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Why Buying Essante Organics Makes Sense – 5 Common Sense Shifts To Heal & Thrive In The 2020’s

Buying Essante Organics for you and your family helps change the world one purchase at a time. The plague and mystery of what we put in and on our bodies is becoming more clear to we the people as we awaken. With so many unhealthy hidden dangers, and the deliberate actions of those involved to hide the truth of those dangers, how can the products pushed by the too big to fail brands involved even be trusted?

It is common sense. If you don’t know what something is, you don’t put it in your body. We have become too accustomed to assuming that what’s in our household that’s typically bought to clean our homes or our bodies from well known companies is safe to use. Though many of the chemicals used have been linked to organ failure, disease and even cancers. 

Are you fully aware of everything you put in your body? 

Here we discuss 5 common sense shifts that will help heal you and your family naturally when buying essante organics and using them regularly instead of other toxic brands.


#1 Avoid Unhealthy Hidden Dangers

We are becoming more awakened to all the hidden dangers that lie on the ingredients list of many of our everyday foods and household products. 

Many things in our home are labeled as harmful if inhaled, swallowed or when coming in contact with our skin. Household cleaners and detergents we know to be harmful and which is why we are very careful with their use. 

Though did you know? That there are things that ARE NOT labeled as harmful, though have some of the SAME INGREDIENTS as those detergents and cleansers? These as well as other chemicals you would not want to put in your body. Though you could be doing that very thing if you are not aware of the chemicals that in your everyday products that you give to you and your family. 

Common sense tells you why you must buy essante organics and other products like them to avoid the cancer causing & disease epidemic in modern societies that no one seems to know the cause of. 

Though it is known. Toxins are the hidden killers. The world is waking up to the fact that many of those in power-player positions in industry DO NOT put public health over profits, but unfortunately the exact opposite. 

The world over is being bombarded with GMO’s, unknown chemicals, msg’s and more. The apocalypse of legend, as it is written, will reveal everything. Everything that is hidden, will come to light, and be challenged in its truest service to humanity. 

A grand variety of things that we consume on a daily basis are simply not the best for us. Cancer is an epidemic in this country and people who are given millions for cancer have no solutions for the common everyday person and family. 

With cancer and disease at epidemic levels in this country it is no wonder people are suffering from all kinds of infirmities. Choosing to surround yourself with things that are clearly toxic free is your first step in moving to heal and thrive.

Shift & Thrive

#2 Transfer Your Spending And Support Toxic Free

The big name companies clearly have prioritized profits and do not have our best interest at heart even in terms of our food and households cleaners and products. The truth of what is being put into our bodies to not fully known to all of us in our modern 3d world. 

Essante Organics has organic and wildcrafted organic ingredients in its products. Every time you use something harmful chemically it is added into the bloodstream shortly after applying it to the skin, inhaled through the lungs or eaten by mouth. Essante products treat you with organic nutrition every time you use deodorant or toothpaste, instead of letting treacherous and unhealthy hidden dangers enter your body. 

This shift alone cutting from everyday poison to added nutrients will dramatically reduce your chances of disease.

Essante has created all organic and plant based everyday household items like dish soap, hand soap, toothpaste, protein powders, cosmetics, tanning lotion, hard candy, laundry soap, an all purpose cleaner, sanitizer and almost everything you would need to maintain the health and cleanliness of your home. This means you can almost completely transfer your spending from toxic chemicals in your home to toxic free. 

You support toxic free as you vote with your dollars. Why support those whom are knowingly poisoning you?

And Yes, this is my blog, and all these links on this page are to my Essante store here when you buy essante organics. Though in truth in this time I wouldn’t have you fear simply that I am just trying to make a sale here. You should be thinking about your health (#1) and who you want to give your money to (#2) as you vote with your dollars, and because you believe that they’re going to go do right in the world.

The BIG names who have controlled this in the past have proven they won’t do right, only when pressured by we the people, and even then seek to hide as much as possible from the public as it suits them.

This is one way we are awakening. It’s time to stop supporting big names brands who put profits over public health, try and hide the truth of what is in their products and collude with other corporations in trying to squash homegrown food freedom and holistic medicine.

Together we need to vote with our dollars and give love to those who care about what they put in the products that we put on and in our bodies everyday.

Vote With Our Dollars

When we vote with our dollars big name companies who poison the masses suffer the greatest thing they can suffer. That is having us turn away and not purchase products from them. When they see they are not clocking as many sales as before, they will see what the people value.

I value companies who put only the most beneficial and nutritious ingredients when creating their home and body care products. It is our responsibility to put power in the hands of those who care about what they make and distribute out to we the people. 

#3 Prevent The Over Acidification Of You Body ph

As the body ph becomes more acidic the body becomes more susceptible to disease. As you use essante organics you are being infused with nutrients that help bring balance to the body ph, as would any increase in nutrient intake. You also fight for the body ph being more alkaline, as these products help alkalize the body. 

Keeping control of how acidic you are in the body is important in the prevention of disease in the body. Over acidification of the body ph will weaken the vibe overall, and will ultimately stifle healing until the environment is made alkaline again. 

All kinds of healing can present when the body is clean and clear from this problem. The mind, our consciousness interface becomes easier to manage when we are not toxic to a great degree.


#4 Avoid These Toxins And Chemicals 

Toxins are a primary cause of over acidification in the body. To name a few here are some of the more dangerous chemicals you will find in your everyday household products and body care essentials. 

Avoid these unhealthy hidden dangers when you buy other obscure brands or when you buy essante organics. They may not have any effect right away but collectively, they can give you pain and suffering and have you wondering why.

Sometimes allergic reactions can present. I would get canker sores in my mouth until I stop using big name toothpaste brands. Buying essante organics assures you avoid unhealthy hidden dangers and others like these.

Polysorbate 20-80

An emulsifier and de-foamer, Polysorbate 20-80 is not your friend. It is used to create a creaminess to whatever it is added to. The products that this chemical lines make it feel more comfortable to use. Polysorbate may cause reproductive harm. It has been linked to cancer and other mutations, after being tested on animals to such effect. 

Polysorbate 20-80 is found in common everyday soap, shampoo, cream and soaps. Toxins in your shampoo, poisoning you everyday is totally not cool, and you should definitely check if yours has this. 

Propylene Glycol

Would you put the gasoline that you put in your car, in your body? Of course not! 

Propylene Glycol is petroleum based, as if that isn’t bad enough, it is also toxic and highly carcinogenic. If you didn’t know, carcinogens cause cancer, and propylene glycol is linked to breast, brain & cancer of the lymphatic system. They cause mutations that create harmful environments for healthy cells.

Keep your immune system high, as you avoid this disaster. They can be found in shampoos, conditioners & deodorants.

Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate 

This one is definitely a mouthful, and should only be in your mouth to tell others about its dangers. It is an allergen very often, as it is rejected by the body. It also creates a toxic environment for the body, attacking the immune system.

Used as a preservative, sodium hydroxymethylglycinate reacts with synthetic compounds to release Formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is of course carcinogenic and should always be avoided. Often masked as a ‘natural preservative’, this one be found in common day products for you skin and hair.  

Sodium Laureth Sulfate

Sodium Laureth Sulfate as well as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate should also be completely avoided. They are both also petroleum based foaming agents and latherers. Highly carcinogenic they can create the environment necessary to cause cancer and disrupt the respiratory system. 

This unhealthy hidden danger is found in shaving creams, body washes & household cleaners. 

Prevent Toxin Overload On The Body

In the past honest, intuitive and well read holistic doctors discovered that the body created ‘mucus’ around toxins and impurities in the body. The body uses the mucus as a coating or ‘catch’. It collects it or traps it in the mucus and tries to dispose of it out of the body. 

If the body and the cells cannot ‘eat’ it to get rid of it, them it must exit the body. Mucus is sticky, and with an over collection of it in the body it becomes problematic. With a toxin overload in the body, the toxins have a negative effects on healthy cells. A cancerous snowballing of acidified diseases will present themselves in the body if the toxins are not released. 

Toxin overload on the body is more taxing than we know. In the past we didn’t have quite all the knowledge from past experience as we do now. We know now that toxin overload is responsible for all kinds of deficiencies and infirmities in the body.

The presence of toxins in the body hinder all kinds of natural processes. For starters, nutrients can not be absorbed properly in the body when there are simply toxins in place of nutrients. While the immune system is busy trying to detox, you are susceptible to all sorts of diseases. This ensures the body is not able to clear waste properly or fight new diseases.

Scientists and doctors have discovered that a build up of toxins in the body are attributed to the onset of cancer and other abnormal problematic abnormalities.

Modern industrialized societies are the worst with toxin build up, as you can see those countries spend the most on health care as well. Advances in technology and the mass production of processed foods have allowed for the regular consumption of chemicals that do not serve us. 

Heal. Shift. Become.

Alongside the foods that we ingest in our mouths we also have the chemicals that people put on their skin and bodies everyday. Even while early in the morning after just waking up during your normal morning routine you could have poisoned yourself with what you put on your skin.

If you are using body and hand soaps, conditioners, shampoo, toothpaste and facial cleansers, it would serve you best to know what is in each of them. 

Sulfates, glycols, parabens, and “fragrances” all hide harmful chemicals and compounds that do not benefit the body and system. Cancer is surely an epidemic in our modern 3d era here in this realm and people wonder why. These things do not come with warning labels to give people fair warning about what they are putting on their skin. 

Think about how many people had to die before they put warning labels on things like cigarettes? 

The Answer?: Too many.  

Go Green And Get Healthy Buying Essante Organics

If you are not looking at what you are putting on your skin or in your mouth you could be poisoning yourself. Avoid these chemicals and protect your family.

#5 Explore The Benefits of Wildcrafted Organic Nutrition

Wildcrafted nutrition come from plants that were harvested in their natural environment. These environments are largely untouched and catch plants in a very raw and nutritious state. This means habitats that were not commercially tampered with.

When fed the proper nutrition the body can do what it does to cleanse the body. Fewer toxins also allow the body to heal. This occurs because the body is better able to absorb nutrients when the immune system is not bombarded by toxin overload. 

Buying essante organics makes a statement that you care about what you put in your body and you are voting with your dollars to help make a change. As we awaken to more unhealthy hidden dangers, we are saying no. When I buy essante organics I choose to support toxic free in an effort to embolden them to expand, and take a stand in not supporting those who have poisoned us for years, and tried to hide the truth of it.

We cannot move forward to heal and thrive while supporting those who refuse to evolve with our changing minds and hearts. 

Nutrient dense, toxic & chemical free, just makes sense. In the interest of fair energy exchange, you want to give your love and energy to support those who help support the health of the public. Buying Essante organics allows you to do just that. 

Protect You And Your Family From Poisons and Plagues That Have Been Put Upon Us For Years