Analyzing Mindfulness vs Meditation – Using Full Presence In The Body, Full Emptiness & Spiritual Development

Analyzing Mindfulness vs Meditation – Using Full Presence In The Body, Full Emptiness & Spiritual Development

Mindfulness vs Meditation. Are they the same? They could be. Though for the sake of spiritual practice, one should find the distinctions in their focus to help broaden the understanding of spiritual development and their uses & advantages individually. 

The mind is truly a terrible thing to waste. It can feel like you are doing just that when you are not sure where to direct the powers of your mind when meditating.

And mindfulness… What are we filling our mind with exactly anyways?

Some contexts of meditation beg that you lose all aspects of mind. While mindfulness will direct you to do the opposite in that same moment. People should know and understand that these powers are not at odds with one another.

One can learn to use both mindfulness and meditation to find the center of it all in the self. With a little patience using full presence in the body, Mindfulness will allow you to master your moment. Meditation will help keep you aware of the eternal now moment.

They are both tools to use in one’s own personal practice of seeking spiritual fullness and fulfillment through the spirit. Here we will go in depth into their practical uses for spiritual development. Think of the energy of the mind and heart on a spectrum, marked by a certain vibration. In the gradual temperance of our souls into their greater capacities, we are learning to recognize the vibration of us.

Like the fires of a great forge, some heat, and shaping and some time make for a great blade with a point that makes clear its intent. This blade is truth, and using mindfulness and meditation to find the center can give a soul what it needs to wield it. Here we will cover mindfulness vs meditation for the sake of all awakening ascending souls.

Mindfulness vs Meditation

mindfulness vs meditation

Balance and Center

Understanding The difference between Mindfulness vs Meditation

Mindfulness usually suggests using more mind in the moment, while meditation typically begs using less mind in the moment. Though some aspects of meditation will require you use your mind for certain focuses. 

Though the most common instance of meditation assumes you are cutting off the mind in an effect to erase mental chatter and often likely increase chi.  

Both meditation and mindfulness are practices that will help you take back control of your mind. Mindfulness and Meditation are not two sides of the came coin, but rather two different coins that are cashed in at the same bank.

They are both tools in a toolshed used to hone something greater, to help forge something more powerful. 

Using emptiness in spiritual development is just as important as spiritual fullness and fulfillment. Your witness should end up somewhere in the middle to be in their best position to conduct more spirit in the body. Spiritual fullness so you are not hungry, and emptiness to ensure you are never too full of that which the world would put on/in you.

A moment may require you be still and focus. Sometimes the best way to use the mind in a situation is to have ‘no mind’ at all, to give way to receptive mind. Mind in wait, for the right moment looming.

Then there are those situations where you need to be all in assertively and full mental focus is needed in front.

A patience resolve? Or an engaging point? These two things are analogies for meditation and mindfulness respectively. We explain fully these things for the purpose of understanding them fully for their practical use in spiritual development. One should be using both mindfulness and meditation to find the center and know what that space feels like.

Need for mindfulness

Mindfulness usually points to the concept of presence, and maintaining a conscious presence in the now moment. Here you are using full presence in the body to ensure the mind is invested in the current action. People don’t think about it and would assume the presence is assumed when someone is simply there. Though your presence can be anywhere your mind wanders.

Though everyone can understand that though someone may be talking to you, or you to them, you won’t be picking up what they are putting down perhaps if you are not fully present. This usually means they are not being understood. and perhaps you are not listening.

Mindfulness in presence begs that you not only be there present physically in the moment but that you also be there invested in the moment mentally and sensually. This means having all sensory hands on deck to fully take in the experience, and intuit information.

Being great at listening understands that you are able to relax your mental muscles enough to absorb what is being shared. It begs that you have acquiesced in the moment, and are not too proud to give your full attention. Having your mind in the moment, takes focus and the concentration of consciousness on what you are witnessing and experiencing. 

There is a give and take with Mindfulness. You give light to the moment(your attention), and you gain any and everything that is being shared in the moment of the experience and the experience itself. 

Meditation is typically closed in, localized in the mind. Where with Mindfulness you are not necessarily focused in your mind as you are focused on your witness and what you are witnessing in the experience.

Mindfulness practice will also often include just a plain focus on ‘your witnessing’ itself. The very act of either seeing(if you can see) or simply sensing and experiencing your surroundings any way you can. Focus in on that sensing, while breathing, but not with a focus on your breath necessarily. Your focus is on your aliveness itself, the power and focus point of witnessing within you. Consciousness itself.

This mindfulness summons full presence in the body to live as you in the now moment, and any moment you desire as you master it.

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Using emptiness in spiritual development

A rest, in everything feels needed every now and then. To calm, and keep graceful the peaceful and weary soul. 

To empty ourselves of the world’s dross feels good and is good for us. For when the world gets to us to a massive degree, we are likely to take on feelings and ill emotions from the world. 

The world has put these out by the hearts whom exude this as their perceived reality in their outer world. They are unconscious of what lies in the heart. They believe this to be their world and they put off the energy of anything that doesn’t align with their current adopted vibration. 

These continued thought patterns can perpetuate feelings that did not originate with us and they are best served to feel them fully and let them flow on by, and fill that space with something more deserving of your time and attention.

Emptiness provides the humans a chance to dial away from one’s regularly scheduled program. 

The needs for emptiness arises for both who are sensitive to noises in the world, and those who have dreadfully been de-sensitized to them. This is a deadening of the senses, and it is no wonder people go about, especially in the western world looking dead and defeated just going about their regular day.

The novelty of using emptiness in spiritual development is a clearing of the inner clutter. ‘Your cup’ is good to be emptied. One needs to be flexible and be able to take in new ideas and information. Emptiness helps exercise receptive energies in the body.

spiritual fullness and fulfillment

the need for spiritual fullness and fulfillment

Spiritual fullness and fulfillment allows one to serve with out expectation or reward. When one is genuinely compelled to serve from the heart and is filled they hide no intention of wishing to be paid or compensated, one is fed from within. They are fed somehow from the light that is their beingness. 

This filling comes by virtue of the spirit’s light quotient and/or joy, goodness, happiness & patience. How much of that inner space is occupied by the spirit’s radiance and glory?

So much so that you are filled to the point to where you are everything and connected to everything that you could ever ask for.

In the space where humans lack fulfillment and expect or even demand recompense, a master of spirit has there peace, joy & divine wonder at their fingertips. They are filled in every moment, and  practice unto Reunification affords this moment mastery as well.

Now of course here in the third realm we have need to be compensated for the work that we do. It is not everyday that the common has great room to exercise this. So know that we making these points to shape the spirit, our goal isn’t for anyone to go hungry.

mindfulness and meditation to find the center

Using Both Mindfulness and Meditation To Find The Center

The center is ultimately the witness. The inside void where all and nothing appears to sit. Between the spaces occupied by function we know of, and in between the neuron where where apparently nothing seem to fire.

Even there is the witness, even inside of you. Both of these practices can be used to find that center and dwell there for spiritual growth and understanding. 

Meditation and mindfulness are used to cultivate this peaceful center. This is the place we go inside to learn more about ourselves. To sit and be peaceful with ourselves is a most joyful gift, and one of the most precious things we can offer to our tempering spirit.

A center that you can come home to and relax in. A center that is always a place where we can reset our agendas for the new day. This center is not on a path that is marked by sign posts and warning signs.

You will need eyes that can see past the 3d illusion and a concentrated focus through your very own cosmic witness. When you find the center, you will want to stay a while and get comfortable. Get to know what it feels like to be there.