Opening your Consciousness & Ascending to Different Dimensions: 4 Spirit Hacks For Vibin’ Out

Opening your Consciousness & Ascending to Different Dimensions: 4 Spirit Hacks For Vibin’ Out

opening your consciousness

As you are opening your consciousness & ascending to different dimensions you transform and shift out of this world. In the 2020’s we are waiting for our greater revelation. We wait as the world turns, as our ancient rulers are toppled over, and as the restlessness of human spirit comes to would-be end.

Indeed excitement looms around the corner. Mother Gaia and the Creatrix are conspiring to shift the worlds, and with hearts in the flesh and boots on the ground they stand to pull off the greatest show ever witness.

Ascending to different dimension as a human engulfed in light is the greatest show this side of the Creatrix has to offer, and will result in nothing short of marvelous.

When you open you consciousness to what is waiting for us just outside visible light you will be stunned. It is said that when we are able to see what is actually near in proximity to us we will meet our star family, and with speed. You won’t be able to see outside visible light until you are vibin’ out regularly.

To ascend in vibrational frequency is to increase the rate and quality of how our consciousness moves, taking thoughts and feelings to a higher resonating realm of experience. This puts you literally into another world.

This is what it means to awaken. Here you are on the very edges of the door that you have one foot in and one foot out of. Your toes poke at the water, though your spirit is not afraid and is hungry for re-expansion. Your consciousness extends from far outside your body and this is also something we are coming to know and understand on a deeper level.

All that light, love & power is you. Opening your consciousness to the open ended Source and cosmos will give you back everything.

You must claim your power back, and I am here to help you do that. We are opening our consciousness together as we are ascending to different dimensions in real-time. Here are 3 spirit hacks to get your energy moving in the right direction.

Ascension Journey Real Talk: A Spiritual Adventure Begins

We are here to energetically/spiritually transform and advance in a greater and more pure relationship with your grand matrix of self. As you greater become introduced to the light that is you, you increase your vibrational frequency.

You turn consciousness in on itself. You also draw from Source.

In your light body ascension process you are essentially collecting more and more energy to shift. A coal needs intense heat and pressure to become a diamond. You will go through this pressure as well when your whole body of cells have enough light to spin faster and faster still, until a certain spin symmetry is reached in order to truly take flight.

At the beginning of your spiritual adventure you will be learning about your own personal energy signature. This is the unique frequency put off by your body and collection of energy fields. These are what you must master and manipulate before you are able to increase your vibrational frequency. It is also referred to as your “soul song”. A resonance that is unique to your individual and is unlike the soul song of anyone else.

To advance into your transformation and shift in consciousness you are seeking to heighten and maintain the frequency of all your thoughts and emotions, or you can think of it as all your energetic fields within your aura.

Your soul is on a mission of exploration. Your higher self is exploring what it is like to be you. A cosmic being experiencing what it is like to be down here as a mortal human being. Your spiritual adventure will bring new venues of growth to your soul as it learns more on itself and the universe.

Keep reading for our spirit hacks creating brave new frontier in the land of self discovery. Opening your consciousness will make the ultimate journey more fun. It becomes a pleasing exercise thinking positively for your ascension, especially when we can sit down and enjoy it.

… liking the article so far? Great!…Next read about how we are affecting Ascension with the choices we make!

Out Growing the 3d realm

We are out growing the 3d realm.

Your higher self wants for you(the aspect that was born here on Mother Earth), to experience everything and have it all. Just like the Creatrix wanted for the child. Innately we as a soul wish to expand. A source of energy is localized on the area where we breath constantly in and out.

Like a ball of energy that is ever expanding, growing, knowing more and more, gaining power & and using that power to go further and further into the experience of endless particles and space.

Just like on the inside of our bodies.

We grow as a soul, and our energy aspect has to then create more and more experiences to grow and learn from. With this nature inherently within us we are naturally growing tired of the 3d realm. This fatigue is seen on our bodies as not being able to enjoy as many of the earthly things that we used to enjoy when we were ignorant and unaware.

You are what you think…

Opening your consciousness means you are what you think – #1 Spirit hack

You are as you think.

Similar to the old adage, ‘you are what you eat’, what you are consumed or filled with makes up what you are. Your consciousness makes up your reality. Whether you are finding your experience happy or negative, your perception of your experience is at the heart of how you are interacting and feeling about your realm right now.

This is one reason why there is so much power is what you think, how you think and in the patters in which you tend to think. You are learning about what is being reflected at you from your conscious reality and experience, and it is through the attention to it that you will be able to change it.

You will only be able to change depending on how well you are able to adjust your spiritual vibration and frequency. Each plane of existence moves through resonance and has it’s own energetic intervals. The energy wavelengths have a usual pattern, and all in the Creation moves at a quantum level even when the surface looks still.

If your frequency matches that of another dimension then you will likely find yourself in that dimension. You will phase into a channel of reality that your collection of fields aligns with, and the channel that you left will come out of view.

Those beings who exist at the old channel will no longer experience your energy the way they once did. At this point they would need to increase their vibrational frequency and phase out of this world for you to come into view again.

Supervising The Thoughts and Emotions – #2 Spirit Hack

Thoughts and emotions are largely the components in our auric fields that are the summation of what makes us, us. These power/energies are all around us and throughout us. Our thoughts are not just in our mind, and our emotions are not only in our hearts and tears.

The energy swirling around in our chakras are also thoughts and emotions.

Our lower chakras deals with concepts and ideas of lower consciousness. Things we don’t even think about sexual & survival instincts , as well as your fight or flight mode reflex

Our mind is capable of so much. While our mind can be occupied in the lower chakras, our witness..

increase your vibrational frequency
You are more than thoughts & emotions

Our aliveness, or choice of intention is what takes us there. This is your purest consciousness. The consciousness that you dig down deep into when you are meditating and seeking to silence the inner commotion. Being able to supervise the thoughts and emotions will be a skill that helps us get there.

You must understand that your consciousness, the ‘eye’ that is you. The being behind your eyes taking this all in you could say is like a Genie. The genie rides on a magic carpet. The carpet is made up of the thoughts and emotions of the Genie, the genie’s powers. When the thoughts and emotions are balanced and stable the carpet rides smoothly. As soon as imbalance takes hold, the ride starts feeling rather bumpy.

To supervise our thoughts and emotions is not natural to the extent that we are doing it. It takes enough power just to have the emotions or thoughts. How can we then monitor them.

Patiently, and only in the now moment. Supervise your thoughts and emotion with love , understanding and a growing mastery over your now moment.

power of thinking positively
Think high to ride the vibe of Ascension!

The Incredible Power In Thinking Positively For Our Ascension

For us, ascending to different dimension will be the ultimately ride of many lifetimes.

Though this ride will have loads more excitement than any before it. We have great power in thinking positively for our ascension. Those who are actively engaged in their own personal ascension process know that they are being helped by the Universe to shift in this way.

As you affirm and speak you create your spiritual ascension journey right before your eyes. You lay the brick that will at some point be the launching pad from which you will learn to fly.

Your light attitude is part of what you will need to fly, as any old discordant feelings rooted in the old paradigm just are too heavy and won’t levitate in the new age environment. Your heart being filled with willingness to serve in this way is a boost to the spirit. Your aura will light because of it.

The endeavor in staying positive lies mainly in repolarizing or transmuting feelings that do not serve or may have been picked up. These are seen as dross to your matrix due to it’s lowered vibration. These energies must go. We are seeking to constantly treat one’s vibe to stimulants that will feed and sustain it’s power and speed. Affirmations, mantras & healing techniques can work to adjust the vibe in the moment.

You can also be still , and let the emotion pass, kind of like a ghost you can see and hear, but… You don’t want it to know that you can see and hear it if you are afraid, because when you do that..

thinking positively for your ascension

Its Got You!

Basically you keep your power, and you don’t give it away for anything. Fear will drain you dry if you let it. It will create a void that you will run around in a panic trying to fill.

Patience and calmness is needed for clarity of mind in counseling away from fear. Opening your consciousness to these spirit hacks will help you gain more control over your experience

Manifest A Clearing Ritual to Restyle Your Negative & Wily Emotions

See your negative emotions, hard feelings, rigid beliefs, beefs, griefs, grudges, grievances and find a representation for them here in the physical 3rd realm. You can do something as simply as writing it on a piece of paper. Take that piece of paper and throw it into a fire where it can burn. This ritual should be proceeded with some moments of intention on your part to do what you are intending to do with the ritual.

After the burning the moments should be filled up with honest testimony on how you have given the problem or energy on the paper to Mother Earth. As you breath and say these words also see that energy leave your chakra system at the bottom down through your earth star chakra and then down to the core of the Earth.

As you see this energy moving from your body down into the Earth have faith that your Mother Gaia, who is a master transformer of energies, has made the vibe into something useful. Any ascended souls who have had Earth lives or similar ones will be a shifter of energies in this way.

Taking emotions or unprocessed feelings of spiritual encumberment into the heart, and spinning them into something that the soul can use is the role of true blessed, Christ-like, and anointed cosmic masters.

Love is the Source, and masters weave this power to bring discordant energies into loving sustenance for the spirit. Thinking positively on your ascension is also part of that sustenance. Just as light and evil spirit are brought back into source to be restyled so too can we as masters mutate energies that do not serve us into something that does.

Visualize and practice seeing yourself as light

When you are engulfed in love and light you will be the culmination of the Creatrix’s efforts to create the perfect individualized divine humans in form. The perfected humans idea may make humans scoff in disbelief as it seems like a tall order that humans will expect can’t be done at their current vibration and energy..

And they would be right. You do something to your aura when you look at yourself in this way. Holding it in your consciousness will allow it to crystallize in your consciousness. When you are pure light you also have great power to shine light on darkness.

In your ritual you can also see yourself as light and see the energy that needs to go as a little static knot(however you want to picture that). Move the static knot through the body and out the bottom of the energy/auric fields and into the core of the Earth to be re-fixed into something that will serve the ascension of the children of Mother Earth.

When you are free from those energies see yourself shine brighter then before. You are choosing the higher or lower realm of experience in your everyday choices. You are choosing Ascension.

… Thanks for reading….Now you should take a look at this video on accessing Supreme Consciousness & the Multidimensional Mind

opening your consciousness
You are the light of the body and world!

To be… Or to be more? that is the question.

We have lived here at this lower spectrum of experience for far too long, so much so that our cosmic mother is kind of forcing us in the shower so to speak.

From moment to moment we are making a choice.

We are creating our reality as we go along by way of what is making or breaking in our awareness. As we live and breath, we emit a frequency. Whether we are vibrant or inert with that frequency that is the realm of experience that we will interpret through our consciousness. So in an effort to enlighten and fulfill ourselves it behooves us to monitor the resonance of our thoughts and emotions on a constant and diligent basis.

This is one of the endeavors of ascension. Thinking positively for your ascension wont be easy all the time. Though you can always make it easier then it is, by slowing down and being present in the moment. Intend, prime your power(breathe) and execute.

This will likely critically include distancing yourself away from the modern 3D world of endless distractions. Take some time to focus on your personal energy. Know where your treasures are and where you are pointing the direction of your love and light. As you shift you are choosing to ascend, thus your light will constantly chose the higher experience. Your job will be to do everything you can in the body to ensure its choices in its self care are the highest quality vibration choices as well.

You create this reality by your choice from moment to moment. We are awakening, opening our consciousness to this experience and learning about what the Creation has in store for us. We will be dropping the 3D modern world’s detritus from our fields.

These things are too heavy to take with us, as our spirits cannot levitate without the lightness that comes from the relinquishing of the woes and worries of this life.

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