god of creation

The God Of Creation Moves Again – As The Radiant Inner Child’s Joy of Creation

What Shall You Create Next?

In any god of creation book, when “GOD” moved, things happened. An unseen force(well at least to human eyes), working from behind the scenes to push forth the greater will that gives the cosmos legs. In these times another push is being made. A push for the child of creation to be awakened.

A chance for that child to make his way back into the world of men. A child to show the grown ups how to be maturely divine. The purity presented in our young is a reminder of how the spirit can exhibit a divine being in human form. Purity. Innocence without attachment because there are no corruptions.

It is believe we are making a shift in consciousness to return to harmony. A shift in consciousness that can not happen without it.

Here we will address how that child of creation in you is being moved by the God of Creation. A great and grand move to bring the true child of GOD back home. Back home to create into the star. To create worlds alongside the Creatrix itself in a beautiful cosmic dance of symphonic marvel.

Our Prime Creator

Prime Creator is the Most High. The GOD of Creation is love aliveness itself and the inherent consciousness therein, and is believed to root all things & all living things.

Any God that you have seen or read about that is less than love aliveness is NOT the Prime Creator, Source Creation, or the Living alive GOD of all things. Those were simply other children of god in high places that should not have been. The expression of love aliveness is the pure child, a spitting image of love aliveness itself.

Aliveness in the child is the gift. Through this grand alive aspect, alive in the realms as alive sentient beings, we are pieces of the child of creation. Fractals of prime creator itself. Light awareness animating humans beings. This time is meant to birth a new embodiment in the human. When the modern 3d human becomes the divine human a grand shift in consciousness will have taken place.

The God of Creation And Its Child

You are that child. We share a link with everything. The God of Creation is also referred to as “The All”. Now in these times, scientists can prove God exists as the energy that moves all things. Everyone knows that an energy permeates everything and moves all matter within the spaces it occupies.

We know it is alive unto itself. It moves. It thinks. It feels, in one way or another. Some degree of what it thinks and feels is within you. Your job is to distinguish what is your human 3d mind and what is your higher knowledge and consciousness trying to communicate with you.

The child shares a link with the Creation and through that link joy is summoned unto us. Through the child’s purity and the lack of corruption even based here in our modern 3d world, they are able to naturally draw joy from Source Creation. It comes from the spirit, and in human terms, exhibited out through the surface to our world.

Life awakens again through full consciousness

Joy And The Divine Human

The Inner Child sleeps in many awakened to who and what they are. When we are young that child seeks to roam free and be filled with joy. They seek joy often, exuding a playful spirit naturally. The divine human will exude these traits as well.

A mastery, a presence, a loving disposition will mark the revelation of the inner child and its filling. Virtue of the spirit brings the meat and potatoes of what it means to be the divine human within the full meaning of divine presence and nature.

Joy resonates very high. If you notice your vibes will feel great when you are in joy. Joy is powerful, and is a great virtue capable of filling the heart away from emptiness. To be filled into a full divinity meaning you no longer have to reincarnate in this world before ascending is a gift and is the very gift of the ages available to us know with this ascension time.

The divine human will be full awakened to everything that they are and full remembrance of all their past lives. They will bring with them their full expertise of knowledge and multidimensional mind access.

Joy is a wonderful thing. Can you think when was the last time you were joy full? Do you remember what it feels like? Do you remember what being a deity feels like? To forget your unlimited multi-dimensional nature is a most grievous suffering, and if you signed up for it, you signed up for one hell of an adventure.

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The Joy Of Creation In The Child

Who is the God of Creation? Love Aliveness. As a child, your life is first are made possible by this power. Your spirit is embodied in this world with that power present in your flesh vehicle called a human body.

A joy of creation permeates the child. Being a divine being means you are filled with the power endowed by divinity itself. With this presence you are a divine being, meaning you will be immortal and share a more intimate connection with that very Prime Creator powering all worlds and life.

These powers exist with you naturally as a divine being meaning you draw from the inexhaustible source as a true and star breathing cosmic child of creation.

The Child of Creation Is Driving The shift in consciousness

In these times, are are creating our path unto Reunification & our impending shift in consciousness. Driving to discover the divine meaning of this life in these times. What does a divine human mean to you? I can tell you it means you won’t have a 9-5 that you hate, you won’t grow old, and you won’t be subject to the pain and struggles that are inherent while living in this world at this resonance of being.

As we wish and manifest we draw our path forth. As we dream and love, we lay the foundation for vibes that will pull us into the next shift in consciousness of our era. Joy is a groove on the key that opens the door to your divine reality and 5th dimensional version of Earth.

The Child of Creation was naturally endowed with the power to create. To create with a thought takes mastery & responsibility. We are here in this time learning to master those powers again. We are learning once again how to be divine, meaning we will ascend or evolve when that resonance of learning reaches a certain breaking point. We are creating this journey towards a divine human reality. We are being fueled by the God of Creation from within, to come on home.

Open The Ascension Portal – Your Simple Everyday Contribution To A Consciousness Shift

Ascend Through The Portal Of You

To open the ascension portal in your life is nothing less than a complete and ultimate game changer of a transformation. Everyday you move closer to phasing into a new reality filled with excitement, wonder, and unbelievable learnings about the cosmos.

Breath, live and understand the self more and more and your vibes will slowly rise to accommodate the opening of the ascension gateway.

3D life can be a drag. Luckily in these times we are being given the change to rise up and live a greater experience. Through the unlimited nature of the spirit, the greater portal unto forever is already within you.

Seeking to open that portal in you, is a means to assist and open the ascension portal within all humans on the planet at this time.

Your efforts are needed in helping to change the vibrational energy of the collective consciousness that we all reside in here on Earth. This change will allow us to lead a higher resonating existence. One filled with love, compassion and lead by those of us focused on everyone unlocking your divinity from within.

Being responsible for your energetics and how they affect the whole is everyone’s job. Minding your health, and ascension health, includes keeping an awareness of your vibe.

All disease starts on the energy level. Source is All. All is Source. Your vibe is an energy level, and it is what must rise to power and open the ascension portal. As your energy rises, you watch and recognize how your ascension defines who you will be as a divine being.

Learn to shape the spirit and position yourself in a place to open the ascension portal. We are here to help

Opening The Ascension Gateway

Seek The Ascension Portal To Drive Cosmic Change…

Some people are hoping for a day when everything changes. Everything in this modern 3D world seem twisted. Why do we have to pay to live on a planet or in a realm we were born on?

It is fair? Things such as having to work for a dollar just to acquire the basic needs that Mother Earth naturally endows to her children? Sons and daughter’s of Mother Earth have to pay a man just to eat and have fresh water to drink.

A grievous suffering to any sentient and free human being. A being, by virtue of the spirit, originally, born so free, the cosmos was our playground. An unlimited nature is in our soul, and we seek to return to it. Life in the 5th dimension is more the resonance that can enable a more unlimited nature than what we experience now.

After we open the ascension portal our life will be far more enjoyable, being not limited in countless ways and avoiding disease for immortality.

Many do not believe that this is what GOD or Mother Earth imagined for the civilization. This experiment is reaching it’s climax and it is just end game for this experience and the suffering that it has wrought.

We have learn much and come far in our evolution. This means the next octave of experience is not too far off. A consciousness shift is due, and a light infusion of cosmic proportions is inundating our reality as we speak and read.

It begins on a personal level for those who are actively seeking to shift and open the ascension portal. Triggers inside can make it happen when we awaken the right firings that need to fire in our “junk” DNA.

Unlocking Your Divinity From Within

Many are unaware that portals exist within them. It is no wonder we are still here living ordinary 3D humans lives. There is an ascension company of aspects in your being who desire to have an unlimited experience. You know it is not quite possible here. Though you feel it is possible, somewhere.

That somewhere is a greater resonating space, that can be anywhere, around you or in you. This will equate to a “level up” or a “rising up” of that individual at the epicenter of that change. They could experience spiritual shift symptoms, with their very consciousness changing how it actually sees life.

Unlocking your divinity from within feels like you are phasing into a lucid dream that is not real. Your mind and heart make it real, as your vibration shifts into the 5th dimension.

The ascension definition to rise up in this context means to increase in vibration, in intuition, and compassion. Any virtuous shape of energetic being-ness that expresses a loving and compassionate disposition. Embodying an aspect in the spirit, who is filled with the very raw material that makes a divine being ‘divine’.

When you open this ascension portal you become a witness to yourself in a new way. A witness to the nature of yourself that exists in more that one reality. A bearing witness to the a consciousness shift taking place in the epicenter of being.

On the quantum level you are being activated. Unlocking your divinity from within will feel magical, as the world around you changes before your eyes. Your DNA now receives, time, information and your breath in a new fashion, and as a result a new life experience has your new presence’s full attention.

Pure love aliveness. To rise up into the 5th dimension frequency, means being washed over with this power until your conscious experience of reality is fully online. This includes awareness of multi-dimensional aspects of your self residing at different frequencies all at once.

When we increase in resonance to a point of inner change, it is said that we are in the 5th dimension. Another resonance level, like being tuned into another channel of life. While still retaining power to change the channel as you desire.

To accommodate 5th dimension body changes, a greater energy level is needed. You could also call that energy …love. That is why the heart is essential in exercising our increase in power needed to life the self and energies to new heights in vibration.

The opening of the ascension portal we will need an excess of love and light to power our divine transformation. Unlocking your divinity from within will present to the world the kind of GOD that is possible for this place in time. The new human is what awaits when we open the ascension portal.

Rise up in love and light…

Through The Heart Into The 5th Dimension

To walk through the portal of the heart is to shift, decide and commit to the constant and loving shift of the self. To free the mind and heart, from patterns of self hurt and self judgement.

To denounce the hurting of others by your hand and to contribute to healing in a way that directly changes your experience by how you interact with life and others within it.

Ascension day waits on you! Not others to come and do your spiritual work for you. The ascension of Jesus story was never about the death and the spilling of blood, but about the style at which a special spirit expressed itself in a human life.

If you exalt a man to think that state is not attainable by someone in our modern time, you do the belief in the child of creation a disservice. The focus was always the spirit and how one carries that spirit in this life. Unto corruption, or spiritual freedom.

To facilitate a consciousness shift in you many techniques should be employed to bolster the efforts of transformation unto your greater more aligned self. Working through the spirit and the heart to shift the self. The heart provides a pathway for opening the ascension portal.

Interacting with our mental and emotional powers to shape what will be a new standard of living into the 5th dimension frequency of humanity.

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What Does A Consciousness Shift Mean?

A consciousness shift is a shifting of energy. It is the same as asking what is an energy shift? The energy of our consciousness is changing to resonate at a different frequency.

Many people wonder, when will this consciousness shift happen? That depends on you and us. A shift in consciousness meaning, a shift in vibration, is a decision that you have to make within yourself.

What’s happening in the universe right now is unique. Higher resonating energy and cosmic rays are creating energy shifts in the body. When seeking to shift you will notice signs of high vibration inside as well as signs of higher consciousness.

A consciousness shift will manifest as insight, strong inclinations to change certain things about yourself, and a sudden impulse to treat yourself with more love and compassion.

To understand what a consciousness shift means we can easily relate to it in terms of a dream, and while in a dream you suddenly become lucid.

Now in the dream where you are lucid, you start to KNOW that the dream is yours to control and automatically your assertion over the dream gives you a certain level of control over what is possible in the dream.

A shift has taken place in what you believe and what you think is possible. Something clicks inside you, and all of a sudden more is possible in this moment than what was possible in the moment before.

Light it Up!

For the full unlocking of the ascension gateway we must initiate a consciousness shift within the self. Self love, thankfulness, embodying love and shining the light of that goodness out onto our world and realm. To ascend into the 5th dimension reality, an inner change must take place.

A change that will likely show you spiritual awakening signs and symptoms in your conscious waking reality, for you to believe that a change is possible.

We serve your awakening. If you are seeking to initiate your own change you are in a great position. We have something for you.

Be Blessed!

Discover How To Open The Ascension Portal In You!

Do You Exalt The Spirit? …Or Do You Still Exalt The Books?

Do you exalt the spirit? Or do you exalt the books? If you call one book the “only word of GOD”, then you worship a book! Just because God has chosen to speak to you through a book, and has given you well understanding doesn’t mean that everyone must.

Religious/Spiritual book truths on God and Life are to lead us to studying/minding our spirit. We respect the “word of god” or literature written for retaining remembrance of the spirit and the truth of spirit in us.  We do not worship books in any capacity or religion.

We worship the word of GOD that is the way and will of the spirit within. The embodiment of love and goodness manifest here on Mother Earth.

Any doctrine that is not so is religious fodder, and a waste of your time. I have seen people act as if a book is the single door of GOD, when the spirit is always the door. Here we look at humans’ and their distinction in whether or not they truly worship the spirit, or if they still just exalt the books.

Do You Exalt The Spirit?

God is the Creation and the spirit that makes up the Creation. Our spiritual parentage & Universe are responsible for our soul be sourced and making its way here in this realm. Do you truly exalt the spirit?

People often put a name on what they are worshipping when they go to praise on the days they choose. They know then that they are worshipping a spirit.

Zeal of truth in the book allows people to feel comfort and quarter when reading and knowing. This also allows for fitting their beliefs and ideas of God and a heavenly parentage readily in their conscious reality.

There is a Love for the Most High, and we would consider the words spoken or written about its wonder and marvel as good.

How do you worship the spirit?

Though we must be careful, even with all the greatest truth that we find in all the books, we must be sure that we worship no book.

Thoughts on The Most High’s Power and mercy. Words from its children on the nature of the spirit that comes from it. Stories of marvelous feats that were wrought from non other than God’s power.

All great for stories books, and religious texts to give glimpses into the ideas of what a spiritual effort should look like and what it can purchase after a time. All great fodder for spiritual literature and inspiration. Thought let us always remember to exalt the spirit.

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Always Worship The Spirit

Men/Women and the children of men and woman write books. Children of GOD create worlds and fill them with life. The Child Of Creation if the one who has delivered that word if ever it was truly delivered. The child of creation, and the spirit of, are the ones bringing back into remembrance how one is to worship in spirit and in truth.

Impurity and corruption disrupt one’s pure connection to the pure Source and Love Aliveness. If a woman/man’s connection is not perfect unto source Creation than how can the word given forth be perfect at all corners?

Books are for reading and studying. Spirits are for enjoying and interfacing life. The spirit is always the thing that is most worthy to be praised. We don’t worship the book because the words are written in it, we still worship the spirit.

Why we worship the spirit

We worship the spirit to power up. When we praise we raise our vibes in a joyful way. We do this by honoring the spirit in such a way that we draw good things to us. As we praise or pray we exercise our energetic relationship with the Creator.

Feelings, Thoughts and the state of peace affects our vibrations in each and every moment. When we worship the spirit we increase that flow of Source fueling that energetic relationship with the Creation itself. This is how you feed from the power wrought straight from your spiritual parentage.

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“The word and truth of God did not come from books, it came from the living spirit“…

Rev Miles

Worship In Spirit And In Truth

When we worship in spirit and in truth, we spiritually give forth. Which just means we are truly looking towards the spirit. It means that our picture of worship will something that is not present in the physical world.

It is okay to honor inspirational words. Though remember in truth, we are honor knowledge from the spirit. So essentially we are always going back to honoring the spirit.

The books are man made objects that are not made for revering. You miss the point. Give that reverence to the spirit and the Most High.

Exaltation of the Book

Some exalt books so much that they let the limited number of pages in the book dictate what they will believe, when they themselves are more endless than the book. Some exalt books so much that they will call you GODless and without faith if you don’t believe everything in their book. As if a book is needed to interface with the GOD/Spirit in you.

Study the books, so the words impress upon you that you believe in the Spirit of all things. Study the books so you know how you are to become more like the spirit of power and goodness. Study the book, so you can eventually put the book down and not cling to the book as if it is your spirit, as if God was in the book and not in you.

Retain the knowledge of the book and then you can put the book down or you miss the point of studying it. When it is written on your heart then the book is no longer needed.

don’t worship the books… The books are fingers pointing to the spirit…

Worship No Book

The world, your area, your community and your environment shape your spirit in the body at the surface. The self that is layered over your unrevealed self further in, deserves worship. Reverence towards this being is one prerequisite to drawing it out.

We use knowledge to uncover that greater revelation of spirit within, at some point we must pull our heads out of books and actually work with our spirits own power to rise up and come closer to the spiritual alignment of the Creatrix/Creator.

For those who understand the words, we no longer hang on books. All the words are meant for you to understand that the spirit should be the focus. To align our spirit in spiritual frequency and vibration with that of our greater cosmic aspect.

The point is never to exalt any book, but to honor/exalt the spirit. Don’t you realize that that is why any book was written? So that you bring your attention once again unto the spirit that is within you. To retain stories of faith of something that we still cannot see with our own two eyes.

People see the books, so they worship the books. The “word of God” came from a spirit so our attention/praises should indefinitely be focused there.

Seek Reunification Always

Honor The Spirit And Shift Your Consciousness Away From Old Beliefs… For those who worship the spirit…”In spirit” and in truth…The world needs you!

Reunification Is A Treasure That Money Simply Cannot Buy

Everything Lies In The Spirit

Reunification is a treasure that money simply can’t buy. Inside the modern world we have made, nearly everything has a monetary value. Humanity has gone to great lengths in an attempt to create a world with unlimited features and luxuries. For as much as the modern world can try to be unlimited, there is a cost.

Mother Earth’s resources are limited and thus what’s gained from those resource also has their natural limits. Naturally there will also be limits to the funds used to cover costs. As money is needed to supply everything in our modern world, costs for things will create a constant limitation.

Most everyday people’s ability to provide monies for costs will vary, only by “how” limited they are. With money, and the costs for things in this 3D experience you can expect nothing to an unlimited degree.  Either way someone pays the price, and the modern world has made Mother Earth foot the bill.

What is it that you reach for? What I reach for cannot be bought with dollars and no price can be put upon it.  The promise of the forever truth of our boundless and cosmic nature, with the power to enjoy it forever.

What do you love most in this world? Is it a thing? It will be better if you could enjoy it forever. Is it someone? Your Lover? Your kids? It would be better to give even them an unlimitedly blissful and perfect existence. Only spirit powers can do that.

Treasures Money Can’t Buy

Money is used for everything in this world. Simpler times employed trade & bartering. Here in this modern 3D world, our money is moved about massively 24/7. Money buys everything. Money buys and produces technologies that are making everything and more. Money is the most precious thing it would seem in a world so dependent on it.

The best treasures money can’t buy are those priceless things that are kinda once in a lifetime for the individual. You had to have been there. Memories have a sweetness delicacy to their enjoyment, as you may or may not remember. It can be hard to remember for some and their rarity makes them all the more sweet.

The spirit is the prime source for treasures money can’t buy simply because of their forever-ness. Enjoying spirit in this way fills you up like nothing else can.

Most treasures money can’t buy are of the spirit. Any memory, dream or imagining is of the spirit, and any treasure held in the spirit is a treasure that is held in the forever place.

How do you feel?

These are the treasures promised to you and your soul for eternity. If a soul chooses to hold it because of love then it will stay with them. Anything not, will simply be forgotten and the light will go off in that scenario/experience.


This modern 3d world likes to depict show and programs that involve angels ‘leaving heaven’. Popular shows describing heaven as a boring place that everyone secretly wants to leave. As if there are no pleasures in heaven.

This is ignorance, because those who have money and power in this world to make shows, typically don’t see heaven for what it is seen through the eyes or those who honor Christ/Child of Creation within. Thus they will have antiquated ideas of heavenly realms and treasures.

They don’t see it through loving eyes, simply because they do not lust for spiritual things. The heavenly realms are everything you want and more.

First the vibration is bliss, and anything can be enjoyed amongst you and your spirit because there is no one to harm but you, if it were possible at this point to inflict harm on oneself.

Though no one would want to either at this point.

We have a long way to go before we get to that juncture. This is the realm to master wants and desires not heaven. Heaven is where you can go once you have control over all those aspects of yourself, as a balance and connection is needed to even be in the vibratory space to access that dimensional frequency.

The new human sky marvel awaits…

Some say the sky is the limit, I say the sky is only the beginning of limitlessness”.

Rev Miles

The Most Precious Thing

The spirit is always the most precious thing. The spirit is the life, the consciousness itself, the lights that allow you to see your experience.

A dead beast on the road has lost its most precious thing. All their zeal for life, their enthusiasm for what they love, all their joy. Gone.

A broken toy may have lost something that would affect how it would serve its purpose in spirit or original intent. The chance at love that it would receive is reduced. The spirit of the toy is lost in the world with no purpose. Only love of another will recoup the purpose.

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These things have lost their most precious thing in that the spirit of their experience is lost. How can anything other than the spirit by your most precious thing?

Some people would say their children are their most precious thing. Think about it. Where do you hold the love, and memory of your children? Your loving experience is made possible through the spirit. It’s not the brain. The doesn’t hold anything without a spark.

The living spirit, the living way, the GOD of ALL living… Its child spirit is you. When awakened it will create a divine remaster for your life and experience. The most precious thing is the thing that is your everything. If your everything is not spirit, then you still are not moving in the direction of where the Mother earth wants to go into the divinely remastered 5d new earth.

Always Divinely Remastered

Only spirit can provide a perfect & divinely remastered experience! The chance at everything being perfect to an unfathomable degree is only the work of GODS. They do it by virtue of a consciousness. By virtue of their knowing connection with their source, and power to create.

Every reality that exists is a mix of light, energy, and perspectives amongst those who witness it. Each perspective has a different “experience” or “reality” by virtue of their unique perspective. The unlimited nature of reality is built into the light, for the light draws its power from the inexhaustible source.

The modern 3D world has awesome technologies and innovations. We as cosmic children were fully attached to something even more awesome in the beginning. There is an unlimited nature in the spirit. In these times we are more ofter as a people having an attachment focused on the outside of ourselves with zero nurturing of the spirit.

This is a corruption of the consciousness away from the spirit, a disservice to our Reunification with the Creatrix/Creator in that now moment.

Our soul is the light that makes up stars

An unlimited nature and experience are only fully being given to you through the spirit and spirit powers. Every reality is a light matrix, unless that place has no light, and even then Source exists in the nothingness as well. Even in those places someone or something is aware. In the case of Source both are true, both someone and something is conscious and alive there.

Ascension brings a true unlimitedness to our experience, at a price that only adds to us. It does not take away from us. It may take away from our 3D modern world’s distractions, though it is time well spent if you can afford it.

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Only Reunification can bring the power to make a world perfect and unlimited and hold it forever. Ascension is a chance for you to chase GOD again, for the Creation to capture your mind, soul, and heart once more.

These are the truest treasures of “Heaven” folks! A divinely remastered experience is the divine’s way of giving a wow factor to old treasures money can’t buy. Ones you just might already know and love.

The Glorified Prophesied Return of The Child of Creation And The Ascending Children of Light

YOU Are the light of the world…

Do you feel your heart changing?…Moving? Shifting in some way. There are stories and beliefs about the return of A Great Being… Whether you are a Christian or don’t claim any organized religion, you know there is something greater. Something greater, whose child has been here many times before.

The belief that a Son of God/Child of Creation came here and was amongst us is nothing new. Not just a man or a woman, but a power. An enchanted presence, a higher vibration of being. Any “Christ”, “Buddha”, or Spiritual Master holds a greater consciousness of being and a greater resonance of being.

They possess an eye that cannot be seen, and can see into other dimensions and realities. To step in another world as easily as you would step between electronic sliding doors in the grocery store. The very Christ Child of the All Creation was given everything awesome and fabulous in the Creation. The Christ is a cosmic model and we are casts for that model. We are to be filled with everything true about that cast.

It lives within us, though we are not fully realized in it. Though a move to full consciousness will fully reunite you with your higher self, or Christ Child of Creation within. It was always this child whose return was prophesied, not simply a man.

We Are All The Child of Creation

Why You Are The Light of the World

For many years the world has been purged in darkness. A world were a great many of dangers can befall those who are unaware. The light of the world is a force, and the spirit of a force that is here to change how life is here on Earth.

The light of the world is a force that is meant to bring what it is, and who it is into the world. A spirit that seeks change. A spirit that seeks to emulate the spirit of the all Creation. Creative, virtuous, compassionate, soft and hard wired into the multidimensional mind of the Universe. What you love you choose to embody should let you know that you are the light of the world.

The light of the world is meant to be a beacon for ascending children of light to live and look up to. To know how it is they are to shape their light. You are the light of the world because, if you are reading this, you seek to find your place in it all.

Being who you are in all your truth, that the world has convinced you you should hide is what you are here to show.

A beacon lights the way for others. A beacon is used to mark a path. This beacon that is the light of the world is no different. The way is being lite back to full consciousness.

Find Out More About How It Is Not Jesus The Man Who Is Returning, But Christ Consciousness The Force

The Masters of the All Creation Is The Child of Creation

Every Master or vibrationally higher level being is a child of God. As the Child is the very direct offspring of the cosmos they are afforded all the wondrous powers of the Creation. They are only but a thought away from manifesting that which they choose in the Creation.

The children of creation are the masters of creation. It is said that the child of creation was given everything, so that it could understand everything

They are consciously dialed in to the hidden stirs and compassionate coaxing from within that is the spirit that seeks to offer you a greater revelation of itself in you. This revelation reveals your divine nature.

The powers afforded to these masters are all made of, and navigated by, your consciousness, thoughts and emotions. An unseen mage surrounded by a swirling mass of energy fields. The mage pilots these from an unknown place.

Mysterious are the ways we interface with it. Those mysterious ways in our time are gearing up to draw out a revelation….A return of the child of creation.

Full Consciousness Freedom

What full consciousness freedom will feel like will be a cosmic freedom of no other. To travel the stars or vibrational planes of existence. To experience your multidimensional quality that is only comprehensible while you possess this full consciousness freedom.

What shall your spirit create in the world and how will it serve? The children of Creation that came throughout our ages would always serve to heal, help and free people. Seeing the marvels was not enough to bring all people back to full consciousness.

Remembrance of the power and majesty had to be brought back into the hearts of people. They had to know that that power is within them as well. Full consciousness is the greatest gift of life getting better.

As well as free their minds and hearts from limiting beliefs and doctrines. Surely when the spirit of that returns then it will be plain for all to see. A light such as that cannot easily be hidden, but can easily be misunderstood in our world to be a divine marvel.

You do not create a great light only to keep it hidden. This is counter productive to the purpose of a light/beacon. Full consciousness is the end result of those lights, lighting the way home for our brethren.

Take the journey within …

The Children of Light And The Evolved Self

The wondrous divine you is in there, in your heart and inner being, awaiting a shift to show it’s greatness. Embodied as you, that evolved self is the child of God and has a place in the world here in this time to make a difference.

A small difference in your world helps add light to the whole of our collective energy grid. This light, lights up the planet and the collective grid of willing hearts.

Your evolved self serves the evolution of all. To erase all 3D suffering on this planet, to purify Mother Earth, and to lift up all souls in this world will be an astronomical feat to say the least. Your goodwill and nature add light and a quickening to the collective consciousness energy fields of our realm.

Your evolved self is looking to contribute more light. On a quantum level we are all connected and a part of the whole energetic matrix of sound, powers, particles and space. Source Aliveness in its many different forms. You will either accept it’s divine expression through you or deny it.

** DON’T BE FOOLED ** – Know What Is Going In Your Body

My good brothers…sisters…Young Masters of all ages, all of us who have yet to be Masters, The return of that child hangs on you.

Full consciousness is a shift away for the child of creation. All ascending children of light are welcome back home to the stars. You are the light of the world as you seek to hold love and compassion in your heart for all.

A true child of God, is the one that mimics the spirit of the loving spiritual and cosmic parentage.

Be the return of the Child of Creation!

Reaching Higher Levels of Consciousness in the 2020’s – The Daring Human Graduation From The Third Realm

Reaching higher levels of consciousness should always be a goal for the alive sentient soul in a human body here in the third realm. The endowment of the human experience begs that we prepare ourselves for human graduation from the third realm. 

In the School of the 3rd realm their are few shortcuts. If your goal is reunification with the Creatrix/Creator, then your only path way is love and virtue. Though the style at which you exhibit it is all you, and your detail, the vibe is the same.

As long as your heart colors the right picture then you will likely fall in an appropriate heart space. 

A 5D heart space will put you into a brand new vibrational experience. Exploring alternate realms of vibration and experience is one of the most exciting reasons to be alive at this time. To dial into another channel of reality, or greater states of awareness.

To graduate from academic pursuits feels good and can leave you with a great sense of accomplishment. Being enriched through the mind is a gift. It warrants hard work to enrich one’s life through knowledge. That is why one does better when they know better.

Expanding to greater states of awareness is what it means to evolve in our changing times. An ant is aware of so little, and a bird so much, because of the vantage point that it’s eye can see. 

Reaching higher levels of consciousness will drive further beyond our current vantage point. That eye will go far. Here we will take a dive into what it will be like to soon experience the human graduation of the third realm.

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Human Graduation from the third realm

Reaching Higher levels of Consciousness in our modern lives

If you have ever graduated from college or high school you can probably note that feeling when you are all done and you have a new phase of your life ahead of you. Exciting as it may be, our next will blow this one away by leagues.

We will walk away with a mastery not simply over a trade, but over a dimension. Over a playing field, that we are the master on the game of, through and through. Advancement of the soul brings so much to offer to the cosmic settler.

All of our experience will accompany us. All of the light emanating from the light bodies of the new human will contain lifetimes of knowledge, wisdom, love and experience from the third realm. 

Expanding to higher levels of consciousness in the body is a 3rd realm graduation because we have come to the end of physical upgrades, and now we can only evolve spiritually from here. An evolution in our great powers. Our bodies are great but the super sensory future they ahead of them, is an will seem to interface with God potential.

We are taking the greatest capacities to be human and mastering them unto the next realm of reality. The next octave of being, whose sparkling out of this world potential is the very stuff that dreams and blissful divine worlds are made of.

How do we evolve from the third dimension after we have made nearly every technological advance available to us in our lifetime? The next step to take our spirit to the next level of cosmic greatness. Advancement of the soul is the only way up and out for us, in terms of how far we have come.

What are greater states of awareness?

Greater states of awareness have the potential to exist in your perception once you are opened up to the right channels. As your personal make up of love and light vary, your countenance and attitude varies, and feeling in any now moment all make up your current state of awareness. You, being awareness of you, your inner worlds and outer surroundings.

Of course you can only be conscious of so much at any one time, as that ability grows more as we evolve. Soon we will be able to be conscious of a lot more than we are able to now.

Greater states of awareness will mark your consciousness in multiple places at once, as we exist in multiple dimensions. With eyes that peek into alternate realms of vibration, the possibilities for adventure and learning will not get boring out of this dimension. Advancement of the soul is actually the adventure that you have likely always dreamed of and wanted. Some new discovery of the self and new found abilities, new corners of the self that reveal uncharted frontier in the cosmic divine body left to explore.

As your vibration increases so to does your current state of awareness. Where your attention is pointing can also have a play on your vibration. Allowing nothing to steal your attention in those certain moments where concentration is the intention, are skills use to build the edifice of disciplined self mastery.

How many things can you be aware of at a time. Thing about it. Can you solve a series of math problems, create a grocery list, and recall the last time you ate popcorn at, all at the same time? Of course, you can probably do them really fast sequentially, one after another.

Though to do them all at once, even all in a moment… You will need more processing power in the mind. It may seem like that isn’t room for much more in your later life. I am here to tell you that it is better you learn to empty your cup and humble yourself for the sake of the humans graduation of the third realm. This will help everything go smoother for everyone choose to evolve in this time.

How do you think you would handle being able to compute and task with the power of 10 minds, or even 100? How many worlds would you be able to create and fill them with life?

How many would you want to? What dimension of reality would you create and call your own?

Advancement of the soul and into the Oversoul

As above, so below. It is said that the lower and higher bodies, faculties or chakras reflect a cosmic truth of having higher and lower energy bodies occupying higher dimensions of consciousness and experience. So as our human bodies have higher and lower extremities and bodies, so to do our higher bodies have higher and lower faculties in the form of focus points of energy just like our chakras. 

Our torus field, auric fields, and merkabah all wrap around the witness, who is the magician within the magic. We here in the body are only seemingly alive though the chakras we know to be attached to our bodies. These are constantly drawing in life force energy along with our other electro-magnetic fields and inbreath.

The chakras that are off of our bodies are less worked with and not so easy to touch. 

As higher faculties that extend outside of us are turned on, we start to realize that we are more than what we seem to be, looking from inside our tiny bodies here on Mother Earth.

Greater advancement of the soul is what the Divine Mother wants for us as we approach our human graduation from the third realm. Every parent what’s to see their child grow up and come into their own.

They wish to see their child grow to be all that they can be and more. They wish for them to see what they wish to see, and to go as far as to prove wrong the impossible if it is there for them to achieve. 

The advancement of the soul into the oversoul will give us that bird’s eye view that we always wanted that we knew would come with a boatload of responsibility as it meant human graduation from the third realm. Burrowing into the light of the oversoul will let you into the greater light that makes up your being.

If you yourself are pure light, and you came from pure light and life, then there must be so much life and light waiting for you there.

To understand this aspect, is like digging into the knowledge of a family tree. Except this family is much more ancient, and the inheritance, a lot more fun.

How do we evolve from the third dimension?

We move forward here taking our journey into the heart, which puts us smack dab in the center of our cosmic origin. Getting back to the divine love of our higher selves and what is natural to our souls in terms of love and reverence for love, life & the spirit that makes all things alive. Will will carry this knowledge with us after we make that connection with our oversoul and greater celestial origin and background.

Things are very hard and dense here. Ask yourself. How do we evolve from the third dimension when there are so many hardened hearts that believe it is their destiny to be forever hard? 

By lightening up a little. By learning to embrace divine reception, and grant yourself the ability to receive the greatest gifts of the Creatrix that are to be given in this time rebirth and renewal.

When even those people, who don’t believe in anything, start are seeing past the veil that they did not used to see everyday it will be a new arena. People will believe and vibe with the new like never before. 

Our balance and centering are meant to be rewarded with something that is most remarkable and is meant to mark our progress on the journey. It is meant to define our self mastery here in the third realm.

Reaching higher levels of consciousness is no simple pass to the next stage of our lives. Our ‘living and death’ lives are over, and these are the beginning of our adventure into greater and greater states of awareness.

How do we evolve from the third dimension without love and light? That’s easy! We don’t. Love and light carries everything for the advancement of the soul. Human graduation from the third realm warrants the most giving of rewards for mastering the cycle of life and death. Ascension brings the victory.

Analyzing Mindfulness vs Meditation – Using Full Presence In The Body, Full Emptiness & Spiritual Development

Mindfulness vs Meditation. Are they the same? They could be. Though for the sake of spiritual practice, one should find the distinctions in their focus to help broaden the understanding of spiritual development and their uses & advantages individually. 

The mind is truly a terrible thing to waste. It can feel like you are doing just that when you are not sure where to direct the powers of your mind when meditating.

And mindfulness… What are we filling our mind with exactly anyways?

Some contexts of meditation beg that you lose all aspects of mind. While mindfulness will direct you to do the opposite in that same moment. People should know and understand that these powers are not at odds with one another.

One can learn to use both mindfulness and meditation to find the center of it all in the self. With a little patience using full presence in the body, Mindfulness will allow you to master your moment. Meditation will help keep you aware of the eternal now moment.

They are both tools to use in one’s own personal practice of seeking spiritual fullness and fulfillment through the spirit. Here we will go in depth into their practical uses for spiritual development. Think of the energy of the mind and heart on a spectrum, marked by a certain vibration. In the gradual temperance of our souls into their greater capacities, we are learning to recognize the vibration of us.

Like the fires of a great forge, some heat, and shaping and some time make for a great blade with a point that makes clear its intent. This blade is truth, and using mindfulness and meditation to find the center can give a soul what it needs to wield it. Here we will cover mindfulness vs meditation for the sake of all awakening ascending souls.

Mindfulness vs Meditation

Balance and Center

Understanding The difference between Mindfulness vs Meditation

Mindfulness usually suggests using more mind in the moment, while meditation typically begs using less mind in the moment. Though some aspects of meditation will require you use your mind for certain focuses. 

Though the most common instance of meditation assumes you are cutting off the mind in an effect to erase mental chatter and often likely increase chi.  

Both meditation and mindfulness are practices that will help you take back control of your mind. Mindfulness and Meditation are not two sides of the came coin, but rather two different coins that are cashed in at the same bank.

They are both tools in a toolshed used to hone something greater, to help forge something more powerful. 

Using emptiness in spiritual development is just as important as spiritual fullness and fulfillment. Your witness should end up somewhere in the middle to be in their best position to conduct more spirit in the body. Spiritual fullness so you are not hungry, and emptiness to ensure you are never too full of that which the world would put on/in you.

A moment may require you be still and focus. Sometimes the best way to use the mind in a situation is to have ‘no mind’ at all, to give way to receptive mind. Mind in wait, for the right moment looming.

Then there are those situations where you need to be all in assertively and full mental focus is needed in front.

A patience resolve? Or an engaging point? These two things are analogies for meditation and mindfulness respectively. We explain fully these things for the purpose of understanding them fully for their practical use in spiritual development. One should be using both mindfulness and meditation to find the center and know what that space feels like.

Need for mindfulness

Mindfulness usually points to the concept of presence, and maintaining a conscious presence in the now moment. Here you are using full presence in the body to ensure the mind is invested in the current action. People don’t think about it and would assume the presence is assumed when someone is simply there. Though your presence can be anywhere your mind wanders.

Though everyone can understand that though someone may be talking to you, or you to them, you won’t be picking up what they are putting down perhaps if you are not fully present. This usually means they are not being understood. and perhaps you are not listening.

Mindfulness in presence begs that you not only be there present physically in the moment but that you also be there invested in the moment mentally and sensually. This means having all sensory hands on deck to fully take in the experience, and intuit information.

Being great at listening understands that you are able to relax your mental muscles enough to absorb what is being shared. It begs that you have acquiesced in the moment, and are not too proud to give your full attention. Having your mind in the moment, takes focus and the concentration of consciousness on what you are witnessing and experiencing. 

There is a give and take with Mindfulness. You give light to the moment(your attention), and you gain any and everything that is being shared in the moment of the experience and the experience itself. 

Meditation is typically closed in, localized in the mind. Where with Mindfulness you are not necessarily focused in your mind as you are focused on your witness and what you are witnessing in the experience.

Mindfulness practice will also often include just a plain focus on ‘your witnessing’ itself. The very act of either seeing(if you can see) or simply sensing and experiencing your surroundings any way you can. Focus in on that sensing, while breathing, but not with a focus on your breath necessarily. Your focus is on your aliveness itself, the power and focus point of witnessing within you. Consciousness itself.

This mindfulness summons full presence in the body to live as you in the now moment, and any moment you desire as you master it.

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Using emptiness in spiritual development

A rest, in everything feels needed every now and then. To calm, and keep graceful the peaceful and weary soul. 

To empty ourselves of the world’s dross feels good and is good for us. For when the world gets to us to a massive degree, we are likely to take on feelings and ill emotions from the world. 

The world has put these out by the hearts whom exude this as their perceived reality in their outer world. They are unconscious of what lies in the heart. They believe this to be their world and they put off the energy of anything that doesn’t align with their current adopted vibration. 

These continued thought patterns can perpetuate feelings that did not originate with us and they are best served to feel them fully and let them flow on by, and fill that space with something more deserving of your time and attention.

Emptiness provides the humans a chance to dial away from one’s regularly scheduled program. 

The needs for emptiness arises for both who are sensitive to noises in the world, and those who have dreadfully been de-sensitized to them. This is a deadening of the senses, and it is no wonder people go about, especially in the western world looking dead and defeated just going about their regular day.

The novelty of using emptiness in spiritual development is a clearing of the inner clutter. ‘Your cup’ is good to be emptied. One needs to be flexible and be able to take in new ideas and information. Emptiness helps exercise receptive energies in the body.

the need for spiritual fullness and fulfillment

Spiritual fullness and fulfillment allows one to serve with out expectation or reward. When one is genuinely compelled to serve from the heart and is filled they hide no intention of wishing to be paid or compensated, one is fed from within. They are fed somehow from the light that is their beingness. 

This filling comes by virtue of the spirit’s light quotient and/or joy, goodness, happiness & patience. How much of that inner space is occupied by the spirit’s radiance and glory?

So much so that you are filled to the point to where you are everything and connected to everything that you could ever ask for.

In the space where humans lack fulfillment and expect or even demand recompense, a master of spirit has there peace, joy & divine wonder at their fingertips. They are filled in every moment, and  practice unto Reunification affords this moment mastery as well.

Now of course here in the third realm we have need to be compensated for the work that we do. It is not everyday that the common has great room to exercise this. So know that we making these points to shape the spirit, our goal isn’t for anyone to go hungry.

Using Both Mindfulness and Meditation To Find The Center

The center is ultimately the witness. The inside void where all and nothing appears to sit. Between the spaces occupied by function we know of, and in between the neuron where where apparently nothing seem to fire.

Even there is the witness, even inside of you. Both of these practices can be used to find that center and dwell there for spiritual growth and understanding. 

Meditation and mindfulness are used to cultivate this peaceful center. This is the place we go inside to learn more about ourselves. To sit and be peaceful with ourselves is a most joyful gift, and one of the most precious things we can offer to our tempering spirit.

A center that you can come home to and relax in. A center that is always a place where we can reset our agendas for the new day. This center is not on a path that is marked by sign posts and warning signs.

You will need eyes that can see past the 3d illusion and a concentrated focus through your very own cosmic witness. When you find the center, you will want to stay a while and get comfortable. Get to know what it feels like to be there.

Exploring Ascension Evolution Consciousness – 4 Tragic Human Setbacks That Need To Shift Before We Can Evolve

Exploring ascension evolution consciousness in our realm and heart, begs humanity take responsibility for any pain they have unleashed on the world. Every ounce of pain and suffering humanity has wrought upon each other and themselves has to be accounted for from the heart. 

With a magical effervescence, the super infusion of light into the fields of all will eventually produce a star and healing all humans from the inside out. 

Before that sort of purification can take place, there are certain humans setbacks that need to shift before we can evolve and spiritually move into the next octave of living. 

These set backs lie in the heart and consciousness of humanity, and until the disbelief and lack of faith dissipate we will not be able to move forward spiritually. 

Denying the truth is counter-productive to evolution, for as you evolve you will be presented with what is more true about you and your experience. You are to spiritually evolve by vibrational increase along with the planet.

Those who fear the truth run from it and hide from it. Those who fear the truth work to ensure that the truth of things are not uncovered. This is one of the pits of darkness(deception) that lie in wait still within the spirit of humanity. 

From this root of darkness, humanity has been shaped by and large and has meandered aimlessly within it for far too long. 

Humanity is due for a change of scenery. A shift in how things go in this realm, or perhaps how this realm moves as a whole. 

For those who are not aware of the shift they may just now be finally exploring ascension evolution consciousness as they personally start to awaken to their natural innate power. Our powerful ascending spirits bring many gifts to be enjoyed in the body.

Humanity first must be aware of the setbacks and frailties in spirit, to overcome them and replace this space with a powerful truth.

Here we are exploring ascension evolution consciousness to transform our reality and understand 4 key human setbacks that need to shift before we can evolve.

Exploring Ascension Evolution Consciousness To Transmute Our DNA

These setbacks are also holding back our DNA. The more people that are stuck to their hard feelings and old patterns the harder it will be to change the energy of this space. Humanity has left quite the impression on this world. As humans live and emote, they leave their energetic imprint on the land and in the collective consciousness of the body of humanity.

On a very deep level our DNA is being changed into something new. The Mother Creation wishes to add a new dynamic to this experience that we call life. If divine powers wish to change this experience for the better, then by all means.

Ascension evolution conscious is essentially full consciousness. Full consciousness means you are fully conscious of who you are in this realm and the next, and in concurrent multidimensional dreams and realities that you may also exist in. You have endowed upon yourself the most purest, most cosmically loving self to be reunited with yourself in this 3D reality.

Loving your most cosmic self is excellent in your advancement. The greater population of persons on Mother Earth, indigenous and modern alike, believe that they are indeed the children of a higher power or Creator/Creatrix. So naturally belief in a higher power is not a stretch for us here on Mother Earth.

Belief in a higher power

To have some belief in a higher power is naturally ingrained in us. There in the world are a great number of beliefs. Indigenous cultures had a way of belief that has been passed down. Focal points within the way have been handed over from generations past. Purposed for us to remember our historic reverence for the powerfully unseen and divine.  

Even with our rich history of belief in a higher power, there are many who still do not believe. There are Atheists in the world, who claim there is no GOD, and that consciousness is simply a construct of the body.    

Science now knows that energy doesn’t cease to exist, it only changes forms. Consciousness as energy acts in the same fashion, and will live on long after the humans body has made it’s stained impression in the third realm.

I think most atheism is an intellectual rationale that GOD doesn’t exist or they are angry at the thought of what they considered or acknowledged as GOD, and because of trauma and pain they have decided to deny the existence in themselves. 

This is their attempt at lashing out towards higher powers. The most precious thing they could hold back is love and belief. So as a result they deny GOD in themselves and in their realities.

This is ignorance, as the pure consciousness itself is GOD. Aliveness itself has the power to give you a mind and house the intelligence that to them makes rational the idea that a higher intelligence doesn’t exist. This makes them feel comfortable. The tendency of man it to be afraid of what they do not understand and ignore, deny or lash out towards something they are angry with.

You can’t passive aggressively hurt GOD. Any dip or dive in vibration that you cause or allow yourself to suffer doesn’t hurt GOD, it only hurts your life force. 

Our souls are amazing. When exploring ascension evolution consciousness our hearts often become less hard being enlightened by a truth that unites us all. We are all the children of Creation, and that same Creation is trying to gift us everything and a new life in this ascension period. 

We have to start caring for one another

It is also imperative that we start caring for one another as a family. This planet/realm has a history of both caring for people and doing just the opposite, caring very little if at all. Our history in this realm is rife with those in power caring too little for the common man. The common man, works for his family and daily welfare.

Sometimes he feels he doesn’t have to care about anything but those simple affairs. This, all the while his health and other relationships suffer from neglect.

The common man cares for the common man, in most cases. There are many divisions amongst westerners, though the general peaceful idea has everyone normally offer a general respect to one another and there are no problems.

In many places, throughout western civilization there are examples of regular people helping regular people though you may not hear about it on the daily news. Our powerful ascending spirits are surprising up more and more everyday.

Their program is fear and ratings, both of which are having less and less power to sway the population or its heart.

People will need to start developing the heart to care for one another.  The heart is there, though sometimes hidden behind what is popular. Hidden behind what is acceptable. 

We are all one. The heart understands this, and will naturally treat each other the way that oneself would like to be treated. 

We are all a family, when we all start reflecting this truth we will be stronger, tighter and more light filled as a civilization. 

Our collective consciousness will increase, and we will drive ever closer to Mother Earth having everything she needs to shift. To start caring for one another is a very light filled action, warranting one to deny every thief of their light.

Spiritual Evolution is the answer NOT trans-humanism

We as a species did not come here to ascend by way of machines. Of course, technological advancement was always part of our journey, and turns out to be a highlight for humans here. When we start caring for one another we will care for ourselves in a new way as well.

Our powerful ascending spirits have something more in store for this story, then some wack would-be ascension model trying to be sold to the public as the only real ascension model there is. IT ISN’T.

There are those that would like you to think that this is the only way you can advance as a human from here. Or would like you to think that spiritual ascension by love & light is a joke, or a myth. 

When in fact those same powers don’t want you to know that you are divine and capable of so much more that we have learned we were capable of in school. 

Some would have you believe that all this Ascension stuff is about taking a trans-humanist way out to end up in the Metaverse. Wack.

NO. Ascension is real. A new experience, vibration & light body does not take you to the Meta-verse but something more real. Something made from the light of your higher self and power. Don’t let people confuse you into thinking that. 

There is always an attempt by those who pervert things to subvert real causes with their fake ones. To control people, and to thwart efforts away into how the deceptive ones choose to operate. 

Everyone deserves to know that the Creatrix is coming to shower all souls in the light of the new dawn. 

All souls should learn. This setback is the more major one, as most people do not know about our ascension evolution journey. 

The greater swath of the masses will learn about what is available to them, and choose the higher octave experience. Start caring for one another now and you naturally choose the higher octave experience.

Spiritual Evolution is the answer NOT trans-humanism, ever.

Seize the Onslaught of everyday toxins

The standard American diet provides the onslaught of everyday toxins for people who have adopted western models for fast food nutrition are nutrient lacking. This is the reason for widespread malnutrition, even in those who eat everyday.

A problem exists to where the fast and ready food that people consume has far too little nutrients, and the food that is actually assumed to have nutrients, such as whole foods, doesn’t have as much as it did in past times.

People have to make a point in the western world to seek out better things to consume for themselves and their families. Our powerful ascending spirits and the bodies that house them need a good combination of things to be able to conduct spirit and light in the easiest way possible.

Toxins create an acidity in the body not to mention a toxic environment that hosts dis-ease. Toxins, since as early as westerners have fed them to themselves, have been the culprit for most disease. 

‘Dis’ – ‘ease’ is caused by the onset of toxins that have taken the human body away from its natural rhythms. This ‘dis’-‘ease’ is the cause for nearly all infirmities in the body.

With toxins out of the equation, the body is able to reside within it natural function to heal the body. To seize the onslaught of everyday toxins, changes in the lifestyle must occur moving forward. One must persevere in changes that add light and life the body, which transform into large shifts on a long journey.

The potential of our powerful ascending spirits

The potential for our powerful ascending spirits to grow and prosper into the new age and galaxy is endless. For some time since ages past, humanity has been stuck in a mire of spiritual mediocrity. With our pasts being hidden from us, it can be hard to properly recollect our full potential. 

As we learn more and more about our hidden energy systems, light bodies, and our cosmic origins, we are coming to find that we are truly more than we originally though we were. 

Humanity needs to understand that the original people in this realm that sparked our experience here, were a spiritual people. Though forces may have attempted to thwart that truth, it remains. 

We are the children of Creation and are to be endowed with a great many marvel, that even someone from our past told us we would accomplish and witness. Our powerful ascending spirits need room to fly and this incarnation is giving many impetus to do just that.

These great things are held within, deep within where the faint of heart dare not tread in our ascension evolution journey on this planet, in this blessed time of renewal.

Achieving True Peace in Christ – 4 Spiritual Disciplines To Adopt To Mold A Christ-Like Nature

Achieving true peace in Christ is not some religious mumbo jumbo if you understand the spiritual truth of it. 

Christ is the Child of Creation, whose namesake is the focus of this site, and everything that beings brings through the spirit. That being wants you to have everything, though you must understand to be in a position to receive everything. You energy must be right.

The ‘Christ’ is the ‘Child of Creation’ and as such the prince of peace is held in this spirit. An aspect of aliveness virtuous in nature. It is said that when the Creation witnesses itself, it them wished to witness and experience itself even more so.

Then the Child of Creation was born. The Child of Creation would the individualized model of how the Creation/Creatrix would experience itself, all the realms and the infinite realm of experience, itself.

This spirit would be given the keys to everything, to that is could understand everything. To be the one for all souls who come to know themselves as the spirit within.

That is why that being can say with total and complete confidence, “I am always with you”. This is because it knows that it is the spirit of all those individualized in the realms. Christ itself is the Child of Creation who would be personified aliveness in all realms as a spirit.

Not a man, but the shape of spirit that a man can take on. A man is given a shape at birth, with his physicality. It is up to him to mold it further. 

Why achieving true peace in Christ will Bring Heaven on Earth

A true peace in Christ means a certain mastery in the spirit. A certain balance, a centering. True peace in Christ means you are one with the spirit that makes humans alive.

As the Child of Creation you know that this spirit is your link to the All, to the spirit of all things.

To be filled with the spirit of fulfillment and contentment will require a filling indeed.  This type of filling in the spirit is what everyone will need to exist at the vibration that will be our new channel of existence. 

A true peace in Christ will reveal the truth to all. Christ is not some simple figure in a book. It is the Child of Creation, and the being who said that it will always be with us, has told us no lies here. In reverence to the spirit, that masters and brings all souls back home, it is filled with the very virtue of spirit that is needed to truly mold a Christ-like nature.

Be still to train the spirit

Meditation to train the spirit

There are few places in the Bible that actually mention meditation. For reasons only such as it is not expressly spelled out in the Bible give people pause and fear they blaspheme.

The irony of this type of indoctrination is that you are coming to religion to learn about God, and when approached with something that will actually allow you to better commune with your own spirit you are in fear of it through religious fear filled understandings. 

If one’s discernment is not brought up then the establishments peddling knowledge about spirit and reunification are doing a poor job training people about their own spirit. 

Using meditation to train the spirit get you into the aspect that is you and the version of yourself that sits in this real waiting to go multidimensional.

To meditate is simply to slow down and be present in this context. To train the spirit is to temper the bodies’ exhibition or illustration of the spirit. The illustration of the spirit will convert into behavior of the body. In kind, the exhibition of the spirit will clue one into the nature of the very spirit exhibiting. 

As it is written, ‘You will know them by their works’. A good tree doesn’t make bad apples. Though the apples can certainly turn bad, bad is not what’s fed their root. 

To get down to the root, we use meditation to carefully sift through what can certainly not be handled through human tangibility. 

For a true peace in Christ to be placed in your heart, you must invite the spirit of that to come out. You must go to the inner temple and honor that spirit. You honor that spirit by imitating it, practicing its personage & exercising the gracefulness of heart to respond with patience and care as it does. 

A peaceful Christ in the heart serves patiently those who are searching and have yet to find that peace within themselves. 

Having Patience In Reactivity

Patience is a virtue very close in color and vibe to peacefulness. They very much go hand in hand. During a meditation to train the spirit you are practicing your aspects of patience as well.

The normal modus operandi for the human is to feel, and react immediately on how you feel about it. Humans are used to this pattern of reactivity. 

Think. React. Feel. React. Having patience in reactivity begs you are presence in the moment enough to stop, breathe and fully witness what is happening in your experience.

Grace and patience are needed on the moment, and thusly in the heart and spirit. A peace and a patience grounded in the spirit will change your reality. 

It will change what is real to you. What is real to you is what you perceive to be real or substantial in your perception. You are the observer, and we now know that, as the observer you have power to create your reality through your perception. 

This is also the divine power of the human eye. If GOD, or Source Itself wants to create something. It would be a thought, and the creation code would be made, or see in the mind somehow and then made. 

Humans are so use to being offended or persecuted and to react when things don’t go their way. 

Having patience in reactivity will allow you to experience your world with more grace and presence. 

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There is a grace needed to embody the spirit of forgiveness. 

Forgiveness begs that you, despite taking a lot of pain or trauma, muster the spirit of let go and replace that energy the sake of your own soul. 

To forgive, one needs to be able to let go. To let go of regret, worry, shame or jealousy is an easy thing to talk about, though eliminating aspects of the spirit will prove difficult without pulling the root cause.

Aspects of spirit that roil as they linger, and whose energy must be released and left to flow in and eventually out.

Patience, empathy & compassion are needed for forgiveness to have it’s full capacity to be itself. Forgiveness is a spirit that is virtuously full & powerful, and gives of itself because it is filled. Takes nothing of ill value as it wants for nothing, gives even though it receives nothing.

To give and bless without expectation is akin to the spirit of forgiveness. 

Virtue in speech or non-violent communication

There is a grace and virtue employed when one is seeking to embody the spirit of harmlessness and non violent communication. Learning and endeavoring to add gracefulness to your speech and patience to your now moment are great and powerful spiritual disciplines to adopt.

To speak is to express the spirit by way of the voice. The spirit of harmlessness moves in such a way as to example virtue in motion. The spirit of harmlessness takes a great many aspects of spirit into itself, like a fine and delicate mixture made into something marvelously prepared every time. 

What is made from the spirit is expressed and shown proof of in the speech. The throat chakra sits shortly above the heart, and what comes out of the throat is partially made in the heart. Like energy, and like a tributary that feeds off a river, they are made of like materials, and their output will be related. 

Peace in one’s speech can require finesse or a great many virtues to relay authenticity. Grace, Patience, Compassion & Empathy can employ as one to ensure harmlessness is embodied in the spirit of one’s speech. 

The spirit of harmlessness hides no ill will or ill intention. Filled with light and goodness, the spirit of harmlessness finds the most compassionate way forward and maintains this vibration with the incorruptibility of an ascension seal.

Masters of spirit of this caliber employ a strength in character that cannot be moved. They use meditation and other spiritual practices to train the spirit and the body. This all helps to temper the self and spirit embody to mold a Christ-like nature.

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Personal Ascension Energy Breathwork – Summoning The Divine Wisdom of the New Era

Everything shifts. Your personal ascension energy breathwork is what you will use in the now moment to summon the divine wisdom of the new era and take what you can use to shift your world. Your personal ascension is an individual path that embarks you on the path of self discovery showing you God consciousness through your personal aspect of bein

As you breathe you interact and interface with the Source. As you draw breath, your collection and matrix of alive cells are co-mingling with the cosmic particles that you have likely taken in if you have enjoyed the outside air from time to time.

The Creatrix is on a path to bring everything back to the light. Light is also information. The light that is coming in through the cosmos and the weakening magnetosphere of the Earth, is shifting human consciousness.

We are summoning the divine wisdom of our cosmic reality and integrating it into our being. We will not long be regular humans as the powers that rule the cosmic arenas are bringing humanity to a boil.

The Creatrix wants to cook something more beneficial to all. Something more reflective of their divine and light filled nature. Something more reflective of its splendor and majestic appearance and presence.

Learn here what you can do to work your spiritual development and master the personal ascension energy breathwork needed to bring your vibration into the next chapter and octave of your experience.

Personal Ascension Energy Breathwork Technique

The Reptile Breath Circuit is simply a breath that completes an energy circuit in the body that allows for the smooth traveling of energy through the body unhindered.

The breath helps to facilitate this travel. Find you somewhere comfortable to be while you practice this breath.

‘Reptile Breath Circuit’

  • Try to position the top pad portion of your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Keep the jaw shut.

This is the first inch of your tongue’s top surface. You should make a point to contact as much as this surface as you feel you can manage holding in your mouth without affording to much consciousness to make it happen.

  • Try to avoid just touching the tip of the tongue to the roof of your mouth.

This connection completes an energy circuit in our bodies, that moves all over the body in a circuit. You more than just the tip of your tongue contacting with the roof of your mouth.

As you breath and make this connection, you run energy & exercise those energetic pathways in the body that may not be used much regularly at this point. This will give you a sensation of what it feels like to have greater chi moving around in the body.

  • Breath with all the parts in place

Your mouth does not open much during the breath as you breathe like this. As you relax your tongue, you will find a neutral place to set it as you breathe.

  • Not too dry or too wet

If you can find a workable medium between your mouth not being too dry or too wet then there is chance that your tongue can ‘stick’ up there as you breathe and keep your jaw closed.

At this point your lips may appear to not be opening, because the movement you are making with your jaw is very minute. Remember that to help you set the tone for relaxing your breathing should be.

  • Keep mouth, lips, tongue & jaw loose and malleable

Ensure you remain in a relaxed position. You will need the muscles to remain loose and relaxed to properly move chi throughout this area of the body.

  • Focus on the breath and emptiness of mind

A point will come to where you are super relaxed. Turn your awareness away from everything else and focus on the breath and the emptiness of mind.

Breath And Reach States Of Meditative Emptiness

This breath is definitely used for the for relaxation and calming the body and mind. The more the body tends to be still in meditation or in these practices, the more can have the tendency to want to fall asleep.

This breath can be a fun novelty when trying to reach these states that offer more relaxed and escaped periods of meditative emptiness.

This emptiness is the cradle that can nurture spiritual development unto greater strides of revealing the self.

Careful you are not laying down or relaxing in a position that could cause you to doze off before you are able to consciously practice as intended.

Breath, relax and focus on the empty space of anything. Know that the peace that lives within that space is the peace that is welcoming us back home through our own personal ascension energy breathwork and the shifts we will achieve through it.

Gathering ascension energy for the shift and other shifts like it are wise decisions to make for your ascension. This will allow you to coalesce with the energies more easily and ensure your vibration is primed to go the distance when the time is right.

It will also give you the power to ensure you are in a mental/emotional position to everything that you need to do for your vibration to flourish and grow in the new light.

In the now moment as you meditate, focus on the empty space, and the aliveness in you that witnesses it. The moment is forever and your consciousness will be aware of it forever.
In the new era you will summon this space and others like it to master the self unto the infinite cosmos.

Our spirit wants to be sovereign and free, the truth or divine wisdom of the new era, is part of the actual truth that will set us free.

You are a child of Creation/Creatrix, nothing could change that even if your conscious choice was to not embody love and goodness. You deny your name and your light, and come away from the nature of your heart. You come away from the vibration of love and goodness.

Offer Blessings Forth To Souls In Need

Breathing in a the most conscious, but natural way possible and sending well wishes to someone send them love and light. The Earth is a grand network of alive energies. Your heart, mind & intention create a chorus of movement in the bio-sphere sending packages of tiny life force to enrich the receiver with the sender’s spirit.

Offering blessing to aspects of yourself, such as your higher self or line of ancestral grandparents. Spirit is all you are and spirit and energy is all that you have to give.

As you give you receive from not only the Creation but from Mother Earth. Gaia is a master transmutator of energies and will feed you life force as you deliver to her light and power for her upliftment.

These are always wise decisions to make for your ascension and the transformation of everyone and everything more possible. As you are summoning the divine wisdom and sending blessings forth you are being fed in the Creation being a conduit for the exchanging of cosmic energies throughout the realm.

Send out your blessing and well wishes to all you feel are deserving of your love and light. Offer blessing forth to souls who don’t believe and see no end to a horrible life, save death.
Moving a honest smile from the heart can mean the world to a heart slumped perpetually in darkness.

Breathing More Fully In The Chest & Heart Chakra

Eventually we will be breathing this breath more consciously as our energies are fully awakened and we are lifted up. Combining this breathing with a focus on bringing energy and life force into the chest. This will excite your solar and heart chakras.

See energy or light coming into that area. Ensure your tongue, jaw and abdomen are moving together as described. When you are breathing like this without thinking about it you are practiced a great deal already. Continue on with your focus.

We breath we are bringing an awareness to the Heart and heart chakra. You are aiming for all these parts to be all harmonized with your breathing.

Ensure your diaphragm is descending and you are fully expanding your chest and belly. You should feel the energy impact moves all the way down to the pelvic floor, either on the exhale or somewhere else. You are taking in ascension energy for the shift consciously, and you should be feeling your body tingle as you taking in more light.

Breath with more presence and summon the divine wisdom of the New Era

With your spine straight and breathing properly you should feel the energies move up and around your neck and head. This, priming and practicing with your powers in a real way helps the body understand what it feels like to move energy in the body and to absorb ascension energy for the shift.

At this point you can also likely to feel the energies flowing through your throat, mind’s eye, and crown chakra as you experience the energy move up through your head.

Practicing the ‘Circuit of the Reptile’ breathing helps to distribute energy where it typically does not run as freely.

These wise decisions to make for your ascension prime your vessel to brace itself for a higher vibration in the body. We are moving in a higher octave of experience and our bodies are coming with us it is said. We are being thrust into the pressure cooker only to come out alive and not prepared to be eaten, but prepared to be glorified in the end.

The spirit of glory, is also the spirit of those who give glory unto the Most High/Creatrix for making everything perfect and grand again like they once were.

You should feel vibrations when you are breathing at this point. New sensations that present when you breath and just try and be conscious of what you are feeling from moment to now moment during the experience.

As the brain breathes new breaths inward, healing and new neural pathways can render a human supersensory with the proper spiritual upgrades to one’s energetic faculties. To summon the wisdom of the new era draws you ever closer to the downloading of just the right information to initiate your spiritual cosmic upgrade.

When you have a relaxed and gentle rhythm going you can will feel a small subtle pull when breathing in your mouth on your tongue. A ever so slight pull that draws the tongue towards the back of the throat, as you inhale and as your tongue is attached to the roof of your mouth.

It draws the tongue and jaw bone down as you breathe in, and your jawbone and tongue closer to the roof of your mouth when you are breathing out. This little circuit style of breathing, connecting energy meridians in a circuit this way will power your personal ascension energy breathwork a feed light in the body that can translate to divine wisdom of the new era.

Enjoying yourself so far? Great! Next watch a video I comprised featuring and Ascension Prayer to assist your vibration heightening efforts !

Connecting Your Breathwork With Mother Earth Rhythms

To come closer to spirit we also have need to ground this all into Mother Earth as best we can. As you take in more light you share more of what you are with the Earth.

When you can feel all this power in the body it will change you. It will let you know that this ascension journey is real and is really happening. As you share with Mother Earth, your summoning of the divine wisdom is more potent.

You have draw light to yourself in this practice and Mother Earth has need of it in this time to help shift all over her beautiful realm.

How to Connect with the Earth’s Energies

Take your practice to the ground. You will need to take your shoes off and make contact with the Earth with your feet. Sit up as you practice. As you feel energy move through you, you then see your energy move down through Mother Earth as you breath out.
Up into you as you breath in, and the reverse while breathing out.

In this space you are sharing with Mother Earth. Spin a coil in your hand for 7 breath in clockwise, and then 7 breath out counter clockwise to open up the palms chakra on the hands.

Place them to your side, with your palms facing the Earth, as you practice to help better facilitate the energy transfer through your body. Relax everything as you practice.

You will want to keep your positions as relaxed as possible. This accommodates the transfer of energies better when you are relaxed and your muscles are not tensed up from things like stress and anxiety.

You are a conduit for Mother Earth & Sun energies. Your spirit was born for this, and your consciousness will go back to the truth of it.

Let’s hope sooner than later.

Activating Divine Wisdom and Ascension Energy For The Shift

This energy and the energy we get from standard conscious breathing gives us a boost and triggers us to move and act anew. To embody more love and experience more love in our lives.

To experience more mastery in our meditations and in our efforts to escape, relax & let go. Our personal ascension energy breath work disciplines and refines our powers in our ultimate quest for spiritual and self mastery.

We are activated when we are seeking a conscious moment to be with ourselves and mind our own spirits.

The infusion and priming of power into ourselves adds information and new insight as light enters further into the temple of the inner self. The curtains have been drawn in that inner place and the floodgates for the divine light to take everything have burst open.

Personal Ascension Energy Healing

This is also initiating a healing effect on our part. As we move light for Mother Earth we move energy through our bodies. Being in these vessels means it is imperative that we are striving for the flowing of better circulation in the body to occur with these happenings.

Walking a path of healing and of the healing of Mother Earth with your presence says a lot about the spirit of you.

You are one of the souls that is here meant to change things with their purpose, mission & heart. As you heal yourself, you heal the spirit of you in the body, and you heal the world around you as well.

Your personal ascension energy breathwork should be a practice that enriches your life from the inside out. The divine wisdom is ours as we take in more of the new and integrate it into our ascension evolution consciousness to grow and advance further into the now moment.

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