Open The Ascension Portal – Your Simple Everyday Contribution To A Consciousness Shift

Open The Ascension Portal – Your Simple Everyday Contribution To A Consciousness Shift

open the ascension portal
Ascend Through The Portal Of You

To open the ascension portal in your life is nothing less than a complete and ultimate game changer of a transformation. Everyday you move closer to phasing into a new reality filled with excitement, wonder, and unbelievable learnings about the cosmos.

Breath, live and understand the self more and more and your vibes will slowly rise to accommodate the opening of the ascension gateway.

3D life can be a drag. Luckily in these times we are being given the change to rise up and live a greater experience. Through the unlimited nature of the spirit, the greater portal unto forever is already within you.

Seeking to open that portal in you, is a means to assist and open the ascension portal within all humans on the planet at this time.

Your efforts are needed in helping to change the vibrational energy of the collective consciousness that we all reside in here on Earth. This change will allow us to lead a higher resonating existence. One filled with love, compassion and lead by those of us focused on everyone unlocking your divinity from within.

Being responsible for your energetics and how they affect the whole is everyone’s job. Minding your health, and ascension health, includes keeping an awareness of your vibe.

All disease starts on the energy level. Source is All. All is Source. Your vibe is an energy level, and it is what must rise to power and open the ascension portal. As your energy rises, you watch and recognize how your ascension defines who you will be as a divine being.

Learn to shape the spirit and position yourself in a place to open the ascension portal. We are here to help

Opening The Ascension Gateway

open the ascension portal

Seek The Ascension Portal To Drive Cosmic Change…

Some people are hoping for a day when everything changes. Everything in this modern 3D world seem twisted. Why do we have to pay to live on a planet or in a realm we were born on?

It is fair? Things such as having to work for a dollar just to acquire the basic needs that Mother Earth naturally endows to her children? Sons and daughter’s of Mother Earth have to pay a man just to eat and have fresh water to drink.

A grievous suffering to any sentient and free human being. A being, by virtue of the spirit, originally, born so free, the cosmos was our playground. An unlimited nature is in our soul, and we seek to return to it. Life in the 5th dimension is more the resonance that can enable a more unlimited nature than what we experience now.

After we open the ascension portal our life will be far more enjoyable, being not limited in countless ways and avoiding disease for immortality.

Many do not believe that this is what GOD or Mother Earth imagined for the civilization. This experiment is reaching it’s climax and it is just end game for this experience and the suffering that it has wrought.

We have learn much and come far in our evolution. This means the next octave of experience is not too far off. A consciousness shift is due, and a light infusion of cosmic proportions is inundating our reality as we speak and read.

It begins on a personal level for those who are actively seeking to shift and open the ascension portal. Triggers inside can make it happen when we awaken the right firings that need to fire in our “junk” DNA.

Unlocking Your Divinity From Within

Many are unaware that portals exist within them. It is no wonder we are still here living ordinary 3D humans lives. There is an ascension company of aspects in your being who desire to have an unlimited experience. You know it is not quite possible here. Though you feel it is possible, somewhere.

That somewhere is a greater resonating space, that can be anywhere, around you or in you. This will equate to a “level up” or a “rising up” of that individual at the epicenter of that change. They could experience spiritual shift symptoms, with their very consciousness changing how it actually sees life.

Unlocking your divinity from within feels like you are phasing into a lucid dream that is not real. Your mind and heart make it real, as your vibration shifts into the 5th dimension.

The ascension definition to rise up in this context means to increase in vibration, in intuition, and compassion. Any virtuous shape of energetic being-ness that expresses a loving and compassionate disposition. Embodying an aspect in the spirit, who is filled with the very raw material that makes a divine being ‘divine’.

When you open this ascension portal you become a witness to yourself in a new way. A witness to the nature of yourself that exists in more that one reality. A bearing witness to the a consciousness shift taking place in the epicenter of being.

On the quantum level you are being activated. Unlocking your divinity from within will feel magical, as the world around you changes before your eyes. Your DNA now receives, time, information and your breath in a new fashion, and as a result a new life experience has your new presence’s full attention.

Pure love aliveness. To rise up into the 5th dimension frequency, means being washed over with this power until your conscious experience of reality is fully online. This includes awareness of multi-dimensional aspects of your self residing at different frequencies all at once.

When we increase in resonance to a point of inner change, it is said that we are in the 5th dimension. Another resonance level, like being tuned into another channel of life. While still retaining power to change the channel as you desire.

To accommodate 5th dimension body changes, a greater energy level is needed. You could also call that energy …love. That is why the heart is essential in exercising our increase in power needed to life the self and energies to new heights in vibration.

The opening of the ascension portal we will need an excess of love and light to power our divine transformation. Unlocking your divinity from within will present to the world the kind of GOD that is possible for this place in time. The new human is what awaits when we open the ascension portal.

Rise up in love and light…

Through The Heart Into The 5th Dimension

To walk through the portal of the heart is to shift, decide and commit to the constant and loving shift of the self. To free the mind and heart, from patterns of self hurt and self judgement.

To denounce the hurting of others by your hand and to contribute to healing in a way that directly changes your experience by how you interact with life and others within it.

Ascension day waits on you! Not others to come and do your spiritual work for you. The ascension of Jesus story was never about the death and the spilling of blood, but about the style at which a special spirit expressed itself in a human life.

If you exalt a man to think that state is not attainable by someone in our modern time, you do the belief in the child of creation a disservice. The focus was always the spirit and how one carries that spirit in this life. Unto corruption, or spiritual freedom.

To facilitate a consciousness shift in you many techniques should be employed to bolster the efforts of transformation unto your greater more aligned self. Working through the spirit and the heart to shift the self. The heart provides a pathway for opening the ascension portal.

Interacting with our mental and emotional powers to shape what will be a new standard of living into the 5th dimension frequency of humanity.

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What Does A Consciousness Shift Mean?

A consciousness shift is a shifting of energy. It is the same as asking what is an energy shift? The energy of our consciousness is changing to resonate at a different frequency.

Many people wonder, when will this consciousness shift happen? That depends on you and us. A shift in consciousness meaning, a shift in vibration, is a decision that you have to make within yourself.

What’s happening in the universe right now is unique. Higher resonating energy and cosmic rays are creating energy shifts in the body. When seeking to shift you will notice signs of high vibration inside as well as signs of higher consciousness.

A consciousness shift will manifest as insight, strong inclinations to change certain things about yourself, and a sudden impulse to treat yourself with more love and compassion.

To understand what a consciousness shift means we can easily relate to it in terms of a dream, and while in a dream you suddenly become lucid.

Now in the dream where you are lucid, you start to KNOW that the dream is yours to control and automatically your assertion over the dream gives you a certain level of control over what is possible in the dream.

A shift has taken place in what you believe and what you think is possible. Something clicks inside you, and all of a sudden more is possible in this moment than what was possible in the moment before.

ascend into the 5th dimension
Light it Up!

For the full unlocking of the ascension gateway we must initiate a consciousness shift within the self. Self love, thankfulness, embodying love and shining the light of that goodness out onto our world and realm. To ascend into the 5th dimension reality, an inner change must take place.

A change that will likely show you spiritual awakening signs and symptoms in your conscious waking reality, for you to believe that a change is possible.

We serve your awakening. If you are seeking to initiate your own change you are in a great position. We have something for you.

Be Blessed!

Discover How To Open The Ascension Portal In You!