Reunification Is A Treasure That Money Simply Cannot Buy

Reunification Is A Treasure That Money Simply Cannot Buy

reunification is a treasure

Everything Lies In The Spirit

Reunification is a treasure that money simply can’t buy. Inside the modern world we have made, nearly everything has a monetary value. Humanity has gone to great lengths in an attempt to create a world with unlimited features and luxuries. For as much as the modern world can try to be unlimited, there is a cost.

Mother Earth’s resources are limited and thus what’s gained from those resource also has their natural limits. Naturally there will also be limits to the funds used to cover costs. As money is needed to supply everything in our modern world, costs for things will create a constant limitation.

Most everyday people’s ability to provide monies for costs will vary, only by “how” limited they are. With money, and the costs for things in this 3D experience you can expect nothing to an unlimited degree.  Either way someone pays the price, and the modern world has made Mother Earth foot the bill.

What is it that you reach for? What I reach for cannot be bought with dollars and no price can be put upon it.  The promise of the forever truth of our boundless and cosmic nature, with the power to enjoy it forever.

What do you love most in this world? Is it a thing? It will be better if you could enjoy it forever. Is it someone? Your Lover? Your kids? It would be better to give even them an unlimitedly blissful and perfect existence. Only spirit powers can do that.

Treasures Money Can’t Buy

Money is used for everything in this world. Simpler times employed trade & bartering. Here in this modern 3D world, our money is moved about massively 24/7. Money buys everything. Money buys and produces technologies that are making everything and more. Money is the most precious thing it would seem in a world so dependent on it.

The best treasures money can’t buy are those priceless things that are kinda once in a lifetime for the individual. You had to have been there. Memories have a sweetness delicacy to their enjoyment, as you may or may not remember. It can be hard to remember for some and their rarity makes them all the more sweet.

The spirit is the prime source for treasures money can’t buy simply because of their forever-ness. Enjoying spirit in this way fills you up like nothing else can.

Most treasures money can’t buy are of the spirit. Any memory, dream or imagining is of the spirit, and any treasure held in the spirit is a treasure that is held in the forever place.

vibe reality check

How do you feel?

These are the treasures promised to you and your soul for eternity. If a soul chooses to hold it because of love then it will stay with them. Anything not, will simply be forgotten and the light will go off in that scenario/experience.


This modern 3d world likes to depict show and programs that involve angels ‘leaving heaven’. Popular shows describing heaven as a boring place that everyone secretly wants to leave. As if there are no pleasures in heaven.

This is ignorance, because those who have money and power in this world to make shows, typically don’t see heaven for what it is seen through the eyes or those who honor Christ/Child of Creation within. Thus they will have antiquated ideas of heavenly realms and treasures.

They don’t see it through loving eyes, simply because they do not lust for spiritual things. The heavenly realms are everything you want and more.

First the vibration is bliss, and anything can be enjoyed amongst you and your spirit because there is no one to harm but you, if it were possible at this point to inflict harm on oneself.

Though no one would want to either at this point.

We have a long way to go before we get to that juncture. This is the realm to master wants and desires not heaven. Heaven is where you can go once you have control over all those aspects of yourself, as a balance and connection is needed to even be in the vibratory space to access that dimensional frequency.

Reunification sky

The new human sky marvel awaits…

Some say the sky is the limit, I say the sky is only the beginning of limitlessness”.

Rev Miles

The Most Precious Thing

The spirit is always the most precious thing. The spirit is the life, the consciousness itself, the lights that allow you to see your experience.

A dead beast on the road has lost its most precious thing. All their zeal for life, their enthusiasm for what they love, all their joy. Gone.

A broken toy may have lost something that would affect how it would serve its purpose in spirit or original intent. The chance at love that it would receive is reduced. The spirit of the toy is lost in the world with no purpose. Only love of another will recoup the purpose.

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These things have lost their most precious thing in that the spirit of their experience is lost. How can anything other than the spirit by your most precious thing?

Some people would say their children are their most precious thing. Think about it. Where do you hold the love, and memory of your children? Your loving experience is made possible through the spirit. It’s not the brain. The doesn’t hold anything without a spark.

The living spirit, the living way, the GOD of ALL living… Its child spirit is you. When awakened it will create a divine remaster for your life and experience. The most precious thing is the thing that is your everything. If your everything is not spirit, then you still are not moving in the direction of where the Mother earth wants to go into the divinely remastered 5d new earth.

Always Divinely Remastered

Only spirit can provide a perfect & divinely remastered experience! The chance at everything being perfect to an unfathomable degree is only the work of GODS. They do it by virtue of a consciousness. By virtue of their knowing connection with their source, and power to create.

Every reality that exists is a mix of light, energy, and perspectives amongst those who witness it. Each perspective has a different “experience” or “reality” by virtue of their unique perspective. The unlimited nature of reality is built into the light, for the light draws its power from the inexhaustible source.

The modern 3D world has awesome technologies and innovations. We as cosmic children were fully attached to something even more awesome in the beginning. There is an unlimited nature in the spirit. In these times we are more ofter as a people having an attachment focused on the outside of ourselves with zero nurturing of the spirit.

This is a corruption of the consciousness away from the spirit, a disservice to our Reunification with the Creatrix/Creator in that now moment.

Our soul is the light that makes up stars

merkabah floating

An unlimited nature and experience are only fully being given to you through the spirit and spirit powers. Every reality is a light matrix, unless that place has no light, and even then Source exists in the nothingness as well. Even in those places someone or something is aware. In the case of Source both are true, both someone and something is conscious and alive there.

Ascension brings a true unlimitedness to our experience, at a price that only adds to us. It does not take away from us. It may take away from our 3D modern world’s distractions, though it is time well spent if you can afford it.

Enter the Realm of Complete And Nutritious Care

If you are not looking at what you are putting on your skin or in your mouth you could be poisoning yourself. Avoid these chemicals and protect your family.

Only Reunification can bring the power to make a world perfect and unlimited and hold it forever. Ascension is a chance for you to chase GOD again, for the Creation to capture your mind, soul, and heart once more.

These are the truest treasures of “Heaven” folks! A divinely remastered experience is the divine’s way of giving a wow factor to old treasures money can’t buy. Ones you just might already know and love.