Reaching Higher Levels of Consciousness in the 2020’s – The Daring Human Graduation From The Third Realm

Reaching Higher Levels of Consciousness in the 2020’s – The Daring Human Graduation From The Third Realm

reaching higher levels of consciousness

Reaching higher levels of consciousness should always be a goal for the alive sentient soul in a human body here in the third realm. The endowment of the human experience begs that we prepare ourselves for human graduation from the third realm. 

In the School of the 3rd realm their are few shortcuts. If your goal is reunification with the Creatrix/Creator, then your only path way is love and virtue. Though the style at which you exhibit it is all you, and your detail, the vibe is the same.

As long as your heart colors the right picture then you will likely fall in an appropriate heart space. 

A 5D heart space will put you into a brand new vibrational experience. Exploring alternate realms of vibration and experience is one of the most exciting reasons to be alive at this time. To dial into another channel of reality, or greater states of awareness.

To graduate from academic pursuits feels good and can leave you with a great sense of accomplishment. Being enriched through the mind is a gift. It warrants hard work to enrich one’s life through knowledge. That is why one does better when they know better.

Expanding to greater states of awareness is what it means to evolve in our changing times. An ant is aware of so little, and a bird so much, because of the vantage point that it’s eye can see. 

Reaching higher levels of consciousness will drive further beyond our current vantage point. That eye will go far. Here we will take a dive into what it will be like to soon experience the human graduation of the third realm.

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Human Graduation from the third realm

Reaching Higher levels of Consciousness in our modern lives

If you have ever graduated from college or high school you can probably note that feeling when you are all done and you have a new phase of your life ahead of you. Exciting as it may be, our next will blow this one away by leagues.

We will walk away with a mastery not simply over a trade, but over a dimension. Over a playing field, that we are the master on the game of, through and through. Advancement of the soul brings so much to offer to the cosmic settler.

All of our experience will accompany us. All of the light emanating from the light bodies of the new human will contain lifetimes of knowledge, wisdom, love and experience from the third realm. 

Expanding to higher levels of consciousness in the body is a 3rd realm graduation because we have come to the end of physical upgrades, and now we can only evolve spiritually from here. An evolution in our great powers. Our bodies are great but the super sensory future they ahead of them, is an will seem to interface with God potential.

We are taking the greatest capacities to be human and mastering them unto the next realm of reality. The next octave of being, whose sparkling out of this world potential is the very stuff that dreams and blissful divine worlds are made of.

How do we evolve from the third dimension after we have made nearly every technological advance available to us in our lifetime? The next step to take our spirit to the next level of cosmic greatness. Advancement of the soul is the only way up and out for us, in terms of how far we have come.

greater states of awareness

What are greater states of awareness?

Greater states of awareness have the potential to exist in your perception once you are opened up to the right channels. As your personal make up of love and light vary, your countenance and attitude varies, and feeling in any now moment all make up your current state of awareness. You, being awareness of you, your inner worlds and outer surroundings.

Of course you can only be conscious of so much at any one time, as that ability grows more as we evolve. Soon we will be able to be conscious of a lot more than we are able to now.

Greater states of awareness will mark your consciousness in multiple places at once, as we exist in multiple dimensions. With eyes that peek into alternate realms of vibration, the possibilities for adventure and learning will not get boring out of this dimension. Advancement of the soul is actually the adventure that you have likely always dreamed of and wanted. Some new discovery of the self and new found abilities, new corners of the self that reveal uncharted frontier in the cosmic divine body left to explore.

As your vibration increases so to does your current state of awareness. Where your attention is pointing can also have a play on your vibration. Allowing nothing to steal your attention in those certain moments where concentration is the intention, are skills use to build the edifice of disciplined self mastery.

How many things can you be aware of at a time. Thing about it. Can you solve a series of math problems, create a grocery list, and recall the last time you ate popcorn at, all at the same time? Of course, you can probably do them really fast sequentially, one after another.

Though to do them all at once, even all in a moment… You will need more processing power in the mind. It may seem like that isn’t room for much more in your later life. I am here to tell you that it is better you learn to empty your cup and humble yourself for the sake of the humans graduation of the third realm. This will help everything go smoother for everyone choose to evolve in this time.

How do you think you would handle being able to compute and task with the power of 10 minds, or even 100? How many worlds would you be able to create and fill them with life?

How many would you want to? What dimension of reality would you create and call your own?

Advancement of the soul and into the Oversoul

As above, so below. It is said that the lower and higher bodies, faculties or chakras reflect a cosmic truth of having higher and lower energy bodies occupying higher dimensions of consciousness and experience. So as our human bodies have higher and lower extremities and bodies, so to do our higher bodies have higher and lower faculties in the form of focus points of energy just like our chakras. 

Our torus field, auric fields, and merkabah all wrap around the witness, who is the magician within the magic. We here in the body are only seemingly alive though the chakras we know to be attached to our bodies. These are constantly drawing in life force energy along with our other electro-magnetic fields and inbreath.

The chakras that are off of our bodies are less worked with and not so easy to touch. 

As higher faculties that extend outside of us are turned on, we start to realize that we are more than what we seem to be, looking from inside our tiny bodies here on Mother Earth.

Greater advancement of the soul is what the Divine Mother wants for us as we approach our human graduation from the third realm. Every parent what’s to see their child grow up and come into their own.

They wish to see their child grow to be all that they can be and more. They wish for them to see what they wish to see, and to go as far as to prove wrong the impossible if it is there for them to achieve. 

The advancement of the soul into the oversoul will give us that bird’s eye view that we always wanted that we knew would come with a boatload of responsibility as it meant human graduation from the third realm. Burrowing into the light of the oversoul will let you into the greater light that makes up your being.

If you yourself are pure light, and you came from pure light and life, then there must be so much life and light waiting for you there.

To understand this aspect, is like digging into the knowledge of a family tree. Except this family is much more ancient, and the inheritance, a lot more fun.

How do we evolve from the third dimension?

We move forward here taking our journey into the heart, which puts us smack dab in the center of our cosmic origin. Getting back to the divine love of our higher selves and what is natural to our souls in terms of love and reverence for love, life & the spirit that makes all things alive. Will will carry this knowledge with us after we make that connection with our oversoul and greater celestial origin and background.

Things are very hard and dense here. Ask yourself. How do we evolve from the third dimension when there are so many hardened hearts that believe it is their destiny to be forever hard? 

By lightening up a little. By learning to embrace divine reception, and grant yourself the ability to receive the greatest gifts of the Creatrix that are to be given in this time rebirth and renewal.

When even those people, who don’t believe in anything, start are seeing past the veil that they did not used to see everyday it will be a new arena. People will believe and vibe with the new like never before. 

Our balance and centering are meant to be rewarded with something that is most remarkable and is meant to mark our progress on the journey. It is meant to define our self mastery here in the third realm.

different realms of awareness

Reaching higher levels of consciousness is no simple pass to the next stage of our lives. Our ‘living and death’ lives are over, and these are the beginning of our adventure into greater and greater states of awareness.

How do we evolve from the third dimension without love and light? That’s easy! We don’t. Love and light carries everything for the advancement of the soul. Human graduation from the third realm warrants the most giving of rewards for mastering the cycle of life and death. Ascension brings the victory.