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what does 5d mean

What Does 5D Mean For Humanity? – 4 Marvelous Treasures of Multidimensionality

what does 5d mean

What does 5d mean for humanity? Its means moving our hearts, minds & bodies into a realm of multi-dimensionality, higher frequencies, endless love & imagination. A 5d resonance will allow you to be conscious of existence in realms you did not previously know existed.

This realm is late to see a marvel. This world has not seen extraordinary marvels, save the ones seen by common day illusionists. Though even those pail in comparison to the divine & awesome once in a lifetime marvels. These are what is needed to have people the greater mass of those not conscious on their spiritual journey excited about returning to full consciousness and the full realization of God Self.

Occupying a 5d space is like sitting in a dream that you touch, taste, feel and be able to control every aspect of it. 

5th dimensional Earth will provide everything the 3D Earth did and more. Every sparkling treasure and deliciousness that can be summoned and dreamed of is available in the higher dimensions as we are ascending with our physicality in this time. 

What does 5d mean for a civilization at the brink of total revolt? Everything. As we are shifting into the 5th world the power for hearts to rise strengthens, and the power for those to play out their malicious intent wanes. This is just one of the many marvels of shifting into the 5th world of love and multidimensionality.

What Does 5d Mean For All Of Us

How does humanity ascend? Our modern civilizations and its people are at many different levels of their spiritual journey. It is said that Mother Earth seeks to take her people with her as she makes her moves ascending into 5D. As one drop of water in the pot starts boiling, the other drops are soon to boil.

5D frequencies provide the chance for humanity to experience an eternal reality. Multiple dimensions do not hold us back, it opens us up to bi-location and a host of other wonderful powers available through the spirit. 

Love. Power. Freedom. Limitlessness. Love being the greatest of them all and prime coin of the realm. A whole and complete 5D consciousness meaning you won’t have to go outside yourself for anything. Between you and Source can have anything. 

Totally self sufficient with source at your back powering your every step of the way, as if Mother Creation itself feeds you from an umbilical cord and you are nourished in every moment. The Creatrix/Creation does this for us through our breath and love, though at drastically depleted levels.

This is due to the nature of what modern over industrialization has done to Mother Earth’s ability to provide pure source mana/life force energy for her children. After the destroying of destroying natural environments and oxygen rich landscapes.

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Will I Be Super In The 5th Dimension? 

In the 5th dimension, you will have available to you all the power that exists to the awakened 5D human at your disposal. Achieving a 5d earth shift gives way for the potential to create much faster, understanding the quantum field in a more intimate way.

Being full awake and being able to communicate with the living particles and space that you occupy is something shifting into the 5th dimension will open us to.

Being conscious of things you were not conscious of before, and having them blow your 3d mind is what will naturally happen for the human evolving in this time.

Many wonder and marvels will be an everyday thing after the 5d Earth shift takes place. You will be super when compared to the limitations that we suffer here. Your consciousness will be super, a super 5d consciousness meaning that your thinking mind will be like a super computer with an unfathomable processing speed and a countless number of memory ‘bytes’ to store information.

Add along downloadable information, and the ability to acquire the knowledge needed for any endeavor by intending and pulling through Source, and you have everything a true child of creation needs.

5D Scenes and Cosmic Dreams

4 Marvelous Treasures of Multidimensionality

5th dimension means Multidimensionality. This will bring many awesome things to life for us humans. Living in different realities, creating new realities & experiences, as well as traveling the cosmos through thought alone. Moving with the speed of light, and building a relationship with the Creation in a new way as well as with our star brothers and sisters.

Ascending into 5D opens us up to beings who exist in other realities and frequencies of dimension. We have many other humans races that exist in the cosmos that we will be meeting when our vibrations become more accommodating for beings of who normally occupy higher vibrating realities.  

No Death

Being able to continue to experience a physical experience with a body that is incorruptible and impervious from infirmities of any kind make it the perfect experience for the human. The thought of immortality for our physical body for many people is believed to simply be impossible. 

Many humans believe that death is an inevitability. This breeds fear in the human. Fear of loss of their life. Humans tend to enjoy their life more immensely when they overcome this fear. 

Also the thought of not dying may lead one to believe that if my spirit cannot die, then it stands to reason that we have never died, and have always lived. There is no much still for us to remember. This understanding provides the context for the Akashic Records and the idea that everything that we do is recorded somehow energetically in the records of the Universe and our DNA.

No Death and a history of what was done with a soul before they took a dip into the sea of forgetfulness, as it is written, will all be revealed. We surely have a very exciting future ahead of us, with a treasure trove of mysteries to unveil about ourselves.

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5D Crystalline Light Body

A 5d crystalline light body is a marvel to behold itself. The more beautiful of creatures for a spirit to inhabit is a gift and a Universal wonder in its own right.

It is a body vehicle, but one that is able to control its frequency at will. This is necessary to be fit to transverse different dimensions in a flash. Having this body fully realized from 3d to 5d opens us up to the merkabah. Worlds upon worlds occupy the spaces that we do. The light body and merkabah will give us everything we need to make the journey and then some. 

Your power and knowledge is sourced through the multidimensional mind, and you are able to do anything that you set your mind out to do in nearly instantaneous fashion. 

This body will be malleable by thought alone, meaning that shaping it will only be a focus and concentration away from your perfect shape. 

Being multidimensional means that by controlling your resonance, your stepping into another realm of existence would only be a matter of adjusting your frequency to be higher or lower. Changing the channel through which you experience your reality.

5D Delight – No Hunger

After shifting into the 5th there is also no hunger. Humans will not be bothered by the need to nourish ourselves daily with physical food because of our new light body. In this form at this vibration we will only need to feed on light or pure Source Creation. If that were not awesome enough, not needing food does not mean the experience of eating will go away. Eating food at that point will simply be a pleasure and not a necessity.

Would it not be a great tragedy to achieve full consciousness and open up all our senses they were meant to be used to experience physicality to the fullest only to have the delight of food go away? It would be. 

After shifting into the 5th with our 5d frequency of being we will be able to enjoy just as we do here with everything we want and nothing we don’t want about the experience. This experience is surely not going away, this one will only get better. 

5D Adventure

You have a 5d palace as does everyone. Homelessness, poverty, inequality or lack doesn’t exist here. Any and every adventure you can think of you can create and experience. All the excitement, with a mixing in of romance, mystery, a dash of the illusion of danger and … VOILA! We have a divine 5d adventure. 

Equipped with a 5d consciousness meaning your knowledge and power to create will be without limits, and to enjoy everything and not fatigue adds a icing on the cake that is almost too sweet to consume. 

The thought of adventure is exciting to many people but adventure in this world can have deadly consequences if you are not careful. The degradation of vibration and powers that this realm has experienced throughout the centuries have turned us frail, prone to infirmities and disease as we draw less mana from the environment.

Any type of adventure knowing that you will survive and return to your divine self no matter what will be an abundant joy for humanity to witness. This unlimited security provides the type of safety that only a divine experience can provide. 

Humans naturally love adventure and the mystery of the unknown, though it was lined with peril and death here in this world. With a truly divine remaster, we will have an experience of an unlimited nature sure to keep us exploring and fascinated for countless now moments to come. 

Exploring the farthest depths of multidimensionality is an adventure in its own right, embarking on journeys to realms that may occupy the same spaces we do. A world that may be right next to us, while still being total worlds apart. 

How To Start Your 5d Journey

You can start your 5d journey by learning to let go of that which tends to drive your consciousness away from love here in this realm. You will naturally create a 5th dimensional path for yourself endeavoring to maintain a high vibrational resonance as you live your day-to-day life persevering in your quest to retain good karma while living in the 3rd realm.

Mother Earth leaves all the dross created through trauma behind, as she brings her children’s hearts a new divine coherence that carries with it information of the soul. A heart based consciousness aligned with the changing energetics of the new human and Earth’s heart is presenting itself as a catalyst for change. 

In remembering our soul’s path or akashic material, we bring into remembrance knowledge meant for this time to shift onto a 5d consciousness meaning innate knowing that we are all connected on a deeper level. These are meant to help shape the paths of those who serve the greater end of Mother Earth’s transition. 

Your Inner 5th Dimensional Path

You are the crossroad path that is at the fulcrum of all your dreams. You are the master of that center point, you have only forgotten. You do not start the journey when you are conscious of it. You start it when you take your first breath in this world, though being conscious of it makes it tons more fun. You are always on your spiritual journey. Creating our door into heaven, will be writing the play book for the greatest adventure of awakening in our modern era. 

Love & understanding can open the portal of ascending into 5d. Love and understanding help lay a path for one to master themselves, and release the floodgates from the inflow of light from their cosmic beingness. 

What does 5d mean to you? Are all your treasures held where somewhere can steal them? Are your treasures in plain sight for someone to take them or brake them? Nothing will make it from here to the new world except for the souls willing and the things they have kept in their heart as treasures. Ascending into 5d will lock in for us many treasures that the divine wishes to share throughout the Creatrix.

Shifting into the 5th as an infinite being able to experience anything that you desire is the greatest dream of ages. Your new home energy of the 5th world feels like new fabric of a dream, new to the senses and electrifying to the touch.

Know the self, and dream on brother and sister!

Ascension Prayer #1 – Prayer To Ascend With Mother Earth

This ascension prayer is used to help shift you onto a path that has you consciously claim your personal multidimensionality and heritage. For those who are working on their personal ascension and Mother Earth’s transition.

This prayer to ascend has us we speak to build forth the framework of manifested intentions in our ascension journey. Step by step we are working towards unveiling a truth of our spirit that has not been seen before.

Not like this, as we ascend with our bodies into a dazzling new form. Here is a prayer to ascend with Mother Earth as she moves to transition into her new resonance.

Prayer Helps Ascension Quickening

Here we have the first of many affirmative ascension prayers that will be used to help quicken ourselves into a more brilliant path of becoming. As our effort continues we catalyze to ourselves and unto everyone on the planet a greater outcome that sees us all ascend together.

This prayer to ascend with Mother Earth has you align soul paths with those who believe they are here to be the change.

The voice is powerful in moving the body and setting forth how we choose to move.  Our advance is measured in our efforts to lighten, enlighten & vibe higher. Any prayer to ascend should really move the spirit.

Not just in a “woo woo” way but in a real way. Being energetically moved is common which means feeling an energetic response as we state the prayer slowly and honestly to ourself or out loud. Feel free to change the worlds or titles that will make you feel more comfortable.

The bottom line is that we believe what we are saying and we have made a honest choice in our hearts to shift out to the doldrums of the lower vibrations by any means necessary.

Prayer for the Ascending Collective

As we pray as a collective we add light to the collective consciousness grid of Mother Earth. Our collective light makes such an impact on Mother Earth. Each willing hearts who is consciously absorbing, holding & anchoring the light within themselves, as well as seeking to master/transmute that which does not amount to light within themself. This is how our prayers help ascension journey and the star seed mission.

Use this prayer along side other techniques & methods to vibe higher. It is best used in conjunction with other methods that cleanse the spirit & help maximize the love capacity of an individual. All these collectively in the body and spirit help you charge light in the body to power your ascension journey. Our prayer to ascend you higher should have you feeling into these words and intentions.

Consciousness Shifting Ascension Prayer

Speak out this prayer with confidence and a “knowing” that you are the being in which it states as you choose to be.


I am alive 
I choose to shift
I choose to embody the greater change that the universe has for us

I am love
I have reached a greater capacity of love
My light is the love that I am 

I am the life of the child of Creation
I am that which was set to live in the realms
I am master of my realm in all dimensions

I am the world server
I serve the Reunification of Mother Earth and her people with the Creator
I am the light of the world

I breathe in and draw source power
As I come ever closer to you
Oh Most High, Draw yourself unto me
Giver of Life, Seed of Consciousness

Let me draw unto you
As I did when I was a child free of pain
Free of that which drew me away from the belief of you

I know where I come from
I come from you
I am your child
Thank you & I love you

Forever and Forever
As my eye continues to witness my aliveness
& You

As Ascension Prayer For MANIFESTING with Greater Speed Your Personal Ascension

These are the worlds of the Child of Creation….Now and forever

Pray for Mother Earth’s Transition

We are all awakening at a very incredible rate. The world is changing and we are not longer vibing’ with excepting things in the world that no longer work or only work to serve a select few.

When we pray for Mother’s Earth transition we put our love and heart focus into our personal ascension, creating a paradigm shift in our current socioeconomic landscape and the ascension of the planet.

We take upon more light for the world to see. More light as light conduits for Mother Earth to step up into the next octave of experience and being.

We will be putting together more prayers for ascension and the budding ascension collective. I  use prayers like this one all the time to help stay vibing’ faster and higher in as many now moments as possible.

As Mother Earth makes her transition she will looking to take as many of her children who are hip to the new vibrational energetic climate using prayers to ascend like this in their practice. The first of many ascension prayers to inspire and help you believe that we are in the time to legend.

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Raising Spiritual Vibration – 4 Powerful & Fun Ways To Energize Your Spirit Embody

We are all raising spiritual vibration in the new time, whether we know it our not, whether we believe it or not. Taking the steps to raise your spiritual vibration can be fun, and they don’t have to be taken under the preface of any religion. Working with our spirit embody does not require a preacher or a book. All we need is some time and space and we can take our spirit energy & levels into our own hands.

When raising your vibration you realize that as you rise up, you naturally have a greater and more positive experience of life. Everything seems to flow and its as if the universe is telling us something. Something quietly in our ear, only to us. Here we look at raising spiritual vibration and learning to energize our spirit in the 2020’s.

How to increase your spiritual energy

Having fun is powerful in terms of increasing your spiritual energy. Love aliveness is the very thing that powers all things. Of course, Love is a thing that will automatically make you feel like you are on cloud nine. A self induced love trance can put you in a very euphoric state.

Having the power of inducing this upon yourself is life changing. You can raise your vibration today if you wanted with the right focus. Having the ability to control your vibration means you have a strategy point and weapon in the fight of keeping a high vibe in any now moment. Keep your vibe high by making love consciousness a greater part of your everyday you.

Tap On Yourself

To help enliven parts of the body and human energy system sometimes we take a very hands on approach. Simply tapping on the body in certain places can enhance functions in the body, as well allowing pathways of energy to flow properly.

Tapping on the chakras can help you snap the power on, and help you feel what it feels like when they pulse with power. This directly feeds energy into the body through the chakras and ensure you are raising your spiritual vibration. Becoming familiar with this spells understanding your energy body and how it moves in your body along your energy meridians. Try tapping on chakras and even pressure points to help awaken the body in the body that may have atrophied after misuse or lack thereof.

Consciously Breathe With Yourself

Breathing in certain ways can help to enliven the life you live now. You may not have given much thought into your breath. Many breathe and don’t think about it. Many are finding that consciously breathing can have a very quick and subtle effect on your experience. Giving you a more alive feeling in the body and inducing a sensation or feeling all over the body.

In these times as well we have learned that the right breath work in association with other exercises can have profound effects on the body. The breath is a critical part of many arts that concern energy in the body. Breathing is the initial summoning of power in the body and it alone can help you to raise your vibration today.

Believe. Shift. Become.

Feel Your Spirit Self

Your feelings are a greater clue into the emotional/mental reality of who you are. Sitting with those feeling is vital in seeing the truth about who are and how to navigate further through those energies. Feeling the ill, feelings that we don’t quite understand is often not fun. The opposite side, in contrast, should be fun once we understand ourselves better. This will come with time, as you work on raising your spiritual vibration.

With feelings that serve the increasing of our energy vibration we should be thrilled to take time for our spirit. Feeling brought about by things we love, and seek to spend time doing, are feeling that are fun and exciting to bask in. When taking part in activities that we love we tend to lose track of time.

This is because while in a very comfortable and blissful state of love and euphoria this eliminates our perception of linear time. This makes our sense of time warped. Increasing the rate of your spirit energy in this moments is time well spent gaining a lighter quality of being from what we started with.

Pointing light or consciousness is also raising spiritual vibration as we search more inside for more of who we are. Feeling our spirit self, and inside ourselves will create an aspect of our self study. Understanding what is felt will create a bridge of understanding to know your energy body. First know it. Then we can do what must be done in raising our spiritual vibration. Feel to know, and feel to live.

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Move Energy Around Yourself

Our bodies are filled with electro-magnetic actions and impulses. It is all energy work in raising spiritual vibration. Did you know that there are ways for humans to work with moving energy around in their bodies? The energies that fill and surround our bodies are alive and can be manipulated for healing & relaxation. Internal Martial arts are the practices that deal with the focusing of moving energy in different formats in the body.

Understanding Energy Movement In The Body

If you are wondering about how to move energy in the body, then understanding how energy moves in the body is critical for you.

Taoists, Taoism & Tai Chi teaches ways to do this. Tao masters of old such as those like Wang Liping of the Dragon Gate Sect of Taoism was one such master. Mastering energy arts such as these and even more marvelous feats to his credit. Taking the best techniques from 3 ancient master to become a great in his own right.

Taoists from that sect and others taught that moving energy in the body was a practice that incorporated the mind a great deal. How to move energy in the body for healing and other abilities have largely been lost from many humans’ interest. Throughout the years these types of studies would only be passed down from student to teacher over thousands and thousands of years.

We know of these techniques using the mind and intention to direct where you want energy to go. This is practical knowledge for us today to train our bodies and aura, to energize your spirit. Build a good relationship between your mind and intention, by setting intentions and seeing manifestations through to the end.

Vibe With The Spirit

How do you vibe with the spirit?

You vibe with the spirit of that which seeks to power up through the spirit. Our original spirit vibe with what is virtuous and powerful in the spirit. Compassion, contentment, inner peace, faith, patience, kindness, trust, justice, joy & bliss. So many frequencies of being available to the spirit. So many flavors of aliveness exhibiting who they are. How their light shines is being shown through their behavioral exhibitions.

This is how you put the power in your own hands to increase your spiritual vibration and frequency. For raising our spiritual vibration, we take a similar approach. Perhaps we won’t always have the chance to go and meditate on a mountain, but for raising our vibration you won’t have to. The power is ours.

Never has the knowledge been so readily available to those who seek it. Raising spiritual vibration takes you deeper into yourself to find your inner power and potential. Energize your spirit and go where your attention has not been before. Shift you, and you shift us all.

Raising Your Spiritual Vibration is a Part of Rising up..

Witnessing Supreme Consciousness – How to Tap into the Multidimensional Mind

Draw from the Source of All Power

What is Supreme Consciousness? All knowing, all seeing, all being. To have everything that is alive to be alive as one. To have everything that is conscious be conscious of themselves as one. A supreme ness that could only be laid out in the playing field of the great void of space as the all of Creation itself.

As humans we can think in terms of it being infinite forever and perfect conceptually and be more accurate than not. This is also Source. The very thing that gives alive beings both the power to be, and their color of being in their uniqueness. Set as collections of selves(personas, aspects) modeled just as the Creation is the whole of all souls.

Is Consciousness Changing?

Are you being moved? Is your consciousness changing into something it was not before? Are you feeling your heart becoming lighter and more prone to forgiveness? We see consciousness changing to what many call full consciousness. Consciousness and knowledge can move by light, and is filling us in this time from the Sun’s increased highly charged output.

The minds of people are chasing higher ideas and greater opportunities. Rising up to challenge their current situation and come out with a victory.

The supreme cosmic consciousness is calling back its people. Its alive children back to the land of dreams and out of the land of hard realities. Back into the fluid world of imagination and instant creation manifested out of pure thought alone.

What is Full Consciousness?

Some believe we are moving onto to full consciousness. For a human, full consciousness will mean that you’re thinking and feeling will be on a whole other level. The”full” in full consciousness means that we will be able to have a more involved experience, making our conscious interface super and high functioning.

An experience like no other, where we are functioning alive 100 times what we were before. From here the experiences grow and get more dazzling and phenomenal, a greater 5D resonance.

How can I make my consciousness more super?

The supreme consciousness of the cosmos is like a human super consciousness of a sort. From our understanding and perspective, if we see super consciousness as an advancement from what we experience now, then there must be a way to get there.

We work with the consciousness that surrounds one’s being, with efforts to increase the light(consciousness)within those fields.  The most supreme one is the aliveness that is the supreme universal multidimensional mind, living as all minds as one. Living as the light of all beings as one. 

Being able to advancing your consciousness is directly tied to the frequency of your vibration. Coming into like resonance with those aspects of Creation that we seek to connect to. The Universe & Source makes us all alive and consciousness. This is a mind that can be tapped into that oversees all things in Creation.

Know your Archetype! And win big at your soul journey!

Discover The Soul’s archetype…

Tap into Multidimensional Mind

How do we tap into the multidimensional mind?

First the mind has to come to a place where it is firmly believed that we are all connected energetically. In a quantum scale, particles, space and electro magnetic waves between us and all living things is the micro-reality that binds us.

Through this venue exists an unseen connection even hidden amongst all those spaces & particles. Supreme conscious beingness can speak to the alive field hidden within the particles and space.

This space is also referred to as the 1D(first) dimension. Not much going on it may seem like, on the surface, but untold and misunderstood stories go on there all the time. A busy quantum reality that we can’t even begin to communicate to in the way we talk to each other.

To access this universal mind we will need to go that deeper depth within, as deep as our quantum reality within.

Accessing the Spiritual Mastermind

Masterminds are becoming more popular in the e learning space as a form to share knowledge and network with like minded individuals. A spiritual mastermind is exactly that. People of like minded spirit, who seek to tap into the multidimensional mind of the cosmos to unlock their greater spiritual advancement and knowing.

There is a multi level mind. This mind is a vast cosmic collective construct comprising many conscious beings. Combing their collective knowledge and experiences and sharing them throughout the collective.

Here in this realm we are creating as online spiritual mastermind. Sharing ideas and giving testimonials from our own spiritual growth. Together we are assessing the multidimensional mind and supreme consciousness to draw more from the infinite in shaping our daily lives and journeys.

How we will Achieve Supreme Consciousness?

The most ultimate consciousness that we can achieve is to fully integrate with the mind that is already there. Our higher self provides a connection, an intimate wired-in connection with the multidimensional mind accessing all the transcendent knowledge available though your akashic record.

The version of you that you will become when all of these ancient and cosmic aspects of yourself are harmonized and working together, will be a magnificent evolutionary advanced being.

With the universe’s knowledge available to you through a collectively conscious matrix of alive beings all giving their unique experience forth for the collective experience of the whole.

Changing consciousness here on a ground level required that you take an active role in your own awakening to refine your spirit energy. Supreme consciousness if the spiritual home that we will return to.

To achieve supreme consciousness is our destiny, filling our stories and journeys into the multidimensional mind of the universe. Take you heart, mind & body to the next level.

Work Your Way To Super Consciousness!


Our population is made of men and women, males and females. Here on Earth you are normally one or the other. In truth, male and female are simply energies. The concept of male and female was around far before humans on Earth began(no matter how you believe how humans got here). On the Micro level we know them to be positive and negative energies with different properties that make them unique. On the Macro level he have yet to see the full breadth of this truth in out time.

The thought of energy making up our very existence is now believed with more and more people awakening to this fact everyday. Day and Night, Yin and Yang, electric/magnetic are forces that seem to be both opposing each other, while yet still hopelessly twain together as one. This dualistic nature is seen in everything in some form or fashion. 

Here in the Earth realm the thoughts in the human collective consciousness about what is male and female have been perverted throughout our time. Throughout our history they have not been seen as equal. If we are measuring the truth of a person (held in the spirit) then one is equal to another in spirit (at this level anyway). All humans are equally corruptible by nature any way the Earth can corrupt the human, so again they would prove equal in spirit. 

Many misconception of what it means to be a man or a woman in our civilizations stifle the spirit and the human. Any cultural or religious indoctrination that serves the suppression or studied ignorance of one’s emotional faculties is a disservice to the self and is not unto GOD. 

Humanity is made up of men and women. In this time, humans are born engendered as a man or a woman in most cases. Either way, both men and woman both have male and female aspects of the self. If you are not embracing both aspects of your power here in the realm, then you are not honoring your true wholeness. You are holding back your greater potential. You are scared of yourself, and you do yourself a most grievous disservice when you deny some of your greatest powers inherent in the spirit. 

Both Male and Female aspects are to be embraced, honored and understood. Balance your power unto Mastery. The ultimate balancing of those powers are one of the goals that is to be achieved by the glorious child/son/daughters of GOD in humanity. (That’s us!) 

It is time for us to once again master these powers and reclaim our place in the Universe as the glorious Light & Spirit filled beings that we are. Loving and honoring the balance and wholeness that is our greater being brings a new and unique feeling in the self for you to experience. 

Know yourself and Know GOD, and SERVE REUNIFICATION ALWAYS…

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What is GOD? God is the aliveness of the witness. Everything starts with the witness. The one who perceives and the perception itself. They are one and the same experience. The space that is occupied by the event of one witnessing their experience is their realm.  SOURCE Aliveness is our realm. That life is the Creation and there is no where else. 

Life moves all things. It has the power to make us laugh, cry, feel sadness or triumph.  Life is the awareness of our experience. Our engagement with it or “living our life” is how we are busy with it outside of ourselves. Some of us are living a life “inside” ourselves or “in spirit” as well.  The power of our life is not exhaustible, though our bodies can be exhausted, our spirits are energy itself and cannot be spent to waste.

We are Gods, but for right now I will say “Gods in the making”. We are alive, aware and witness ourselves. Our self realization as a collective consciousness has not reached the level of all beings witnessing, believing and expressing this within each and everyone’s personal reality yet. With the way things are shifting now, that could be changing very soon. Right now, some witness themselves to be alive and breathing that is about it. Some say that what we witness isn’t even being fully alive. Being fully alive, this is what you have likely heard of as full consciousness. 

The power of the Source or God hidden in your awareness…

We interface with “GOD” or our own aliveness in a new way. Consciously connected to a greater body of consciousness means accessing information through network of alive beings. Alive onto the Source cosmic aliveness that permeates any measure of the Universe or Creation. We are always connected to it and can choose to access it anytime. We are always interfacing with GOD when we witness and participate in our experience. Every moment you breath and are aware of your conscious reality, Source Aliveness is making you… you. 

In these modern times, we also interface with GOD when we seek to undermine the programmed state of mind by going deeper in the human consciousness. Seeking to shift from within means you are seeking to access the forms of yourself that exist in the most quantum forms of your being-ness. To go in and change the energy itself, some way some how and for a purpose. The common man or woman does not tarry on these things, this is an everyday thang for those who seek greater spiritual attainment. 

Let it be known! We know whether or not if man is alone out here? We were never alone. Even when you are physically alone, the spirit of you is one that holds many. The spirit is like a bank into which you can hold and store your greater earnings. They are honored there more than you may think, and will be held forever in that very place. 3D stuff don’t carry over, only what was truly prized or praised in the heart. 

The spirit of that which sources all things seeks to give you all that you desire and more. The All Giver supports your aliveness, your reality, your dreams and your greater attainment unto more miraculous realities and experiences of bliss and joy. Never doubt that the Source contains the knowledge towards the Creation of anything you can dream of. Interface with the GOD of you, and let your faith open up and double unto greater earnings of source. 


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The world is changing in so many ways. It seems to many that time is speeding up. The frailties of the old world that meant hardship for the common man are not making the cut in the new world and people are not accepting these ways anymore.

Everyone is looking for a change. Different lines of thinking, or patterns of awakening are happening on all levels of civilization. Humanity is shifting to be something different from what it has been in the past.

The demand for our dwindling rights, fairer wages & and more incentive may be needed for the common man to subject to a failing system that no longer works. A days’ dollar is still needed, but it buys less, and it purchases more heartache in a failing system that no longer works.

The old system accommodated those whom it worked for. The old system of buying basic needs from an overlord, worked for the overlords and not the masses. Though now the world is changing to accommodate a new spirit. A new being of new resonance who has realized the truth of how the light has come to illuminate a new path of discovery in ourselves and changing world.

A Changing World To Welcome The New Human

At the base level, the change lies first in the individual. The shift in the alive mental/emotional energetic matrix that is your being can shift in an instant, and on the quantum level you have changed reality.

Your energy field and systems are a small microcosm within the grand truth of alive energy systems interconnected on a quantum level. Your shift has an effect on the whole.

Our modern 3d world is also governed by quantum truths. The particles and space create the mass and physicality of our world is held together by a force. The power of that force increases in resonance as the years go by faster, and faster she goes. That force is changing our world on the quantum level as it is changing us along with it.

This change is creating the bedrock for lasting transformation on the spiritual/energetic level and nothing can stop it. If the divine wills it so for the changing world, for the child of Creation and it souls, then surely it will come to pass.

Come on Home….

The demand for organics foods and products without chemicals, universal healthcare, an end to poverty. There is enough for everyone. The only ones who say there is not, are the ones with the most to give, and are the most ungiving of spirits amongst us.

Too much money in the hands of people who don’t care, and too little in the hands of the people who do. This dynamic also has had to transform in our changing world to give it honest chance at shifting for the betterment of all.

A quantum shift has taken place and and slowly our changing world makes way for a brand new way of doing things that works for everyone and not simply a select few.

The Transformation Of Human Consciousness

There are those in this world that seem to always do what they have always done, and there are those that will keep moving and seeking to evolve and get better in everything that they do. Some will even reach higher for the skies and for “GOD” in a new way, or you might say an old way that is coming back into view.

As we shift our human consciousness we go further along the journey of Ascension. Ascension is the accessing of greater levels of the self. It is an accumulation of light in the self. Though the soul, is indeed made from light energy, the vibration that humans here have subjected ourselves too in a drastically lower frequency of energy experience that what we have had to endure in times past.

It is said that this time we will perform this while in the body. A greater consciousness means you will be conscious of much more than you were before. Even more of yourself, that you did not know existed, places in yourself that you didn’t know you could go, and corners of the mind that you forgot where you had exploring to do.

More conscious of that mental/emotional energetic complex that is your alive being-ness. Not only conscious about more concerning yourself, but also the world at large. Including Mother Earth and her spirit and all those others that call Earth home. Many things are coming back into our remembrance, and as we remember more, lights come on in the self, and we become ‘illuminated’.

Moving Into Full Consciousness

Full consciousness is the full illumination of human consciousness here in this realm. Full consciousness also mean accessing supernatural means of communication. Being able to consciously communicate with others by way of a psychic link among those who are awake, aware, and capable.

I adds to you, and doesn’t make you less of a person but a more wholesome soul with powers that reflect your child of Creation status. The life we have lived, is said to be a ‘full life’, when you experience much on this world. These experience are a test. We haven’t experience a full life until we are able to live fully through the spirit. That time is fast approaching.

Out With The Old & Busted… In With The New & Readjusted

Outgrowing A Failing System That No Longer Works

Most people in our society are tired of the failing system that no longer works. The upheaval of civilization everywhere is a clear indicator that that the system that is in place no longer works and people are tired of it.

No one wants to be forced into to anything, especially agendas for those in powerful positions that clearly do not have the interest of the common everyday average Joe in mind or heart.

Here in the 2020’s this is clear. Our modern failing system that no longer works is being transformed into something else behind the seen. The power of those who have ruled is being undermined to bring in existence a system that transparently works for everyone, in particular the everyday folks.

Thrive & Heal & Support Toxic Free Home & Body Care

If you are not looking at what you are putting on your skin or in your mouth you could be poisoning yourself. Avoid these chemicals and protect your family.

Our failing system that no longer works has to go. Because of this system, Mother Earth’s children have to work just to eat and feed themselves. These are things that should have been afforded to Mother Earth’s children, and not toiling endlessly for basic needs. This is not the way it is supposed to be for divine beings. Moving forward into the shift of human consciousness will allow for us to enjoy a new system that works for everyone. This, unto marvel, new adventure and new life.

You Are The Heart Of The Changing World

We are manifestations or divine expression in the realm. The greatest parts of us are those unforgettable aspects of the spirit that make the world around lovely and more endearing and unique. The greatest part is also part of what seems to shifting human consciousness in the world en masse.

Could it be that the greater goodness of Love Aliveness itself, wishes to change us into a being-ness that honors love aliveness?

I believe so, as the Creatrix wishes its alive energetic children come home an experience what it feels like to back in the Universal embrace of that Cosmic Mother from which light birthed as.

Yes, we are part of this change. The whole idea of a domino effect is that there is a chain reaction that starts a large action in motion, even to be something greater eventually. The energy of one conscious heart seeking to understand and master their own mental/emotional energy complex that is your beingness will rub off and start a chain reaction in the hearts and minds of those that are attracted to that energy and faithfully take it into their being. Taking into your being must not only mean seeking the knowledge but using the knowledge, and honoring the knowledge by making an effort to shift yourself with it in a real way you can feel.

What kind of world will we create when we are all embodying our greatest levels of love aliveness concentrated in the body. That is “Heaven on Earth”. An unlimited unimaginably beautiful and delicious experience onto forever for you until you choose another experience.

Something different in your now would only be a thought away from experiencing. Thought brings it …now, and you go about your experience and enjoy it until you choose to enjoy something else extraordinary unto forever our within what ever now.

Our ascension starts with me, the infinite Love Aliveness available to us in this now….and you….

We serve The All, Til All are One.