Conscious Creation – 3 Imagination Gems for Consciously Creating

Conscious Creation – 3 Imagination Gems for Consciously Creating

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Conscious Creation is our purpose. What will we create? The hearts of those creatively seeking to transform the picture painted on themselves through self transformation are at large. The greatest of human creations awaits.

Along all the many marvels created by men their was an idea that sparked the acquisition of what was needed to foment that vision in the physical. Where there was great need, there was the desire to create change. Where there was great tragedy and lack there was a need to create joy and abundance. 

We as conscious creators create things to replace that which is broken or lost. We are alive for the purpose of creating. To create in everything that we do and with everything that we are makes us the spirit of that very Child of Creation that is birth from non other that the spirit of the Creation itself. 

Here we look at the family of conscious creators and 3 gems of the imagination we can use to consciously create. 

How to create using the imagination

The imagination is the soul’s paint brush and canvas. As we open up to the receptive powers housed in our imagination we summon possibly what once, was not. We draw from Source in an even more subtle way. You may not know what exactly will come through when we summon and create in this way, but we know what we want.

We know how what we want will make us feel, and that feeling guides us in the summoning. For attracting here we will need to clear our mind as well. 

The imagination is a wonder of the human experience. A cosmic wonder of open ended proportions. As open ended as the Creatrix itself.  Just as the light that shines from a ball of light or photon shines from its center where there seemingly looks to be nothing there, the Imagination draws in through intuitive receptive powers to create from what would seem like nothing at all. 

And in that nothing we will find everything once again. 

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Intuition is the backbone of invention

#1 Clear The Mind In A Solace of Serenity 

Clear the mind. In your mind see only an empty cube. This focuses your sight while your eyes are  closed. You are consumed with its filling. Its filling is nothing seen. Emptiness itself. Stay still here breath… 

You don’t want the directive mind to get in the way here. Strongly assert your attention on the emptiness inside the cube. 

As you breathe and intend to create (receive), see breath funnel into the top of the cube. 

Create whatever beautiful scene around the cube that is peaceful. Decorate around the cube with  pastures, natural landscapes, dreamy places with a grand and chill vibe. 

The emptiness in the cube is Home Base. HQ. The Dug out. 

Always return your consciousness back to the emptiness in the cube. This is your still point. Your rest between creations. Your home within a home. 

Your quiet place is a creation unto itself, with you sitting inside. Now with a serene place to open up and be peaceful, with space to open up to the imagination’s open ended nature.

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#2 Breathe Deeply To Draw Into Ourselves Creation’s Light

Everything is made from Light. All matter is light compacted or “made dense”. When we break down all matter it is only more particles and space. Here we are using our imagination to fill ourselves with light. This will naturally increase our vibration. 

As  you continue to breath into the cube you allow yourself to be receptive to the flow of universal source energy available to you in that moment in the spaces that you occupy.  As you increase the vibration you become magnetically more attractive to the creation you desire. Intuition is the backbone of invention.

Our imagination, in this exercise, will let in more light. As you breathe, see more energy and light particles come into the cube/self as you breath in. This here isn’t actually all imagination.

As your mind intends to move the light into the body, the energy will move. Energy follows the mind and intent. With Source we are consciously creating an outcome. It is similar to how the Jedi interact with the force.

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You are using your imagination here, to absorb light. You can only see it through your imagination, but just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean that nothing is going on. These powers exist though naturally invisible the naked eye. 

Here we want the receptive mind to take the lead on this one. We want the receptive mind to receive the inspiration you have already been given through the in draw of breath and receive what it can from the ether that is great, beautiful & brand new. This is your creation.

A summation of the relationship, pliability & flow that you share with the Creation and the imaginative spirit that was born alongside it. Our receptive mind is more free to flow in from the new birthing through Source. 

The in draw above the cube represents the priming of power through your consciousness in summoning what it is you wish to create. You fuel the in draw with your intention, love/light capacity, vibration & level of acceptance/belief.

We have created a magical scene to bring form out of our the practice when we consciously create. A gem in the eyes of those who believe they create worlds on end when the time is right.

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#3 Transfer Your Creation To The Forever Place

Anything you create here in this realm, in the physical you will not be able to take with you to the 5th dimension, just as it is written. Any adornment that you are intending to use to decorate a creation must be transferred into the Forever Place before it can be eligible to be enjoyed on an infinite level.

Whether a thing, or a dream or whatever… Hold that thing in a place of the heart. Your creation, when placed there will be held in spirit. As it is held in spirit, Love is the purchase pricing for holding. As you love more and more the creation has more power to stay standing were it is.

As your love and memory for it wanes, so too does the lights that line the streets of that dream. These conscious creations are powered on your love and light.

What can be more exciting than creating romance and adventure. Build your world.

Here you can let you conscious creation & manifestations run wild. A 5th dimensional manifestation will have no limits. Its like going into a toy store and expecting to always find the most exciting toys imaginable. 

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Travel Through the Healing Heart ….

Script its creation into a manifestation script. Create a dream about what is being created and see what it looks like there. A scripting adds drama. Drama will make memories. Good and exciting memories hang on your heart. Memories that hangs on your heart will ensure that that dream lasts lifetimes. This conscious creation still stay with you as a gem throughout your journey.

Aim high with this divine creation. We shoot high with divine creations in hopes that any physical manifestation serves us from our work in building energy and flow for another creation. The best physicality has to offer will be nothing compared to when corporeality reaches it divine state. 

Make sure this blows you away and if it doesn’t you have either not grasped what it means to be divine, or you just don’t know yourself enough to know what would bring you to tears. 

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Life has color …

See a divine and sparkling incorruptible new world that shines before your eyes.  Stretch those creative muscles as we go further then we have went ever with our creations. 

Expect the most divine of ends to hit you. See the greatest of gifts bestowed upon you. GO wild. The infiniteness of the Creatrix is inexhaustible and all around you.

See a divine outcome open up everything and give the best and most outrageously wonderful and blissful outcome ever. Feel unbelievable and hysterical elation when coalescing in out creative flow. Then feel it burst open even more until you physically feel that your limit for drawing in love/light would likely over exert yourself.

This is driving our vibration higher and higher in line with the cosmic climate. 

Using conscious creation as a way to express your reverence for the divine can be fun and magical. Consciously creating a pathway for you to build a relationship with Source is the most powerful relationship to can garner. Using you imagination to create is one of the joys of being alive. 

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