Blown Away by 5D World – 4 5th Dimensional Shock and Awe Marvels Humanity Will Love

Blown Away by 5D World – 4 5th Dimensional Shock and Awe Marvels Humanity Will Love

Our New 5d world awaits. Our civilization is reaching a boiling point all over the world where people are rising up for change. While the world is busy fighting, there are those who are directing their energy into something that draws to us a marvel we have long held in wait for. 

The way our modern world works is not working for everyone. Change is being demanded everywhere. Change is also being demanded in the hearts of those who are looking ahead. 

They are looking ahead, anxiously awaiting marvels to hit our shores, with paradigm shifting power. Marvels that we previously thought impossible. With the energies rising, the shock and awe scenarios & marvels have yet to begin. We are reaching an energy level that will birth them for the new era. 

When they do you, will see that the ultimate marvel in this time, is us. The life that we would have made brighter will bring to us awesome marvels to behold. Here are 4 5th dimensional marvels that we have to look forward to in our sparkling new 5d world & future.

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5d Travel/ 5th Dimensional Flight

Seeing the greatest depths of Mother Earth with your own eyes. Seeing the great Mother Earth’s body from up above, seeing its beauty and splendor. Flying above the great blue and green, knowing what Mother Earth truly is and squashing the debate. To see the shape of the world as it actually is, is impossible for humans nowadays without some sort of vehicle to fly into the air with.

Though after the right activations, it will be commonplace. Those among the first to transform, will be able to see Mother Earth above the clouds as a sovereign Earth dwelling cosmic solar light body individual. A divine child of creative expression as we were meant to be. 

With the child of creation comes the opening up of the Merkabah. Soaring through the air your merkabah can fly and teleport you through the system and back. The Merkabah is a marvel to see itself. Not only can it take you places, but it can create the place too. Your merkabah is your star, and it is the body of the child of creation. It is also something that can interface with the Creation to create. It is said that the Creation/Creatrix gave that child of creation everything. The merkabah is one of the keys to that everything.

Having the ability of flight is invaluable for the human’s 5d divine experience. Never before has the world been filled with such wondrous potential as it has now turning over in frequency into the 5th world. Your 5D world has all the space you could ever need to play and explore in. 

5d Abilities

5th dimensional resonance makes possible the shifting of our world to fit our liking more accurately. A decision can be made and within seconds the results of the idea can be made manifest. 

With this same vibratory rate of the 5d new realm, we will learn how to shape our bodies to our liking as well with only a thought. Having bodies make of water crystal and light, makes them very permeable to our thought and intentions. If we want it to look a certain way it is only a wish away.

5d world

Greater ommunication with the Mother Earth, The Animal & Elementals Kingdoms

Communicating with her wildlife you are able to navigate and welcome all whom you come in contact with. At this point the Animal Kingdom knows you serve Mother Earth and thus them. 

When humans are able to interact with Mother Earth on another level of understanding our synchronicity and oneness will be a thing of exquisite beauty. 

Imagine the shock and awe of liberating animals from a zoo, by simply being able to talk to them, and exiting the premises with them all at your heel. Such shock and awe would be nothing less than divine. The bridging of kingdoms is the time we are in folks. 

Not only will talking to the animal kingdom give you closeness with everything, it will allow us to understand the experience of something on Earth that we would not normally have the pleasure of communicating with.

Being in service to Mother Earth in a deeper way will give a greater sense of purpose. Feeling your connection, drawing love and power from that connection as well as the energy of good service drawn to you from the Creatrix itself. 

Immortality – 5d living 

Humans have long thought the idea of immortality was simply not possible in this realm. More accurately, not at this vibration. Also, surely not with the state of humans these days. So much of what gave humans long life in their early history are simply not the circumstances anymore here on Earth.

The nature of spirit and souls, we know that they, as energy, will live on as energy and only change forms. 

Experiencing a life without worry, for the common folk, will be a dream like no other. To put away all disease and infirmities will be magical and amazing. Age regression across the board will put souls on a level playing field, and we will all know the divinity of each other in a holy & intimate way. 

“ And in those dreams… I saw grand menagerie of glass mansions in the sky, like an array of easter baskets onto ones’ self, set as light structures in the sky over fluorescent and transparent hills and mountain tops. And each was a journey of wonder onto itself, to its visitors and to the master who created it.”

– REV Miles ~(dream prayer series)

Having a grand and unlimited experience is something only the Most High as the Creation can provide. With anything being possible even grand homes underground would be a cozy curiosity to modern day surface dwellers. 

Experiencing The Life of Off Worlders

Experiencing other galactic human culture would be an adventure of its own to be sure. To experience, at that vibration, a physical delight such as their food delicacies would be no less than out of this world. Arcturians, Sirians, Pleiadians, Andromedans and more are waiting to meet us just outside this vibration. 

The change of meeting off worlders either this thrills you or it frightens you. Few are indifferent in terms of off worlders knowing their technology could really serve the everyday man a great deal in his everyday life.

So much will be revealed about our history and origins. The majority of the population will come to find that they have been lied to an astronomical scale. Extraterrestrials and off worlders will confirm many things that we thought could be true.

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5th Dimensional Creation Codes Mystery

This broadens the scope of our experience in ways stated here and in ways that are yet to be revealed. You could live in one space, and yet still have 8 or more dreams/realms occupying that one space at different frequencies. Reading between the lines and seeing all of the realms is one of the magical wonders of full consciousness and being a fully reunified Child of Creation. 

The New Earth 5d world will hold our classics in everything we liked about our time with non of the stuff we didn’t need. A blissful experience is what all God’s children will have available to them in a 5th dimensional world experience. 

As Source can power our every manifestation with ease, there’s nothing that will be off limits. 

Using creation codes to create what we have never created before. Source Creation is the All. This is Source Creation’s way of giving its children the power to create what never was, to create something new. It is said in Old Christ spoken scriptures that the Creation gave the child everything so that it could be master of everything in all the realms. 

A world adorned with the new, sparkling divine glow of a new 5d world, dimension and vibe. 

The 5d world awaits the renewed children of the sun. The new 5th world of 5d new earth is a dream away into a realm of marvels.

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