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Rev. Austin Nash Miles serves the spiritual upliftment of humanity. Rev. Austin Nash Miles serves the spiritual upliftment of humanity. Austin studies any and all religions, martial arts, internal martial arts, breath work, bio energy refinement and management, the spirit , the self and human life.

Rev. Miles is an ordained minister, writer, orator, actor, public speaker, community volunteer, gamer, dreamer, vegan advocate, health enthusiast, spiritual literary, philosopher, critical thinker, life long student & teacher, and a holder of spiritual real estate.

We study any and all ways that a human can use to increase their vibration, heal the body, enlighten the spirit embody and master the self. This includes, but is not limited to, acupressure, Qi Gong, Jin shin Jyutsu, wing chun and quantum healing, pranayama, meditation, and other bio energy practices.

Rev Miles believe that the Phenomenon known as “Christ” is the “Child of Creation” that lives in all of us, and believes that its existence is not only a religious fact, but a cosmic one. That beings’ words are found in many texts.

He has built a temple to honor that being in himself. He has asked many questions and gotten many answers from that place. He has learned many truths about spirit, consciousness, the Creation and reunifying with the Creator/Creatrix in this time, while nurturing that relationship within himself.

Austin became a minister to fully and officially work in the office of spiritual development and in helping others reveal their inherent divine nature. To help others be more “Christ-like”, In truth, which is an understanding not confined to the understanding of just one book written here on Earth.

Rev. Miles does not serve the indoctrination of organized religions, but serves spiritual development to those who are willing and ready. He serves to dissect religious text or spiritual literature, to find the proper interpretation that serves spiritual development.

Rev. Austin Nash Miles seeks full consciousness with the Creator/Creatrix/Source, and serves to help all in achieving spiritual evolution on and with Mother Earth.


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