achieving true peace in christ

Achieving True Peace in Christ – 4 Spiritual Disciplines To Adopt To Mold A Christ-Like Nature

achieving true peace in christ

Achieving true peace in Christ is not some religious mumbo jumbo if you understand the spiritual truth of it. 

Christ is the Child of Creation, whose namesake is the focus of this site, and everything that beings brings through the spirit. That being wants you to have everything, though you must understand to be in a position to receive everything. You energy must be right.

The ‘Christ’ is the ‘Child of Creation’ and as such the prince of peace is held in this spirit. An aspect of aliveness virtuous in nature. It is said that when the Creation witnesses itself, it them wished to witness and experience itself even more so.

Then the Child of Creation was born. The Child of Creation would the individualized model of how the Creation/Creatrix would experience itself, all the realms and the infinite realm of experience, itself.

This spirit would be given the keys to everything, to that is could understand everything. To be the one for all souls who come to know themselves as the spirit within.

That is why that being can say with total and complete confidence, “I am always with you”. This is because it knows that it is the spirit of all those individualized in the realms. Christ itself is the Child of Creation who would be personified aliveness in all realms as a spirit.

Not a man, but the shape of spirit that a man can take on. A man is given a shape at birth, with his physicality. It is up to him to mold it further. 

Why achieving true peace in Christ will Bring Heaven on Earth

A true peace in Christ means a certain mastery in the spirit. A certain balance, a centering. True peace in Christ means you are one with the spirit that makes humans alive.

As the Child of Creation you know that this spirit is your link to the All, to the spirit of all things.

To be filled with the spirit of fulfillment and contentment will require a filling indeed.  This type of filling in the spirit is what everyone will need to exist at the vibration that will be our new channel of existence. 

A true peace in Christ will reveal the truth to all. Christ is not some simple figure in a book. It is the Child of Creation, and the being who said that it will always be with us, has told us no lies here. In reverence to the spirit, that masters and brings all souls back home, it is filled with the very virtue of spirit that is needed to truly mold a Christ-like nature.

Be still to train the spirit

Meditation to train the spirit

There are few places in the Bible that actually mention meditation. For reasons only such as it is not expressly spelled out in the Bible give people pause and fear they blaspheme.

The irony of this type of indoctrination is that you are coming to religion to learn about God, and when approached with something that will actually allow you to better commune with your own spirit you are in fear of it through religious fear filled understandings. 

If one’s discernment is not brought up then the establishments peddling knowledge about spirit and reunification are doing a poor job training people about their own spirit. 

Using meditation to train the spirit get you into the aspect that is you and the version of yourself that sits in this real waiting to go multidimensional.

To meditate is simply to slow down and be present in this context. To train the spirit is to temper the bodies’ exhibition or illustration of the spirit. The illustration of the spirit will convert into behavior of the body. In kind, the exhibition of the spirit will clue one into the nature of the very spirit exhibiting. 

As it is written, ‘You will know them by their works’. A good tree doesn’t make bad apples. Though the apples can certainly turn bad, bad is not what’s fed their root. 

To get down to the root, we use meditation to carefully sift through what can certainly not be handled through human tangibility. 

For a true peace in Christ to be placed in your heart, you must invite the spirit of that to come out. You must go to the inner temple and honor that spirit. You honor that spirit by imitating it, practicing its personage & exercising the gracefulness of heart to respond with patience and care as it does. 

A peaceful Christ in the heart serves patiently those who are searching and have yet to find that peace within themselves. 

Having Patience In Reactivity

Patience is a virtue very close in color and vibe to peacefulness. They very much go hand in hand. During a meditation to train the spirit you are practicing your aspects of patience as well.

The normal modus operandi for the human is to feel, and react immediately on how you feel about it. Humans are used to this pattern of reactivity. 

Think. React. Feel. React. Having patience in reactivity begs you are presence in the moment enough to stop, breathe and fully witness what is happening in your experience.

Grace and patience are needed on the moment, and thusly in the heart and spirit. A peace and a patience grounded in the spirit will change your reality. 

It will change what is real to you. What is real to you is what you perceive to be real or substantial in your perception. You are the observer, and we now know that, as the observer you have power to create your reality through your perception. 

This is also the divine power of the human eye. If GOD, or Source Itself wants to create something. It would be a thought, and the creation code would be made, or see in the mind somehow and then made. 

Humans are so use to being offended or persecuted and to react when things don’t go their way. 

Having patience in reactivity will allow you to experience your world with more grace and presence. 

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There is a grace needed to embody the spirit of forgiveness. 

Forgiveness begs that you, despite taking a lot of pain or trauma, muster the spirit of let go and replace that energy the sake of your own soul. 

To forgive, one needs to be able to let go. To let go of regret, worry, shame or jealousy is an easy thing to talk about, though eliminating aspects of the spirit will prove difficult without pulling the root cause.

Aspects of spirit that roil as they linger, and whose energy must be released and left to flow in and eventually out.

Patience, empathy & compassion are needed for forgiveness to have it’s full capacity to be itself. Forgiveness is a spirit that is virtuously full & powerful, and gives of itself because it is filled. Takes nothing of ill value as it wants for nothing, gives even though it receives nothing.

To give and bless without expectation is akin to the spirit of forgiveness. 

Virtue in speech or non-violent communication

There is a grace and virtue employed when one is seeking to embody the spirit of harmlessness and non violent communication. Learning and endeavoring to add gracefulness to your speech and patience to your now moment are great and powerful spiritual disciplines to adopt.

To speak is to express the spirit by way of the voice. The spirit of harmlessness moves in such a way as to example virtue in motion. The spirit of harmlessness takes a great many aspects of spirit into itself, like a fine and delicate mixture made into something marvelously prepared every time. 

What is made from the spirit is expressed and shown proof of in the speech. The throat chakra sits shortly above the heart, and what comes out of the throat is partially made in the heart. Like energy, and like a tributary that feeds off a river, they are made of like materials, and their output will be related. 

Peace in one’s speech can require finesse or a great many virtues to relay authenticity. Grace, Patience, Compassion & Empathy can employ as one to ensure harmlessness is embodied in the spirit of one’s speech. 

The spirit of harmlessness hides no ill will or ill intention. Filled with light and goodness, the spirit of harmlessness finds the most compassionate way forward and maintains this vibration with the incorruptibility of an ascension seal.

Masters of spirit of this caliber employ a strength in character that cannot be moved. They use meditation and other spiritual practices to train the spirit and the body. This all helps to temper the self and spirit embody to mold a Christ-like nature.

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Personal Ascension Energy Breathwork – Summoning The Divine Wisdom of the New Era

Everything shifts. Your personal ascension energy breathwork is what you will use in the now moment to summon the divine wisdom of the new era and take what you can use to shift your world. Your personal ascension is an individual path that embarks you on the path of self discovery showing you God consciousness through your personal aspect of bein

As you breathe you interact and interface with the Source. As you draw breath, your collection and matrix of alive cells are co-mingling with the cosmic particles that you have likely taken in if you have enjoyed the outside air from time to time.

The Creatrix is on a path to bring everything back to the light. Light is also information. The light that is coming in through the cosmos and the weakening magnetosphere of the Earth, is shifting human consciousness.

We are summoning the divine wisdom of our cosmic reality and integrating it into our being. We will not long be regular humans as the powers that rule the cosmic arenas are bringing humanity to a boil.

The Creatrix wants to cook something more beneficial to all. Something more reflective of their divine and light filled nature. Something more reflective of its splendor and majestic appearance and presence.

Learn here what you can do to work your spiritual development and master the personal ascension energy breathwork needed to bring your vibration into the next chapter and octave of your experience.

Personal Ascension Energy Breathwork Technique

The Reptile Breath Circuit is simply a breath that completes an energy circuit in the body that allows for the smooth traveling of energy through the body unhindered.

The breath helps to facilitate this travel. Find you somewhere comfortable to be while you practice this breath.

‘Reptile Breath Circuit’

  • Try to position the top pad portion of your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Keep the jaw shut.

This is the first inch of your tongue’s top surface. You should make a point to contact as much as this surface as you feel you can manage holding in your mouth without affording to much consciousness to make it happen.

  • Try to avoid just touching the tip of the tongue to the roof of your mouth.

This connection completes an energy circuit in our bodies, that moves all over the body in a circuit. You more than just the tip of your tongue contacting with the roof of your mouth.

As you breath and make this connection, you run energy & exercise those energetic pathways in the body that may not be used much regularly at this point. This will give you a sensation of what it feels like to have greater chi moving around in the body.

  • Breath with all the parts in place

Your mouth does not open much during the breath as you breathe like this. As you relax your tongue, you will find a neutral place to set it as you breathe.

  • Not too dry or too wet

If you can find a workable medium between your mouth not being too dry or too wet then there is chance that your tongue can ‘stick’ up there as you breathe and keep your jaw closed.

At this point your lips may appear to not be opening, because the movement you are making with your jaw is very minute. Remember that to help you set the tone for relaxing your breathing should be.

  • Keep mouth, lips, tongue & jaw loose and malleable

Ensure you remain in a relaxed position. You will need the muscles to remain loose and relaxed to properly move chi throughout this area of the body.

  • Focus on the breath and emptiness of mind

A point will come to where you are super relaxed. Turn your awareness away from everything else and focus on the breath and the emptiness of mind.

Breath And Reach States Of Meditative Emptiness

This breath is definitely used for the for relaxation and calming the body and mind. The more the body tends to be still in meditation or in these practices, the more can have the tendency to want to fall asleep.

This breath can be a fun novelty when trying to reach these states that offer more relaxed and escaped periods of meditative emptiness.

This emptiness is the cradle that can nurture spiritual development unto greater strides of revealing the self.

Careful you are not laying down or relaxing in a position that could cause you to doze off before you are able to consciously practice as intended.

Breath, relax and focus on the empty space of anything. Know that the peace that lives within that space is the peace that is welcoming us back home through our own personal ascension energy breathwork and the shifts we will achieve through it.

Gathering ascension energy for the shift and other shifts like it are wise decisions to make for your ascension. This will allow you to coalesce with the energies more easily and ensure your vibration is primed to go the distance when the time is right.

It will also give you the power to ensure you are in a mental/emotional position to everything that you need to do for your vibration to flourish and grow in the new light.

In the now moment as you meditate, focus on the empty space, and the aliveness in you that witnesses it. The moment is forever and your consciousness will be aware of it forever.
In the new era you will summon this space and others like it to master the self unto the infinite cosmos.

Our spirit wants to be sovereign and free, the truth or divine wisdom of the new era, is part of the actual truth that will set us free.

You are a child of Creation/Creatrix, nothing could change that even if your conscious choice was to not embody love and goodness. You deny your name and your light, and come away from the nature of your heart. You come away from the vibration of love and goodness.

Offer Blessings Forth To Souls In Need

Breathing in a the most conscious, but natural way possible and sending well wishes to someone send them love and light. The Earth is a grand network of alive energies. Your heart, mind & intention create a chorus of movement in the bio-sphere sending packages of tiny life force to enrich the receiver with the sender’s spirit.

Offering blessing to aspects of yourself, such as your higher self or line of ancestral grandparents. Spirit is all you are and spirit and energy is all that you have to give.

As you give you receive from not only the Creation but from Mother Earth. Gaia is a master transmutator of energies and will feed you life force as you deliver to her light and power for her upliftment.

These are always wise decisions to make for your ascension and the transformation of everyone and everything more possible. As you are summoning the divine wisdom and sending blessings forth you are being fed in the Creation being a conduit for the exchanging of cosmic energies throughout the realm.

Send out your blessing and well wishes to all you feel are deserving of your love and light. Offer blessing forth to souls who don’t believe and see no end to a horrible life, save death.
Moving a honest smile from the heart can mean the world to a heart slumped perpetually in darkness.

Breathing More Fully In The Chest & Heart Chakra

Eventually we will be breathing this breath more consciously as our energies are fully awakened and we are lifted up. Combining this breathing with a focus on bringing energy and life force into the chest. This will excite your solar and heart chakras.

See energy or light coming into that area. Ensure your tongue, jaw and abdomen are moving together as described. When you are breathing like this without thinking about it you are practiced a great deal already. Continue on with your focus.

We breath we are bringing an awareness to the Heart and heart chakra. You are aiming for all these parts to be all harmonized with your breathing.

Ensure your diaphragm is descending and you are fully expanding your chest and belly. You should feel the energy impact moves all the way down to the pelvic floor, either on the exhale or somewhere else. You are taking in ascension energy for the shift consciously, and you should be feeling your body tingle as you taking in more light.

Breath with more presence and summon the divine wisdom of the New Era

With your spine straight and breathing properly you should feel the energies move up and around your neck and head. This, priming and practicing with your powers in a real way helps the body understand what it feels like to move energy in the body and to absorb ascension energy for the shift.

At this point you can also likely to feel the energies flowing through your throat, mind’s eye, and crown chakra as you experience the energy move up through your head.

Practicing the ‘Circuit of the Reptile’ breathing helps to distribute energy where it typically does not run as freely.

These wise decisions to make for your ascension prime your vessel to brace itself for a higher vibration in the body. We are moving in a higher octave of experience and our bodies are coming with us it is said. We are being thrust into the pressure cooker only to come out alive and not prepared to be eaten, but prepared to be glorified in the end.

The spirit of glory, is also the spirit of those who give glory unto the Most High/Creatrix for making everything perfect and grand again like they once were.

You should feel vibrations when you are breathing at this point. New sensations that present when you breath and just try and be conscious of what you are feeling from moment to now moment during the experience.

As the brain breathes new breaths inward, healing and new neural pathways can render a human supersensory with the proper spiritual upgrades to one’s energetic faculties. To summon the wisdom of the new era draws you ever closer to the downloading of just the right information to initiate your spiritual cosmic upgrade.

When you have a relaxed and gentle rhythm going you can will feel a small subtle pull when breathing in your mouth on your tongue. A ever so slight pull that draws the tongue towards the back of the throat, as you inhale and as your tongue is attached to the roof of your mouth.

It draws the tongue and jaw bone down as you breathe in, and your jawbone and tongue closer to the roof of your mouth when you are breathing out. This little circuit style of breathing, connecting energy meridians in a circuit this way will power your personal ascension energy breathwork a feed light in the body that can translate to divine wisdom of the new era.

Enjoying yourself so far? Great! Next watch a video I comprised featuring and Ascension Prayer to assist your vibration heightening efforts !

Connecting Your Breathwork With Mother Earth Rhythms

To come closer to spirit we also have need to ground this all into Mother Earth as best we can. As you take in more light you share more of what you are with the Earth.

When you can feel all this power in the body it will change you. It will let you know that this ascension journey is real and is really happening. As you share with Mother Earth, your summoning of the divine wisdom is more potent.

You have draw light to yourself in this practice and Mother Earth has need of it in this time to help shift all over her beautiful realm.

How to Connect with the Earth’s Energies

Take your practice to the ground. You will need to take your shoes off and make contact with the Earth with your feet. Sit up as you practice. As you feel energy move through you, you then see your energy move down through Mother Earth as you breath out.
Up into you as you breath in, and the reverse while breathing out.

In this space you are sharing with Mother Earth. Spin a coil in your hand for 7 breath in clockwise, and then 7 breath out counter clockwise to open up the palms chakra on the hands.

Place them to your side, with your palms facing the Earth, as you practice to help better facilitate the energy transfer through your body. Relax everything as you practice.

You will want to keep your positions as relaxed as possible. This accommodates the transfer of energies better when you are relaxed and your muscles are not tensed up from things like stress and anxiety.

You are a conduit for Mother Earth & Sun energies. Your spirit was born for this, and your consciousness will go back to the truth of it.

Let’s hope sooner than later.

Activating Divine Wisdom and Ascension Energy For The Shift

This energy and the energy we get from standard conscious breathing gives us a boost and triggers us to move and act anew. To embody more love and experience more love in our lives.

To experience more mastery in our meditations and in our efforts to escape, relax & let go. Our personal ascension energy breath work disciplines and refines our powers in our ultimate quest for spiritual and self mastery.

We are activated when we are seeking a conscious moment to be with ourselves and mind our own spirits.

The infusion and priming of power into ourselves adds information and new insight as light enters further into the temple of the inner self. The curtains have been drawn in that inner place and the floodgates for the divine light to take everything have burst open.

Personal Ascension Energy Healing

This is also initiating a healing effect on our part. As we move light for Mother Earth we move energy through our bodies. Being in these vessels means it is imperative that we are striving for the flowing of better circulation in the body to occur with these happenings.

Walking a path of healing and of the healing of Mother Earth with your presence says a lot about the spirit of you.

You are one of the souls that is here meant to change things with their purpose, mission & heart. As you heal yourself, you heal the spirit of you in the body, and you heal the world around you as well.

Your personal ascension energy breathwork should be a practice that enriches your life from the inside out. The divine wisdom is ours as we take in more of the new and integrate it into our ascension evolution consciousness to grow and advance further into the now moment.

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5D Spiritual Meaning Behind Ascension – 4 Powerful Ways Humans Are Reclaiming Their Roles As Spiritual Leaders

The 5d spiritual meaning behind Ascension is to bring human (light/color – man) souls back to their home in the infinite cosmic light & dimension. This is a spiritual path, that is coming to a head for our time. Humans have long been spiritual leaders and stewards of this realm. 

The original people were a people who believed in a superior divine power. There may be argument over the temperament of the most transcendent and divine, though the general consensus in the new consciousness of our budding new age is that one definitely exists. We were once a very spiritual people.

We have since become in this modern age divided in how we believe. Many are feeling the gentle coaxing to ponder on spirit and spiritual things. To wonder on the purpose of our souls being here in this time, and why we haven’t destroyed ourselves as a civilization just yet.

In this time we are reclaiming our roles as spiritual leaders and taking up the torch of self awareness & transformation. Humans are finally growing up and graduating from this class and era of hard learning in the 3rd realm. So much learning and growth of experience will make this one for the record books.

There is a grand 5d spiritual meaning behind Ascension that we will live to see out to the end. It has the most marvelous of outcomes waiting to WOW us like nothing in this realm can. Humanity deserves this for the blood, sweat & tears that have been shed in this dangerous world of suffering and lack. 

Here we look at humanity and how we are reclaiming our roles as spiritual leaders of the realm. 

The 5d spiritual meaning behind ascension for our Transformation

The true nobles and master of old were true leaders. To know our spiritual heritage is to know that we are a people who are meant to truly reflect the majesty and glory of the child of Creation. All the virtue contained in the individualized model for the human incarnate expressed and embodied in us.

We are meant to embody the challenge of physicality as well. To ascend into infinite cosmic light & dimension means we are taking our bold experience with us. We are bringing everything perfect and beautiful about it and nothing that is not.

The suffering wrought on this world is horrid and there is plenty of that that we don’t need. The realest and greatest 5d spiritual meaning behind ascension is we are cleaning this place up and opening HEAVEN ON EARTH OS from our hearts, mastering the balance of everything this realm and vibration has to offer once and for all.

True Nobles And Masters once again

Early peoples in this realm were once truly nobles as the title suggests. As time passes on, and kings live and die and those with the title of noble, the word and its meaning have watered down over the generations. 

It became more a more posh name for position held by those of higher political and economic class. As the title was taken and adopted by rich people and people who weren’t actually “noble”, the virtue that was assumed on the position originally had all fallen away. 

This nobility status, very long ago when it was held by true stewards of the world, store houses and beacons of virtue in the spirit. The spirit of such is filled with light and darker virtue, being human, though with still a balanced enough to be thoughtful and fair to their fellow man. 

They would be overthrown by heathens who would later neglect and pervert the way and virtuous legacy of the noble. The spiritual meaning behind ascension addressed this return back to nobility for the souls of this realm. 

This realm is meant to be a beautiful bastion of divine physical experience and it will be again. 

Crystals for your Spiritual Ascension !

Stewards of the Mother Earth Once again

Humans have long had the responsibility of taking care of this realm and ensuring that it is protected. Gaia is a spirit and her body is a grand colorful and glorious place to exist upon. Mother Earth can both birth you and bathe you in light or it can swallow you whole.  

That role as stewards of Mother Earth has waned as modern cultures trade remembrances of the past for conveniences of the technological future. 

The spirit of the common human cares for the planet. Its just this life has created so many troubles & worries. People’s lives have become so troublesome, that other cares of a human’s earthly stewardship have been wiped away like many things of the past. 

Indigenous people are the most recent of people to walk the realm who were the most diligent of protectors of the lands. Though in modern times common ‘civilized’ men and women have done nothing to help those who are attempting to retain their honor and stewardship for Mother Earth.

Honoring the lands and the creatures who call the lands their home. This rich culture would again be uprooted and slaughters by heathens who would steel their land, culture and way of thriving on the land in this life. 

When the stewards of these lands were knocked off the role of steward you would think would go to those who called themselves the most ‘civilized’. 

Clearly for the majority of responsible and their ilk, what is modern, right and ‘civilized’ in their eyes would not be to account for the welfare of world’s natural environments. Thus is the crazy world that we live in that is literally dying for a change.

After this article watch a short video on feelings being detection in your energy fields !

One family with space family once again

It is widely believed that DNA that is here on Earth did not originate here. It is believed that we are related somehow to those from other systems and galaxies. 

It is said that we here on Mother Earth have in us Pleiadean, Sirian & even Orion DNA here in humans now embodied on Earth. Could it be? That in the infinite cosmic light &dimension that we are alone? No way!

Some people believe that humans evolved here on Earth fully from monkeys. Some people believe that other races who we know have been visiting us from other dimension and realms for ages had some responsibility in seeded out existence here.

Some further posit that those in the know, are aware of our extraterrestrial origins and are hiding it behind and evolutionary theory. We have been here for a while, which means that we have had time to evolve and have.

Where we are evolving towards this time is to a form that will be the last form we will need anywhere in any physical place anywhere in the Creation. A crystalline solar light body that is able to manipulate its frequency to fit a great number of vibration frequency ranges allowing that body vehicle to enter and travel amongst the infinite cosmic light & dimension.

Many things have been hidden from the eyes of the general population and they are just now slowly awakening to it.

 Our knowledge and interactions with those from other dimensions and worlds apart from ours have been redacted from our learned histories. We should know by now that we are not alone. Anyone failing to look or believe in life that is not instantly visible with your own two eyes is in for a most shocking wake up call. 

This time we are in, is truly “THE” time of legend where the veil between worlds will become so thin, that the lines between them will blur at some point and we will live in a very different world. That scenario is phasing into view by the day, and our realm is shifting into its greater form in real-time. 

Dropping away everything that served the old world and its roiling ilk that hides its ugly face from the public and masquerades as common negative occurrences such as child disappearances and rampant inequality.

This we now know is not just something that happens but is something that is made to happen by those who have the power and gall to make it happen behind closed doors. From far outside out visible light comes the power of the infinite cosmic light & dimension to shower upon us that which will cook us into something spectacular.

Reinvent Our World

Humans Will perfect the ultimate experience of physicality

It is said that this experience here in the 3rd realm is a grand experiment to have a experience in physicality, souls experiencing a physical embodiment. Souls are hardwired into physical bodies with they neural network of electro-magnetic fields and impulses being nurtured, housed & accommodated all in one seemingly centralized place.

Your consciousness is jacked into it with no escape, save death or reunification with the Creator which will allow you to embody how you wish. Many powers will return to us as we are reclaiming our roles as spiritual leaders.

Through the infinite cosmic light & dimension we have quarter to make an amazing menagerie collection of worlds to exist and play in. These will be modeled after the human experience. Some honoring it, and some stretching to the limits the confines of what is truly relatable, fun & memorable about our 3D experience.

All experience throughout the cosmos are made up of infinite cosmic light & dimension, containing the power to make it happen and the space to host this grand & divine sandbox world of potential. The once again new stewards of Mother Earth deserve no less, and after a long journey will take great time in winding down.

As good stewards of Mother Earth once again we will construct the most dazzling of packaged experiences for those who come to this sector of the Creation and want a taste of the disaster that was our learning experience of the 3D world.

Humans were the ones to birth ill virtue in the self. Greed, Pride, gluttony and the other of the 7 deadly sins and the like were born when the child of creation embodied in the physical human. Spirit was not used to infirmities of this nature, in the spirit. At that moment patience, compassion, trust & faith had younger siblings born in the frailty of the human experience. 

Though in these times humans are mastering every aspect of the spirit that we have wrought onto the realms. We are mastering, balancing & integrating all aspects of ourselves to live out the true 5D spiritual meaning behind ascension. Spiritual perfection in the body and experience in the realm. 

Every ugly aspect of spirit that the humans embodied in their folly of learning is being loved into perfect balance. As an aspect of self, to live amongst the self. To not control the self, but to co-exist in a loving & peaceful manner.

The 5d spiritual meaning behind ascension brings all back in an incorruptible seal of goodness allowing us to play forever in the playground meant for God’s children as true nobles and masters.

The inner behavior of aspects of spirit living together peacefully is being reflected out more and more into the world’s population though there is still much work to be done generally in the human before we can safely and surely assume light fully and most tangibly. 

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Breeding Love Consciousness Slowly But Surely – 4 Ways Love Helps You Ascend Into The Higher Realms

We are living in special time.  We are breeding love consciousness as we learn to live & and evolve. We learning that not only is love the very best feeling & state to live and exist in, it is also literally the very energetic fabric that makes up the realms. 

As love or Source Creation is the seed of all life, so too is love the power that holds particles together in the infinite and quantum world of particles and space that seem to make up the world we live in on a very micro level. 

The change we are evolving through is very subtle and will not be seen tangibly, unless you can read between the lines. 

As love consciousness breeds into the new budding culture of this time, our light as a community in the realm dramatically increases as every auras feeds light into the fields of Earth as they draw breath. 

Love is what we are and at the core of us we want more and more of it. Source Creation provides this in spades though you have to be able to open up our fields to consume the most and take full advantage of what you’re getting. Love consciousness is yearning to come out of more and more physical body vehicles here on Mother Earth. Our water cooking up somethin new is about to boil over.

We will soon evaporate, be remade anew and take flight as another form of our self. The breeding of this love consciousness will make us lighter as a civilization giving Mother Earth what she needs to travel the love train with us into the higher octave of living & experience. Here we share 4 ways you can use to transform and feel what it feels like when love helps us ascend into the higher realms.

How we are breeding Love consciousness

The great awakening of legend marches on. The light at the end of the tunnel is extremely bright, though the path through the tunnel is no straight path.

Your love for the Most High or Source Creation, your love of cosmic dreams and your self love and care are more practiced in their nurturing. To ascend into the higher realms we will have need to nurture this new conscious way of thinking love in our everyday reality.

Seeing love first in everything we do as we move forward and live our life. If the situation requires more assertion then let us not forget to move lovingly & accurately for those whom we serve.

Breeding love consciousness puts into practice the denouncing of old patterns of reactivity due to old trauma and stimuli. Love consciousness gives a compassionate shoulder for which on can lean onto when riding waves of past regret and emotional detritus from our past.

As we live and breath, your love of cosmic dream and your desire to ascend into the higher realms will propel your vibration up and up in resonance. Your higher self wants to be a greater revelation and marvel for all the world to see.

It is no surprise that the world over are shifting at an accelerated rate as the world turns and the light takes everything.

Romantic Love Gives You A Charge

When you are romantically in love you get a charge to your systems. Even though your body may be fatigued you know that when you are in the presence of that special someone then you can definitely feed off of that. This type relationship has you reciprocating feelings and energy with one another which helps to power the both of you and the bond that you share. 

From a most special place this energy can take hold. From the heart it is summoned when you in the presence of something you love and admire. When this is someone who loves you back your body is being fed light as well in the form of energy. 

This is life force translated back into the human energy system. Energy the human can use to interact with its world and chase the dream of something they love once more. 

Romantic love and be one type of love that helps you get up in the morning. This is also the fuel for many an inspiration as love songs the world over have been sung about this type of love. 

Lovers and dreamers chase this their whole lives, sometimes never finding it at all. Sometimes finding it and losing it. Even if it is lost, it was worth having the experience of this love in our life if you have the chance to enjoy it. 

Grow Your Light

Self Love Can Build Your Up

When one is without the love of another then it is better for them to focus on the love for themselves first. When no one is there to love you and build you up, then it is up to you to do this for yourself. 

This does something to you. First, it teaches you to be ok and content in your own presence. A peacefulness can bloom from here where one is being filled in the spirit and in one’s life. One is being satisfied to the point of delicious enjoyment and happiness, both in their inside and their outside world. 

This fulfillment is truly the stuff of legend as humans here for generations have sought fulfillment outside themselves denouncing old knowledge of inner spiritual fulfillment and development.

Self love and fulfillment through the spirit adds the richness of virtue to sit with the witness in peacefulness. Ever stunned & in awe of the power of live witnessing through a physical body in this experience. Simple appreciation for being alive in one’s skin will require a well rounded toolkit of virtues.

Staying alight of ones’ principle and strength of character rich with those same virtues helps you practice patience and integrity in the now.

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Loving Your Neighbor Breeds Community

Loving Your neighbor breeds community in many ways. As you love and respect your friend or neighbors possessions, property & and well being they those individuals feel trusted around you. The greater this swath of love and understanding rings out the greater the bond that will be felt within the community.

To ascend into the higher realms with that community then people are needing to share love and fellowship in this way. It is not only something that is tied into the golden rule or religious commandments it is something that truly assists the energy of upliftment and our push to ascend into the higher realms.

Another way loving your neighbor breeds community is that, as this light is covered over a greater swath of conscious souls the effect of harmonious resonance & heightened collective Ascension energy and spin symmetry. As more people who are of like mind & vibe then they can resonate together and ring higher in harmony if the intention is there.

As you act lovingly and kind to the local persons in your community you build a sense of peace in those who dwell in close proximity to your sanctuary. Safety, trust & and shared collective awareness within a community creates an environment where you can easily practice loving your neighbor within the community.

In this time we are building the power, love & light held within the collective consciousness of peoples here in this realm. As you exercise compassionate and loving acts in the fields, your fields are charged, and as a result the collective energetic light fields of Mother Earth are charged from the love put out from your aura and energetic bodies. 

Your Love Of Cosmic Dreams Can Take You Over The Top

Your love of cosmic dreams is a powerful aspect of yourself that transcends worlds. When you love and dream into the world & vibration that we are coming into, you lay bricks for your higher divine home. Your love of divine reality in your heart makes it real, and the power of the thoughts & feelings of it crystallize the picture of it in your heart. 

Your love of cosmic dreams can take you over the top when you feel you can feel love no more, only to vibe your fields apart even more so, to let in more light and feel unbelievably better than you thought you could. This is how love helps you ascend into the higher realms of endless bliss and experience.

This picture becomes a regular open window into a familiar world, and you tend to hide the key regularly from onlookers who haven’t the heart of imagination to understand what exists in your heart or in the potential of divine reality. 

These parts of ourselves tie us back into the cosmic fabric of higher experience. When our treasures of the heart are held in the forever place, a piece of our heart lives there eternally. As long as love from our soul remembers it. It lives and exists as an aspect of our cosmic inner being & collection of intimate spaces between the spaces. 

The immortal nature in the spirit provides for a more long lasting experience under normal cosmic circumstances. Filling our conscious living world with something dramatically different and spectacular, that only Source power & the Creation can provide in the realm of no limits. 

We are breeding love consciousness in real time and transforming our world with it. You will need your love of cosmic dreams to keep you primed to push the limits of where you thought your vibration could go.

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Why Worshipping Idols Doesn’t Work And How Honoring Spirit Does – 3 Source Keys To Love & Power

Idols don’t give you power. Source does. This is why worshipping idols doesn’t work and why honoring spirit does. In the scramble of those seeking to understand and make productive use of religion and spirituality, oftentimes the points are missed.

People may see idols or someone that are with fascinated or infatuated with and think they are given power from it.

In actuality, they are loving what they are seeing and love is returning to them from Source. They are being charged from within. Exercising their spirit & virtue in the self allows them to shine in their own skin.

If you are not worshipping Source love and power, then what are you worshipping? Every representation of God, seeks to open you up to the God that you are and ultimately the highest God as Source. It is only the wily discordant energies/entities that seek to induce fear and feed off of your energy who hide behind idols. Worshipping idols doesn’t work especially if you don’t know who you are worshipping or don’t know where your Source love and power comes from.

It is believed that these beings, of void, darkness & boundless spiritual lack(love, light) feed on humans, because we have the power of Gods in our life force. To feed on your love and light when you’re worshipping idols causes you to fail to see what lies in wait. They are waiting to take your life juice.

You know worshipping idols doesn’t work when you have prayed to a false GOD for years, and your life is still the same. NO power has been added unto you, and you have gained no felt response in trying to interact through the spirit in this way.

Keep your life juicy, and don’t let beings whom hide and don’t show their faces or know their real names(because again, their light has left them). In this discourse we look at how worshipping idols doesn’t work and how honoring spirits does as well as 3 Source keys to Love and Power to help you come closer to know the spirit of your life.

The real reason Worshipping idols Doesn’t work

It is said that humanity, in its earlier history was greatly attached to the idea of worshipping idols. It is easy to worship a GOD that you can see. It takes real faith to go by other intangible means alone, but in this time we don’t have to. We have ways of working with the spirit that can show the presence here and now.

Great golden calves, burning bushes and parting seas make for great show, but here in our modern times our approach is still different. In essence of the nature of time we are in, we are seeking to evolve past worshipping idols and false gods.

The Greatest of God can’t be seen. The nature of life & light is source love and power. Light has the power to sever through darkness and light the way, or even to blind you completely.

The real reason worshipping idols doesn’t work is because you are giving your power away. If you are worshipping in this way then you are also likely failing to make the connection between that divine power and you, which is also one of your key abilities unto Source love and power.

The power of offering praise towards spirit provides you with something you can use, exhibiting commonly also as virtue in the self, strength to go on & raw the gumption to execute what is needed of you for your journey.

Honoring that which isn’t life

As you honor things that are not life, you are not fed back into the soul. When you shine your attention towards something you give it your light. You are a conscious spirit and a void, as the Creatrix itself, and being children thereof, as you honor the Creatrix and life you are filled. 

With Source, exaltation leads to Reunification.

If you turn to honor illusions like clothing brands, individuals you are infatuated with, or idols you admire a great deal, you submit the light filled power of your conscious witness to something that does not reciprocate this power back to you as your parent do. 

Love what loves you back. The reciprocation of energy between spirits is real. If you were the type to dismiss metaphysics and spirituality, then you will need to wake up. The world is a lot more than what you see with your two little eyes.

Honoring that which isn’t life, adds your profit into a place where it cannot be held. Into a place where it cannot be stored up, to edify spirit or your own life. 

You wouldn’t take your money to a bank that you knew was not secure and surely not if you thought there was even the slightest chance that your money would not be there someday when you needed it most.

Fearful and hidden spirits who aren’t of the light could hide behind idols, masquerading as who you seek to commune with. They have been known to grant you wishes in exchange for the most despicable of collateral. Beings who are voids of torment are no one you want to associate with as human beings, being of love and light. 

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Honoring virtue in the self

Patience. Goodwill. Compassion. Trust. These things are the treasures within the spirit. Understand that these things make up the virtue in the self. A shape of aliveness be taken, adopted by choice. Virtue is like a suit to wear, and you can be of no other character as you wear your suit of virtue.

As colors make up a rainbow, its separate facets of itself make up the actual conscious corners of the soul. The spiritual person aspects of them that make them, THEM. 

These virtues in the self are intimately close to aliveness itself, and it is said that virtues are the good children of aliveness itself. The thing that happens when your honoring spirit and virtue in the self is you become enriched. That power is added into you and you have a renewed zest for life.

All engines within you have been supercharged with an most potent fuel, igniting fires that put off your radiance to the world.

You are a star. Time to shine your light!

Source love and power

Love what loves you back. The Creatrix is perfect in its design. Intelligence… Raw power… Creative potential. The Creatrix loves you and you can feel this as you step onto the Earth and take that first deep morning breath to awaken yourself.

As a parent, the Creatrix loves you with everything it gives and provides and by the way that it embraces you in its space by continually feeding you more and more life force.

How could it ever be right to worship something more than this? There is nothing more that the Creation and the spirit of the Creation itself. You are part of a living whole matrix of souls & life.

Love is the glue that binds. The inner fabric that lies everywhere and cannot be broken. You cannot find one end to another, for the reach is too great, along with the infinite height and breadth of the Creator which cannot be known. The depth to which virtue in the self goes can only be understood when we can witness the transcendence deep within our energetic DNA and fabric.

The power of offering praise towards spirit

Honoring God/Self/Creatrix leads you back to Source. The act of praising GOD or God exaltation can ring your vibration to Godhood. The love needed to show this kind of praise is rare and super reverent. 

Honoring spirit leads you to the realization of what you are on a core level. You are the child of Creation spirit whom first shew praise unto the Creator.

If is said that the child of Creation upon being birthed into being through light and pure source aliveness first shew praise unto the Creator/Creatrix for it’s life.

A cosmic birth. So much power to be endowed with. What could be the thoughts and goings-on of a being such as this? The power of offering praise towards spirit can be felt when showing honor by way of praise.

The feeling you get when you are showing love in the direction of something that has the power to love you back in force is no simple thing. As you pray or praise successfully, you receive an energy blessing from Source back to your fields. Power out means power back in to us. This should be honored always.

Honoring Patience

Honoring Patience has a wealth of benefits for the human in terms of self mastery and tempering of the spirit. Patience can be seen as a very calm and relaxed peacefulness. A peacefulness that is not attached to or obsessed with any outcome.

Patience possesses a contentment in the now moment that exhibits itself as a moving and masterful way and behavior. Patience is a gentle spirit that waits ever so patiently for whom it holds an alert and watchful eye for. With this honoring virtue in the self, we help master and temper the beast the seeks to tear our now moment away from mastery in the spirit.

Patience can be a virtue that is overlooked by the idea that patience in an inert virtue, when this could not be further from the truth. Patience requires great power to be still in a world that seeks to tear peace from your heart at any and every chance it gets. Patience is foundationally powerfully crafted with with subtle tones of mastery and trustworthiness in the now.

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Honoring Thankfulness

Thankfulness acknowledges and appreciates what is being performed in the moment. Thankfulness reverberates with a deep and lasting resonance that burrows into the soul. You are honoring virtue in the self as you practice thankfulness throughout the day to your fellow man.

You will witness the power of offering praise towards spirit when you have refined your relationship with Source Love and power and are regularly drawing from Source with a practiced commune. Worshipping idols doesn’t work because that is not where the power lies in the spirit of us.

It lies within the virtue in the self that hides until the personage is ready to handle the weight of light and response-ability that comes with it. The power of offering praise towards spirit summons great light and virtue to embody your most divine and thankful presence.

Faith or Feigned? The Difference Between Religion and Spirituality – 4 Key Takeaways Building Faith

Faith or Feigned?

Faith or Feigned? How strong is your faith? The difference between religion and spirituality is a thin line drawn at the level of spiritual freedom afforded the student. Religion can be binding, and Spirituality is very free.

The word feigned is defined as “to represent fictitiously”, to even “put on” the appearance of. We have plenty of that in this world.

Deep within, covered from the surface, nestled up against the most hidden and highly coveted secrets in the self, our most treasured of beliefs frolic free. Free from judgement and the like. Hidden here where the truth of what you believe in lies for no one to see.

Tucked far behind the auto-reply-messages that play out of your regularly scheduled program conscious reality that is on repeat 24/7 on the surface channel you call your life.

Is your belief the star player on the team? or is your belief warming the bench. Is your faith the choir boy in the back who doesn’t want to be see? Or is your faith the lead singer who is the last to leave from choir practice.

Does it matter your faith in terms of coming closer to the spirit of God’s? Yes. If your faith is that where you are working with your spirit in a direct way then I would say your faith is strong.

If you are still stuck in not seeking other knowledge of the spirit because of the fear put upon you from your religion, then I would say that perhaps it is time to break free from those rigid and binding beliefs. Your faith in The Most High & divine should be expanding to fit in your realm of belief the never ending and open ended Source of all things.

Here we analyze the difference between religion and spirituality to get to the core of what is true faith in the divine. Plus we will look at 4 core beliefs that should strengthen your faith even if it challenges your religious beliefs.

The key difference between Religion and Spirituality

The main difference between religion and spirituality is that Spirituality has more of a tone for freedom than Religion which has a more of a tone for rules and order.

We know now that rules and order are not necessary for God to love us, though we do understand that to shape the spirit in this world you have need to be careful with what you do due to the level of distractions and spiritual pitfalls in this world.

Rules in terms of spiritual ascension “should” be followed to come closer to the spirit of Oneness and thus GOD. Prayers “should” be practiced to come into greater alignment with your higher self and oversoul. You choose to devote yourself to the effort of reunification with the Creatrix.

Spirituality and religion adds aspects to an initiate’ tool box for training the spirit. Not all spirituality tool kits will include prayer. A religious emphasis on it is sound, though I would stress that one must use it correctly in one’s practice.

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Difference of focus #1

Whether you are trying to go to church and do the religion thing, or you are taking your spiritual advancement into your very own hands, you will ultimately land in the same space.

We are working with our spirits in an effort to make that energy grow in it’s influence and reach. Learning from books on spirit, stories or virtue and examples of how one should conduct themselves is all add to the spirit.

Though if the initiate cannot move outside the book then this seeking will plateau. Humans tend to get bored easily these days and going over the same materials for years and years. Some have fear to look at how they have grown for fear of looking self righteous. You should be thinking that you are were you to suppose to be and that is the same for everyone else.

It is the Great and Grand Creatrix and Mother Gaia who conduct matters of ascension on a grand scale. Though you play you little part, know that every well oiled machine needs a great performance from all its pieces to ensure everything goes right.

How strong is your faith?

Whether you are meditating and drawing from source or just reading your bible trying to feeling something. People, through the spirit, have found different ways to practice strengthening their faith.

For those who are doing it right, their faith is strong in something that is powerful and al-mighty. They are unshaken by the beliefs of other because their own convictions are strong. They have beliefs that they feel are accurate.

Other people’s convictions on their own Gods, deities or doctrines do not phase them because they believe that they are in possession of the truth. Your faith must come to a point to where you believe to know what you know as fact of the matter.

You not only feel in your gut that it is right, but you feel it is your right and destiny to know this fact. Thus your actions made upon it are precisely purposeful and replete with meaning. You build your faith up, and offer more divine love and trust to the divine in these actions. Trust and walk.

Difference in evolution of practice #2

There to seems to be a spiritual dichotomy between working from the spirit by way of the book, which will provide limits if one is seeking to follow doctrine to the letter, and by way of hands on learning. I feel there should definitely be both. As when you study all religions you learn much of the spirit from what early indigenous cultures had to say about spiritual matters and transformation.

The evolution of the spiritual initiate should be to move past tools. It should move past indoctrinated ideas of fear wrought in other religions. For when one has discernment they are able to look into any and all knowledge, discern, take what they can use, move on, and be all the better because of it.

Going over the same lessons, after even newer perspectives have been approached gets old, and does nothing but risk a spiritual plateau or a drop off altogether if the initiate loses faith. Seeking other perspective from other religions only adds to the spiritual initiate’s learning and expansion of understanding to the point of heightened faith, an earnest interest interpreting more doctrine and analyzing more spiritual scripture and text.

This is true curious and fervent faith up-in-coming. The spirit of the ‘son of man’ fresh aboard a grand new sailing ship of adventure and discovery that will surpass the knowledge and understanding of our natural earth born fathers and mothers.

Does Christianity honor the spirit?

The difference between spirituality and Christianity

When looking at spirituality and Christianity then we can come a little closer to the spirit of what we are trying to achieve. Though if these are the Christians who condemn and express hate in their demonstrations then these miss the point as well.

For if Christianity is to mean Christ-like then there are far too many that don’t represent the Christ-like persona. Many are confused as to the stories of Jesus the Christ, and to that of the cosmic Christ. It is a married name, first and surname.

The cosmic Christ is more of an appropriate model for spirituality seeing as the true Child of Creation is without limits or borders, whose body is part of the Creation itself. When churches bring minds and hearts directly and consciously in the realm of Christ Consciousness they will advance.

The work need to tread that path is more than a typical trip on Sunday. This requires your constant focus and full attention, giving great efforts in time. See if they still want GOD & Jesus then. Religion is easier. When someone can just tell you how you should be, and send you home. These shifts almost beg someone sit with you until you have shaped the spirit that you want. That someone is you.

God is helping you a great deal coming home in a very hard time to ascend.

The vibration of the human is nearing completion. Everything is being sped up, this is how the Mother Creatrix is helping everyone to come into a like resonance with the rising energetic climate. Despite differences in view in terms of spirituality and religion we are all being corralled in the light of higher octave experience.

These is not simply climate warming, but climate extremes which are being caused by our highly charged energetic space we continue to more further into.

If this were not the case then we would still likely needs hundreds if not thousands of years to ascend and evolve into our ultimate forms available to us through Source.

The cycles of time are such that the cosmic Mother/Father allow for certain things within key eras of time for the purpose of those involved to have a wholesome experience replete with learning that leads to knowledge and enlightenment.

Both spirituality and religion offer something in shaping the spirit, though they should never be limited in their learning and discovering.

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Your Kingdom of Heaven will only unlock when we are ready.

Your Kingdom of Heavens only becomes available to you when you are truly ready. It is not about you deserving it or not, it is about your mastery matching the vibration of it. Your vibration decides if you deserve it.

The powers of God are not locking you are out. These realms are just that: power! If you are going to be in them, then you will need to adhere to the frequency at hand. If you can’t take the heat, then you get out of the kitchen.

Same rules apply here, except no one is going to let you burn. Something also has to open within you before you are able to play in the God hood that this will provide.

To endlessly create world and will them with your life, and even your own, will occupy the dreamers and lovers unto eternity. For human eyes the wonder of what the power of heaven will bring, will most definitely produce tears as human eyes are not used to laying sight on something so marvelous.

The power get thick as you travel through dimensions and the climate only gets thicker. The Creation has its way of only letting the kids who are big enough in the playground with the big kids. 

Everyone get the experience that they are meant to have. The difference between religion and spirituality is of no consequence if we are able to meet the end goal together.

A rich man is still challenged to enter the Kingdom of Heaven in the heart, for is he cannot get his mind and heart off of earthly things then what does the Kingdom have for him.

How strong is your faith? Do you believe you can reach your kingdom of heaven?

Understanding Emotional Intelligence – Outstanding Intuitive Perception Through Feelings & Emotions

Emotional intelligence refers to the grand intuitive knowledge, foresight receptive and emotional information gathering skills of the soul. This emotional and intuitive information that comes and is picked up by the human spirit is a natural part of our experience. To miss the chance at listening to the language that your soul is speaking begs you bring more attention to your conscious experience.

Many problems encountered in the human that causes them to suffer would be their lack of ability in picking up this information for themselves. Relationships suffer, confusion leads to anger, and gaps in understanding lead to contempt.

We are not taught about our emotions in school. We grow up and find that the world doesn’t teach you outright at all, only through circumstance. You must seek understanding elsewhere.

Emotional intelligence happens to be our innate understanding if we are quiet enough to listen to it. The left brain is a storehouse of knowledge.

The right brain receives from a different strata. This is where feelings are interpreted to be understood as what is felt.

Typically when we refer to the intelligence of a person we tend to look at it in terms of capabilities around academic excellence. These types of kudos are reserved for those who excel in things like technology, mathematics, language or business acumen. The diversity in all people runs the gamut of what is emotional intelligence in the human and is overlooked especially in western societies.

This is why men know what their feeling feel like, but because of how societies expect men to act, they are not training in how to appropriately approach their ill and sour feelings. Ultimately, the feelings are not processed. The individual stuffs the emotions down, and any chances of any knowledge to enrich the person’s heart has sunk to slim & none.

When we say a person is intelligent, but fail to pick up on emotional context clues, we say they are emotionally unintelligent. For the man, who has upset his wife but does not know why?

You sir! Are very likely emotionally unintelligent.

Emotional Intelligence is the thinking behind feeling

In terms of the human we see the sensitiveness burrowed in many, and sensitiveness to feelings & energies. Having this intuition breeds empathic sentiments that allow you to read between the lines in feeling energy and in sensing human nature and behavior. All emotion is energy in motion.

That’s why when you see fits of rage and anger they are typically cries for aid from the inside.

Emotional intelligence is the thinking behind the feelings. You are picking up information, and before you are having major thoughts about it you are interpreting emotions. Studying the self lets you understand your own emotion and thus your emotion intelligence of the self. Knowing your self is very important.

Deprivation & lack are famous for creating vociferous grievances, and sarcasm can hide stuffed down emotions that need to be addressed.

This intelligence in the emotion can both second guess and confirm by way of the strength of the feeling. Fully understanding these perceptions in your matrix will give you the wisdom to gauge how strong a detection may be. It also gauges gut reactions for severity and it the ultimate decider in fight or flight. People who lack this will find themselves in danger not being aware or cognizant of their surroundings.

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Practicing Emotional discernment

Another corner of understanding in the intelligence of our emotions is emotional discernment. You are sure it is one thing. No, no. Perhaps it is something else.

Right here your feelings and emotions are at work trying to pick up what is there to know.

What is to be perceived about your surroundings?

You will also need this to discern one emotion from another whom you may be having trouble identifying in the moment. We are working with our energies here and we can’t just take them out and take a closer look. We have to be able to listen and be still long enough to practice recognizing & identifying our emotional discernment.

Your gut feeling could be wrong or it could be right. You must feel your way into these answers. It won’t be clear cut, until you are stronger. That is the nature of intuition. Feelings are either strong or they are weak, practice will make more adept your acumen in interpreting them.

Feels like fun

Learning About the Intelligence given Through emotions

Emotional discernment and intelligence is what separate people who are good in relationships because they can pick up on things, from those who don’t because they are spiritually dead. They haven’t found the right person who will put up with their dense-ness.

Though this natural born perception is within us, individuals have different affinities for empathy and sensitiveness. Spirit embodies have different levels of skill, adeptness & intuitive emotional acumen. The human has it inside, but for the modern 3d human to learn it they must go deep within or be taught it from their environment.

Over the years when we retroactively analyze the self while studying it we come to know to a greater lever our feelings and emotions, how they work and how best to navigate them with clear sails. In looking back at our child hood we further know the self.

Here if we can remember how we were as a child and see how it relates to now in terms of our emotional energy patterns and behaviors, as can learn more deeply about our hearts.

This knowledge is not taught in school. Learning on one’s own accord through their own emotions is the best teacher for an individual. Though a person must be able to listen, perceive and be able to absorb information in this way.

Spiritually dead and emotionally incompetent

We are very young souls that have worked in this modern technological age to create weapons of war, while people are still hungry on the streets. Our western societies have become so proficient at destroying things like nations and people’s lives, while being so inept to fix them.

The people with the most wealth and power care the least and the lack and suffering in this world is despicable.

Our world is on the brink of self destruction, and our age begs that humanity learns to master recognizing our own emotional energy patterns and behaviors. This can help each other learn so we can move past walking on two feet and excreting waste from a cleave on our back side.

Time to evolve here people.

Let the spirit live!

The spiritually dead and emotional incompetent rule the air ways. People are turning away from the Tell-a-vision, searching alternative media & exploring interactive entertainment.

Whatever they can do to get away from the constant mind numbing program put out by our modern 3d world media.

It is the duty of those with wisdom to disseminate it to those in need. That is why we are here. The way things are moving now at the rate at which they are moving proves that we are currently evolving to more that what we currently are.

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Evolving through emotion intelligence

As we evolve, the intelligence of our emotions and feelings will grow with us.

Understanding our energy plays a key role in knowing the self in an effort to transform. We are a strapped to the hilt, armed to the teeth society that shoots ourselves in the foot with denying, stuffing down & and overlooking our emotions and their intuitive content.

We will not advance as a human species and indeed will grow further into an armed technological threat to ourselves until we accept the challenges and opportunities of teaching ourselves emotional intelligence. Passing this on to those who seek to evolve, or even just to those who seek to genuinely be a better person to themselves and others help the world and the transition of Mother Earth.

The beast of humanity is just that, a beast without emotional intelligence. If we work in practicing emotional discernment we will see that it is the sword of our intuition and means to cut through the mire and confusion of self delusion and unawareness.

Feelings and emotions are not our weakness, but our greater strength unless you are afraid of them. Being afraid of them will make it a lot harder to see them as powers and devices of learning for the soul. There is intelligence in the emotion of our being, it is part of the magic of being human.

Opening your Consciousness & Ascending to Different Dimensions: 4 Spirit Hacks For Vibin’ Out

As you are opening your consciousness & ascending to different dimensions you transform and shift out of this world. In the 2020’s we are waiting for our greater revelation. We wait as the world turns, as our ancient rulers are toppled over, and as the restlessness of human spirit comes to would-be end.

Indeed excitement looms around the corner. Mother Gaia and the Creatrix are conspiring to shift the worlds, and with hearts in the flesh and boots on the ground they stand to pull off the greatest show ever witness.

Ascending to different dimension as a human engulfed in light is the greatest show this side of the Creatrix has to offer, and will result in nothing short of marvelous.

When you open you consciousness to what is waiting for us just outside visible light you will be stunned. It is said that when we are able to see what is actually near in proximity to us we will meet our star family, and with speed. You won’t be able to see outside visible light until you are vibin’ out regularly.

To ascend in vibrational frequency is to increase the rate and quality of how our consciousness moves, taking thoughts and feelings to a higher resonating realm of experience. This puts you literally into another world.

This is what it means to awaken. Here you are on the very edges of the door that you have one foot in and one foot out of. Your toes poke at the water, though your spirit is not afraid and is hungry for re-expansion. Your consciousness extends from far outside your body and this is also something we are coming to know and understand on a deeper level.

All that light, love & power is you. Opening your consciousness to the open ended Source and cosmos will give you back everything.

You must claim your power back, and I am here to help you do that. We are opening our consciousness together as we are ascending to different dimensions in real-time. Here are 3 spirit hacks to get your energy moving in the right direction.

Ascension Journey Real Talk: A Spiritual Adventure Begins

We are here to energetically/spiritually transform and advance in a greater and more pure relationship with your grand matrix of self. As you greater become introduced to the light that is you, you increase your vibrational frequency.

You turn consciousness in on itself. You also draw from Source.

In your light body ascension process you are essentially collecting more and more energy to shift. A coal needs intense heat and pressure to become a diamond. You will go through this pressure as well when your whole body of cells have enough light to spin faster and faster still, until a certain spin symmetry is reached in order to truly take flight.

At the beginning of your spiritual adventure you will be learning about your own personal energy signature. This is the unique frequency put off by your body and collection of energy fields. These are what you must master and manipulate before you are able to increase your vibrational frequency. It is also referred to as your “soul song”. A resonance that is unique to your individual and is unlike the soul song of anyone else.

To advance into your transformation and shift in consciousness you are seeking to heighten and maintain the frequency of all your thoughts and emotions, or you can think of it as all your energetic fields within your aura.

Your soul is on a mission of exploration. Your higher self is exploring what it is like to be you. A cosmic being experiencing what it is like to be down here as a mortal human being. Your spiritual adventure will bring new venues of growth to your soul as it learns more on itself and the universe.

Keep reading for our spirit hacks creating brave new frontier in the land of self discovery. Opening your consciousness will make the ultimate journey more fun. It becomes a pleasing exercise thinking positively for your ascension, especially when we can sit down and enjoy it.

… liking the article so far? Great!…Next read about how we are affecting Ascension with the choices we make!

Out Growing the 3d realm

We are out growing the 3d realm.

Your higher self wants for you(the aspect that was born here on Mother Earth), to experience everything and have it all. Just like the Creatrix wanted for the child. Innately we as a soul wish to expand. A source of energy is localized on the area where we breath constantly in and out.

Like a ball of energy that is ever expanding, growing, knowing more and more, gaining power & and using that power to go further and further into the experience of endless particles and space.

Just like on the inside of our bodies.

We grow as a soul, and our energy aspect has to then create more and more experiences to grow and learn from. With this nature inherently within us we are naturally growing tired of the 3d realm. This fatigue is seen on our bodies as not being able to enjoy as many of the earthly things that we used to enjoy when we were ignorant and unaware.

You are what you think…

Opening your consciousness means you are what you think – #1 Spirit hack

You are as you think.

Similar to the old adage, ‘you are what you eat’, what you are consumed or filled with makes up what you are. Your consciousness makes up your reality. Whether you are finding your experience happy or negative, your perception of your experience is at the heart of how you are interacting and feeling about your realm right now.

This is one reason why there is so much power is what you think, how you think and in the patters in which you tend to think. You are learning about what is being reflected at you from your conscious reality and experience, and it is through the attention to it that you will be able to change it.

You will only be able to change depending on how well you are able to adjust your spiritual vibration and frequency. Each plane of existence moves through resonance and has it’s own energetic intervals. The energy wavelengths have a usual pattern, and all in the Creation moves at a quantum level even when the surface looks still.

If your frequency matches that of another dimension then you will likely find yourself in that dimension. You will phase into a channel of reality that your collection of fields aligns with, and the channel that you left will come out of view.

Those beings who exist at the old channel will no longer experience your energy the way they once did. At this point they would need to increase their vibrational frequency and phase out of this world for you to come into view again.

Supervising The Thoughts and Emotions – #2 Spirit Hack

Thoughts and emotions are largely the components in our auric fields that are the summation of what makes us, us. These power/energies are all around us and throughout us. Our thoughts are not just in our mind, and our emotions are not only in our hearts and tears.

The energy swirling around in our chakras are also thoughts and emotions.

Our lower chakras deals with concepts and ideas of lower consciousness. Things we don’t even think about sexual & survival instincts , as well as your fight or flight mode reflex

Our mind is capable of so much. While our mind can be occupied in the lower chakras, our witness..

You are more than thoughts & emotions

Our aliveness, or choice of intention is what takes us there. This is your purest consciousness. The consciousness that you dig down deep into when you are meditating and seeking to silence the inner commotion. Being able to supervise the thoughts and emotions will be a skill that helps us get there.

You must understand that your consciousness, the ‘eye’ that is you. The being behind your eyes taking this all in you could say is like a Genie. The genie rides on a magic carpet. The carpet is made up of the thoughts and emotions of the Genie, the genie’s powers. When the thoughts and emotions are balanced and stable the carpet rides smoothly. As soon as imbalance takes hold, the ride starts feeling rather bumpy.

To supervise our thoughts and emotions is not natural to the extent that we are doing it. It takes enough power just to have the emotions or thoughts. How can we then monitor them.

Patiently, and only in the now moment. Supervise your thoughts and emotion with love , understanding and a growing mastery over your now moment.

Think high to ride the vibe of Ascension!

The Incredible Power In Thinking Positively For Our Ascension

For us, ascending to different dimension will be the ultimately ride of many lifetimes.

Though this ride will have loads more excitement than any before it. We have great power in thinking positively for our ascension. Those who are actively engaged in their own personal ascension process know that they are being helped by the Universe to shift in this way.

As you affirm and speak you create your spiritual ascension journey right before your eyes. You lay the brick that will at some point be the launching pad from which you will learn to fly.

Your light attitude is part of what you will need to fly, as any old discordant feelings rooted in the old paradigm just are too heavy and won’t levitate in the new age environment. Your heart being filled with willingness to serve in this way is a boost to the spirit. Your aura will light because of it.

The endeavor in staying positive lies mainly in repolarizing or transmuting feelings that do not serve or may have been picked up. These are seen as dross to your matrix due to it’s lowered vibration. These energies must go. We are seeking to constantly treat one’s vibe to stimulants that will feed and sustain it’s power and speed. Affirmations, mantras & healing techniques can work to adjust the vibe in the moment.

You can also be still , and let the emotion pass, kind of like a ghost you can see and hear, but… You don’t want it to know that you can see and hear it if you are afraid, because when you do that..

Its Got You!

Basically you keep your power, and you don’t give it away for anything. Fear will drain you dry if you let it. It will create a void that you will run around in a panic trying to fill.

Patience and calmness is needed for clarity of mind in counseling away from fear. Opening your consciousness to these spirit hacks will help you gain more control over your experience

Manifest A Clearing Ritual to Restyle Your Negative & Wily Emotions

See your negative emotions, hard feelings, rigid beliefs, beefs, griefs, grudges, grievances and find a representation for them here in the physical 3rd realm. You can do something as simply as writing it on a piece of paper. Take that piece of paper and throw it into a fire where it can burn. This ritual should be proceeded with some moments of intention on your part to do what you are intending to do with the ritual.

After the burning the moments should be filled up with honest testimony on how you have given the problem or energy on the paper to Mother Earth. As you breath and say these words also see that energy leave your chakra system at the bottom down through your earth star chakra and then down to the core of the Earth.

As you see this energy moving from your body down into the Earth have faith that your Mother Gaia, who is a master transformer of energies, has made the vibe into something useful. Any ascended souls who have had Earth lives or similar ones will be a shifter of energies in this way.

Taking emotions or unprocessed feelings of spiritual encumberment into the heart, and spinning them into something that the soul can use is the role of true blessed, Christ-like, and anointed cosmic masters.

Love is the Source, and masters weave this power to bring discordant energies into loving sustenance for the spirit. Thinking positively on your ascension is also part of that sustenance. Just as light and evil spirit are brought back into source to be restyled so too can we as masters mutate energies that do not serve us into something that does.

Visualize and practice seeing yourself as light

When you are engulfed in love and light you will be the culmination of the Creatrix’s efforts to create the perfect individualized divine humans in form. The perfected humans idea may make humans scoff in disbelief as it seems like a tall order that humans will expect can’t be done at their current vibration and energy..

And they would be right. You do something to your aura when you look at yourself in this way. Holding it in your consciousness will allow it to crystallize in your consciousness. When you are pure light you also have great power to shine light on darkness.

In your ritual you can also see yourself as light and see the energy that needs to go as a little static knot(however you want to picture that). Move the static knot through the body and out the bottom of the energy/auric fields and into the core of the Earth to be re-fixed into something that will serve the ascension of the children of Mother Earth.

When you are free from those energies see yourself shine brighter then before. You are choosing the higher or lower realm of experience in your everyday choices. You are choosing Ascension.

… Thanks for reading….Now you should take a look at this video on accessing Supreme Consciousness & the Multidimensional Mind

You are the light of the body and world!

To be… Or to be more? that is the question.

We have lived here at this lower spectrum of experience for far too long, so much so that our cosmic mother is kind of forcing us in the shower so to speak.

From moment to moment we are making a choice.

We are creating our reality as we go along by way of what is making or breaking in our awareness. As we live and breath, we emit a frequency. Whether we are vibrant or inert with that frequency that is the realm of experience that we will interpret through our consciousness. So in an effort to enlighten and fulfill ourselves it behooves us to monitor the resonance of our thoughts and emotions on a constant and diligent basis.

This is one of the endeavors of ascension. Thinking positively for your ascension wont be easy all the time. Though you can always make it easier then it is, by slowing down and being present in the moment. Intend, prime your power(breathe) and execute.

This will likely critically include distancing yourself away from the modern 3D world of endless distractions. Take some time to focus on your personal energy. Know where your treasures are and where you are pointing the direction of your love and light. As you shift you are choosing to ascend, thus your light will constantly chose the higher experience. Your job will be to do everything you can in the body to ensure its choices in its self care are the highest quality vibration choices as well.

You create this reality by your choice from moment to moment. We are awakening, opening our consciousness to this experience and learning about what the Creation has in store for us. We will be dropping the 3D modern world’s detritus from our fields.

These things are too heavy to take with us, as our spirits cannot levitate without the lightness that comes from the relinquishing of the woes and worries of this life.

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Ascension Equals Salvation – 3 Deep Spiritual Beliefs That Explain They Are The Same

Only one end!

Ascension equals Salvation? Really, what is the difference between the two? Absolutely Nothing.  To be taken up in the light, or transfigured into light are the same thing. With both perspectives, we are talking about a frequency range that needs to be achieved. A range that we were previously inaccessible to without lifelong devotion or strict ascetic solitude.

In Ascension, your frequency takes you to another octave of being, another channel of existence. People believe salvation in the Christian way of belief, means that you are to be “changed” and “taken up by GOD”, ultimately “Redeemed” or “saved”.

To be saved from what? Well, I would say what many would consider the hell of modern 3d life. The pain, suffering & lack in this world is not natural.

Either way we are fantasizing about the same exact outcome. Spiritual deliverance by way of a higher power. Your ascension equals salvation even when you don’t believe in ‘new age’ concepts.

The only difference between Spirituality and Religion, that is of course Illusory I might add, are the stories, beliefs and religions made up around the truth of what awaits us on the greater side of what our consciousness cannot currently access. We will look at all the ways that divinity is the goal, no matter what religion or creed you buy into. Embodying Love & virtue, raising the vibration, and mastering the spirit are always the answer.

All Spirit Truth Is A Means To One End

What is the greatest thing that an everlasting and forgiving GOD can provide? A share in forever immortal unlimited-ness. A spirit place with “God” forever? All stories or literature detailing a high place speak of a state at which you can live a life only suitable to be set within cosmic dreams and settings. A perfect realm with no pain, suffering or mistakes.

The prize is more worthy than we can imagine.  The separation and difference of opinion in terms of religion and what is available has not been the same over the years. Even within religions there are many varying opinions where people cannot unanimously agree within their own denomination, and the separated are separated further still. 

The climate of such things separating the people is coming to an end. As we evolve, we are seeing our understanding for spiritual things intersect scientific facts we have not long held.

They all point to a time in our soon and up coming history. We are in that prophesied time of legend where many things are to be revealed. Our end will show that ascension equals salvation all day long, no matter how you slice it.

Behold! Come and See!

Ascension equals Salvation: Lets take a look!

  • Perhaps a human body death, but the spirit energy remains.
  • You more from one reality to the next.
  • You are believed to see your Maker!(uh… Master, actually… whom is Christ)
  • Treasures? Well because of infinite power & instant manifestations. The power to create worlds.
  • Evil being defeated? Christ consciousness carries with it a vibration that only love, virtue & power can touch or experience.
  • Change in the ‘twinkling of an eye’?… We believe the Solar Flash is helping with that.

These are the types of marvels we are looking forward too, check out this video on what we will be able to witness when we are all changed!

Spiritual deliverance being taken up into the light #1

The idea of spiritual deliverance is a gift on humanity for those who believe. The mire that traps the soul & spirit here in the 3D modern realm blankets with it a hard and crusty membrane of disbelief. This creates the doubtful nature of skepticism when it comes to spiritual or heavenly things.

For many people are still stuck on why things happen here if GOD is real and loving. Being delivered from this hell is all some people want.

Being taken up in the light is something most people think of is only for the dead to this world. This is not so.

This is for anyone whose vibration has reached a level for this to be physically possible. Whether you are in the body or existing outside of it as your energy body, you have need to increase your resonance to become greater then you are in virtue & spirit. Also experience more and more magical than what you do now in the third.

Being taken up by the light of God is simply an expression. Everything is light, love and power so the light is the physical representation of God in this sense. To be delivered from something means to be free of it, to be let loose from its shackles.

The light is certainly the answer in terms of our freedom. Our problems, realm of experience and how we feel about both are directly correlate with how much light we are holding which determines our state of wellbeing and peace of mind. More light means you are “lighter” in the spirit, actually and in literal terms, being pound for pound and volts per cell more powerful. Our spiritual deliverance comes at the hands we use to toil the ground in which we grow our master human spirit.

Use Joy to power spiritual deliverance!

Redemption of the Spirit and Having treasures after salvation #2

Everyone enjoys the idea of having everything. The struggle for people to have everything in this life has come to disastrous ends. People are running over each other, throwing each other under the bus, and fighting tooth and claw to rise up by stepping on the little guy.

Savage. Then you have the thought that you won’t have everything BEFORE the redemption of the spirit. That you must first be “obedient” unto God. This is a religious and poetic way of saying that you need more Source or consciousness power to make it happen. Love currency must be saved in the piggy bank of our hearts to have enough for retirement in the higher forever place.

You already have everything you need, you only must unlock it. Salvation and ascension are the same thing, which also tells us they are both the same outcome. An outcome that must be approached taking fine care in your spiritual deliverance refining the love, light & power in the body vehicle.

This idea that you must be redeemed by a lord and savior is religion. The real spiritual truth is that, the spirit that you are the child of Creation/Creatrix, is also already redeemed you just have need to match it’s vibration. That’s it. That being is already the total package you just have to remember how to come into re-alignment with it.

….Very Very interesting…I know… Thanks…After you read this article read more about how I teach feelings are detections in your energy fields.

The Idea of Christ ruling for a Thousand years

The idea of Christ ruling for a thousand years is a religious concept that has been around for some time. Christ is the Prince of Peace. How does ‘peace’ rule?

That doesn’t make sense. This is because it is not so much a rule or a hierarchy as it is a force or vibration. It is said that God would never put more on you then you handle. Christ Consciousness is a vibe, an energy.

It is true “Christ” has redeemed your spirit in that it holds your spirit. As it is written the Creation/Creatrix gave to the Child of Creation everything and that is everyone’s soul. This is because every soul is the inner cosmic self, and that self is Christ’s. The one whom first came from the Creation and the auto-generated God of the realm. The child would have everything.

Everything, including Creation’s/Creatrix’s power to their expression and experience of the realms. This is redemption of the spirit. Believe that you are a Child of Creation and your spirit is already saved because you know what you are, and where your power lies.

If you are think that someone is coming to rule over you, that is a divine being and their name is Jesus, get that out of your head. If you think that Christ is coming to rule you and you are a Christian and you are OK with that. You have been indoctrinated to believe that.

That being does not want to rule you. That being wants you to reunify with the Creator/Creatrix so that you can rule yourself. As a Christ Consciousness inhabitant you will be able to create endlessly like never before. You will be able to serve in the cosmos like perhaps you have always wanted.

The word rule implies that we are being governed. This idea that we need to be governed is also an idea of the past. Most people know what they need and want. Christ consciousness is not a vehicle of oppression, but of expression and freedom. Christ ruling for a thousand years means Jesus got a party for everybody. Your heart is the lock that keeps it shut, and the key that breaks it wide open.

Christ ruling for a thousand years is also certainly not a perpetuation of how humans have displayed Christianity, but a most definitely a freedom from it and all other from of spiritual oppression, deceptive device of man.

Understanding Divine Unity – 4 Points of Oneness and Revealing The Spirit of the Heart

Oneness is at the heart of understanding divine unity. In the cosmos exists an unfathomable concert of Compassion, Synchronicity, Random Acts of kindness. There lies as immeasurable number of highly charged particles and cosmic rays that are narrating a tale, to the ears of anyone with a sense to hear and the ability to listen.

Prophets and Seers of old have posited and preached that “God is One”. A more majestic and divine union exists far and wide and has been eluded to and taught for many era. It has been the focus of ancient scriptures and text. This Oneness provides the witness with a never ending supply of experience for the self to learn and grow.

Trust is a virtue that follows the divine in quick tow, mimicking each hot step as the virtue with dreams of everything’s-gonna-turn-out-fine worn on the sleeve, revealed to be imparted the power to see clarity of Oneness in Divine Union.

As I surrender and honor the spirit of my trust in Divine Union, I know that I am being spiritually led, by a spirit that knows me and is me, all day long. That being wants to shine, and reveal itself to first me, and then the world.

Understanding Divine Unity, in shifting our consciousness means grabbing a deeper relationship with the Creatrix/Creator. Getting to the heart of Creation itself. We are all One. This truth only makes you stronger.

Here we take a gander at understanding diving unity, with 4 points of Oneness to reveal the majestic and divine spirit of the heart.

Video Resources :

Supreme Consciousness And Tapping Into The Multidimensional Mind

An ascension short …

Serving from the heart – Divine service

Serving from the heart is the same as divine service. To truly serve from the heart you must choose and seek to serve without expectation of reward. You could do it because you believe in its cause. Your heart is involved so you could say you have ‘skin in the game’, and you wish to see a return.

As you serve you give of the heart and as you give of your light, your heart pulls in love and light to power your next action. The Creatrix gets you paid right way through inexhaustible Source, and you as a human have practiced your summoning of power through the universe. You are paid in love & light back to you in the form of life force energy. You feel bliss tingles as you serve you get a rush from feeling the spirit of people’s praise, admiration and thankfulness.

That vibe substantiates your drive in your 5d ascension journey, as you love what you do and how you serve, with treasure in the high place fiercely emblazoned on your dreaming eyes.

Is Reunification with the Creator and the chance of divine unity really worth all the trouble? The modern world would make you think that with shows depicting angels how find heaven boring and would rather be on Earth. This is preposterous and rubbish. Shallow ideas of what a divine world only means you have not fully connected with the love that you are. in the form of hopes, wishes & dreams that hangs on your heart and held in the forever place.

There is truly nothing higher to reach for. No doubt about it when you consider the ability to create worlds, customize them and fill them with life. Reunification and divine oneness with the Creatrix looms, and if you are reading this you will likely be in service to it.

Let us not forget as well on our light body ascension journeys that we need these bodies, and to take ample time out for ourselves is always in order. We must take care of ourselves before we can be in the position to help others.

As willing hearts are activated into the fold of the shift, we lighten and brighten the bold lights on the collective consciousness grid of Mother Earth.

Ascend Into Divine Oneness

God Is The Oneness As All – Divine Truth

All of the Creation is based on the idea, that we are a grand whole that make up on colossal matrix of souls, magic & majesty.

All people are one people, no matter the color on the outside. Everyone is an interconnected part of a grand orchestra of souls, that are inseparable, and if there were then there would still be no place to go and separate from that wasn’t the Creatrix. So there is no point in entertaining separation. Our Oneness can’t be escaped.

Scientists, even in our modern 3d world, have posited that our world is indeed a simulation. A simulation that we have been studying and exploring to uncover the truth of how everything is connected. The actual science of it all. Which exists with all things in the known cosmos. If you think there is no science behind some happening in the Creation that’s because you just aren’t savvy to that particular science.

Any clues into the interconnectedness of the Creatrix and its infinite power would excel our understandings of the universe and its science.

Other intellectuals try and declare that there is no GOD, no divine entities, just energy. I would ask them, “What do you think your energy is?”

Your spirit is energy. Your spirit does not only give you energy, but the real core of the energy is spirit itself. The spirit that is the energy of you, is forever part of the Source that make all things alive.


Steadfast with Divine Faith

It is said the as your faith grows, your light and alignment with the Creator grows as well. As you gain knowledge and enrich yourself, the advancement of this knowledge will lead to you having a stronger level of belief. The perfection of this belief will lead to many things. The greatest of these is a closeness with the Creatrix, that can only be described as transcendence. Source cannot be known, it is the Great Invisible Spirit, which can not be seen.

This advancement of faith is an advancement in your capacity to hold love and light. As your love for the Creator grows, so does your love for light, life and the witness that is you. Your faith is a receptive power that draws in everything that would shift your suspicion into a devotion.

Faith is a key virtue onto God, as without it your relationship cannot grow. The potential for your relationship to grow hangs on the depth of your faith. In the spirit of the heart lies a remembrance of origins. Serving from the heart this truth, transforms you from the inside out.

Your faith should come to a point to where you will affirm the Oneness of all things. This affirmation gives you joy, so much joy you are filled as you praise, exalt & spend time spending mind & heart energy on the Creator. Your light will be bursting from the seams. Your faith is the window that lets the lights in.


We are the Child of Creation!

The Oneness as Each, and Everyone & All

All souls are held with one, and the One is the same Oneness that puts a start or an end to every life. Once our body vehicle is done we go back to the awareness that we where before the world pain was set upon us. The multidimensional mind holds for us any experience that we once again yearned for, and Source keeps the lights on for us.

We cannot fathom what it will feel like when we are jacked into 5D processing power and speed, building at a blinding rate, and manifestations being created instantly. The Creatrix has provided an experience where different realms exist within a whole, compartmentalized for those of like vibration, as to not give anyone any bad trips.

Even with not understanding everything we understand that we are provided with everything we need such as food, water & shelter for our sojourn here on Mother Earth.

The one is everyone, why would it not care take of everyone? One may ask then why do horrible things happen in the world, if God is One and we are all One?

God may be the power that makes the spirits, and the power that houses the spirits, but this is a world where we have the power to make a decision for ourselves. That is part of our power as ‘gods’ here, along with the gift of free will. Understanding divine unity will be achieved by masters who trained, lived & learned despite the mire and the sea of forgetfulness in this world.

The Most High is too busy being the Creation to micro-manage your life. That would be more the place of the higher self. Thankfully for us our higher self is leagues more patient than we are.

Creatrix/Creator/GOD is the micro truth and the macro truth. It is far within, and far beyond. The breadth of the Creation and the power can’t and will not be measured.

All the while being everything, having a countless number of experiences as itself. Learning about itself, in the countless number of realms that make up its body, meeting others that make up different aspects of the same power.

God exists through the world as the very materials that make it up, but humans are making the choices in this world. They could be ‘god’ filled choices because we have that power here. Do we use it enough?

God is directly involved in the world by a conscious network of willing souls, light workers, star children, way-showers & sensitive persons. The brilliance of this presence can be seen in its exhibition of good works and in the radiance of its virtuous spirit.

God is in the world as compassion, justice, kindness & truth.

Try serving from the heart!

The Spirit of the Heart of Divine Union

The mind is the outward tool to see, and discover what is when moving forward, the heart is the inward tool to see, feel & know what is inside. The heart cannot be understood by the mind fully, but must be experienced. Such like God, the heart provides the energetic weight to pound trauma and the finesse needed to play the heart strings one-handed.

It is said that when in divine union everywhere you turn you will experience the breath of God. This is the nature of living in the Oneness energy that is the Creatrix. Our divine union prepares us for coalescing back into Source, back into the spirit of the heart. Taking a trip into the void, and coming out unscathed. We are specks of light within the grand chorus that is the Creation.

The spirit of the heart of Divine Union honors our Oneness, and the interconnectedness of all things. It leans on the understanding of the Creatrix as a mind jacked into the intelligence of the Universe.

The spirit of the heart of Divine Union honors our Oneness, by balancing, integrating and harmonizing all of our discordant selves in Oneness. Divine union brings together a great number of spirits that make us what and who we are. It brings us together to see the love that binds us all.

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