Ascension Prayer #1 – Prayer To Ascend With Mother Earth

Ascension Prayer #1 – Prayer To Ascend With Mother Earth

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This ascension prayer is used to help shift you onto a path that has you consciously claim your personal multidimensionality and heritage. For those who are working on their personal ascension and Mother Earth’s transition.

This prayer to ascend has us we speak to build forth the framework of manifested intentions in our ascension journey. Step by step we are working towards unveiling a truth of our spirit that has not been seen before.

Not like this, as we ascend with our bodies into a dazzling new form. Here is a prayer to ascend with Mother Earth as she moves to transition into her new resonance.

Prayer Helps Ascension Quickening

Here we have the first of many affirmative ascension prayers that will be used to help quicken ourselves into a more brilliant path of becoming. As our effort continues we catalyze to ourselves and unto everyone on the planet a greater outcome that sees us all ascend together.

This prayer to ascend with Mother Earth has you align soul paths with those who believe they are here to be the change.

The voice is powerful in moving the body and setting forth how we choose to move.  Our advance is measured in our efforts to lighten, enlighten & vibe higher. Any prayer to ascend should really move the spirit.

Not just in a “woo woo” way but in a real way. Being energetically moved is common which means feeling an energetic response as we state the prayer slowly and honestly to ourself or out loud. Feel free to change the worlds or titles that will make you feel more comfortable.

The bottom line is that we believe what we are saying and we have made a honest choice in our hearts to shift out to the doldrums of the lower vibrations by any means necessary.

Prayer for the Ascending Collective

As we pray as a collective we add light to the collective consciousness grid of Mother Earth. Our collective light makes such an impact on Mother Earth. Each willing hearts who is consciously absorbing, holding & anchoring the light within themselves, as well as seeking to master/transmute that which does not amount to light within themself. This is how our prayers help ascension journey and the star seed mission.

Use this prayer along side other techniques & methods to vibe higher. It is best used in conjunction with other methods that cleanse the spirit & help maximize the love capacity of an individual. All these collectively in the body and spirit help you charge light in the body to power your ascension journey. Our prayer to ascend you higher should have you feeling into these words and intentions.

Consciousness Shifting Ascension Prayer

Speak out this prayer with confidence and a “knowing” that you are the being in which it states as you choose to be.


I am alive 
I choose to shift
I choose to embody the greater change that the universe has for us

I am love
I have reached a greater capacity of love
My light is the love that I am 

I am the life of the child of Creation
I am that which was set to live in the realms
I am master of my realm in all dimensions

I am the world server
I serve the Reunification of Mother Earth and her people with the Creator
I am the light of the world

I breathe in and draw source power
As I come ever closer to you
Oh Most High, Draw yourself unto me
Giver of Life, Seed of Consciousness

Let me draw unto you
As I did when I was a child free of pain
Free of that which drew me away from the belief of you

I know where I come from
I come from you
I am your child
Thank you & I love you

Forever and Forever
As my eye continues to witness my aliveness
& You

As Ascension Prayer For MANIFESTING with Greater Speed Your Personal Ascension

Ascension Prayer postart thmb #1.2 (1)

These are the worlds of the Child of Creation….Now and forever

Pray for Mother Earth’s Transition

We are all awakening at a very incredible rate. The world is changing and we are not longer vibing’ with excepting things in the world that no longer work or only work to serve a select few.

When we pray for Mother’s Earth transition we put our love and heart focus into our personal ascension, creating a paradigm shift in our current socioeconomic landscape and the ascension of the planet.

We take upon more light for the world to see. More light as light conduits for Mother Earth to step up into the next octave of experience and being.

We will be putting together more prayers for ascension and the budding ascension collective. I  use prayers like this one all the time to help stay vibing’ faster and higher in as many now moments as possible.

As Mother Earth makes her transition she will looking to take as many of her children who are hip to the new vibrational energetic climate using prayers to ascend like this in their practice. The first of many ascension prayers to inspire and help you believe that we are in the time to legend.

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