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free online spiritual development course

1# Free Online Spiritual Development Course – How to Train with Spirit

free online spiritual development course
Train the spirit!

Looking for free online spiritual development courses online? If you are looking for a free course to learn spirituality, good luck. With spirituality and metaphysical concepts on the rise in popularity many are paid resources. This is all fine and good if what is being offered is true to serving spiritual development. The practice of spirituality is spiritual development. If not then it is just a “woo-woo” ride as they say. 

There is one awesome free spiritual development course online. But before I reveal it to you, we will discuss the reason and purpose behind such a thing and what a course to learn spirituality should entail.

Online Training Resource for Spiritual Development

To study spirit, is to study the very thing that makes us alive. Spiritual development has come a long way in this modern time. More and more people are learning about meditation, manifestation and the law of attraction. These things are for good reason a natural part of any online training resource for spiritual development. Learn about the spirit online, but don’t plug in too much, our spirit e learning will sometimes take us away from the computer screen here and there. As it should.

Your spiritual embodiment is the vehicle through which you live. We don’t get a training manual on how to use them when we incarnate into this realm. It took me some years to find clarity on spiritual advancement. Churches never gave me a clear and concise answer as to how we are to come closer to the spirit. I had to learn about the spirit online, when I started my journey and search more that 12 yrs ago.

The Child of Creation is free!

How To Train With Spirit

How do you get closer to GOD? Closer to a thing that you cannot see, and cannot touch. You must learn how to train with spirit. To get into the spirit, will cause spirit study to come naturally. The nuts of bolts are worked in the warehouse of our consciousness. Where the legs and arms of our research and study are our emotional & mental behaviors and exercises. Taking inventory of our psychological wellbeing, and controlling how it moves from moment to moment.

Spirit is in constant motion. It would explain the constant motion of our thoughts and emotions. Training with spirit is learned on this playing field. Being up to bat when our emotions are flying at break neck speed. As well as catching our thoughts when they are thrown at us with a veteran pitcher’s ferocity.

How To Get Closer To God

God’s power and life are everywhere. When learning how to get close to spirit we learn more about ourselves and the GOD that occupies the body. Realization is the closeness. For this reason, Spirit incarnated as us. To experience life as a being who perceives themselves to be separate, into one that knows that they are an individual aspect of the power cosmic itself. We practice love in the self and it’s open and honest exhibition.

You are powerful, but you must believe you are!

Spiritual Training Method To Realize God

The spiritual training method to realize God in you is first the understanding. Consciousness is aliveness itself. As conscious alive beings, we know and realize that God is a part of us. I am glad to live in a time where it is clear that more and more people are believing this to be true. It would serve the spiritual mastery of the spirit embody to practice a spiritual method of god realization by keeping God in your mind over extended periods of time.

To practice “knowing GOD” involves stretching the reach of consciousness to encompass the parts of you that you may not want to look at. The realization of GOD will take a full account of everything that you are and how it will serve the whole. The light of consciousness is shined upon that which may first seem like an obstacle to GOD realization, may in fact be one of its greater catalysts. It is there, you must simply awaken it in yourself.

The self realization of GOD in you should not have to come with a price. Knowledge of who and what we are, and what we are potentially capable of should be available to all in open honest discourse from those whom we would trust to know.

Knowing Your Spiritual Archetype Can Change The Course Of Your Self Discovery!

<<<< Click the image to learn your archetype!

Our Course For Spiritual Development

In our spiritual development training course we are covering many areas and aspects of the spiritual human.

  • Meditation
  • Love/Fear consciousness
  • Prayer
  • Thankfulness
  • How to send blessing for increasing vibe and reach
  • Building a practice

The perfect spirit training method for realizing God is not one set thing. This is going to differ among everyone, but one things remains the same.

When you get into the spirit, spirit learning will follow.

A free online spiritual development course exists for those who seek true understanding from the inner spirit that is always willing to give it to you if you are able to listen. Learn to listen for spiritual empowerment and growth.

Check out our free online spiritual development training course of what should always be free and available to God’s children. Knowledge of how to get back home to our spiritual parentage should not be hidden. It is one of those things like food and water that should not be charged for on Mother Earth’s great realm of life. Free your spirit, discover methods for realizing God. Shift yourself with a course that will help you shine in a way that your higher self intends. I have made these things available to you. This is how I serve.

We serve the All, Till All R One!

The #1 Free Online Spiritual Development Course!

Religions Of The World – Spiritual Development or Nothing

Any of the top religions of the world that demand obedience, don’t deserve your attention if your knowledge has transcended it. The path in that religion should serve to uplift the resonance of living power within you.

A place within you that you may not have visited, or seen since once served by some of the oldest religions throughout your ancestral timeline. Here we explore how spiritual development must be the goal of religions of the world. Do they serve the freedom of religion? Or if not, how do they serve religious freedom?

Fastest Growing Religion of Love

The fastest growing “religion” of love is being embodied in millions to serve the love shifting of the planet. The love center is a critical factor that enables us to unlock our greater loving capacity, to serve Humanity’s greater love embodiment.

To serve the greater embodiment of compassion and goodness in the human. To champion spiritual development in self, and drive the enrichment of the spirit embody.

Love is what we draw from the Creation. Love is what we spill/offer out of ourselves in order to come closer to the spiritual alignment of the Creator/Creatrix.

There are some religious/spiritual leaders who where masters of the living loving way to all their fellow humanity. They were able to heal, change things and perform marvels that would stun onlookers. 


The “Kings of the Earth” have poisoned everything we consume…This video reveals the horrible truth…

Religions of the world that don’t seek to enrich by gathering Love in the self and keeps your head in books without focuses on actual spiritual practice create a staleness in our spiritual development. 

The focus needs to be on the spirit. Practice helps to ground our spiritual mastery. 

To practice a religion of love and to “love thy neighbor”, doesn’t require us to like everyone or even want to be around them. It means endeavoring to consciously extend compassion towards them, as a practice and as our religious freedom to do so.

To work hard in extending ourselves to give someone whom we don’t know the benefit of the doubt, in understanding that we don’t understand them fully can come with fear. Being willing to listen when one chooses to no longer be misunderstood, and having the heart to give them that chance with open arms exercises compassion.

Religions of the world that aren’t helping practitioners to exercise these thing and explaining to them how this love will change things are not being given what they deserve. Many do not understand because they do not have freedom of religion. This have caused them to not seek what they did not know existed or hadn’t an idea of because of the confines within their currently adopted religion.

Spiritually develop or leave…

Does Your Organized Religion Serve Purgatory or Promise?

Some fear punishment, and some seek repentance. Doctrines that are not unto inner child/child of creation, serve to take humans away from that God that is with them always.

The inner spirit does not seek to punish you, only for you to see the way. Though you must be able to receive it. 

All such doctrines & dogma that don’t serve the spirit unto the inner Creator/Creatrix are simply religious fodder and nothing more. Raw materials for religions that serve only to divert our focus away from the point. 

People fear they are to be punished because of their actions and what they believe to be religion’s take on it. The majesty and the mighty power of what people believe GOD to be is a treasure, and is promised. It was promised by the forces that prophecy a change happening here on Mother Earth.

This is an exciting dynamic for those who believe. In this grand story we call life, Creation has something in store for us.

The particular religions of the world that you are involved with may preach purgatory or promise. Though it is you who must decide what you will believe and what you will embody.

All religions should lead to the light within….

Freedom Of Religion – Other Perspectives of God 

A freedom of religion is important. Learning about many past perspectives of God can serve to help expand our understanding. Viewpoints from different cultures helps you understand the breadth of relationships that past civilizations had with nature and spirit. In the end, our freedom will ask what we embody, and how we influence the body-vibe of the planet.

You want to exercise religious freedom. Take the best of what you can use from the worlds religions to better your spiritual growth and seeking. Never limit your level of learning as stated from one organized religion to another.

New religions lead to new ideas and practices. Have discernment and understanding. If those ideas and practices serve life then they are of GOD. New perspective offers unique angles seen from outside the box, to see more of what GOD is. There is nothing that the Creation isn’t. Thus there should be total religious freedom, as long as you are not failing to honor life in the process.

What Does Your Dogma or Doctrine Do For You?

How does your religion serve you if it does not serve onto new life. I have seen those who only practice within the confines of one dogma have less than meager progress towards mastery. Having a limited reach in how they are allowed to practice or study the actual spirit embody. Some religions of the world have restraints like these, people are starting to leave the organized religions to allow for the full breadth of knowledge seeking towards the infinite.

No talks of mastery, no peace anchored in the self, no practice in the management of the actual spirit/breath/consciousness, just restrictions on one’s lifestyle. Structuring one’s lifestyle can definitely assist one’s chance at mastery, in shaping the spirit, but is not some prerequisite for the Creator/Creatrix’s Love.

Here in the 3D free will, realm we have a choice to come into greater alignment with the Creator/Creatrix or not. There are many ways to work with our energy or spirit, even outside the scope of any one doctrine or dogma. 

The love afforded to us by the Creation is not simply dependent on our faith, but is enhanced when our love and exaltation is shown back towards the Source.

Religion is not needed for that to happen, after a human knows that their spirits come from the stars. With that knowledge it is clear that we are the Children of Source Creation. Being inherently love and light, how should we model that light? How should we serve?

These are being asked by those who consider themselves spiritual, not religious. They may practice their spiritual development religiously but do not ultimately swear fealty to a religion or spiritual figure. All true masters & saints and will help you to find you own spiritual and divine sovereignty.

This ensures you have the power to govern yourself and you do not need to go to anyone for anything, save only Source for more life. That’s it.

Find out about mysterious frequency of GOD

Some people believe this to be the true frequency of God because of how they learned to manifest their dreams and desires. See for yourself…

Are You Shifting Spiritually or just playing Religi-theater?

Religions of the world should serve you unto new life. Shifting spiritually is a gift. A change at living more of your own life in the body. Going through religious motions without taking strides in spiritual growth is religi-theater.

Dressing the part and playing the part for one day a week and going back to your normal vibes. 

The tops religions in the world are supposed to offer you an enhanced hope of these awesome things and keep them in your remembrance as we “remember” ourselves back unto Full Consciousness Child of God mode. 

Some of the more popular religions of the world can inspire us to be Christ/divine-like, but mostly within the confines of a religion? Christ has a cosmic truth to understand before simply imagining another man that walks here on Earth.

It is the spirit of something. This is the forge where we mold ourselves for greatness.

Never let your religion discriminate ways of discovering new knowledge unto Reunification from different cultures or originals faiths. Especially if it does not hurt anyone and serves to enlighten or enrich the life of our fellow human beings.

We must not be afraid of this. Knowledge, Love and discernment will help us to combat this wrongfully indoctrinated threat to our greater spiritual upliftment and religious freedom. Don’t let any religion of the world stifle your greater learning. 

Learn To Serve The Spirit!