Join The Consciousness Shift

Join The Consciousness Shift

Join Mother Earth & Lightworkers Around The Globe engaging in their personal and collective ascension!

Love is the default state of consciousness in the Creation. This is why when humans seek to expand human consciousness, love and compassion are right around the corner given the right shifts and awakenings take place. We come into this world in a state of love consciousness, and then pain, fear and indoctrination will ensure one’s beliefs and vibrations conform to societal norms lowering one’s vibration. Keeping us grounded solidly in 3D or third dimensional consciousness experience.

It is time to shift out!

Start Shifting Your Consciousness In Preparation For The Shift is the epicenter for Free Self-learning during the consciousness shift.

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Reunification Course Part 1

Reunification Course Part 2

Reunification Course Part 3

“What’s greater to reach for, than reunification with the Creator?”

Reverend A. N. Miles

A few words to help your consciousness to move in the right direction…

Start Shifting Your Consciousness Now!

Tools to help shift your consciousness to 5D…

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