How do you believe in GOD? – 3 Types of Belief in GOD AND THE MOST HIGH

How do you believe in GOD? – 3 Types of Belief in GOD AND THE MOST HIGH

How do you believe in God? Do you impress your religious or spiritual thoughts on the supreme consciousness of all alive beings? 

Do you minimize the infiniteness of the multidimensional mind with your feelings on why it should or would judge those whom you have?

In this time, spiritual beliefs and even religious styles of practice are associated with varying beliefs on God/The Divine. There are different ways even within sects that claim to have the same association/or type will choose to practice.

Are you limiting these ideas to your religion alone or are you trying to branch out your learning. Are you taking simply the ritual approach or are you more incline to group study and theory?

Those who are absorbing knowledge of religion, spiritual or gnostic concepts will have different approaches that will shape their interpreting of spiritual literature and scripts. How one’s evolves in that learning structure will define their spiritual profit. Your faith illustrates your relationship.

Here we will take a look at how we have evolved in our belief with another look at how our belief in God serves us.

What do you believe and The Most High

Do you practice anything, any action actively in your life that you feel enables you to either better know God in yourself or otherwise or helps you do what perhaps you feel is done to honor your chosen deity or exalting of Source itself? Our religion, spirituality, desires and beliefs on God will influence how we practice if at all.

The human body in this modern age has many quirky proclivities to deal with and our practice helps us shape the nature of what energy is being communicated to the body from the spirit. This connection and communication you will hear me refer to as simply the “spirit embody”. 

How do you practice by your beliefs in a divine power? Do you simply pray as for 3d things and as for power? Do you ritualize your communion with spirit and the Most High. Do you sojourn with nature as your venue for the honoring of spirit and life. Do you light fires for Gods at alter, because you honor their service to your own reunification? 

There are many ways in which those who believe commune with spirit. In the past those who believed those did not believe as they did were lead to believe that those “GODS” or figures from other religions were “demons” or “false Gods”.  In the new evolution of consciousness,  different religious beliefs on God have not thwarted our knowledge of discernment. 

Knowing what is good and right service, what good fruits are made when determining If a GOD or entity is a “trick of the enemy”.  Any being that serves in your reunification with The Creator/Source is a being that serves you.  How do you believe in GOD when the world has so many traps and tricks to lead you astray? With intuition and discernment.

Always use discernment when seeking new knowledge through religions and studying others faith. It’s okay to be afraid of those things at first.  BUT DO seek knowledge of GOD in other faiths. It may feel if you are entering the realm of another God. It may be arena of different Child Gods and Christs beings. But no, Same God Of All Ultimately, and any GOD you see IN FORM is a Child of the Most High. 

raise your spiritual vibration

Consciousness/Source/Creation and the spirit of the Creation as a whole, as ONE (1) is the Most High. 

We are souls with the connection to the same energetic Source of all things as you as a human. The honoring of life may come in different colors and styles but it, surely, is the same life. 

A regular practice keeps in the mind to do things for the spiritual self. It is not enough to just state and have certain religious beliefs on God, but a practice puts you in the trenches and working nuts and bolts with what a human can to seek reunification. 

A human body needs to practice because in this modern 3D time there are more and more distractions created everyday. 

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General Belief In A Divine Power Or God

Innately we all share a founding belief that we are powered to live and watched over by our God or Creator.  A feeling… A sense? A story? For we have long been told stories of “GODS” existing and even other worldly beings with greater abilities being referred to as Gods.  It is here with us as a belief and within that there are many varying beliefs around God and its lore. 

People giving discourse on why their book is the right truth. It can be gathered that though we have some disagreements the consensus is clear amongst the majority.  We have a God or divine power, we come from it,  and will ultimately return to it.

Whether you are indoctrinated into a religion or not, you have a general idea that we are part of something very grand but have not fully been awakened to it as of yet.

In this time, we faster approaching a validation in our belief in a divine power. As our solar system prolongs its stay in the photon belt, blasting us with highly charged particles our vibrations are rising. Love, peace, patience, the conscious breath and belief in a divine power will help you coalesce with the energies that are here.

Everything within you should lead you to garner a belief in a divine power, seeing as that power is a part of you.

Do you believe in GOd

Your Personal Beliefs In God

Your personal beliefs in god, your desire to know, and what you ultimately believe around the issue will determine your zeal for reunification with the Creatrix.  Your personal beliefs around how you believe yourself to be a part of GOD if at all.

Your thoughts on how you could be closer to it.  Are you just digging into your religion or are you experimenting with the spirit?

Personally, what do you believe you are to do to serve the Most High?… Here in this realm?

Are you afraid of terms like Most high because of fear ideas that a religion has put into you about it?  Do you believe that the Source that powers all things in all realms has the temperament told you by a book and that that simply is the only truth? The truth of a wrathful God? 

Your personal beliefs on God will shape your true feelings on it. Whether you wish to take the fervent path towards reunification of the Creator seriously as much as possible, or just warm the bench on Sundays. 

The choice is yours. Your surroundings don’t matter, if the spirit of the desire is true. 

How true is that desire, and how hot does that fire burn?


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Non Religious Beliefs About God

Non religious beliefs about God are also very interesting when you really look at them. I personally have known agnostic individuals whom I had to pleasure to call my friends, and who have spoken honestly on their beliefs about The Creator. 

In many cases they simply believe, as everyone else does about the great and powerful infiniteness of God, Though they question this infiniteness, because of things within the religion put upon by men and leaders of men as laws or as truth on behalf The Most High. This is where the confusion is. Organized religions make laws and think they have the right to put’s God seal on it, when this Is not so. 

The actions of a man are the signs of the presence of God or not, and the actions of those who make such laws in our history has shown us were not the right candidates as they were not “Christ-like” enough.  Having the desires of modern men and not Christ or the Child of Creation spirit. How do you believe in god when the people who are to be the examples of God(Christ-like)for perhaps you to follow don’t have a clue what is needed for spiritual perfection?

Thus many are coming away from the churches and simply don’t agree with everything they have been told on The Creation. So they are permanently on the fence as far as organized religion until things seem to make more sense. 

Using faith to dismiss what doesn’t make sense is not what religion is supposed to be about. If something does not make sense then something what missed in translation or in interpretations, or concepts were missed altogether.

Sometimes even again, the impression of men’s interest and those who sought to use organized religions as a means to thwart intentions of many to their ends also has a place in that confusion. 

The spirit and the energy thereof is always the same. What’s different is how you work with it within yourself, if you are engaged in such things of the spirit at all. 

The non religious believers in God may not be as fervent about summoning in onto themselves like those who truly seek to quicken quickly, but the grace and kindness can transfer even amongst atheists. Who I have also had the pleasure of witnessing. 

Lack of a belief in God usually comes from pain, trauma and anger. What compels a man to state as a fact the non existence of something they cant see, though there are signs of all around you. All manner of unseen things you know to exist, with all manner of unseen things you know yourself to need, and also even with all manner of unseen things holding together by an unseen force.

And STILL..”I don’t believe in a God I don’t see”. It is the hubris of man that states that that God does not exist and it is only pain that compels that man to not believe. As is his thinking, out of anger, to choose to declare disbelief is their greatest and only known way to directly deny God. 

This is the only thing they can do to “get back “ at the Spirit of all things for allowing them to endure the pain that has rooted the feeling they are feeling towards the divine.  For if it is such a thing not to believe in, how can it be such a moving thing to talk about your belief in?

How do you believe in God when your heart is so full of pain and anger towards God? With time.

different spiritual beliefs

What will you create with spirit?

Different Religions and Their Beliefs

When looking at different religions and beliefs we notice that there is a consensus that we are GOD and that GOD is us. Relating to themselves the nature of the child of Creation. Being children of GOD and being a natural extension of it by some means or another. Though while possessing free choice, we can also choose to be the farthest away from God. 

A soul who makes such a choice makes it at their own peril for any alive being to come away from the Source leaves the potential to face a whole host of infirmities or worse particularly in this 3d frequency. 

For a civilizations having different religions and beliefs makes finding a common ground harder to come to. Though we can agree in most cases that we are a spiritual family that should be able to put away petty contrivances and grievances due to different points of view in doctrine. 

How do you believe in God and how does it affect your relationship and others? Whether religious or non religious beliefs of God are present, let us hope that the soul still has the decency and kindness engrained that religious or spiritual beliefs in god may have fomented.

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