also notice that certain things will cause you to be able to feel it more than other things. For example, eating something light such as a piece of fruit will not way you down much as a bucket of fried chicken or half a chocolate cake. The point is what you eat can also effect your vibration. You will find yourself out of nowhere wanting to be more mindful of what is being put into your body. 

Your body may even signal to you for something different. This could come in the form of new cravings. Scenarios can present to where greasy foods will be just as greasy as they ever were, though these days you may be reacting to things differently as a result. Your consciousness if shifting either way, though you want to be in on the game so you can be sure to know how to play later on.

5d ascension symptoms
The Universe calls you back home!

Random bouts of vertigo

Vertigo can feel like the entire room is spinning around you. Others have said that the spinning feeling is localized in the head, as well as coupled with migraine like pains. When we are further into our 5th dimensional shift we will no longer be bound by time, space or weight, height like we are here in the 3d world/vibration.

Our adjusting to the nature of our multidimensionality. In this world we move one way in physicality. When occupying multiple dimensions, we could be upside down here, right side up there as our consciousness is being span and attention split among separate realities. 

Vertigo is your spirit priming for 5D shift flight. Your inner ear holds a sensitivity to vibration and sound. Vertigo is believed to start in the ear. It starts with WHAT HITS the ear. Something hits the ear, and your spirit wants to move. Your mind cannot interpret, the going into the direction of, a dimension that has not been conceptualized in the mind. What ensues is chaos. 

Get plenty of fluids, nutrients, love into the self, a dash of both stillness and silence and continue to nurture the self back in a more stable grounded state

5d ascension symptoms
A whole new world within!

5D shift symptoms are popping up in the most bizarre places alongside befuddled minds and willing hearts. It can be hard to keep up with what needs our concern and what begs more still. The signs of change are happening in real time, and we hardly have time to diary the nature of our ever shifting world. 

We can only continue to rise up and squash old patterns and habits. Your consciousness is shifting on the up and up while you 5d daydreaming your nights away in solitude. Your 5d ascension symptoms are adventurous windows into the budding blooms of our future on Mother Earth.