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Blown Away by 5D World – 4 5th Dimensional Shock and Awe Marvels Humanity Will Love

Our New 5d world awaits. Our civilization is reaching a boiling point all over the world where people are rising up for change. While the world is busy fighting, there are those who are directing their energy into something that draws to us a marvel we have long held in wait for. 

The way our modern world works is not working for everyone. Change is being demanded everywhere. Change is also being demanded in the hearts of those who are looking ahead. 

They are looking ahead, anxiously awaiting marvels to hit our shores, with paradigm shifting power. Marvels that we previously thought impossible. With the energies rising, the shock and awe scenarios & marvels have yet to begin. We are reaching an energy level that will birth them for the new era. 

When they do you, will see that the ultimate marvel in this time, is us. The life that we would have made brighter will bring to us awesome marvels to behold. Here are 4 5th dimensional marvels that we have to look forward to in our sparkling new 5d world & future.

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5d Travel/ 5th Dimensional Flight

Seeing the greatest depths of Mother Earth with your own eyes. Seeing the great Mother Earth’s body from up above, seeing its beauty and splendor. Flying above the great blue and green, knowing what Mother Earth truly is and squashing the debate. To see the shape of the world as it actually is, is impossible for humans nowadays without some sort of vehicle to fly into the air with.

Though after the right activations, it will be commonplace. Those among the first to transform, will be able to see Mother Earth above the clouds as a sovereign Earth dwelling cosmic solar light body individual. A divine child of creative expression as we were meant to be. 

With the child of creation comes the opening up of the Merkabah. Soaring through the air your merkabah can fly and teleport you through the system and back. The Merkabah is a marvel to see itself. Not only can it take you places, but it can create the place too. Your merkabah is your star, and it is the body of the child of creation. It is also something that can interface with the Creation to create. It is said that the Creation/Creatrix gave that child of creation everything. The merkabah is one of the keys to that everything.

Having the ability of flight is invaluable for the human’s 5d divine experience. Never before has the world been filled with such wondrous potential as it has now turning over in frequency into the 5th world. Your 5D world has all the space you could ever need to play and explore in. 

5d Abilities

5th dimensional resonance makes possible the shifting of our world to fit our liking more accurately. A decision can be made and within seconds the results of the idea can be made manifest. 

With this same vibratory rate of the 5d new realm, we will learn how to shape our bodies to our liking as well with only a thought. Having bodies make of water crystal and light, makes them very permeable to our thought and intentions. If we want it to look a certain way it is only a wish away.

Greater ommunication with the Mother Earth, The Animal & Elementals Kingdoms

Communicating with her wildlife you are able to navigate and welcome all whom you come in contact with. At this point the Animal Kingdom knows you serve Mother Earth and thus them. 

When humans are able to interact with Mother Earth on another level of understanding our synchronicity and oneness will be a thing of exquisite beauty. 

Imagine the shock and awe of liberating animals from a zoo, by simply being able to talk to them, and exiting the premises with them all at your heel. Such shock and awe would be nothing less than divine. The bridging of kingdoms is the time we are in folks. 

Not only will talking to the animal kingdom give you closeness with everything, it will allow us to understand the experience of something on Earth that we would not normally have the pleasure of communicating with.

Being in service to Mother Earth in a deeper way will give a greater sense of purpose. Feeling your connection, drawing love and power from that connection as well as the energy of good service drawn to you from the Creatrix itself. 

Immortality – 5d living 

Humans have long thought the idea of immortality was simply not possible in this realm. More accurately, not at this vibration. Also, surely not with the state of humans these days. So much of what gave humans long life in their early history are simply not the circumstances anymore here on Earth.

The nature of spirit and souls, we know that they, as energy, will live on as energy and only change forms. 

Experiencing a life without worry, for the common folk, will be a dream like no other. To put away all disease and infirmities will be magical and amazing. Age regression across the board will put souls on a level playing field, and we will all know the divinity of each other in a holy & intimate way. 

“ And in those dreams… I saw grand menagerie of glass mansions in the sky, like an array of easter baskets onto ones’ self, set as light structures in the sky over fluorescent and transparent hills and mountain tops. And each was a journey of wonder onto itself, to its visitors and to the master who created it.”

– REV Miles ~(dream prayer series)

Having a grand and unlimited experience is something only the Most High as the Creation can provide. With anything being possible even grand homes underground would be a cozy curiosity to modern day surface dwellers. 

Experiencing The Life of Off Worlders

Experiencing other galactic human culture would be an adventure of its own to be sure. To experience, at that vibration, a physical delight such as their food delicacies would be no less than out of this world. Arcturians, Sirians, Pleiadians, Andromedans and more are waiting to meet us just outside this vibration. 

The change of meeting off worlders either this thrills you or it frightens you. Few are indifferent in terms of off worlders knowing their technology could really serve the everyday man a great deal in his everyday life.

So much will be revealed about our history and origins. The majority of the population will come to find that they have been lied to an astronomical scale. Extraterrestrials and off worlders will confirm many things that we thought could be true.

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5th Dimensional Creation Codes Mystery

This broadens the scope of our experience in ways stated here and in ways that are yet to be revealed. You could live in one space, and yet still have 8 or more dreams/realms occupying that one space at different frequencies. Reading between the lines and seeing all of the realms is one of the magical wonders of full consciousness and being a fully reunified Child of Creation. 

The New Earth 5d world will hold our classics in everything we liked about our time with non of the stuff we didn’t need. A blissful experience is what all God’s children will have available to them in a 5th dimensional world experience. 

As Source can power our every manifestation with ease, there’s nothing that will be off limits. 

Using creation codes to create what we have never created before. Source Creation is the All. This is Source Creation’s way of giving its children the power to create what never was, to create something new. It is said in Old Christ spoken scriptures that the Creation gave the child everything so that it could be master of everything in all the realms. 

A world adorned with the new, sparkling divine glow of a new 5d world, dimension and vibe. 

The 5d world awaits the renewed children of the sun. The new 5th world of 5d new earth is a dream away into a realm of marvels.

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What Does 5D Mean For Humanity? – 4 Marvelous Treasures of Multidimensionality

What does 5d mean for humanity? Its means moving our hearts, minds & bodies into a realm of multi-dimensionality, higher frequencies, endless love & imagination. A 5d resonance will allow you to be conscious of existence in realms you did not previously know existed.

This realm is late to see a marvel. This world has not seen extraordinary marvels, save the ones seen by common day illusionists. Though even those pail in comparison to the divine & awesome once in a lifetime marvels. These are what is needed to have people the greater mass of those not conscious on their spiritual journey excited about returning to full consciousness and the full realization of God Self.

Occupying a 5d space is like sitting in a dream that you touch, taste, feel and be able to control every aspect of it. 

5th dimensional Earth will provide everything the 3D Earth did and more. Every sparkling treasure and deliciousness that can be summoned and dreamed of is available in the higher dimensions as we are ascending with our physicality in this time. 

What does 5d mean for a civilization at the brink of total revolt? Everything. As we are shifting into the 5th world the power for hearts to rise strengthens, and the power for those to play out their malicious intent wanes. This is just one of the many marvels of shifting into the 5th world of love and multidimensionality.

What Does 5d Mean For All Of Us

How does humanity ascend? Our modern civilizations and its people are at many different levels of their spiritual journey. It is said that Mother Earth seeks to take her people with her as she makes her moves ascending into 5D. As one drop of water in the pot starts boiling, the other drops are soon to boil.

5D frequencies provide the chance for humanity to experience an eternal reality. Multiple dimensions do not hold us back, it opens us up to bi-location and a host of other wonderful powers available through the spirit. 

Love. Power. Freedom. Limitlessness. Love being the greatest of them all and prime coin of the realm. A whole and complete 5D consciousness meaning you won’t have to go outside yourself for anything. Between you and Source can have anything. 

Totally self sufficient with source at your back powering your every step of the way, as if Mother Creation itself feeds you from an umbilical cord and you are nourished in every moment. The Creatrix/Creation does this for us through our breath and love, though at drastically depleted levels.

This is due to the nature of what modern over industrialization has done to Mother Earth’s ability to provide pure source mana/life force energy for her children. After the destroying of destroying natural environments and oxygen rich landscapes.

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Will I Be Super In The 5th Dimension? 

In the 5th dimension, you will have available to you all the power that exists to the awakened 5D human at your disposal. Achieving a 5d earth shift gives way for the potential to create much faster, understanding the quantum field in a more intimate way.

Being full awake and being able to communicate with the living particles and space that you occupy is something shifting into the 5th dimension will open us to.

Being conscious of things you were not conscious of before, and having them blow your 3d mind is what will naturally happen for the human evolving in this time.

Many wonder and marvels will be an everyday thing after the 5d Earth shift takes place. You will be super when compared to the limitations that we suffer here. Your consciousness will be super, a super 5d consciousness meaning that your thinking mind will be like a super computer with an unfathomable processing speed and a countless number of memory ‘bytes’ to store information.

Add along downloadable information, and the ability to acquire the knowledge needed for any endeavor by intending and pulling through Source, and you have everything a true child of creation needs.

5D Scenes and Cosmic Dreams

4 Marvelous Treasures of Multidimensionality

5th dimension means Multidimensionality. This will bring many awesome things to life for us humans. Living in different realities, creating new realities & experiences, as well as traveling the cosmos through thought alone. Moving with the speed of light, and building a relationship with the Creation in a new way as well as with our star brothers and sisters.

Ascending into 5D opens us up to beings who exist in other realities and frequencies of dimension. We have many other humans races that exist in the cosmos that we will be meeting when our vibrations become more accommodating for beings of who normally occupy higher vibrating realities.  

No Death

Being able to continue to experience a physical experience with a body that is incorruptible and impervious from infirmities of any kind make it the perfect experience for the human. The thought of immortality for our physical body for many people is believed to simply be impossible. 

Many humans believe that death is an inevitability. This breeds fear in the human. Fear of loss of their life. Humans tend to enjoy their life more immensely when they overcome this fear. 

Also the thought of not dying may lead one to believe that if my spirit cannot die, then it stands to reason that we have never died, and have always lived. There is no much still for us to remember. This understanding provides the context for the Akashic Records and the idea that everything that we do is recorded somehow energetically in the records of the Universe and our DNA.

No Death and a history of what was done with a soul before they took a dip into the sea of forgetfulness, as it is written, will all be revealed. We surely have a very exciting future ahead of us, with a treasure trove of mysteries to unveil about ourselves.

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5D Crystalline Light Body

A 5d crystalline light body is a marvel to behold itself. The more beautiful of creatures for a spirit to inhabit is a gift and a Universal wonder in its own right.

It is a body vehicle, but one that is able to control its frequency at will. This is necessary to be fit to transverse different dimensions in a flash. Having this body fully realized from 3d to 5d opens us up to the merkabah. Worlds upon worlds occupy the spaces that we do. The light body and merkabah will give us everything we need to make the journey and then some. 

Your power and knowledge is sourced through the multidimensional mind, and you are able to do anything that you set your mind out to do in nearly instantaneous fashion. 

This body will be malleable by thought alone, meaning that shaping it will only be a focus and concentration away from your perfect shape. 

Being multidimensional means that by controlling your resonance, your stepping into another realm of existence would only be a matter of adjusting your frequency to be higher or lower. Changing the channel through which you experience your reality.

5D Delight – No Hunger

After shifting into the 5th there is also no hunger. Humans will not be bothered by the need to nourish ourselves daily with physical food because of our new light body. In this form at this vibration we will only need to feed on light or pure Source Creation. If that were not awesome enough, not needing food does not mean the experience of eating will go away. Eating food at that point will simply be a pleasure and not a necessity.

Would it not be a great tragedy to achieve full consciousness and open up all our senses they were meant to be used to experience physicality to the fullest only to have the delight of food go away? It would be. 

After shifting into the 5th with our 5d frequency of being we will be able to enjoy just as we do here with everything we want and nothing we don’t want about the experience. This experience is surely not going away, this one will only get better. 

5D Adventure

You have a 5d palace as does everyone. Homelessness, poverty, inequality or lack doesn’t exist here. Any and every adventure you can think of you can create and experience. All the excitement, with a mixing in of romance, mystery, a dash of the illusion of danger and … VOILA! We have a divine 5d adventure. 

Equipped with a 5d consciousness meaning your knowledge and power to create will be without limits, and to enjoy everything and not fatigue adds a icing on the cake that is almost too sweet to consume. 

The thought of adventure is exciting to many people but adventure in this world can have deadly consequences if you are not careful. The degradation of vibration and powers that this realm has experienced throughout the centuries have turned us frail, prone to infirmities and disease as we draw less mana from the environment.

Any type of adventure knowing that you will survive and return to your divine self no matter what will be an abundant joy for humanity to witness. This unlimited security provides the type of safety that only a divine experience can provide. 

Humans naturally love adventure and the mystery of the unknown, though it was lined with peril and death here in this world. With a truly divine remaster, we will have an experience of an unlimited nature sure to keep us exploring and fascinated for countless now moments to come. 

Exploring the farthest depths of multidimensionality is an adventure in its own right, embarking on journeys to realms that may occupy the same spaces we do. A world that may be right next to us, while still being total worlds apart. 

How To Start Your 5d Journey

You can start your 5d journey by learning to let go of that which tends to drive your consciousness away from love here in this realm. You will naturally create a 5th dimensional path for yourself endeavoring to maintain a high vibrational resonance as you live your day-to-day life persevering in your quest to retain good karma while living in the 3rd realm.

Mother Earth leaves all the dross created through trauma behind, as she brings her children’s hearts a new divine coherence that carries with it information of the soul. A heart based consciousness aligned with the changing energetics of the new human and Earth’s heart is presenting itself as a catalyst for change. 

In remembering our soul’s path or akashic material, we bring into remembrance knowledge meant for this time to shift onto a 5d consciousness meaning innate knowing that we are all connected on a deeper level. These are meant to help shape the paths of those who serve the greater end of Mother Earth’s transition. 

Your Inner 5th Dimensional Path

You are the crossroad path that is at the fulcrum of all your dreams. You are the master of that center point, you have only forgotten. You do not start the journey when you are conscious of it. You start it when you take your first breath in this world, though being conscious of it makes it tons more fun. You are always on your spiritual journey. Creating our door into heaven, will be writing the play book for the greatest adventure of awakening in our modern era. 

Love & understanding can open the portal of ascending into 5d. Love and understanding help lay a path for one to master themselves, and release the floodgates from the inflow of light from their cosmic beingness. 

What does 5d mean to you? Are all your treasures held where somewhere can steal them? Are your treasures in plain sight for someone to take them or brake them? Nothing will make it from here to the new world except for the souls willing and the things they have kept in their heart as treasures. Ascending into 5d will lock in for us many treasures that the divine wishes to share throughout the Creatrix.

Shifting into the 5th as an infinite being able to experience anything that you desire is the greatest dream of ages. Your new home energy of the 5th world feels like new fabric of a dream, new to the senses and electrifying to the touch.

Know the self, and dream on brother and sister!

5d Ascension Timeline – 5 Subtle Reasons The Shift Hangs On Us

A 5D ascension timeline stands before us as enter our becoming. The ascension into 5d new Earth is something that can’t be properly predicted as each one of us are a variable. There is also a belief that there will be an event that will largely trigger our collective ascension.

With so many hearts in the equation the predictably of the event becomes nearly impossible. We can look at hearts and know where they intend to go, though not all hearts are yet on one accord. More people are awakening in droves.

As more and more come online to seek reunification a more accurate 5d ascension timeline can be surmised. As the energies rise our ability to see what is ahead will be increased. 

Those in the spiritual know are looking for the world to change as they change themselves. As we shift from inside along with Mother Earth we are creating this ascension journey as we go along.

The Divine has its idea of what it wants to achieve, and the hearts down here have manifestations of a greater world. We know what we want and what we see in our visualizations. 

Without a doubt, these are come crazy times to live in, to be sure. The 5d ascension timeline hangs on us. Here are 5 reasons the greatest show on Mother Earth can’t go … or start without us. 

#1 Anchor Light Into Mother Earth

Our light is anchoring into Mother Earth so she can rise up in vibration herself. We are ascending as a collective, with sights on having our collective consciousness uptick here in the near future. Mother Earth is depending on as many of her children as possible to embody as much light as possible for her to step in her next evolutionary experience. 

The next octave of experience will invite great wonders into our lives, as we open up to the energies that are catapulting us in the 5d new earth. Our world is about to transform and the souls are freshly into their becoming the new human, catalyzing everything. 

As we exhibit, practice, pray & breathe we take in light that is transferred into our fields. That light/energy, anchors from our feet down into Mother Earth. We are also receiving this energy from the Earth’s core as she is also changing from within. Her heart or magnetic core has been soaking up the solar sun rays and highly charged particles for almost a decade now more ferociously than ever before.

This collective light is creating a light grid of hearts for those watching and it is said we are creating the greatest show in the cosmos right now with our ascension journey into 5d new earth.

When we consume energy the way we did when we were simply a child of creation living as light/energy/information. This children of light, also children of the sun, are destined to help Mother Earth ascend. As we become more lighter, while being anchored, we assist Mother Earth. We add to her light, light she needs to fully realize the shift all over her spaces. 

We are light conduits for Mother Earth. We are anchoring 5th dimensional light and codes into the spaces we occupy on Earth. Information from the cosmos is coming in riding the cosmic waves and stellar stardust, to become intentions from the Most High for us to rise up. Imagine a light photon filled with information for the shift. You breath it in and a gift from the Universe fills you up.

As we anchor light into Mother Earth we are being changed. The shift hangs on us because we are the revelation of ages. As it is written, The Christ would …’come back to rule’. Christ Consciousness will rule, and all people will be spiritually free and sovereign on 5d new earth.

Tap into the Source And Transform

#2 Conscious Hearts Are Magnetizing A Greater Outcome

Our willing hearts are intending to magnetize a greater outcome for ourselves and brethren in this realm. Many of us are manifesting for a better end result. Though we don’t know what exactly the end result will be from all this, though we understand we have a part to play. As we take in more light our heart gains more power and we become more attractive magnetically. 

This allows humans to have a greater impact on what will be created from our attempts at laying ground for 5d new earth. The 5d ascension timeline currently has many hearts manifesting a greater world for everyone, this is assisting our creating it for ourselves. Magnetizing a greater outcome while we anchor light into Mother Earth and create a timeline for the shift.

Conscious hearts are drawing more potential for an awesome outcome for everyone. As we magnetize in our direction, we get more and more of what we want, collectively this manifests as us moving forward energetically as we intend on our ascension journey. 

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#3 Our Dreams and Visions Are Building On It

Our dreams and imaginings are laying some of the initial groundwork. As we intend our desired outcome, we are building suspense on our 5d ascension timeline. We magnetize our greater 5d new earth. We are further awakening, further driving us into our powerful new & exciting 5d resonance. 

Hearts are growing and transforming giving loving intent more power in this realm for change, being built on the dreams of those who seek reunification and harmony on Earth. 

With thousands on Mother Earth’s children investing in our new era and timeline for ascension so much love and light is being thrust into the collective light grid of Mother Earth. It is said that as we draw ourselves closer to this outcome, 5D fractals or pieces of the 5d grid are forming, like dreams frozen in time waiting to filled by a loving spectator.  

As more and more people put their love and effort into their 5d new earth it all comes together as a collective dream with Source and Mother Earth at the helm, making way for a divine space for God’s children to come home.

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Come Home To Divine Love

#4 Mother Earth Is Waiting On Us

Mother Earth awaits her children and even she waits on us to be ready. 

It is said that there is already a 5d space available for us to call home, we only need open ourselves up to it. The spirit of the new is all around us. Mother Earth has made way for the winds of change to brush her from corner to corner and humans are feeling this as gentle nudging to heal and find the center within. 

As we dream Mother Earth gets a grander and greater view of what we want to become. As she gets a better idea of the divine world that is growing beneath the feet of the newly awakened, she shifts. She also shifts her timeline for the shift.

We are creating a timeline for the shift with her, we are fulfill our desires for the ages becoming what we are to become to make our place on 5d new earth.

Can’t Seem To Find Your Ascension Partner? Let This Soul Draw Them For You

Let the stars point the way to your soul mate …

#5 Our Patience

After 2012 we entered a very highly lite, highly charged area in space. Many refer to it as the photon belt, 2021/2022 marked our arrival into an even denser part of this phenomena. These entries and exits of this Photon belt are said to mark the ending and beginning of ages that go back far in Earth’s history.

Our patience is needed here, for we believe that the energies will only get stronger and stronger. Further increasing the vibrations of the realm and thrusting us forward on our evolutionary path. 

These cycles of time have always come here and there, just like the turning of the seasons. Be patient with yourself. Seek inner stillness and guidance from angels, spirit guardians or your higher self. 

They are suppose to peak again in July 2022, for another chance for us to go the distance in our ascension journey with the help of powerful blessings from on high. 

Creation’s experience is experienced and born through you, fresh never before done and newly introduced to the Creation. Exciting huh? 

The 5d ascension timelines depends on us. It depends on if our hearts can survive our ascension journey and the times to come. 

What is a Starseed – What, How & Why They Are Here

What is a Starseed? A soul whose origination was not local. Seeded from a place that is not here.
If you haven’t heard of this term it suggests that the origination of someone’s soul/or energy is fresh in this star system from another.

Who is to know where a spirit comes and goes. It is believed that most souls have been here for a while dying and reincarnating to live and die here again.  Working out our karma and learning what it takes for a soul entity literally to rise up in consciousness or vibration.

And then there are some souls that have not be caught in the cycle of life suffering and death. Souls that have not been bogged down in the thick mire of pain and forgetfulness here in this realm. These souls are coming with a naturally higher level of consciousness.

These souls come with a mission to help raise the consciousness of the planet in this time.  They have also forgotten. They hide underneath a burning and budding desire for change.  To not accept how they see things here, because THEY NEED to change.  They are the spiritual “new school” and if this planet is going to change into a place of love and compassion we need pure willing hearts. Their hearts resists what does not make Heart-conscious sense.

They can’t live in it, and they must change it.

And we must help them.

What is a Starseed?

Extra-terrestrial in origin. Not like us. The stuff that don’t make sense here that we have accepted for years, they just don’t get.

Starseeds are wired for change. It makes sense to them. If YOU grew up in this world and never felt like you fit in then your children will likely be starseeded.

Like you and I they will have different talents. They will be called to serve in different ways. They will have an inclination to help the world in some way whether it be with people or in improving systems that are already here but require change to be more sustainable.

If you notice kids these days are doing more incredible things. Showing signs of a budding and absorbent consciousness as well as ” old soul” knowledge when they learn to express it.

Main Classes of Starseed

Most can be classified by when they came in. As we are constantly being bombarded with cosmic rays and solar flares the way for more of these children is being made. The Universe & Earth are priming to change. These young people are catalysts for the evolution of consciousness. The vibration of their hearts, their effect on other hearts, and the willing conscious shifting of hearts is all being affected by them from one heart to another.

Indigo Children

Most Indigo kids started popping up in the 50’s and 60’s’. Though their greater entry bed was more in the 80’s. Around this time we had Starseeds entering with an astute sense of what actually works, and a sense to try and go against what does not. You can expect these kids to not go with the grain per see. They are naturally disruptive of a system that is thirsty for change. They are here to ensure that it changes for the better. Mother Earth and theirs hearts will it so. They can be mislabeled as mischievous because they create their own way that works. They feel it is their mission to “be different” and act accordingly.

Crystal Children

These children take after the indigo children in their disruption of the system, as a continuation of a star line whose mission is to shift this conscious reality. They are very helpful, and perceptive to what needs to change. These are largely naturally sweet children who possess a very loving aura about them.  These children are also very likely to be highly sensitive and empathic. Feeling their way through what feels right to them, avoiding and seeking to shift what does not. They come with a desire to contribute to the world. Crystal children will also often be the offspring of Indigo children.

Rainbow Children

Rainbow children follow the same soul lineage type and fall into our timeline a bit later around 2010 and on forth from there. These children are very advanced and have been known to have great awareness to higher states of consciousness.  These are the children you hear stories of doing amazing things like winning prestigious prizes for psychic ability or creating something more sustainable that would give someone around the world clean drinking water. Things like that. They care about thing like that.

All these things are needed to help shift the thinking of those on the planet. Starseeds are the ones “seeded” off world to come here to help us make this world a better place.  It is the grand Starseed mission.

How To Know If Your Child Is A Starseed

They are many signs to pick up in noticing if your child if a starseed or not. You may find that you yourself may be one if you resonate with the changing strata of these people.

Your child will have a longing to go home.  They will have an affinity for the stars & universe and may be obsessed with going somehow.  They are also typically very sensitive, and highly empathic. Many have been seen as ADD or ADHD children, because they can’t pay attention?….NO because the stuff you are busying them with is boring, non engaging and not narousing the interest of the child in the least.  These children will have problems paying attention to something they are not interested in or something that does not matter to them. They are drawn to what matters to all people and where their place will be in helping it to shift.

Some may even have awakened DNA. Starseed children have been found to sometimes possess extra strands of DNA.  Being highly sensitive and perceptive they find themselves as contactees of paranormal or extra-terrestrial phenomena. Being wide open and a child of the stars means your intelligence may run counter-intuitively to standard public school education(which makes sense how many kids have “ADHD” or “ADD”). This is naturally going to bore them as they are looking to absorb something of substance.

They learn and advance really quickly in their thinking and motor function. You will see them “evolve” more quickly then you did as a child.

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What is the Starseed Mission here on Mother Earth?

Their missions to show us how to evolve like they are. Through their consciousness they will find better ways to be in the world and in themselves, and ultimately us. The definition of what it means to be a great and upstanding consciously evolving individual will be set high for how these children will learn and grow. As they grow we learn a natural and new heart based consciousness that is being put in place to change this realm on a grand scale.

Are you a Starseed meant for change?

So you are a starseed. What are you doing to change the world? Even your community is the world, and a change in people hearts is good change anywhere. Showing compassion where there was none or bringing forgiveness into a situation where it was not present before. Add nurturing and care where you see fit and do it without expectation. Remember we do this for Mother Earth and her children. The grand prize to be had comes later.

The bottom line is you are equipped to see and feel what is wrong in the world, though you may not have all the solutions to change. Do what you can and feel, but dream BIG. Our ascension to 5D is not shallow feat. We will need all willing hearts on deck.

If you are a Starseed, great. Now. How do you serve? How are you called to serve? If you are a Starseed you will have this answer eventually in your heart at some point. You will have an urge to go here, or help in this way, or learn this skill in your efforts to create change. Your Starseed mission if you choose to accept it: Be the greatest embodiment of love and compassion you can be in this realm and make sure it rubs off on everyone else.

Unlock Your Starseed Potential

5th Dimensional Manifestation – 3 Heart Based Windows Into A Dazzling New World

5D is any and everything good and wonderful you want it to be!

5th dimensional manifestation travel releases your chains to embark on a journey that your soul has been anxious to take for lifetimes. 5th dimensional love and adventure await. Within your self you have believed but that grown up part of you is still to some degree holding you back. Seek to unchain the weights that have prevented you for from basking in the most delicious of dreams to your heart and lips.

The heart is the pathway to a 5th dimensional Mother Earth and state of mind. 5th dimensional manifestation depends on your heart be open and strong, and your imagination willing and robust. Settling in the love, compassion & understanding is the coin of the realm that will purchase you that which you desire. Here we take a look at 3 heart based pathways that will serve in the revelation of our 5th multidimensional reality & experience to ourselves.

Window #1 How Dreams You Love Rise You Up

You have the power to take yourself to another world. Your mind and heart are the vehicle through which you can travel through the unknown. When you were a child you possessed an innocence and purity that provided a realm of belief in pretending. With saying this I have heard grown people say this is the place of children. Grown ups lose their innocence when they stop working with these concepts. Building in the 3rd realm is necessary, commonly for many at the cost of their inner child.

How does a child lose there purity from the world? The world convinces them that their imagination is just that and nothing based in reality. By convincing them that all they need is what is provided in today’s modern world the decline in what makes us divine wanes. When they start to believe it, then at that point the world has taken them from the purity that was the base of their beingness.

Not only playing pretend, but going a step further to simply use your imagination to create a dream and put yourself in it. Give it all the baubles and the beads to adorn it with beautifully. Make it shiny and new, and put yourself in this place as King or Queen. Get any ideas of how monarchies are run on this planet OUT OF YOUR HEAD. This world is you, filled with all the deliciousness that your divine spirit can provide.

This is a 5th dimensional space for manifesting and there is no place for lack, suffering or in equality. This is a light realm anchored in your merkabah made from pure 5th dimensional manifestation power turned on. Turned on from your own 5d star being in the 5th realm. There is nothing but love in the realm your merkabah makes, because only love can activate it.

Window #2 Love the Creation & Source

Let us not be confused as to what that is. Not simply the God of one book and perspective, but the alive energy that enlivens and encompasses all things. The underlying energy that gives life and purpose to all things in the Creation. This being is Love and the source of Love itself. Remember you are not doing this for GOD’s approval, you are doing this because you have knowledge as to the energetic relationship that you share with the Creation.

You don’t share a relationship with some man in the sky who is waiting to judge you, if you still believe that then your religion has prevented your perspective from evolving. This actually stifles spiritual development. Your religion needs to serve spiritual development, and if not, then how do you spiritually profit.

Check out my video on that where I speak on challenging your religion to SERVE YOU and YOUR SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT, and if not then you need to get rid of it.

Directed love towards your highest God, or highest self. All are connections and aspects of ourselves. Let us not forget, when we bring praise to higher self and Most High God, we give the greatest praise and receive the greatest prayer.

We re-substantiate our reciprocal relationship with Source. As we give praise we get something back in return from Source. Love, power and understanding. Understanding of what we are and where we come from. You can take my word for it, or you can sit down and consciously take a 5th dimensional breath into another world and feel what it feels like. You will feel yourself & heart be taken from that world.

Take from its wonder, its life. You may not see something with your physical eyes, but your thoughts and emotions have taken you somewhere. Somewhere inside yourself that you created in that moment without even really trying to get away and relax.

This is something natural to the child of Creation. Creating worlds and being engulfed in them. For the purpose of being engulfed in the experience of having limits here in this realm, but its time break free.

Window #3 5th Dimensional Love of Life

You loving your life is your loving yourself and spirit. As you love your life you bring light & attention into your being. You  funnel your conscious power into itself. You use this power to show tender love and care to the part of you that stands in between and looks to benefit from this the most, and that is the physical body vehicle. This is closely related to the first heart based opening into the 5th dimension.

While in that physical body you will at one point experience 5th dimensional powers and 5th dimensional romance and adventure. This will be nothing like in the 3rd world, rife with its limits and perilous pitfalls. The possibility of suffering in this realm makes moving just an inch frightful in the wrong circumstances, being susceptible to all sorts of dangers here in the 3rd realm.

Filling ourselves with the very substance that will lift us up is wise. Filling ourselves with the love that fills life, is an awesome and spiritual way to love our life. Everything that you possess in your life as you and your spirit is to be enjoyed, and as you enjoy your spirit you bring more appreciation into your life which will assist other virtues in your personas to reveal themselves such as Patience, Trust and Kindness, whom are the children of Love itself.

If you are seeking how to rise to the 5th dimension you can key in your input easily for the collective on yourself. Use 5th dimensional manifestation to create a world that is all your own. Love it, visit it everyday and create more in that world to be held for you by spirit for when you are truly ready to take your entire self there. 5th dimensional manifestation powers weave the power of love from this world into the next.

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What is 5D Consciousness? – 4 Major Signs You Are Shifting With Mother Earth

What is 5d consciousness? A deep revelatory yearning for that soul remembrance journey back to our cosmic home. Your 5d awakening looms as you become a being more resonant with the energetic changes happening on Mother Earth. There are many signs that things are changing and evolving. As Mother Earth shifts, each endures their own personal 5d shift in the heart. This is creating more compassion in the world, though the daily news may try and convince you otherwise.

5d consciousness brings the end of 3d systems and the beginning of divine ones. This is one reason why some are having great trouble believing that this is the foreseen time of change. Many are seeing signs. Watch for these sign you are shifting with Mother Earth, into your own shift into 5d awareness.

#1 Shifting In and Out of 5D States

You notice your vibration more. That subtle buzzing that seems to coexist alongside your heartbeat. You hear it when you are being silent. You feel it when you are relaxing with yourself. The feeling and state of joy and bliss, engulf this awareness. As we vibe here in the 3rd realm, our vibration tends to meander around the average frequency ranges here.

You may be shifting also from wanting to exist and interact with the world to be uncharacteristically introverted. From doing what made you happy in the past, to that same activity draining you like never before. This is because pieces of you are already living in 5D.

5d awareness makes the way for the great shift to take place in your life, changing how you think and your thoughts on what’s possible. Changing how you feel about certain things. Taking your everyday or every moment out of the 3d world and into a place more resonant with your changing vibes. This also involves consciously maintaining good vibes, and doing our best to keep our heart and head in the game. Keeping those good vibes means you are on the right track.

#2 You are becoming a Highly Sensitive Person

If you’re noticing more sensitivity to things, then your bio energetics could be shifting with Mother Earth. As a highly sensitive person, you tend to feel more than other people. All senses and intuitive faculties in the body and outside on the skin, have a level of sensitivity. These levels are determined by many factors such as community, genetics, wear & tear, as well as soul affinity/age.

If you feel you have always been this sensitive, then you have likely always been in the flow of new energies. New energies meant to make things… well, new. This flow just means you are likely here to be who you are. To vibe as you do, seek as you do, and hold the light being who you were meant to be here in the 3rd realm. You were meant to adopt an ascension consciousness.

This also means your body energetics are shifting as the electro-magnetic field around the Earth is also shifting. Your aura and bio photon field is evolving and you will naturally become more sensitive to your own energies, those in others and in your surroundings. Being extra sensitive, as we are, will position you to be ready for a 5d consciousness shift when the moment is right. 

#3 You are minding your 5D Health

5d Health is centered around feeding the Light body and energy system in the body. You are cleaning up your diet or eating habits for this sole purpose, and your higher self is pushing you to succeed. You are consciously seeking to clear your fields of unwanted detritus that would only serve to stifle a full cleansing of the body vehicle. You don’t want something gross that you are eating stifling your ascending into 5d. 

The spirit within you that wills this is the spirit of your own self love and care. The greatest aspect of this spirit that is you wishes to be free in the greatest sense of the word. For that aspect of you to have the greatest freedom, it requires “YOU” to also be the greatest version of you that is the happiest and vibin’ the highest.

The soul seeks to put you in the most optimum position for spiritual growth to accommodate a 5d state of mind and transformation. The 5d reality will come about very slow and sluggish for those who are not actively taking response-ability for their health and nurturing onto a 5d cleansing. Your light body is a major upgrade of your energy system.

This light body needs Mother’s Earth goodness, care and natural nutrients to ensure the human body has what it needs to nurture the spirit in a real way. Providing the body with the supplies to make sure everything is moving the way it should. Energy needs to move in the body, and getting out of its way should be a priority. Mother earth is also cleansing herself with your cleansing to initiate her 5d earth ascension.

Reiki is the art of opening up energy pathways in the body for healing!

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#4 You dream of greener Divine Pastures

You are having 5d dreams. To you, those seeking to move into 5d consciousness and reality, your heart has in most cases already left and is moving in and out of this world and the next. You want to go home. You want to be free. Not just free to live in the country you live in, but free to travel the cosmos. And not in a ship made by men, but in a ship made by the spirit. The light body and merkabah are the vehicles and you are ready to take flight. You have let you higher self know that when the time comes, you are willing to take the plunge and step through the door.

Whether it is off-realm or off world, you are yearning to be taken to a place that is free from the worries of this life and modern 3d world.  There is a belief amongst many that they will “see GOD” when they die or are about to die, and at no other time will they see God. The time we are living in is indeed the time of the revelation, for something great to be revealed. The great thing is an entity that lives in us being awakened when you being shifting with Mother Earth.

When you are constantly being taken by your daydreaming, your love portal inside, into a place that you are finding yourself traveling to in the heart quite often, you are yearning to go back home. To the home we knew before we decided to incarnate on this planet. There is something more to be experienced, as the energetic space on this planet turns up even more, we will subtly shift more in our conscious awareness. 5d awareness will take your breath away and that is what the soul is longing for again. After lifetimes of living in this realm and being held back from our greatest potential, it is about to open up to us again in a divine way.

What is 5D Consciousness in you?

What is 5d consciousness to you? Is it your greatest dream ever, your greatest reality lived in your heart, a creation of vast proportions that you have set yourself upon to enjoy out your existence in peace? The love you harbor in yourself for all these things feeds from a spirit place. To activate a 5d consciousness you are going to need to infuse your reality with some love, however you can. The shifting of Mother Earth will take you back into the original and pure loving consciousness that you were before you forgot.

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What Is 5D? – How 5D Consciousness Changes EVERYTHING About Life

So what is 5D? A not so far off world of possibilities that await us in the spirit. To know that our beings are capable of 5 dimensions, should make the human curious beyond measure. Our 3D world is very familiar to us.

We wake up, get up from our sleeping places and face our day similarly to how our parents and grandparents have. On two legs, working to make that daily dollar until we can’t.

Human can currently do so much. We would seem so evolved and yet, there is still a greater distance to reach for. We will explore 5D consciousness, and what we can do to realize an ascension.

A 5d consciousness shift is what many in these times are reaching for, and attracting into their lives with hearts wide open.

An ascension into 5D, doesn’t mean you are leaving everything you love behind. It means you are opening up to the world that awaits. When you open up to that world, the vibrations there will feel like nothing we have experienced here in the third.

What Is 5d Earth!

To Interface with life in a new way, to live in your own blissful imagining, is to create a realm made of feelings and thought. A dream wrought and sought in and of itself. The unlimited nature of the spirit creatively starts in the mind, and the imagination is the door you walk through to access it.

It was the power of GOD to manifest in a thought. The Receptive mind is the home of the imagination. When you draw from it, you draw something new to you, that may had been drawn from afar. You draw from a field of endless possibilities, you draw from the everything and the nothing. The truth of the 5th dimensional shift is upon us.

  • What is 5D Earth? – A higher resonating space, right here where we are, being occupied by higher resonating beings waiting for us to peek through.
  • Have we made a 3D to 4d shift already? – It is said that our seeking for the stars, our increased awareness of our emotion/mental states, and the greater belief and remembering of our innate connection to Source is a move from 3d to 4d. A difference in realms of belief to be sure. A shift in consciousness or way of thinking from one to another.
  • What will it be like living in 5D? – Manifest with a thought, create any experience with a thought, and enjoy it unto forever as you desire and much much more. Every deliciousness imaginable available to experience by virtue of our cosmic aliveness.
  • Can we learn how to get to 5D consciousness? – Yes! We are learning more about spiritual development and increasing our vibration and power level now.

Many have come to bring things teaching back into remembrance

“What is greater to reach for than reunification with the Creator, a chance to live a cosmic existence of your own making….”

Rev Austin Miles
Believe You Are Super

What 5D Consciousness Will Mean For Us

Someone once gave a higher resonating 5d truth. A message of love and how it could change things. To live with an ascension consciousness is to have your mind on spirit and spirit on your mind. An ascension into 5D will bring your awareness to your energy and spirit more often, even to a constant degree.

This is your power and your life. To ascend into the fifth world will have you minding the greater part of you. How can anything else be your most precious thing other than the power of your aliveness.

This greater 5d truth I believe came from the Child of Creation. That one who is truly always with you. The spirit of the being who wishes to see those who masquerade to serve the people but in truth serve people who hide in high places and some that don’t hide.

This truth of the 5d world simply speaks of an energy resonance. A higher signature energetic presence where you have full control over every part of you totally. You become a fountain of love and virtue, tapping out your previous conscious experience to see more unto yourself than you ever thought possible.

Some stories only divine marvels can publish.

Ascend Into Purity & Chemical Free Care

If you are not looking at what you are putting on your skin or in your mouth you could be poisoning yourself. Avoid these chemicals and protect your family.

Ascending Into 5D With A New Energy Of Being

To make it into 5D we will transform our consciousness into full consciousness. Full consciousness affords a full range of awareness into the multidimensional nature of your soul and spirit.

In 5D dimension, not only do you experience height, weight, and depth, we will experience our inner worlds. The realm of dreams and imaginings that lay within us.

Being limited to three dimensions means our experience is pretty clear cut. Our physicalness is raw and sometimes unforgiving. Infirmities can mean pain, and our experience gets as real as it gets.

A flexibility of experience is something everyone is secretly awaiting or believes can happen by some means or another.

A changed and sparkling new world were the worries of this life have been washed away, and along with the bleak landscape of hopelessness that lingered on even after the physical pain was gone. No more.

We are being helped like never before with our ascension into 5D.

Full consciousness is the ultimate package of complete & divine suite of impediments in service to Source Creation.

  • Helmet – You are connected to the Multidimensional mind. Any knowledge you seek is yours.
  • Armor – Love and Will (heart and solar plexus respectively) – Self love and purpose protect you and fuel you forward.
  • Greaves & Boots – Legs, energy meridians, root chakra & feet keep you connected to Mother Earth, in service as you anchor your light, as you seek your personal ascension.
  • Gauntlets – Your forearm feed energy into the hands. You have portals/chakras in your hands/palms too.
  • Shield – Aura or bio photon field, Your torus field – Alive unto you – Densifying the light in the field can be done with a thought.
  • Horse – Merkabah – Chariot of the Child of God, alive unto you. Two star tetrahedrons(sun/\ and earth\/), superimposed, made one, multidimensional flight. It also serves as a light realm/theater around you like the shine that surrounds a star.

Never before has the thought the divinity seems to glorious. A divine change, a more abundant change into 5d and full consciousness would enable a 5D truth of heaven on Earth. Loving heart catalyze this change.

Opening the heart is one of the keys to ascending into 5D… Love, being source energy, heals, awakens and transforms life when it flows generously in high abundance in the self… We await divine dispensation as love, intend and dream forward…

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