Exploring Ascension Evolution Consciousness – 4 Tragic Human Setbacks That Need To Shift Before We Can Evolve

Exploring Ascension Evolution Consciousness – 4 Tragic Human Setbacks That Need To Shift Before We Can Evolve

Exploring ascension evolution consciousness in our realm and heart, begs humanity take responsibility for any pain they have unleashed on the world. Every ounce of pain and suffering humanity has wrought upon each other and themselves has to be accounted for from the heart. 

With a magical effervescence, the super infusion of light into the fields of all will eventually produce a star and healing all humans from the inside out. 

Before that sort of purification can take place, there are certain humans setbacks that need to shift before we can evolve and spiritually move into the next octave of living. 

These set backs lie in the heart and consciousness of humanity, and until the disbelief and lack of faith dissipate we will not be able to move forward spiritually. 

Denying the truth is counter-productive to evolution, for as you evolve you will be presented with what is more true about you and your experience. You are to spiritually evolve by vibrational increase along with the planet.

Those who fear the truth run from it and hide from it. Those who fear the truth work to ensure that the truth of things are not uncovered. This is one of the pits of darkness(deception) that lie in wait still within the spirit of humanity. 

From this root of darkness, humanity has been shaped by and large and has meandered aimlessly within it for far too long. 

Humanity is due for a change of scenery. A shift in how things go in this realm, or perhaps how this realm moves as a whole. 

For those who are not aware of the shift they may just now be finally exploring ascension evolution consciousness as they personally start to awaken to their natural innate power. Our powerful ascending spirits bring many gifts to be enjoyed in the body.

Humanity first must be aware of the setbacks and frailties in spirit, to overcome them and replace this space with a powerful truth.

Here we are exploring ascension evolution consciousness to transform our reality and understand 4 key human setbacks that need to shift before we can evolve.

Exploring Ascension Evolution Consciousness To Transmute Our DNA

These setbacks are also holding back our DNA. The more people that are stuck to their hard feelings and old patterns the harder it will be to change the energy of this space. Humanity has left quite the impression on this world. As humans live and emote, they leave their energetic imprint on the land and in the collective consciousness of the body of humanity.

On a very deep level our DNA is being changed into something new. The Mother Creation wishes to add a new dynamic to this experience that we call life. If divine powers wish to change this experience for the better, then by all means.

Ascension evolution conscious is essentially full consciousness. Full consciousness means you are fully conscious of who you are in this realm and the next, and in concurrent multidimensional dreams and realities that you may also exist in. You have endowed upon yourself the most purest, most cosmically loving self to be reunited with yourself in this 3D reality.

Loving your most cosmic self is excellent in your advancement. The greater population of persons on Mother Earth, indigenous and modern alike, believe that they are indeed the children of a higher power or Creator/Creatrix. So naturally belief in a higher power is not a stretch for us here on Mother Earth.

Belief in a higher power

To have some belief in a higher power is naturally ingrained in us. There in the world are a great number of beliefs. Indigenous cultures had a way of belief that has been passed down. Focal points within the way have been handed over from generations past. Purposed for us to remember our historic reverence for the powerfully unseen and divine.  

Even with our rich history of belief in a higher power, there are many who still do not believe. There are Atheists in the world, who claim there is no GOD, and that consciousness is simply a construct of the body.    

Science now knows that energy doesn’t cease to exist, it only changes forms. Consciousness as energy acts in the same fashion, and will live on long after the humans body has made it’s stained impression in the third realm.

I think most atheism is an intellectual rationale that GOD doesn’t exist or they are angry at the thought of what they considered or acknowledged as GOD, and because of trauma and pain they have decided to deny the existence in themselves. 

This is their attempt at lashing out towards higher powers. The most precious thing they could hold back is love and belief. So as a result they deny GOD in themselves and in their realities.

This is ignorance, as the pure consciousness itself is GOD. Aliveness itself has the power to give you a mind and house the intelligence that to them makes rational the idea that a higher intelligence doesn’t exist. This makes them feel comfortable. The tendency of man it to be afraid of what they do not understand and ignore, deny or lash out towards something they are angry with.

You can’t passive aggressively hurt GOD. Any dip or dive in vibration that you cause or allow yourself to suffer doesn’t hurt GOD, it only hurts your life force. 

Our souls are amazing. When exploring ascension evolution consciousness our hearts often become less hard being enlightened by a truth that unites us all. We are all the children of Creation, and that same Creation is trying to gift us everything and a new life in this ascension period. 

We have to start caring for one another

It is also imperative that we start caring for one another as a family. This planet/realm has a history of both caring for people and doing just the opposite, caring very little if at all. Our history in this realm is rife with those in power caring too little for the common man. The common man, works for his family and daily welfare.

Sometimes he feels he doesn’t have to care about anything but those simple affairs. This, all the while his health and other relationships suffer from neglect.

The common man cares for the common man, in most cases. There are many divisions amongst westerners, though the general peaceful idea has everyone normally offer a general respect to one another and there are no problems.

In many places, throughout western civilization there are examples of regular people helping regular people though you may not hear about it on the daily news. Our powerful ascending spirits are surprising up more and more everyday.

Their program is fear and ratings, both of which are having less and less power to sway the population or its heart.

People will need to start developing the heart to care for one another.  The heart is there, though sometimes hidden behind what is popular. Hidden behind what is acceptable. 

We are all one. The heart understands this, and will naturally treat each other the way that oneself would like to be treated. 

We are all a family, when we all start reflecting this truth we will be stronger, tighter and more light filled as a civilization. 

Our collective consciousness will increase, and we will drive ever closer to Mother Earth having everything she needs to shift. To start caring for one another is a very light filled action, warranting one to deny every thief of their light.

spiritual evolution is the answer not transhumanism

Spiritual Evolution is the answer NOT trans-humanism

We as a species did not come here to ascend by way of machines. Of course, technological advancement was always part of our journey, and turns out to be a highlight for humans here. When we start caring for one another we will care for ourselves in a new way as well.

Our powerful ascending spirits have something more in store for this story, then some wack would-be ascension model trying to be sold to the public as the only real ascension model there is. IT ISN’T.

There are those that would like you to think that this is the only way you can advance as a human from here. Or would like you to think that spiritual ascension by love & light is a joke, or a myth. 

When in fact those same powers don’t want you to know that you are divine and capable of so much more that we have learned we were capable of in school. 

Some would have you believe that all this Ascension stuff is about taking a trans-humanist way out to end up in the Metaverse. Wack.

NO. Ascension is real. A new experience, vibration & light body does not take you to the Meta-verse but something more real. Something made from the light of your higher self and power. Don’t let people confuse you into thinking that. 

There is always an attempt by those who pervert things to subvert real causes with their fake ones. To control people, and to thwart efforts away into how the deceptive ones choose to operate. 

Everyone deserves to know that the Creatrix is coming to shower all souls in the light of the new dawn. 

All souls should learn. This setback is the more major one, as most people do not know about our ascension evolution journey. 

The greater swath of the masses will learn about what is available to them, and choose the higher octave experience. Start caring for one another now and you naturally choose the higher octave experience.

Spiritual Evolution is the answer NOT trans-humanism, ever.

onslaught of everyday toxins

Seize the Onslaught of everyday toxins

The standard American diet provides the onslaught of everyday toxins for people who have adopted western models for fast food nutrition are nutrient lacking. This is the reason for widespread malnutrition, even in those who eat everyday.

A problem exists to where the fast and ready food that people consume has far too little nutrients, and the food that is actually assumed to have nutrients, such as whole foods, doesn’t have as much as it did in past times.

People have to make a point in the western world to seek out better things to consume for themselves and their families. Our powerful ascending spirits and the bodies that house them need a good combination of things to be able to conduct spirit and light in the easiest way possible.

Toxins create an acidity in the body not to mention a toxic environment that hosts dis-ease. Toxins, since as early as westerners have fed them to themselves, have been the culprit for most disease. 

‘Dis’ – ‘ease’ is caused by the onset of toxins that have taken the human body away from its natural rhythms. This ‘dis’-‘ease’ is the cause for nearly all infirmities in the body.

With toxins out of the equation, the body is able to reside within it natural function to heal the body. To seize the onslaught of everyday toxins, changes in the lifestyle must occur moving forward. One must persevere in changes that add light and life the body, which transform into large shifts on a long journey.

The potential of our powerful ascending spirits

The potential for our powerful ascending spirits to grow and prosper into the new age and galaxy is endless. For some time since ages past, humanity has been stuck in a mire of spiritual mediocrity. With our pasts being hidden from us, it can be hard to properly recollect our full potential. 

As we learn more and more about our hidden energy systems, light bodies, and our cosmic origins, we are coming to find that we are truly more than we originally though we were. 

Humanity needs to understand that the original people in this realm that sparked our experience here, were a spiritual people. Though forces may have attempted to thwart that truth, it remains. 

We are the children of Creation and are to be endowed with a great many marvel, that even someone from our past told us we would accomplish and witness. Our powerful ascending spirits need room to fly and this incarnation is giving many impetus to do just that.

These great things are held within, deep within where the faint of heart dare not tread in our ascension evolution journey on this planet, in this blessed time of renewal.