Spiritual Healing Practices – 3 Small Shifts to Spiritually Heal

Spiritual Healing Practices – 3 Small Shifts to Spiritually Heal

spiritual healing practices
Heal the mind, body & spirit!

Spiritual healing practices put the responsibility of one’s own self love and care in their own hands. These days this is becoming a better and better idea, as citizen’s trust in the medical establishment is becoming as dismal as their trust in the political establishment. People in a position that are suppose to care are falling short, and it shows. People are realizing that many healthcare professionals are in line with common western ideas of healing and healthcare, which predominantly serves the medical establishment. In this country’s capitalist pharmaceutical industry, healthcare isn’t often synonymous with cures, but with only treating the surface symptoms. 

In this time, our growing strength provides us the power to take our own responsibility of healthcare as well as self love and care to new horizons of understanding. You live with you… everyday… not the doctors. Everything can be healed through the spirit. Think about it. It is the very thing that gives you life and life to all things. Surely, as it gives life and takes life away, it can add life back again. Through spiritual healing practices, and making small shifts to re-enter life into the body. 

To spiritually heal is to clean house and invite in yourself the most honorable of hosts. To entertain the spirit of riches, a prosperous treasure hunt that is sure to award you everything. As this guests dwells in the house fully, everything is effervescent, sparkling and new. As the guests departs from the house more and more of themselves, the house becomes old, dusty and in severe need of renovations.

Let us maintain our house as we give it to spirit for divine hope and dreams and eternal life. Here we discuss 3 spiritual healing practices made simple in the form of 3 small shifts to spiritually heal the mind, body and spirit.

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Energy Is synonymous with spirit

Energy healing is synonymous with spiritual healing. As you heal emotionally and spiritually you will most likely notice a better general feeling in the body, given you are not already stricken with chronic pain of some sort. 

Understanding what we are, we are energy ourselves and we must continue to be mindful that we are always moving as energy does. This means constantly, with highs and lows. 

Adding more energy means more life. Think about if you had the energy to do anything. You would be inexhaustible. You would literally be able to live more of your life. Energy powering your consciousness in more moments means exactly that. 

Taking in the energy of life is important. The life force that powers all things comes into the body more easily when we are consciously seeking to take in this power from the ethers. You are a child of Creation. You were born from the very stuff that makes up the Universe. Your nature is thought and emotion, the powers that are entwined into your spirit. 

As a child of Creation, you breath and draw from Source. This energetic relationship that you share with the Creation is the basis for our familiar structure as Gods and children of GODS. An energetic give and take from the Creation is your relationship with your spiritual/energetic parentage. Taking steps to implement these small shifts to spiritually heal will help you harbor that relationship like never before.

Shaping ones’ energy to it’s original groove can be the solution, to address both emotional and spiritual healing. Know that and believe. Breathe your way back into perfection.

spiritually heal
Spiritually heal with Mother Earth’s goodness !

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High Influx of Nutrients 

Practice spiritually healing with nutrition.

Assess what you put in your body. To practice healing we must practice taking our body back to the natural functions and processes by eating whole raw foods. Making this a practice and habit will address what toxins you may already put into your body that could be affecting your health and healing in different ways. 

Taking in more antioxidants will clear more free radicals from the system. This is always an automatic healing in the form of removing toxins from the body. Toxins cause things to go wrong in the body and add wear over time to systems that tend to the body’s clean up.

Ensuring your body has even and well rounded supplementation of vitamins and nutrients in the form of a daily vita-round you may want to consider if you don’t by now.

Assess what you put in your mind and the thoughts that you put in your head and allow to dwell in your head. Your mind administers your thoughts to and fro and you want that traffic to be as orderly as possible. Meditation can be used to heal this over time, to allow you to consciously pay less attention to the 3d modern world’s stimuli.

One’s mental health in particular can suffer when one is taking in too much stimuli. Sensitives, especially to light and sound, naturally found in our environment may warrant a get away. Even just a rest or small mini vacay in bed alone.

Doing what you can to ensure that the high influx of nutrient stays consistent you will see major changes with that. You will seek more small shifts to spiritually heal that don’t impact your life in a direct way but enrich your life fully in and indirect way. Mother Earth’s natural foods, love and goodness are spiritual healing practices on their own watching what you eat, adding nutrients and removing toxins.

fruit/veggie juice fasting
Mother Earth’s love and goodness !

Fruit/Veggie Juice Fasting For High influx nutrients

Mother Earth’s Love and goodness are all around you. Juicing raw fruits and vegetables are always good spiritual healing practices when you are making an intention to consume this types of things on the regular. These small shifts to spiritually heal can mean a lot when use in concert with each other.

There are a lot of combinations that are good and healthy for you to dive into when looking to make homemade juices and smoothies. The Nutri Bullet is a trusty and dependable smoothie make and blender. Your body has to work to break down food, and expend energy or life force to do it.

When you break down your food like this, in the raw form of fruit and veggie juice or smoothies, you do your body a favor. You also do it a solid in terms of energy conservation. You have process the food for better digestion before it even hits our lips. Saving more of our life force energy for things that we would like to do adds more to a life worth living. You can’t go wrong giving yourself Mother Earth’s love and goodness to your system that is made from her materials.

Luckily for us when these things are put together, the body heals itself.

Get Outside and Move Around

Not only does the sun provide rich vitamin D for our bodies, it also will be good to get some free range mana from the air outside. Of course, it is not as rich as it was earlier in Mother Earth’s history but is is naturally more rich outside than inside. 

If you are able to take your shoes off and make contact with the Earth, this is another small shift to spiritually heal that you can make that requires you to get up and move around. Gaia, is our Earth Mother. She holds a frequency and vibration that when adopted back in our rhythm, our natural cycles can reset back to normal. 

Moving your body outside feels great. People now know that we need to do this more and more, as many in this modern time, live sedentary lives. The technological advances in the world, making the world more practical than it was, was the goal of many. These types of advances have taken us away from our natural rhythms in this era, before the shift and the world turns.

In these times people are concerning themselves more and more with healing themselves. Even with all these things we have made in the world, and will all the technological advances no cures for anything have surfaced. You would think that I cure for a few things would have surfaced by now, though they haven’t been announced to the public at large.

This makes people not trust the medical establishment at large, especially knowing that cures HAVE come in the pass, through means of holistic medicine, only to be edged out by those who profit largely off pharmaceuticals.

This accountability for one’s own health is part of the freedom that is accommodating the evolving consciousness of the budding ascending spirit in this time. 

We have the power to fix it. We have the knowledge to make a change. We have the gusto and grit to follow through, even if it is not the most popular move to make. 

The trailblazing nature of this kind of spirit is the power of the awakening we are in. We are healing our consciousness on another level as we choose to make a different move than what we made in the past. This is how we are evolving, and healing as we evolve. 

As the Earth changes we change with her. As we heal, the Earth also heals as our symbiotic connection is heightened and serviced well back into commission. This is also one of the things that add to your body original knowledge from the ethers that reminds the body, that the body heals itself. The body has built in self-healing techniques that are ingrained in the body knowledge.

healing energetically

Healing energetically Through self love and care

The human is amazing and we know this now. The body heals it self. This happens when it is given the right things. Even when it has the wrong things, it know what to do and how to best cope. Your body holds an ancient knowledge that it leans on to get the job done. A natural healing therapy occurs when we get out of the way and let the body work it’s magic in healing itself.

The energy, the light of the body, it’s as if the light holds the information. The very spirit of a person. It holds the knowledge and guidance towards making those small shifts to spiritually heal in the body, mind and spirit. Mother Earth’s love and goodness are there for you as well. To connect with your Earth mother is a blessing in disguise that can render your relationship with the Creatrix one to honor on the daily. These types of healing practices have been with humans for millennia, we have only forgotten.

When seeking reunification with the Creatrix spiritual healing practices should be a part of your day, as you come closer and closer into alignment with your Universal powers of the higher self. These spiritual healing practices in the form small shifts will be your bread and butter in acclimating to the changing energetic climate.

Love and Light Earth Brethren