Spiritual But Not Religious – Why Many Are Coming Away From The Church

Spiritual But Not Religious – Why Many Are Coming Away From The Church

Spiritual but now religious

Are you more spiritual, but not religious. This category itself has spawned an astronomical swath of conscious beings coming away from the church. Our knowledge as we learn and grow should not be stunted, can we honestly expect that to happen limiting our spiritual knowledge seeking. Universal spirit of source consciousness is not limited in it’s understanding or scope to one human religious understanding.

People are expanding their consciousness to come away from being afraid to hear a new idea. True faith in the divine will come with less fear & more discernment to determine how that religion serves one’s spiritual development. Here we look at why people are becoming more spiritual than religious and why many are coming away from the church in droves.

Why Are People Coming Away From The Church

Humanity’s collective consciousness continues to evolve. Even with this many feel that organized religion and the way it is delivered has failed to evolve. People are questioning the coexistence of a unconditionally loving Creator and a supreme divine punisher who cares not for the process your soul has made in this life.

Becoming more spiritual in Mother Earth’s evolutionary style brings her children together as conduits of light. This light cumulation seeks like resonance to attain greater consciousness and collecting more knowledge towards those efforts. Our thirst for seeking has outweighed the fear of studying other religions. As true faith has discernment.

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Religious Interpretation and Spiritual Development

Spiritual development is the point of religious interpretation. Though some of organized religion’s methods are stuck stuck in the religious interpretation phase, where it cannot be agreed upon what the script or doctrine mean. This keeps  religious faiths, seeming unsure and confused. Many versions of organized religions are missing the eventual outcome of spiritual development. While many separate religion sects, and create other versions of the same religion, they fail to come together and spiritual development suffers.

People are thirsty for spiritual advancement and knowledge. Many human conscious systems are growing their faith to an expansive view of spirit being something that encompasses all things. Not simply some idea wrought from organized religion. A aliveness we can connect with and people are asking for more that even that. A one on one , day by day basis with a spiritual parentage that we have heard about. Felt even to some degree, but not seen.

Figures of old had went through great height to come closer and know GOD. Early original people had no other say then to have gotten it straight from Source, or from someone who claimed to be GOD. The knowledge could come from no other place in early time.

spiritual but not religious

Spirituality vs Religion

Spirituality is a focus on the spirit and the spirit embody. Organized religions tend to discourse on spiritual text, and offer philosophies on stories therein. Spiritual development & practice are not given. In my experience, I heard stories of Christ, but no one actually made efforts that I saw to go that way. It was just church, which was relatable to God at best. One may ask “why am I becoming more spiritual in this time”. The universe turns the page and the light that brings the new shines. That shine desires to be let free to reach it’s most colossal of reaches, even that way of reach within ourselves.

Are you more religious than spiritual?

These people trust solely in their religion to deliver to them their take on GOD that they are going to accept and likely none other depending on their level of religious indoctrination. Having zeal for God within a religion is fine and good. Restricting our consciousness and denying it from having the chance to process new information is not.

They are comfortable only with doctrines and religious concepts that they have been hearing since birth. Their mind is comfortable from being blown out from within the confines of a religion. Many don’t know what to understand or how to discern. We know its a touchy subject, so you don’t  want to be deceived in terms of our God. Fear not good brethren, we know the good way. Fearing GOD is religion’s way. Fear is not necessary here, only respect, reverence & love for your spiritual parentage. You don’t need a religion for that, you need only believe.

To deny seekers something new and possibly take something that could be used in terms of the spirit is deception. Denying this to those seeking spiritual advancement is not spiritual freedom.

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An All Inclusive Online Spiritual Community

Those who are more spiritual than religious have naturally created an all inclusive online spiritual community. One that shares in the knowledge of what is needed for one to move in a direction reflective of spiritual growth and insight.

Those who have stop seeking at the churches are not lost. They have not lost faith in spirit. Just confidence in those who previously offered to interpret those things for them.

People want to gather with others of like minded view and faith. They have no religion to call their home, and they don’t need to. True seeking in your heart is your church and temple. A temple in the heart of the faithful burning an incense for the God of you doesn’t need a religion. It only needs love and effort, true faith and belief.

Everything in our world is becoming spiritual but not religious, as more light shines on the unawakened and the conduits of light are activated. Mother Earth will have energetic legs to stand on as more people become more spiritual than religious. As more people are coming away from the church, consciousness is expanding to invite more truth, freedom & understanding around the conversation of God, and less orders of obedience, subservience & condemnation.

The “Spiritual, but not religious” are in many cases more faithful than the religiously indoctrinated!