Simple Ways Of Growing Spiritually – 5 Spiritual Practices To Transform The Self

Simple Ways Of Growing Spiritually – 5 Spiritual Practices To Transform The Self

ways of growing spiritually

Here in the 2020’s, we are seeking ways of growing spiritually in truth. As Mother Earth bathes in cosmic light, her children are being baked into the new completion leavened with spiritual practice. The next step of human spiritual evolution is not new legs on the ground, but feet that can step into the next frequency of being. 

The cosmic bath from the cosmos brings with it a healing of the body. For how could it not? As we will need fresh and working eyes to see the marvels growth. It is exciting to see how far it takes us. People feel something is happening to them and it is.

The subtle shifts in our quantum reality are not easily being seen with the naked eye. This shifts as intuition increases in the average soul, more feelings coming online. The collective grid is being given budding loving-lit hearts to grow and nurture, as Mother Earth basks in a sea of change under a transformative light and soaking up every bit. 

These days a spiritual practice is common place. People are meditating away stress. They are manifesting that dream life and reality, and mindfulness is succeeding in claiming the now moment.

People do more with prayer now as well. People now pray to nourish the spirit. We aren’t just asking for ‘stuff’ like brats. We are looking to become rich in the spirit.

To know the spirit while alive in the body, you must heal the body. Here are 5 simple ways of growing spiritually to heal the body and more fully know the spirit. 

Start a daily spiritual practice #1

The first and most important spiritual practice is that you first start a practice. Commit to taking some time to give to you and the spirit.

This daily practice is meant for you to on a daily basis engage with spirit or your own spirit embody in some way or fashion. 

This lifestyle is a path into an initiation of spiritual growth. When you start a daily spiritual practice you dedicate or devote time to honor the spirit. To train with the spirit in the body. You trust the spirit. Somewhere you can reach within the self. A level of peacefulness, a level of mastery of stillness. The body is a Muppet, while the spirit is a master. 

These forces dance and evolution intertwines conscious reality with more subtle powers to create a sound pathway tread line for spiritual growth. A spiritual practice tills the soil atop fertile ground to consummate the union of divine purpose and free will. 

As you prepare this bride to marry, your preparations take you to refining the spirit, making it pristine and beautiful that, for which glows and awaits to be revealed under the vale of divine re-masteries. 

Our spiritual practice makes the bed in which we will join with our light body. This joining has the stamp of our love and light engraved in its name space.

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Move Energy In The Body & Heal #2

Did you know that you can move energy in the body & heal a host of problems. One of the most important ways of growing spiritually is understanding that the body needs to move.

Start moving energy around the body: This one goes hand and hand with the first. When you learn to move energy in the body for healing then you notice that many of the aches and pains in your body are very well like a energy (or nutrient) deficient area of the body. We see that when energy or “chi” flow returns to that parts of the body the symptoms tend to lessen if not go away completely. 

As we transform in this time, we as experience how to come spiritually closer to God, we understand that the flow of energy is paramount. When we start a daily spiritual practice to take on that energy we shift our path for the better.

The Creatrix is an ever-flowing ever-moving matrix of energy that never sleeps or dies and we are representations of that in our own energetic makeup. 

Moving our bodies and the energy that makes it up is essential to not only good health, but in making magical strides in our spiritual development. Understanding the spirit itself will be a journey. The first steps will normally be the self study we experience with ourselves. 

When we pray to nourish the self, we also move energy in the body & heal all at the same time. When we move energy in the body & healing results, we gain a victory and pick up the pace on our ascension journey.

alkalize the body
Real men eat plants!

Alkalize The Body #3

We have always heard you are what you eat. In this case, the old saying rings true. It also means you are what you are filled with or what you feed yourself. 

In its spiritual understanding we consider what we are feeding our spirit and what are we choosing to fill our spirit with (thoughts, emotions). 

The body ph is important because of what is allowed and not allowed to thrive and this is determined by the natural ph of your body. Whether or not it is acidic or not makes a huge difference. Getting into the practice of making a point to adjust your body ph, by staying alkaline as best you can is a major move for both short term and long term health. 

This means that in terms of taking care of the spirit embody, it will help with longevity and ensuring you have a worthwhile livelihood running into your later years.

An acidic body ph is prone to disease and creates an environment that is hospitable to pathogens and illnesses that would do you harm. The breaking down of the body happens more rapidly in this state, as well as aging. 

Keeping the body more alkaline is just a part of the common knowledge that we have now. This is part of the revelation in our time, as we take better responsibility for our health. 

Taking responsibility for one’s health, in its own right, is itself, a mark of spiritual growth. The doctors are not going to care about you the way that you should. They will not put forth the effort, that your higher self would put on you.

Pray or Praise More Often #4

From our experience when we prayed more we found we were able to raise our spiritual vibration. We were also able to maintain that state of vibration easily then we would if we prayed less. Though one must understand what I mean when I say pray. Essentially a prayer is an invoking of energy from the Creation. To pray is to draw from the Source.

We are enveloped in the mass of love, power & information we know of through, and it is always available to us. Why would you not take of it, if it can deliver to you virtue, strength of spirit and courage.

When you praise the Most High you point your own love & power towards Creation and the spirit. You give of your light in this action. This should leads me into my next topic….

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Offer an exchange with the Creation/Creatrix

As above, So Below

Here we are offering an exchange with the Creation. Here, as opposed to the prayer, we are offering something forth towards the Creation and not simply a summoning of energies. If we offer forth praise to the Creation it will feed us back with it’s power.

Giving blessing, thankfulness & appreciation back towards the Creation means we are exercising our energetic exchange with the Creation. This is how the Child of Creation was filled through the spirit with all these virtuous & wonderful spiritual things.

As we take upon this practice we are changing not only ourselves but the nature of the reality around us. As we take in more light for the shift we are crystallizing our place as conduits of light for Mother Earth. As we live, breathe, take in light and live our life we transfer light into Mother Earth, as well as transmute discordant energies into working rhythms for the shift into 5d. 

It is said that with this ascension we are changing the awesomeness of how human ascension can be in physicality. Our energetic relationship will be an everyday thing where we draw from the Creatrix, not some put off weekly thing. 

This relationship we will find is the most precious one we can cherish and when honored will take us to the depths of the Creation and ourselves. A depth that we currently can’t fathom.

Practice Presence, Patience And The Conscious Now Moment #5

The center point of perception is now. Presence holds perception and patience together. A more conscious now moment begs you pay attention, closely to every breath.

Perhaps even more attention than you have even paid in your life. More dedication than you might think is warranted in any now moment. 

This is your life. You paying attention to what is happening in front of your eyes. As your conscious reality has your full attention you tend to breath more substantially. You are more dialed into your experience and as a result your spirit tries to absorb more of it into the body for the benefit and experience of you both here. Though alas, your body cannot take in as much as your spirit alone right now.

Due to the shifting nature of our spirits, this is changing rapidly. Breathe and pray to nourish the spirit and spirit embody.

Presence begs you are more into your experience than ever before. Why? Because there is some drastic change? No. Because your are intending and making a point to live your life and take everything from every moment that you can. The same way you would if you were in a diving experience and your were loving every moment of it. As we manifest our sparkling new reality we crystallize the vibration of divinity as we work our spiritual journey of ascension.

positive thinking to vibe higher

practice ways of growing spiritually

When you practice spirituality you lead with the spirit. When you move energy in the body & heal the self, you pack in the light for your ascension. Pray to nourish the spirit, and enlighten the soul.

The spirit of patience, presence and grace should be the forward style in which you step. This practices mastery in every breath, step and prayer. Your conscious moment begs your attention now, and your consciousness has shifted forever.

We are in the world, but not of it because we seek to be more of the spirit. More of its rich virtue and less of a slave to the 3d world’s lack of it. Start a daily spiritual practice and lift the spirit unto light.