Breeding Love Consciousness Slowly But Surely – 4 Ways Love Helps You Ascend Into The Higher Realms

Breeding Love Consciousness Slowly But Surely – 4 Ways Love Helps You Ascend Into The Higher Realms


We are living in special time.  We are breeding love consciousness as we learn to live & and evolve. We learning that not only is love the very best feeling & state to live and exist in, it is also literally the very energetic fabric that makes up the realms. 

As love or Source Creation is the seed of all life, so too is love the power that holds particles together in the infinite and quantum world of particles and space that seem to make up the world we live in on a very micro level. 

The change we are evolving through is very subtle and will not be seen tangibly, unless you can read between the lines. 

As love consciousness breeds into the new budding culture of this time, our light as a community in the realm dramatically increases as every auras feeds light into the fields of Earth as they draw breath. 

Love is what we are and at the core of us we want more and more of it. Source Creation provides this in spades though you have to be able to open up our fields to consume the most and take full advantage of what you’re getting. Love consciousness is yearning to come out of more and more physical body vehicles here on Mother Earth. Our water cooking up somethin new is about to boil over.

We will soon evaporate, be remade anew and take flight as another form of our self. The breeding of this love consciousness will make us lighter as a civilization giving Mother Earth what she needs to travel the love train with us into the higher octave of living & experience. Here we share 4 ways you can use to transform and feel what it feels like when love helps us ascend into the higher realms.

How we are breeding Love consciousness

The great awakening of legend marches on. The light at the end of the tunnel is extremely bright, though the path through the tunnel is no straight path.

Your love for the Most High or Source Creation, your love of cosmic dreams and your self love and care are more practiced in their nurturing. To ascend into the higher realms we will have need to nurture this new conscious way of thinking love in our everyday reality.

Seeing love first in everything we do as we move forward and live our life. If the situation requires more assertion then let us not forget to move lovingly & accurately for those whom we serve.

Breeding love consciousness puts into practice the denouncing of old patterns of reactivity due to old trauma and stimuli. Love consciousness gives a compassionate shoulder for which on can lean onto when riding waves of past regret and emotional detritus from our past.

As we live and breath, your love of cosmic dream and your desire to ascend into the higher realms will propel your vibration up and up in resonance. Your higher self wants to be a greater revelation and marvel for all the world to see.

It is no surprise that the world over are shifting at an accelerated rate as the world turns and the light takes everything.

Romantic Love Gives You A Charge

When you are romantically in love you get a charge to your systems. Even though your body may be fatigued you know that when you are in the presence of that special someone then you can definitely feed off of that. This type relationship has you reciprocating feelings and energy with one another which helps to power the both of you and the bond that you share. 

From a most special place this energy can take hold. From the heart it is summoned when you in the presence of something you love and admire. When this is someone who loves you back your body is being fed light as well in the form of energy. 

This is life force translated back into the human energy system. Energy the human can use to interact with its world and chase the dream of something they love once more. 

Romantic love and be one type of love that helps you get up in the morning. This is also the fuel for many an inspiration as love songs the world over have been sung about this type of love. 

Lovers and dreamers chase this their whole lives, sometimes never finding it at all. Sometimes finding it and losing it. Even if it is lost, it was worth having the experience of this love in our life if you have the chance to enjoy it. 


Grow Your Light

Self Love Can Build Your Up

When one is without the love of another then it is better for them to focus on the love for themselves first. When no one is there to love you and build you up, then it is up to you to do this for yourself. 

This does something to you. First, it teaches you to be ok and content in your own presence. A peacefulness can bloom from here where one is being filled in the spirit and in one’s life. One is being satisfied to the point of delicious enjoyment and happiness, both in their inside and their outside world. 

This fulfillment is truly the stuff of legend as humans here for generations have sought fulfillment outside themselves denouncing old knowledge of inner spiritual fulfillment and development.

Self love and fulfillment through the spirit adds the richness of virtue to sit with the witness in peacefulness. Ever stunned & in awe of the power of live witnessing through a physical body in this experience. Simple appreciation for being alive in one’s skin will require a well rounded toolkit of virtues.

Staying alight of ones’ principle and strength of character rich with those same virtues helps you practice patience and integrity in the now.

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Loving Your Neighbor Breeds Community

Loving Your neighbor breeds community in many ways. As you love and respect your friend or neighbors possessions, property & and well being they those individuals feel trusted around you. The greater this swath of love and understanding rings out the greater the bond that will be felt within the community.

To ascend into the higher realms with that community then people are needing to share love and fellowship in this way. It is not only something that is tied into the golden rule or religious commandments it is something that truly assists the energy of upliftment and our push to ascend into the higher realms.

Another way loving your neighbor breeds community is that, as this light is covered over a greater swath of conscious souls the effect of harmonious resonance & heightened collective Ascension energy and spin symmetry. As more people who are of like mind & vibe then they can resonate together and ring higher in harmony if the intention is there.

As you act lovingly and kind to the local persons in your community you build a sense of peace in those who dwell in close proximity to your sanctuary. Safety, trust & and shared collective awareness within a community creates an environment where you can easily practice loving your neighbor within the community.

In this time we are building the power, love & light held within the collective consciousness of peoples here in this realm. As you exercise compassionate and loving acts in the fields, your fields are charged, and as a result the collective energetic light fields of Mother Earth are charged from the love put out from your aura and energetic bodies. 


Your Love Of Cosmic Dreams Can Take You Over The Top

Your love of cosmic dreams is a powerful aspect of yourself that transcends worlds. When you love and dream into the world & vibration that we are coming into, you lay bricks for your higher divine home. Your love of divine reality in your heart makes it real, and the power of the thoughts & feelings of it crystallize the picture of it in your heart. 

Your love of cosmic dreams can take you over the top when you feel you can feel love no more, only to vibe your fields apart even more so, to let in more light and feel unbelievably better than you thought you could. This is how love helps you ascend into the higher realms of endless bliss and experience.

This picture becomes a regular open window into a familiar world, and you tend to hide the key regularly from onlookers who haven’t the heart of imagination to understand what exists in your heart or in the potential of divine reality. 

These parts of ourselves tie us back into the cosmic fabric of higher experience. When our treasures of the heart are held in the forever place, a piece of our heart lives there eternally. As long as love from our soul remembers it. It lives and exists as an aspect of our cosmic inner being & collection of intimate spaces between the spaces. 

The immortal nature in the spirit provides for a more long lasting experience under normal cosmic circumstances. Filling our conscious living world with something dramatically different and spectacular, that only Source power & the Creation can provide in the realm of no limits. 

We are breeding love consciousness in real time and transforming our world with it. You will need your love of cosmic dreams to keep you primed to push the limits of where you thought your vibration could go.

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