5th Dimensional Manifestation – 3 Heart Based Windows Into A Dazzling New World

5th Dimensional Manifestation – 3 Heart Based Windows Into A Dazzling New World


5D is any and everything good and wonderful you want it to be!

5th dimensional manifestation travel releases your chains to embark on a journey that your soul has been anxious to take for lifetimes. 5th dimensional love and adventure await. Within your self you have believed but that grown up part of you is still to some degree holding you back. Seek to unchain the weights that have prevented you for from basking in the most delicious of dreams to your heart and lips.

The heart is the pathway to a 5th dimensional Mother Earth and state of mind. 5th dimensional manifestation depends on your heart be open and strong, and your imagination willing and robust. Settling in the love, compassion & understanding is the coin of the realm that will purchase you that which you desire. Here we take a look at 3 heart based pathways that will serve in the revelation of our 5th multidimensional reality & experience to ourselves.

Window #1 How Dreams You Love Rise You Up

You have the power to take yourself to another world. Your mind and heart are the vehicle through which you can travel through the unknown. When you were a child you possessed an innocence and purity that provided a realm of belief in pretending. With saying this I have heard grown people say this is the place of children. Grown ups lose their innocence when they stop working with these concepts. Building in the 3rd realm is necessary, commonly for many at the cost of their inner child.

How does a child lose there purity from the world? The world convinces them that their imagination is just that and nothing based in reality. By convincing them that all they need is what is provided in today’s modern world the decline in what makes us divine wanes. When they start to believe it, then at that point the world has taken them from the purity that was the base of their beingness.

Not only playing pretend, but going a step further to simply use your imagination to create a dream and put yourself in it. Give it all the baubles and the beads to adorn it with beautifully. Make it shiny and new, and put yourself in this place as King or Queen. Get any ideas of how monarchies are run on this planet OUT OF YOUR HEAD. This world is you, filled with all the deliciousness that your divine spirit can provide.

This is a 5th dimensional space for manifesting and there is no place for lack, suffering or in equality. This is a light realm anchored in your merkabah made from pure 5th dimensional manifestation power turned on. Turned on from your own 5d star being in the 5th realm. There is nothing but love in the realm your merkabah makes, because only love can activate it.

5th dimensional manifestation

Window #2 Love the Creation & Source

Let us not be confused as to what that is. Not simply the God of one book and perspective, but the alive energy that enlivens and encompasses all things. The underlying energy that gives life and purpose to all things in the Creation. This being is Love and the source of Love itself. Remember you are not doing this for GOD’s approval, you are doing this because you have knowledge as to the energetic relationship that you share with the Creation.

You don’t share a relationship with some man in the sky who is waiting to judge you, if you still believe that then your religion has prevented your perspective from evolving. This actually stifles spiritual development. Your religion needs to serve spiritual development, and if not, then how do you spiritually profit.

Check out my video on that where I speak on challenging your religion to SERVE YOU and YOUR SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT, and if not then you need to get rid of it.

Directed love towards your highest God, or highest self. All are connections and aspects of ourselves. Let us not forget, when we bring praise to higher self and Most High God, we give the greatest praise and receive the greatest prayer.

We re-substantiate our reciprocal relationship with Source. As we give praise we get something back in return from Source. Love, power and understanding. Understanding of what we are and where we come from. You can take my word for it, or you can sit down and consciously take a 5th dimensional breath into another world and feel what it feels like. You will feel yourself & heart be taken from that world.

Take from its wonder, its life. You may not see something with your physical eyes, but your thoughts and emotions have taken you somewhere. Somewhere inside yourself that you created in that moment without even really trying to get away and relax.

This is something natural to the child of Creation. Creating worlds and being engulfed in them. For the purpose of being engulfed in the experience of having limits here in this realm, but its time break free.

5th dimensional manifestation

Window #3 5th Dimensional Love of Life

You loving your life is your loving yourself and spirit. As you love your life you bring light & attention into your being. You  funnel your conscious power into itself. You use this power to show tender love and care to the part of you that stands in between and looks to benefit from this the most, and that is the physical body vehicle. This is closely related to the first heart based opening into the 5th dimension.

While in that physical body you will at one point experience 5th dimensional powers and 5th dimensional romance and adventure. This will be nothing like in the 3rd world, rife with its limits and perilous pitfalls. The possibility of suffering in this realm makes moving just an inch frightful in the wrong circumstances, being susceptible to all sorts of dangers here in the 3rd realm.

Filling ourselves with the very substance that will lift us up is wise. Filling ourselves with the love that fills life, is an awesome and spiritual way to love our life. Everything that you possess in your life as you and your spirit is to be enjoyed, and as you enjoy your spirit you bring more appreciation into your life which will assist other virtues in your personas to reveal themselves such as Patience, Trust and Kindness, whom are the children of Love itself.

If you are seeking how to rise to the 5th dimension you can key in your input easily for the collective on yourself. Use 5th dimensional manifestation to create a world that is all your own. Love it, visit it everyday and create more in that world to be held for you by spirit for when you are truly ready to take your entire self there. 5th dimensional manifestation powers weave the power of love from this world into the next.

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