Join The Consciousness Shift

Join The Consciousness Shift

Join Mother Earth & Lightworkers Around The Globe !

Join The Consciousness Shift !! >>>

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how to shift your consciousness is the epicenter for Free Self-learning during the consciousness shift.


This site is here to focus on none other the knowledge, techniques, and spiritual development training to help you move from 3D to 5D consciousness. As you seek your spiritual transformation, you draw light into the collective energetic bio-photon fields of humanity. The more light packed in the fields, the greater the resonance held in the collective human aura and consciousness fields. 

The Planet is going through this spiritual ascension phenomenon in our everyday conscious reality. This means that we are participating by being consciously engaged or focused on what we are observing/perceiving.  Studying/Monitoring the relationship between the witness who is witnessing inside ourselves, and what is being perceived. As well as also understanding and practicing what it means to dwell in that space and draw from source for your greater light/love capacity.

Those who are seeking to master themselves now are the ones who will help catalyze powerful spiritual change for themselves and the greater whole of humanity and Mother Earth.

Raise Your Consciousness

Change is gripping the planet! The hearts of many have been so unsatisfied with the support provided from powers that seem only to masquerade as being in service to the people. Humanity has been left to their own devices at home. This may not serve one's partying night life, but it could serve one's spiritual life. It can serve in allowing you the time to learn how to raise your consciousness.

More and more people are understanding that the spirit is GOD and LIFE. We interact with GOD directly through the inner self. The "inner self" or the "Child of Creation" is the element of inner connected consciousness by way of which we are shifting spiritually. As our spirits are quickened slowly by the cosmic climate, and ever-changing energetic conditions we find ourselves in, we will eventually come into greater alignment with powers here on Gaia that seek to lift us up. 

LOvelution = Love Evolution Consciousness

love evolution consciousness
love evolution consciousness

Like all of the greatest spiritual masters of old, we know that love quickens the spirit. Love/aliveness/consciousness is the substance that has never been seen, though we easily know where it is because it is everywhere.

The Messiah in the Christian religion did not change the law of God but only summed it up in declaring what was needed on an everyday human level. That is simply Love. Love and Light are The Creatrix itself, and are the pieces that create all things before the inner and outer witness.

Love is the default state of consciousness in the Creation. This is why when humans seek to expand human consciousness, love and compassion are right around the corner given the right shifts and awakenings. We come into this world in a state of love consciousness, and then pain, fear and indoctrination will ensure one's beliefs and vibrations conform to societal norms. Keeping us grounded solidly in 3D or third dimensional consciousness experience.

Love Thy Neighbor = Christ Consciousness

Loving thy neighbor doesn't doesn't entail loving everything they are about. It means understanding that they are the same, but also different people. People with different cultures and backgrounds, who deserve love and respect just like you.

It means endeavoring to understand that people are how they are, and sometime cant help how they are, because the love continually coming from us brings a closeness with the Creator/Creatrix. Being a loving lighthouse or conduit to loving consciousness, for all to be drawn toward in times of need.

Mother Earth needs those beings drawing love and light into themselves, thus anchoring that love and light here for the rising collective vibrations of the many.

We serve the ALL, Til All R 1 !

Join The Consciousness Shift !! >>>

Grab Our Free 12 Email Spiritual Development Course covering prayer, meditation, thankfulness, absorbing light and more still. Add your light to the powers of COSMIC CHANGE...

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  1. I’m SOOO EXCITED TO JOIN THIS MOVEMENT!!! IT’S THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE!!! We’re helping people out of Plato’s Cave and showing them that they were always free, they just have to move towards the light and there’s THE SWEETEST MOST DELICIOUS unlimited freedom there!!!


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