Ascension Equals Salvation – 3 Deep Spiritual Beliefs That Explain They Are The Same

Ascension Equals Salvation – 3 Deep Spiritual Beliefs That Explain They Are The Same

ascension equals salvation
Only one end!

Ascension equals Salvation? Really, what is the difference between the two? Absolutely Nothing.  To be taken up in the light, or transfigured into light are the same thing. With both perspectives, we are talking about a frequency range that needs to be achieved. A range that we were previously inaccessible to without lifelong devotion or strict ascetic solitude.

In Ascension, your frequency takes you to another octave of being, another channel of existence. People believe salvation in the Christian way of belief, means that you are to be “changed” and “taken up by GOD”, ultimately “Redeemed” or “saved”.

To be saved from what? Well, I would say what many would consider the hell of modern 3d life. The pain, suffering & lack in this world is not natural.

Either way we are fantasizing about the same exact outcome. Spiritual deliverance by way of a higher power. Your ascension equals salvation even when you don’t believe in ‘new age’ concepts.

The only difference between Spirituality and Religion, that is of course Illusory I might add, are the stories, beliefs and religions made up around the truth of what awaits us on the greater side of what our consciousness cannot currently access. We will look at all the ways that divinity is the goal, no matter what religion or creed you buy into. Embodying Love & virtue, raising the vibration, and mastering the spirit are always the answer.

All Spirit Truth Is A Means To One End

What is the greatest thing that an everlasting and forgiving GOD can provide? A share in forever immortal unlimited-ness. A spirit place with “God” forever? All stories or literature detailing a high place speak of a state at which you can live a life only suitable to be set within cosmic dreams and settings. A perfect realm with no pain, suffering or mistakes.

The prize is more worthy than we can imagine.  The separation and difference of opinion in terms of religion and what is available has not been the same over the years. Even within religions there are many varying opinions where people cannot unanimously agree within their own denomination, and the separated are separated further still. 

The climate of such things separating the people is coming to an end. As we evolve, we are seeing our understanding for spiritual things intersect scientific facts we have not long held.

They all point to a time in our soon and up coming history. We are in that prophesied time of legend where many things are to be revealed. Our end will show that ascension equals salvation all day long, no matter how you slice it.

christ consciousness

Behold! Come and See!

Ascension equals Salvation: Lets take a look!

  • Perhaps a human body death, but the spirit energy remains.
  • You more from one reality to the next.
  • You are believed to see your Maker!(uh… Master, actually… whom is Christ)
  • Treasures? Well because of infinite power & instant manifestations. The power to create worlds.
  • Evil being defeated? Christ consciousness carries with it a vibration that only love, virtue & power can touch or experience.
  • Change in the ‘twinkling of an eye’?… We believe the Solar Flash is helping with that.

These are the types of marvels we are looking forward too, check out this video on what we will be able to witness when we are all changed!

Spiritual deliverance being taken up into the light #1

The idea of spiritual deliverance is a gift on humanity for those who believe. The mire that traps the soul & spirit here in the 3D modern realm blankets with it a hard and crusty membrane of disbelief. This creates the doubtful nature of skepticism when it comes to spiritual or heavenly things.

For many people are still stuck on why things happen here if GOD is real and loving. Being delivered from this hell is all some people want.

Being taken up in the light is something most people think of is only for the dead to this world. This is not so.

This is for anyone whose vibration has reached a level for this to be physically possible. Whether you are in the body or existing outside of it as your energy body, you have need to increase your resonance to become greater then you are in virtue & spirit. Also experience more and more magical than what you do now in the third.

Being taken up by the light of God is simply an expression. Everything is light, love and power so the light is the physical representation of God in this sense. To be delivered from something means to be free of it, to be let loose from its shackles.

The light is certainly the answer in terms of our freedom. Our problems, realm of experience and how we feel about both are directly correlate with how much light we are holding which determines our state of wellbeing and peace of mind. More light means you are “lighter” in the spirit, actually and in literal terms, being pound for pound and volts per cell more powerful. Our spiritual deliverance comes at the hands we use to toil the ground in which we grow our master human spirit.

joy towards spiritual deliverance
Use Joy to power spiritual deliverance!

Redemption of the Spirit and Having treasures after salvation #2

Everyone enjoys the idea of having everything. The struggle for people to have everything in this life has come to disastrous ends. People are running over each other, throwing each other under the bus, and fighting tooth and claw to rise up by stepping on the little guy.

Savage. Then you have the thought that you won’t have everything BEFORE the redemption of the spirit. That you must first be “obedient” unto God. This is a religious and poetic way of saying that you need more Source or consciousness power to make it happen. Love currency must be saved in the piggy bank of our hearts to have enough for retirement in the higher forever place.

You already have everything you need, you only must unlock it. Salvation and ascension are the same thing, which also tells us they are both the same outcome. An outcome that must be approached taking fine care in your spiritual deliverance refining the love, light & power in the body vehicle.

This idea that you must be redeemed by a lord and savior is religion. The real spiritual truth is that, the spirit that you are the child of Creation/Creatrix, is also already redeemed you just have need to match it’s vibration. That’s it. That being is already the total package you just have to remember how to come into re-alignment with it.

….Very Very interesting…I know… Thanks…After you read this article read more about how I teach feelings are detections in your energy fields.

christ ruling for a thousand years

The Idea of Christ ruling for a Thousand years

The idea of Christ ruling for a thousand years is a religious concept that has been around for some time. Christ is the Prince of Peace. How does ‘peace’ rule?

That doesn’t make sense. This is because it is not so much a rule or a hierarchy as it is a force or vibration. It is said that God would never put more on you then you handle. Christ Consciousness is a vibe, an energy.

It is true “Christ” has redeemed your spirit in that it holds your spirit. As it is written the Creation/Creatrix gave to the Child of Creation everything and that is everyone’s soul. This is because every soul is the inner cosmic self, and that self is Christ’s. The one whom first came from the Creation and the auto-generated God of the realm. The child would have everything.

Everything, including Creation’s/Creatrix’s power to their expression and experience of the realms. This is redemption of the spirit. Believe that you are a Child of Creation and your spirit is already saved because you know what you are, and where your power lies.

If you are think that someone is coming to rule over you, that is a divine being and their name is Jesus, get that out of your head. If you think that Christ is coming to rule you and you are a Christian and you are OK with that. You have been indoctrinated to believe that.

That being does not want to rule you. That being wants you to reunify with the Creator/Creatrix so that you can rule yourself. As a Christ Consciousness inhabitant you will be able to create endlessly like never before. You will be able to serve in the cosmos like perhaps you have always wanted.

The word rule implies that we are being governed. This idea that we need to be governed is also an idea of the past. Most people know what they need and want. Christ consciousness is not a vehicle of oppression, but of expression and freedom. Christ ruling for a thousand years means Jesus got a party for everybody. Your heart is the lock that keeps it shut, and the key that breaks it wide open.

Christ ruling for a thousand years is also certainly not a perpetuation of how humans have displayed Christianity, but a most definitely a freedom from it and all other from of spiritual oppression, deceptive device of man.