Building Our Light Body Ascension in the 2020’s – 4 Mantras for Living Love Everyday 

Building Our Light Body Ascension in the 2020’s – 4 Mantras for Living Love Everyday 

Here comes the Son!

The Light body Ascension is one of the goals for our age, as the worlds turns to face just about a newer division everyday. Living love everyday becomes a most perilous climb in our modern alpha-dog-eat-dog-survival-of-the-fittest world mindset putting us at odds with not only your fellow man, but even that man’s counterpart half around the world. 

Humanity is moving towards our collective shift happening faster now than in any time in recorded history. The Earth is spinning faster and faster. We are becoming more loving as a society, as we are demanding change. Though it may not look like it, this is an explosion of love & light in the self. This demands fairness, equality, safety & security for all. The crust over the human expressing itself as need for change, must unsheathe before it can fully shine as love and goodness in a world that doesn’t always invite it in. 

Love and light is the fuel for the light body and our light body ascension. The exhibition of love to your fellow man, and the showing of love to oneself. We are bathed in love and light everyday through the SUN, which also feeds the light body natural vitamin D. 

The light body ascension into that of the higher octaves of experience is not for the faint of heart, though it is through love that the faint hearted can make the subliminal pass. 

Here in the 2020’s, it is no different in what is needed to achieve the light body. Here you will learn to use 4 living love mantras that will help you increase the light of the body and shift the focus to the spirit. In the spirit, to fly after our light body ascension we focus on living love everyday.

Building towards the Living Light body ascension

When building the light body. Think here. Love is light is life. These words as you will soon learn are synonymous when you really understand what they are and how they work.  

When we feed and grow our light body we need these keys nutrients for our multidimensional vehicle and chariot of the gods.

The light body and Merkabah have inexhaustible fuel through the Source. Keeping the source energy pathway open is how we will feed the light body in this time. This naturally will have you embody love as you practice love and compassion regularly. The face and material of the Cosmos is the Creatrix, which means that the love of the Creatrix is strong with you when you open your Merkabah.

Love is life itself. Love is aliveness. Love is the default state of consciousness ringing at its most high, awaiting orders from the Creatrix. Our light in the body as fuel can be built up leading to our event.

light body ascension
living light body
Love is Light is Life!

Awakening the crystal light body

Awakening the crystal light body is like birthing a star. Power and light are needed. Living Love everyday provides the necessary impetus for transmutation. The love of the Creatrix is willing us through her energetic fabric of everything to break the human cycle here and move forward with our human evolution.

Here we have provided some living love mantras to help you get in the frame of mind that befits an ascending individual the most. These mantras are using the power of the voice and sound to move the spirit.

In my Reunification/Ascension Training course, I gave a brief lesson on mantras and how they are able to harness the power of the voice to move the spirit. Ohm is also very powerful according to Dr. Pillai. A doctor who speaks on the light body and achieving it. This is said to be a primordial sound that helps prepare the spirit for higher light amongst other things.

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4 living love mantras

Living Love is not easy portray and embody all the time. We are needing to shape out spirits for the better and from the inside out. As we speak forward, we will do, training our minds to follow through as we intend with the voice. The love of the Creatrix will ensure we do as we intend, for if we intend to put forth her will, then surely it will be so.

Using your heart and voice to exercise a move from 3d to 5d consciousness gathers light to the aura. As you smile and intend, you transform your living love mantras into words to live by. To embody love is to give way for a divine way of things given through by the spirit. When living love everyday, they become our modus operandi(MO), they essentially become the mental/emotional program that we are set on.

This is better then the brain-dead, unsympathetic, and spiritual inert program that the 3d modern world wants to put over our mind and hearts. Study these mantras and endeavor to recite and live them by their meaning in your life when you live & practice.

#1 – “I am the love and light that I am”

Here you acknowledge that you are the spirit. You know this much, and seek to uncover more. I know at the deepest core truth, I am the spirit and the light and love that make up the spirit that I am. 

You must speak this with confidence. As you speak this and breathe you get the ‘tingles of truth’ or those “blissful tingles”. Here you are taking in Love source as you breathe. You feel love and truth because this is your child of Creation aspect responding to the stimuli your have entered with your mind and heart. Its resonates with this truth, because it is its truth before it was yours when you incarnated here in this realm. 

Listen to these responses. Notice when they come up and what you are doing or saying at the time. This is a powerful gauge for you to get a clue into the ancient nature of the spirit you call home and me.

love of the creatrix

#2 – “I embody the love of the Creatrix/Creator”

Here you acknowledge that you are the spirit of love and goodness. You are fully aware of this now, and seek to uncover more. This is your truth. You are the very love consciousness of the Creator/Creatrix.

Here you know what you are here to do. You are one of those here to embody love as a way-shower/light worker. To show others how to choose love and not fear and judgement. 

When you embody the love of the Creatrix, you embody divine will. What you will want to do in concert with that higher divine you will be great things that serve the whole. You will work in concert with everything else that is bringing about change. Through the quantum level where things are always moving you have placed upon it your ticket to invite a whole new world into your reality.

Your intention and manifestations go into what you are saying and you wish to serve in this way in the biggest, most grandest way possible. This declaration empowers and emboldens you to carry the torch of enlightenment for Mother Earth’s children.

#3 -“I Intend to further the reach and widen my love and light capacity unto reunification with the Creatrix/Creator” 

Here we mantra to increase our light and capacity. To increase our capacity is to increase vibration. We vibrate faster and our fields vibrate wider apart to allow in more light. We want to increase our light and vibration all at once to stay in balance and to not over do it for ourselves.

In reality, no one overdo this to themselves because your higher self has more control than you , and is more in control of the process than you realize. Your higher self knows the moves you are going to make before you make them.

With this you are opening a pathway to let your higher self know that you are conscious and onboard. You intend to expand your aura and increase the reach of your light. You are loving the Earth Mother in this statement. As you take in light you offer light to Mother Gaia automatically as you exercise your symbiotic relationship with Mother Earth.

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practice living love everyday
Practice living love now!

Practice living love everyday

In our quest to enlighten, evolve & transform spiritually, we are also creating the groundwork for others to practice living love everyday. Our exhibited example provides structured balanced behavior for light workers and way-showers to follow.

You are the force that is here for change as you practice living love everyday. As we practice in this way we are filled with the love of the Creatrix, and exude this love out to our fellow brethren.

Setting the tone, and foundation for how one is to live love everyday starts with how one self loves. Your first and initial step is showing love to oneself in as many moments as possible. Practicing living love takes discipline and steadfast-ness. We practice to get better and to find better and easier ways to form habits that crystallize our efforts in shaping our spirit. 

To move into the reality of us all living love everyday in our advanced light body forms, this vibe must be caught and worked upon by a greater critical mass of people. Our light body ascension comes when the world has become expanded by becoming more light filled.