Do You Exalt The Spirit? …Or Do You Still Exalt The Books?

Do You Exalt The Spirit? …Or Do You Still Exalt The Books?

exalt the spirit

Do you exalt the spirit? Or do you exalt the books? If you call one book the “only word of GOD”, then you worship a book! Just because God has chosen to speak to you through a book, and has given you well understanding doesn’t mean that everyone must.

Religious/Spiritual book truths on God and Life are to lead us to studying/minding our spirit. We respect the “word of god” or literature written for retaining remembrance of the spirit and the truth of spirit in us.  We do not worship books in any capacity or religion.

We worship the word of GOD that is the way and will of the spirit within. The embodiment of love and goodness manifest here on Mother Earth.

Any doctrine that is not so is religious fodder, and a waste of your time. I have seen people act as if a book is the single door of GOD, when the spirit is always the door. Here we look at humans’ and their distinction in whether or not they truly worship the spirit, or if they still just exalt the books.

Do You Exalt The Spirit?

God is the Creation and the spirit that makes up the Creation. Our spiritual parentage & Universe are responsible for our soul be sourced and making its way here in this realm. Do you truly exalt the spirit?

People often put a name on what they are worshipping when they go to praise on the days they choose. They know then that they are worshipping a spirit.

Zeal of truth in the book allows people to feel comfort and quarter when reading and knowing. This also allows for fitting their beliefs and ideas of God and a heavenly parentage readily in their conscious reality.

There is a Love for the Most High, and we would consider the words spoken or written about its wonder and marvel as good.

How do you worship the spirit

How do you worship the spirit?

Though we must be careful, even with all the greatest truth that we find in all the books, we must be sure that we worship no book.

Thoughts on The Most High’s Power and mercy. Words from its children on the nature of the spirit that comes from it. Stories of marvelous feats that were wrought from non other than God’s power.

All great for stories books, and religious texts to give glimpses into the ideas of what a spiritual effort should look like and what it can purchase after a time. All great fodder for spiritual literature and inspiration. Thought let us always remember to exalt the spirit.

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Always Worship The Spirit

Men/Women and the children of men and woman write books. Children of GOD create worlds and fill them with life. The Child Of Creation if the one who has delivered that word if ever it was truly delivered. The child of creation, and the spirit of, are the ones bringing back into remembrance how one is to worship in spirit and in truth.

Impurity and corruption disrupt one’s pure connection to the pure Source and Love Aliveness. If a woman/man’s connection is not perfect unto source Creation than how can the word given forth be perfect at all corners?

Books are for reading and studying. Spirits are for enjoying and interfacing life. The spirit is always the thing that is most worthy to be praised. We don’t worship the book because the words are written in it, we still worship the spirit.

Why we worship the spirit

We worship the spirit to power up. When we praise we raise our vibes in a joyful way. We do this by honoring the spirit in such a way that we draw good things to us. As we praise or pray we exercise our energetic relationship with the Creator.

Feelings, Thoughts and the state of peace affects our vibrations in each and every moment. When we worship the spirit we increase that flow of Source fueling that energetic relationship with the Creation itself. This is how you feed from the power wrought straight from your spiritual parentage.

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worship the books

“The word and truth of God did not come from books, it came from the living spirit“…

Rev Miles

Worship In Spirit And In Truth

When we worship in spirit and in truth, we spiritually give forth. Which just means we are truly looking towards the spirit. It means that our picture of worship will something that is not present in the physical world.

It is okay to honor inspirational words. Though remember in truth, we are honor knowledge from the spirit. So essentially we are always going back to honoring the spirit.

The books are man made objects that are not made for revering. You miss the point. Give that reverence to the spirit and the Most High.

Exaltation of the Book

Some exalt books so much that they let the limited number of pages in the book dictate what they will believe, when they themselves are more endless than the book. Some exalt books so much that they will call you GODless and without faith if you don’t believe everything in their book. As if a book is needed to interface with the GOD/Spirit in you.

Study the books, so the words impress upon you that you believe in the Spirit of all things. Study the books so you know how you are to become more like the spirit of power and goodness. Study the book, so you can eventually put the book down and not cling to the book as if it is your spirit, as if God was in the book and not in you.

Retain the knowledge of the book and then you can put the book down or you miss the point of studying it. When it is written on your heart then the book is no longer needed.

don’t worship the books… The books are fingers pointing to the spirit…

dont worship the books

Worship No Book

The world, your area, your community and your environment shape your spirit in the body at the surface. The self that is layered over your unrevealed self further in, deserves worship. Reverence towards this being is one prerequisite to drawing it out.

We use knowledge to uncover that greater revelation of spirit within, at some point we must pull our heads out of books and actually work with our spirits own power to rise up and come closer to the spiritual alignment of the Creatrix/Creator.

For those who understand the words, we no longer hang on books. All the words are meant for you to understand that the spirit should be the focus. To align our spirit in spiritual frequency and vibration with that of our greater cosmic aspect.

The point is never to exalt any book, but to honor/exalt the spirit. Don’t you realize that that is why any book was written? So that you bring your attention once again unto the spirit that is within you. To retain stories of faith of something that we still cannot see with our own two eyes.

People see the books, so they worship the books. The “word of God” came from a spirit so our attention/praises should indefinitely be focused there.

Seek Reunification Always

Honor The Spirit And Shift Your Consciousness Away From Old Beliefs… For those who worship the spirit…”In spirit” and in truth…The world needs you!