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what does 5d mean

What Does 5D Mean For Humanity? – 4 Marvelous Treasures of Multidimensionality

what does 5d mean

What does 5d mean for humanity? Its means moving our hearts, minds & bodies into a realm of multi-dimensionality, higher frequencies, endless love & imagination. A 5d resonance will allow you to be conscious of existence in realms you did not previously know existed.

This realm is late to see a marvel. This world has not seen extraordinary marvels, save the ones seen by common day illusionists. Though even those pail in comparison to the divine & awesome once in a lifetime marvels. These are what is needed to have people the greater mass of those not conscious on their spiritual journey excited about returning to full consciousness and the full realization of God Self.

Occupying a 5d space is like sitting in a dream that you touch, taste, feel and be able to control every aspect of it. 

5th dimensional Earth will provide everything the 3D Earth did and more. Every sparkling treasure and deliciousness that can be summoned and dreamed of is available in the higher dimensions as we are ascending with our physicality in this time. 

What does 5d mean for a civilization at the brink of total revolt? Everything. As we are shifting into the 5th world the power for hearts to rise strengthens, and the power for those to play out their malicious intent wanes. This is just one of the many marvels of shifting into the 5th world of love and multidimensionality.

What Does 5d Mean For All Of Us

How does humanity ascend? Our modern civilizations and its people are at many different levels of their spiritual journey. It is said that Mother Earth seeks to take her people with her as she makes her moves ascending into 5D. As one drop of water in the pot starts boiling, the other drops are soon to boil.

5D frequencies provide the chance for humanity to experience an eternal reality. Multiple dimensions do not hold us back, it opens us up to bi-location and a host of other wonderful powers available through the spirit. 

Love. Power. Freedom. Limitlessness. Love being the greatest of them all and prime coin of the realm. A whole and complete 5D consciousness meaning you won’t have to go outside yourself for anything. Between you and Source can have anything. 

Totally self sufficient with source at your back powering your every step of the way, as if Mother Creation itself feeds you from an umbilical cord and you are nourished in every moment. The Creatrix/Creation does this for us through our breath and love, though at drastically depleted levels.

This is due to the nature of what modern over industrialization has done to Mother Earth’s ability to provide pure source mana/life force energy for her children. After the destroying of destroying natural environments and oxygen rich landscapes.

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Will I Be Super In The 5th Dimension? 

In the 5th dimension, you will have available to you all the power that exists to the awakened 5D human at your disposal. Achieving a 5d earth shift gives way for the potential to create much faster, understanding the quantum field in a more intimate way.

Being full awake and being able to communicate with the living particles and space that you occupy is something shifting into the 5th dimension will open us to.

Being conscious of things you were not conscious of before, and having them blow your 3d mind is what will naturally happen for the human evolving in this time.

Many wonder and marvels will be an everyday thing after the 5d Earth shift takes place. You will be super when compared to the limitations that we suffer here. Your consciousness will be super, a super 5d consciousness meaning that your thinking mind will be like a super computer with an unfathomable processing speed and a countless number of memory ‘bytes’ to store information.

Add along downloadable information, and the ability to acquire the knowledge needed for any endeavor by intending and pulling through Source, and you have everything a true child of creation needs.

5D Scenes and Cosmic Dreams

4 Marvelous Treasures of Multidimensionality

5th dimension means Multidimensionality. This will bring many awesome things to life for us humans. Living in different realities, creating new realities & experiences, as well as traveling the cosmos through thought alone. Moving with the speed of light, and building a relationship with the Creation in a new way as well as with our star brothers and sisters.

Ascending into 5D opens us up to beings who exist in other realities and frequencies of dimension. We have many other humans races that exist in the cosmos that we will be meeting when our vibrations become more accommodating for beings of who normally occupy higher vibrating realities.  

No Death

Being able to continue to experience a physical experience with a body that is incorruptible and impervious from infirmities of any kind make it the perfect experience for the human. The thought of immortality for our physical body for many people is believed to simply be impossible. 

Many humans believe that death is an inevitability. This breeds fear in the human. Fear of loss of their life. Humans tend to enjoy their life more immensely when they overcome this fear. 

Also the thought of not dying may lead one to believe that if my spirit cannot die, then it stands to reason that we have never died, and have always lived. There is no much still for us to remember. This understanding provides the context for the Akashic Records and the idea that everything that we do is recorded somehow energetically in the records of the Universe and our DNA.

No Death and a history of what was done with a soul before they took a dip into the sea of forgetfulness, as it is written, will all be revealed. We surely have a very exciting future ahead of us, with a treasure trove of mysteries to unveil about ourselves.

Learn More About What 5d Is And How It Changes Everything About Life

5D Crystalline Light Body

A 5d crystalline light body is a marvel to behold itself. The more beautiful of creatures for a spirit to inhabit is a gift and a Universal wonder in its own right.

It is a body vehicle, but one that is able to control its frequency at will. This is necessary to be fit to transverse different dimensions in a flash. Having this body fully realized from 3d to 5d opens us up to the merkabah. Worlds upon worlds occupy the spaces that we do. The light body and merkabah will give us everything we need to make the journey and then some. 

Your power and knowledge is sourced through the multidimensional mind, and you are able to do anything that you set your mind out to do in nearly instantaneous fashion. 

This body will be malleable by thought alone, meaning that shaping it will only be a focus and concentration away from your perfect shape. 

Being multidimensional means that by controlling your resonance, your stepping into another realm of existence would only be a matter of adjusting your frequency to be higher or lower. Changing the channel through which you experience your reality.

5D Delight – No Hunger

After shifting into the 5th there is also no hunger. Humans will not be bothered by the need to nourish ourselves daily with physical food because of our new light body. In this form at this vibration we will only need to feed on light or pure Source Creation. If that were not awesome enough, not needing food does not mean the experience of eating will go away. Eating food at that point will simply be a pleasure and not a necessity.

Would it not be a great tragedy to achieve full consciousness and open up all our senses they were meant to be used to experience physicality to the fullest only to have the delight of food go away? It would be. 

After shifting into the 5th with our 5d frequency of being we will be able to enjoy just as we do here with everything we want and nothing we don’t want about the experience. This experience is surely not going away, this one will only get better. 

5D Adventure

You have a 5d palace as does everyone. Homelessness, poverty, inequality or lack doesn’t exist here. Any and every adventure you can think of you can create and experience. All the excitement, with a mixing in of romance, mystery, a dash of the illusion of danger and … VOILA! We have a divine 5d adventure. 

Equipped with a 5d consciousness meaning your knowledge and power to create will be without limits, and to enjoy everything and not fatigue adds a icing on the cake that is almost too sweet to consume. 

The thought of adventure is exciting to many people but adventure in this world can have deadly consequences if you are not careful. The degradation of vibration and powers that this realm has experienced throughout the centuries have turned us frail, prone to infirmities and disease as we draw less mana from the environment.

Any type of adventure knowing that you will survive and return to your divine self no matter what will be an abundant joy for humanity to witness. This unlimited security provides the type of safety that only a divine experience can provide. 

Humans naturally love adventure and the mystery of the unknown, though it was lined with peril and death here in this world. With a truly divine remaster, we will have an experience of an unlimited nature sure to keep us exploring and fascinated for countless now moments to come. 

Exploring the farthest depths of multidimensionality is an adventure in its own right, embarking on journeys to realms that may occupy the same spaces we do. A world that may be right next to us, while still being total worlds apart. 

How To Start Your 5d Journey

You can start your 5d journey by learning to let go of that which tends to drive your consciousness away from love here in this realm. You will naturally create a 5th dimensional path for yourself endeavoring to maintain a high vibrational resonance as you live your day-to-day life persevering in your quest to retain good karma while living in the 3rd realm.

Mother Earth leaves all the dross created through trauma behind, as she brings her children’s hearts a new divine coherence that carries with it information of the soul. A heart based consciousness aligned with the changing energetics of the new human and Earth’s heart is presenting itself as a catalyst for change. 

In remembering our soul’s path or akashic material, we bring into remembrance knowledge meant for this time to shift onto a 5d consciousness meaning innate knowing that we are all connected on a deeper level. These are meant to help shape the paths of those who serve the greater end of Mother Earth’s transition. 

Your Inner 5th Dimensional Path

You are the crossroad path that is at the fulcrum of all your dreams. You are the master of that center point, you have only forgotten. You do not start the journey when you are conscious of it. You start it when you take your first breath in this world, though being conscious of it makes it tons more fun. You are always on your spiritual journey. Creating our door into heaven, will be writing the play book for the greatest adventure of awakening in our modern era. 

Love & understanding can open the portal of ascending into 5d. Love and understanding help lay a path for one to master themselves, and release the floodgates from the inflow of light from their cosmic beingness. 

What does 5d mean to you? Are all your treasures held where somewhere can steal them? Are your treasures in plain sight for someone to take them or brake them? Nothing will make it from here to the new world except for the souls willing and the things they have kept in their heart as treasures. Ascending into 5d will lock in for us many treasures that the divine wishes to share throughout the Creatrix.

Shifting into the 5th as an infinite being able to experience anything that you desire is the greatest dream of ages. Your new home energy of the 5th world feels like new fabric of a dream, new to the senses and electrifying to the touch.

Know the self, and dream on brother and sister!