Faith or Feigned? The Difference Between Religion and Spirituality – 4 Key Takeaways To Strengthen Your Faith In God

Faith or Feigned? The Difference Between Religion and Spirituality – 4 Key Takeaways To Strengthen Your Faith In God

faith or feigned

Faith or Feigned?

Faith or Feigned? How strong is your faith? Does religion strengthen your faith in God, or make you disbelieve altogether. The difference between religion and spirituality is a thin line drawn at the level of spiritual freedom afforded the student. Religion can be binding, and Spirituality is very free.

The word feigned is defined as “to represent fictitiously”, to even “put on” the appearance of. We have plenty of that in this world.

Deep within, covered from the surface, nestled up against the most hidden and highly coveted secrets in the self, our most treasured of beliefs frolic free. Free from judgement and the like. Hidden here where the truth of what you believe in lies for no one to see.

Tucked far behind the auto-reply-messages that play out of your regularly scheduled program conscious reality that is on repeat 24/7 on the surface channel you call your life.

Is your belief the star player on the team? or is your belief warming the bench. Is your faith the choir boy in the back who doesn’t want to be seen? Or is your faith the lead singer who is the last to leave from choir practice?

Does it matter your faith in terms of coming closer to the spirit of God’s? Yes. If your faith is that where you are working with your spirit in a direct way then I would say your faith is strong.

If you are still stuck in not seeking other knowledge of the spirit because of the fear put upon you from your religion, then I would say that perhaps it is time to break free from those rigid and binding beliefs. Your faith in The Most High & divine should be expanding to fit into your realm of belief to include the never ending and open ended Source of all things.

Here we analyze the difference between religion and spirituality to get to the core of what is true faith in the divine. Plus we will look at 4 core beliefs that should strengthen your faith in God even if it challenges your religious beliefs.

Only Strengthen Your Faith In god

The key difference between Religion and Spirituality

The main difference between religion and spirituality is that Spirituality has more of a tone for freedom than Religion which has a more of a tone for rules and order.

We know now that rules and order are not necessary for God to love us, though we do understand that to shape the spirit in this world you have need to be careful with what you do due to the level of distractions and spiritual pitfalls in this world.

Rules in terms of spiritual ascension “should” be followed to come closer to the spirit of Oneness and thus GOD. Prayers “should” be practiced to come into greater alignment with your higher self and oversoul. You choose to devote yourself to the effort of reunification with the Creatrix or not.

Spirituality and religion adds aspects to an initiate’s tool box for training the spirit. Not all spirituality tool kits will include prayer. A religious emphasis on it is sound, though I would stress that one must use it correctly in one’s practice.

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Difference of focus #1

Whether you are trying to go to church and do the religion thing, or you are taking your spiritual advancement into your very own hands, you will ultimately land in the same space.

We are working with our spirits in an effort to make that energy grow in it’s influence and reach. Learning from books on spirit, stories or virtue and examples of how one should conduct themselves is all added to the spirit embody.

Though if the initiate cannot move outside the book then this seeking will plateau. Humans tend to get bored easily these days and going over the same materials for years and years.get old. Some have fear to look at how they have grown for fear of looking self righteous. You should be thinking that you are where you to suppose to be and that is the same for everyone else.

It is the Great and Grand Creatrix and Mother Gaia who conduct matters of ascension on a grand scale. Though you play your part, know that every well oiled machine needs a great performance from all its pieces to ensure everything goes right.

How strong is your faith?

Whether you are meditating and drawing from source or just reading your bible trying to feeling something. People, through the spirit, have found different ways to practice strengthening their faith in God.

For those who are doing it right, their faith is strong in something that is powerful and al-mighty. They are unshaken by the beliefs of other because their own convictions are strong. They have beliefs that they feel are accurate.

Other people’s convictions on their own Gods, deities or doctrines do not phase them because they believe that they are in possession of the truth. Your faith must come to a point to where you believe to know what you know as a fact of the matter.

You not only feel in your gut that it is right, but you feel it is your right and destiny to know this fact. Thus your actions made upon it are precisely purposeful and replete with meaning. You build your faith up, and offer more divine love and trust to the divine in these actions. Trust and walk. You strengthen your faith in God when you walk this path.

Difference in evolution of practice #2

There seems to be a spiritual dichotomy between working from the spirit by way of the book, which will provide limits if one is seeking to follow doctrine to the letter, and by way of hands on learning. I feel there should definitely be both. As when you study all religions you learn much of the spirit from what early indigenous cultures had to say about spiritual matters and transformation.

The evolution of the spiritual initiate should be to move past tools. It should move past indoctrinated ideas of fear wrought in other religions. For when one has discernment they are able to look into any and all knowledge, discern, take what they can use, move on, and be all the better because of it.

Going over the same lessons, after even newer perspectives have been approached gets old, and does nothing but risk a spiritual plateau or a drop off altogether if the initiate loses faith. Seeking other perspective from other religions only adds to the spiritual initiate’s learning and expansion of understanding to the point of heightened faith, an earnest interest interpreting more doctrine and analyzing more spiritual scripture and text.

This is true curious and fervent faith up-in-coming. The spirit of the ‘son of man’ fresh aboard a grand new sailing ship of adventure and discovery that will surpass the knowledge and understanding of our natural earth-born fathers and mothers.

How strong is your faith in spirit and the spirit embody when you practice everyday unto God.? We are meant to become greater in spirit, you are meant to strengthen your faith in God as you practice. You come closer as you practice while someone fused on religion alone, may come back home and be bent by the world so easily before they go sit back down again with the Lord next week.

spirituality and christianity
Does Christianity honor the spirit?

The difference between spirituality and Christianity

When looking at spirituality and Christianity, we can come a little closer to the spirit of what we are trying to achieve. Though if these are the Christians who condemn and express hate in their demonstrations then these miss the point as well.

For if Christianity is to mean Christ-like then there are far too many that don’t represent the Christ-like persona. Many are confused as to the stories of Jesus the Christ, and to that of the cosmic Christ. It is a married name, first and surname.

The cosmic Christ is more of an appropriate model for spirituality seeing as the true Child of Creation is without limits or borders, whose body is part of the Creation itself. When churches bring minds and hearts directly and consciously in the realm of Christ Consciousness they will advance.

The work needs to tread that path more than a typical trip on Sunday. This requires your constant focus and full attention, giving great efforts in time. See if they still want GOD & Jesus then. Religion is easier, when someone can just tell you how you should be, and send you home. These shifts almost beg someone sit with you until you have shaped the spirit that you want. That someone is you.

The difference between spirituality and Christianity depends on how spiritual the initiate is. Just because Jesus didn’t come out and say, ‘you need to be spiritual’, People will question the importance of it. Didn’t come out talking about love and light, but it was his ball game.

I may seem that it isn’t important to the soul until they start caring about advancing as a soul into the higher resonating realms. Your kingdom of heaven is part of the light fulfillment that is meant to advance your spirit relationship.

God is helping you a great deal coming home in a very hard time to ascend.

The vibration of the human is nearing completion to shift. Everything is being sped up, this is how the Mother Creatrix is helping everyone to come into a like resonance with the rising energetic climate. Despite differences in view in terms of spirituality and religion we are all being corralled in the light of higher octave experience.

These is not simply climate warming, but climate extremes which are being caused by our highly charged energetic space we continue to more further into.

If this were not the case then we would still likely needs hundreds if not thousands of years to ascend and evolve into our ultimate forms available to us through Source.

The cycles of time are such that the cosmic Mother/Father allow for certain things within key eras of time for the purpose of those involved to have a wholesome experience replete with learning that leads to knowledge and enlightenment.

Both spirituality and religion offer something in shaping the spirit, though they should never be limited in their learning and discovering.

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Your Kingdom of Heaven will only unlock when we are ready.

Your Kingdom of Heavens only becomes available to you when you are truly ready. It is not about you deserving it or not, it is about your mastery matching the vibration of it. Your vibration decides if you deserve it.

The powers of God are not locking you out: you are! These realms are just that: power! If you are going to be in them, then you will need to adhere to the frequency at hand. If you can’t take the heat, then you get out of the kitchen.

Same rules apply here, except no one is going to let you burn. Something also has to open within you before you are able to play in the God hood that this will provide.

To endlessly create world and fill them with your life, and even your own, will occupy the dreamers and lovers unto eternity. For human eyes the wonder of what the power of heaven will bring, will most definitely produce tears as human eyes are not used to laying sight on something so marvelous.

How strong is your faith when you have no forever place unto God, and all you do is just wonder about Heaven. Heaven is a vibe. The power is in the spirit, and having more in the body can only strengthen your faith in God. A kingdom of heaven in your heart is part of the love that will lift you up higher and higher.

The power gets thicker as you travel through dimensions and the energetic climate only gets thicker. The Creation has its way of only letting the kids who are big enough in the playground with the big kids. 

Everyone get the experience that they are meant to have. The difference between religion and spirituality is of no consequence if we are able to meet the end goal together.

A rich man is still challenged to enter the Kingdom of Heaven in the heart, for if he cannot get his mind and heart off of earthly things then what does the Kingdom have for him?

How strong is your faith? Do you believe you can reach your kingdom of heaven in this life?