male and female


Our population is made of men and women, males and females. Here on Earth you are normally one or the other. In truth, male and female are simply energies. The concept of male and female was around far before humans on Earth began(no matter how you believe how humans got here). On the Micro level we know them to be positive and negative energies with different properties that make them unique. On the Macro level he have yet to see the full breadth of this truth in out time.

The thought of energy making up our very existence is now believed with more and more people awakening to this fact everyday. Day and Night, Yin and Yang, electric/magnetic are forces that seem to be both opposing each other, while yet still hopelessly twain together as one. This dualistic nature is seen in everything in some form or fashion. 

Here in the Earth realm the thoughts in the human collective consciousness about what is male and female have been perverted throughout our time. Throughout our history they have not been seen as equal. If we are measuring the truth of a person (held in the spirit) then one is equal to another in spirit (at this level anyway). All humans are equally corruptible by nature any way the Earth can corrupt the human, so again they would prove equal in spirit. 

Many misconception of what it means to be a man or a woman in our civilizations stifle the spirit and the human. Any cultural or religious indoctrination that serves the suppression or studied ignorance of one’s emotional faculties is a disservice to the self and is not unto GOD. 

Humanity is made up of men and women. In this time, humans are born engendered as a man or a woman in most cases. Either way, both men and woman both have male and female aspects of the self. If you are not embracing both aspects of your power here in the realm, then you are not honoring your true wholeness. You are holding back your greater potential. You are scared of yourself, and you do yourself a most grievous disservice when you deny some of your greatest powers inherent in the spirit. 

Both Male and Female aspects are to be embraced, honored and understood. Balance your power unto Mastery. The ultimate balancing of those powers are one of the goals that is to be achieved by the glorious child/son/daughters of GOD in humanity. (That’s us!) 

It is time for us to once again master these powers and reclaim our place in the Universe as the glorious Light & Spirit filled beings that we are. Loving and honoring the balance and wholeness that is our greater being brings a new and unique feeling in the self for you to experience. 

Know yourself and Know GOD, and SERVE REUNIFICATION ALWAYS…

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