Meditate Like A Jedi – The Force Equals Source

Meditate Like A Jedi – The Force Equals Source

meditate like a Jedi
Jedi and Spiritual Masters have one of the same goals….

It’s time to meditate like a Jedi and connect to the force! The world has been forever changed by Star Wars and its unique world. Lasers, laser swords, mystical powers, space dog fights, stylized action and art from a lore th2at has captivated audiences the world over. This amazing world has kept millions of us in fervent anticipation for its works for many years.

The lore of Jedi and Sith surround the idea that there is a great force that exists and fills them and all with life. Both Jedi and Sith draw from it in different ways, and use their own unique spirited powers as they respectively see fit.

Here we will narrate how Star Wars lore surrounding the force is simply reflective of the actual relationship we all share with the actual “Source”. The Star Wars meditation you are about to learn mimics one that would be used here. It interacts with something that is very similar to the Force. We will later learn how to meditate like a Jedi, which brings you once again into the reciprocal energetic relationship that we all share with Source or “The Force”. Listen as we explain how the Force equals Source.

The Force is The Source

The force plays a striking resemblance to the Source of all things. It powers all life. Our greater spiritual strength comes from it. In the world of Star Wars, midichlorians measure one’s force density. You could also say measure “spirit” density. When one has a greater amount of midichlorians, then they are believed to have a greater potential to force sensitivities.

In kind, here on earth, when we are more in line with the natural rhythms on earth we are “set right” in the body. Healings can happen, moods can change. Our natural rhythms are a signal of balance in our energies.

Jedi or Sith must learn to control their powers if they are to use them in expediting their conquests. This concerns connecting with the energy of all things, or in this case the force, and bending it to your will.

In the forefront, those who keep peace and seek to do good are the JEDI. For those that don’t know, those who are the opposite of the JEDI are the SITH. In every place where the Jedi are good, upstanding & just. The Sith are self serving, weighing on ill virtue for their power, and seek more power and control.

Many religions, old & ancient practices & text of studying and mastering the spirit point to a coalescence with the natural world. In terms of Star Wars, the force is the natural rhythm that underlines Creation. One is believed to be “more powerful” with greater midichlorians, with also a greater “sensitivity” to it as well. There are people on Mother Earth who can feel energies, and empaths are those who can feel other people’s feelings. Through this connection we know that force equals source.

The Spirit of the Jedi/Sith

The Jedi are modeled after masters. Swordmasters, bushido/samurai masters, who would normally end sword fights quickly and with precision. They also exhibit traits of internal martial arts masters as well. Internal martial arts deal with the movement of incorporeal aspects of your being. Energy practices, like Tai Chi & Neikung are relative to how Jedi and Sith use their force connection to manipulate their surrondings.

Practices like these are heavily rooted in TAO, and create the framework for how the Jedi are to master or sculpture themselves internally. This sculpturing leads to the conservation and accumulation of energy(often in dramatic moments on Star Wars). It leads both Sith and Jedi to being “mindful” or “conscious” in an effort to make the best choices and the fastest instinctive movements when needed in a flash.

Their mindfulness and constant awareness are able to sense or witness what may not be visible to the naked eye. They are made aware by virtue of their sensitivity to spirit or “the force”. In any Jedi meditation, a practitioner would constantly practice feeling the force or energy around them and manipulating it.

the force = Source
The Force equals Source

Child of the Force in New Star Wars shows

The most recently portrayal given from the Star Wars world is the Mandalorian which has so far come into it’s 2nd season.  Starring names like Carl Weathers, Rosario Dawson and recently released from the series Gina Carano. This takes the place of one character who is not a JEDI. Though alongside the main character is a young green child named Grogu whose path is surely to make him a JEDI.

Even in his youth, Jedi training has afforded him a peace to employ when using his Jedi abilities. Though no master yet, as he often displays behavioral signs of being a child. It is believed that he first meditate like a Jedi for real when he was real young.

Tiny green Grogu (who bears a young likeness to the Great Jedi Master Yoda of past portrayals, who happens to be of the same species) can be seen in the Mandalorian exercising this stillness from time to time. Though as a child with wide eyes open taking in the world around him like any youth, seems to have enraptured his fans the world over. Older depictions of Jedi/SIth as portrayed everywhere else (no spoilers here) show them with more control and purpose as opposed to the new Stars wars shows.

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The Spiritual Power of the Light and Dark Side of the Force

In spiritual terms, we know that consciousness & still ness is where it starts. From a still and peaceful state we are able to create, move efficiently, go within & listen better.

With the view of art & canon lore, both jedi, Sith & the Grey Jedi, are within a grand mental emotional spectrum with which to frame their alliances, and from which their primary Force powers derive from. In relation to the spiritual human, our powers are derived from emotional/mental emanations of our consciousness.

Jedi or Sith derives that energy by way of ones “power of peace” or “power of pain”. This is a drawing from upon oneself from within. The spirit of their “filling” will source their greater power in any now moment. Their connection with the force, is their “sensitivity” to it. How well they can intuitively “sense” powers and energies. It is even something to “go back to” when they die, they return to the force.

CHIRRUT IMWE as a Spiritual Master

Donnie Yen’s recent role in one of the later movies, Star Wars Rogue One, depicts him as CHIRRUT IMWE. It is known that Donnie Yen’s influence was allowed to be portrayed in the film for the character. This likeness, was that of a blind martial arts master, like blind masters of old who could see things beyond their physical eyes.

A jedi meditation to increase energy and vibration would be very much like one that would be performed by these similar master at one time in their journeys. These beings trusted in their oneness with the environment and their spirit. A greater connection with the spirit will ensure that you are more in tune with your senses and sensitivities. They would meditate like jedi in seeking their own self mastery.

This understands that as the energy of the subject is connected to the energy of the surroundings, we are intimately intertwined with it. When we meditate like a jedi we draw some of focus here. Our sensitivity to spirit, energies & our own feelings give us the same intuitive potential for grasping what 3d modern humans are typically not lucky enough to grasp. The side of the self that is built to enable us to corral information about ourselves and our environment.

These masters are exciting. They are fun to watch and the thought of having such a oneness with the force that you are able to trust and walk, even blindly and still have trust & enough faith to fulfill a purpose. Its a beautiful thing.

Well he wasn’t a Jedi but if he was this quick meditation to recharge or refocus would go something like this.

How to Meditate like a Jedi

In this Star wars meditation, midichlorians are Source Energy and it is in the area all around you all the time. In this example midichlorians make up the force as photons make up the bio photon fields all around you. Seeing the photons as midichlorians makes no difference in your focus. It’s all energy and its all there. May the force be with you.

  • Be Still, Find Stillness! –  We want to produce our most precise movements from a place of stillness. Relax somewhere you can relax.
  • Make slow and steady your breathing ; Longer breaths 
  • Close your eyes. Focus spirit (consciousness) within. Take your mind’s attention into your body and energy system.
  • See the energy in you and all around you as One. Realize you are One with the force
  • Once melded with the force, see all the light in you and around you as Midichlorians.
  • Breathe, and take in that power. Feel them come in from every inch of you. Know that you are being fed from the Source/Force that powers all things.
  • Sit and dwell in that space. Take deeper focused breaths to recharge. Or focus on coming to “empty the mind” to give the mind and energy systems a break.
Jedi meditation
Source is “the force” that is with you always…

The Force is Real

This is what Jedi would do to interact with the Force that is there for them at all times. They put their trust in the Force, and learn to lean on its power. Their training reveals to them that the force is you, and concerns them learning better their connection/relationship with it. Our Jedi meditation help to understand what must be done to strengthen the relationship and to grow their skills & abilities concerning the Force. This only serves one in finding their own path unto mastery.

When you meditate like a Jedi you will discover that the Force and the Source are one in the same. If you ever wanted to train like a Jedi and come closer to the Source of all things you can. Our star wars meditation is only the beginning. One can get into the spirit, to feel and know that you yourself are already one with the Force. You have just forgotten. It is time for you to remember.

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