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ascension equals salvation

Ascension Equals Salvation – 3 Deep Spiritual Beliefs That Explain They Are The Same

ascension equals salvation
Only one end!

Ascension equals Salvation? Really, what is the difference between the two? Absolutely Nothing.  To be taken up in the light, or transfigured into light are the same thing. With both perspectives, we are talking about a frequency range that needs to be achieved. A range that we were previously inaccessible to without lifelong devotion or strict ascetic solitude.

In Ascension, your frequency takes you to another octave of being, another channel of existence. People believe salvation in the Christian way of belief, means that you are to be “changed” and “taken up by GOD”, ultimately “Redeemed” or “saved”.

To be saved from what? Well, I would say what many would consider the hell of modern 3d life. The pain, suffering & lack in this world is not natural.

Either way we are fantasizing about the same exact outcome. Spiritual deliverance by way of a higher power. Your ascension equals salvation even when you don’t believe in ‘new age’ concepts.

The only difference between Spirituality and Religion, that is of course Illusory I might add, are the stories, beliefs and religions made up around the truth of what awaits us on the greater side of what our consciousness cannot currently access. We will look at all the ways that divinity is the goal, no matter what religion or creed you buy into. Embodying Love & virtue, raising the vibration, and mastering the spirit are always the answer.

All Spirit Truth Is A Means To One End

What is the greatest thing that an everlasting and forgiving GOD can provide? A share in forever immortal unlimited-ness. A spirit place with “God” forever? All stories or literature detailing a high place speak of a state at which you can live a life only suitable to be set within cosmic dreams and settings. A perfect realm with no pain, suffering or mistakes.

The prize is more worthy than we can imagine.  The separation and difference of opinion in terms of religion and what is available has not been the same over the years. Even within religions there are many varying opinions where people cannot unanimously agree within their own denomination, and the separated are separated further still. 

The climate of such things separating the people is coming to an end. As we evolve, we are seeing our understanding for spiritual things intersect scientific facts we have not long held.

They all point to a time in our soon and up coming history. We are in that prophesied time of legend where many things are to be revealed. Our end will show that ascension equals salvation all day long, no matter how you slice it.

Behold! Come and See!

Ascension equals Salvation: Lets take a look!

  • Perhaps a human body death, but the spirit energy remains.
  • You more from one reality to the next.
  • You are believed to see your Maker!(uh… Master, actually… whom is Christ)
  • Treasures? Well because of infinite power & instant manifestations. The power to create worlds.
  • Evil being defeated? Christ consciousness carries with it a vibration that only love, virtue & power can touch or experience.
  • Change in the ‘twinkling of an eye’?… We believe the Solar Flash is helping with that.

These are the types of marvels we are looking forward too, check out this video on what we will be able to witness when we are all changed!

Spiritual deliverance being taken up into the light #1

The idea of spiritual deliverance is a gift on humanity for those who believe. The mire that traps the soul & spirit here in the 3D modern realm blankets with it a hard and crusty membrane of disbelief. This creates the doubtful nature of skepticism when it comes to spiritual or heavenly things.

For many people are still stuck on why things happen here if GOD is real and loving. Being delivered from this hell is all some people want.

Being taken up in the light is something most people think of is only for the dead to this world. This is not so.

This is for anyone whose vibration has reached a level for this to be physically possible. Whether you are in the body or existing outside of it as your energy body, you have need to increase your resonance to become greater then you are in virtue & spirit. Also experience more and more magical than what you do now in the third.

Being taken up by the light of God is simply an expression. Everything is light, love and power so the light is the physical representation of God in this sense. To be delivered from something means to be free of it, to be let loose from its shackles.

The light is certainly the answer in terms of our freedom. Our problems, realm of experience and how we feel about both are directly correlate with how much light we are holding which determines our state of wellbeing and peace of mind. More light means you are “lighter” in the spirit, actually and in literal terms, being pound for pound and volts per cell more powerful. Our spiritual deliverance comes at the hands we use to toil the ground in which we grow our master human spirit.

Use Joy to power spiritual deliverance!

Redemption of the Spirit and Having treasures after salvation #2

Everyone enjoys the idea of having everything. The struggle for people to have everything in this life has come to disastrous ends. People are running over each other, throwing each other under the bus, and fighting tooth and claw to rise up by stepping on the little guy.

Savage. Then you have the thought that you won’t have everything BEFORE the redemption of the spirit. That you must first be “obedient” unto God. This is a religious and poetic way of saying that you need more Source or consciousness power to make it happen. Love currency must be saved in the piggy bank of our hearts to have enough for retirement in the higher forever place.

You already have everything you need, you only must unlock it. Salvation and ascension are the same thing, which also tells us they are both the same outcome. An outcome that must be approached taking fine care in your spiritual deliverance refining the love, light & power in the body vehicle.

This idea that you must be redeemed by a lord and savior is religion. The real spiritual truth is that, the spirit that you are the child of Creation/Creatrix, is also already redeemed you just have need to match it’s vibration. That’s it. That being is already the total package you just have to remember how to come into re-alignment with it.

….Very Very interesting…I know… Thanks…After you read this article read more about how I teach feelings are detections in your energy fields.

The Idea of Christ ruling for a Thousand years

The idea of Christ ruling for a thousand years is a religious concept that has been around for some time. Christ is the Prince of Peace. How does ‘peace’ rule?

That doesn’t make sense. This is because it is not so much a rule or a hierarchy as it is a force or vibration. It is said that God would never put more on you then you handle. Christ Consciousness is a vibe, an energy.

It is true “Christ” has redeemed your spirit in that it holds your spirit. As it is written the Creation/Creatrix gave to the Child of Creation everything and that is everyone’s soul. This is because every soul is the inner cosmic self, and that self is Christ’s. The one whom first came from the Creation and the auto-generated God of the realm. The child would have everything.

Everything, including Creation’s/Creatrix’s power to their expression and experience of the realms. This is redemption of the spirit. Believe that you are a Child of Creation and your spirit is already saved because you know what you are, and where your power lies.

If you are think that someone is coming to rule over you, that is a divine being and their name is Jesus, get that out of your head. If you think that Christ is coming to rule you and you are a Christian and you are OK with that. You have been indoctrinated to believe that.

That being does not want to rule you. That being wants you to reunify with the Creator/Creatrix so that you can rule yourself. As a Christ Consciousness inhabitant you will be able to create endlessly like never before. You will be able to serve in the cosmos like perhaps you have always wanted.

The word rule implies that we are being governed. This idea that we need to be governed is also an idea of the past. Most people know what they need and want. Christ consciousness is not a vehicle of oppression, but of expression and freedom. Christ ruling for a thousand years means Jesus got a party for everybody. Your heart is the lock that keeps it shut, and the key that breaks it wide open.

Christ ruling for a thousand years is also certainly not a perpetuation of how humans have displayed Christianity, but a most definitely a freedom from it and all other from of spiritual oppression, deceptive device of man.

Simple Ways Of Growing Spiritually – 5 Spiritual Practices To Transform The Self

Here in the 2020’s, we are seeking ways of growing spiritually in truth. As Mother Earth bathes in cosmic light, her children are being baked into the new completion leavened with spiritual practice. The next step of human spiritual evolution is not new legs on the ground, but feet that can step into the next frequency of being. 

The cosmic bath from the cosmos brings with it a healing of the body. For how could it not? As we will need fresh and working eyes to see the marvels growth. It is exciting to see how far it takes us. People feel something is happening to them and it is.

The subtle shifts in our quantum reality are not easily being seen with the naked eye. This shifts as intuition increases in the average soul, more feelings coming online. The collective grid is being given budding loving-lit hearts to grow and nurture, as Mother Earth basks in a sea of change under a transformative light and soaking up every bit. 

These days a spiritual practice is common place. People are meditating away stress. They are manifesting that dream life and reality, and mindfulness is succeeding in claiming the now moment.

People do more with prayer now as well. People now pray to nourish the spirit. We aren’t just asking for ‘stuff’ like brats. We are looking to become rich in the spirit.

To know the spirit while alive in the body, you must heal the body. Here are 5 simple ways of growing spiritually to heal the body and more fully know the spirit. 

Start a daily spiritual practice #1

The first and most important spiritual practice is that you first start a practice. Commit to taking some time to give to you and the spirit.

This daily practice is meant for you to on a daily basis engage with spirit or your own spirit embody in some way or fashion. 

This lifestyle is a path into an initiation of spiritual growth. When you start a daily spiritual practice you dedicate or devote time to honor the spirit. To train with the spirit in the body. You trust the spirit. Somewhere you can reach within the self. A level of peacefulness, a level of mastery of stillness. The body is a Muppet, while the spirit is a master. 

These forces dance and evolution intertwines conscious reality with more subtle powers to create a sound pathway tread line for spiritual growth. A spiritual practice tills the soil atop fertile ground to consummate the union of divine purpose and free will. 

As you prepare this bride to marry, your preparations take you to refining the spirit, making it pristine and beautiful that, for which glows and awaits to be revealed under the vale of divine re-masteries. 

Our spiritual practice makes the bed in which we will join with our light body. This joining has the stamp of our love and light engraved in its name space.

… liking the article so far? here!.. Some people refuse to grow spiritually because of their beliefs on God, check out this video…

Move Energy In The Body & Heal #2

Did you know that you can move energy in the body & heal a host of problems. One of the most important ways of growing spiritually is understanding that the body needs to move.

Start moving energy around the body: This one goes hand and hand with the first. When you learn to move energy in the body for healing then you notice that many of the aches and pains in your body are very well like a energy (or nutrient) deficient area of the body. We see that when energy or “chi” flow returns to that parts of the body the symptoms tend to lessen if not go away completely. 

As we transform in this time, we as experience how to come spiritually closer to God, we understand that the flow of energy is paramount. When we start a daily spiritual practice to take on that energy we shift our path for the better.

The Creatrix is an ever-flowing ever-moving matrix of energy that never sleeps or dies and we are representations of that in our own energetic makeup. 

Moving our bodies and the energy that makes it up is essential to not only good health, but in making magical strides in our spiritual development. Understanding the spirit itself will be a journey. The first steps will normally be the self study we experience with ourselves. 

When we pray to nourish the self, we also move energy in the body & heal all at the same time. When we move energy in the body & healing results, we gain a victory and pick up the pace on our ascension journey.

Real men eat plants!

Alkalize The Body #3

We have always heard you are what you eat. In this case, the old saying rings true. It also means you are what you are filled with or what you feed yourself. 

In its spiritual understanding we consider what we are feeding our spirit and what are we choosing to fill our spirit with (thoughts, emotions). 

The body ph is important because of what is allowed and not allowed to thrive and this is determined by the natural ph of your body. Whether or not it is acidic or not makes a huge difference. Getting into the practice of making a point to adjust your body ph, by staying alkaline as best you can is a major move for both short term and long term health. 

This means that in terms of taking care of the spirit embody, it will help with longevity and ensuring you have a worthwhile livelihood running into your later years.

An acidic body ph is prone to disease and creates an environment that is hospitable to pathogens and illnesses that would do you harm. The breaking down of the body happens more rapidly in this state, as well as aging. 

Keeping the body more alkaline is just a part of the common knowledge that we have now. This is part of the revelation in our time, as we take better responsibility for our health. 

Taking responsibility for one’s health, in its own right, is itself, a mark of spiritual growth. The doctors are not going to care about you the way that you should. They will not put forth the effort, that your higher self would put on you.

Pray or Praise More Often #4

From our experience when we prayed more we found we were able to raise our spiritual vibration. We were also able to maintain that state of vibration easily then we would if we prayed less. Though one must understand what I mean when I say pray. Essentially a prayer is an invoking of energy from the Creation. To pray is to draw from the Source.

We are enveloped in the mass of love, power & information we know of through, and it is always available to us. Why would you not take of it, if it can deliver to you virtue, strength of spirit and courage.

When you praise the Most High you point your own love & power towards Creation and the spirit. You give of your light in this action. This should leads me into my next topic….

…find other ways of shifting your consciousness and activating your Light Body with Love codes…

Offer an exchange with the Creation/Creatrix

As above, So Below

Here we are offering an exchange with the Creation. Here, as opposed to the prayer, we are offering something forth towards the Creation and not simply a summoning of energies. If we offer forth praise to the Creation it will feed us back with it’s power.

Giving blessing, thankfulness & appreciation back towards the Creation means we are exercising our energetic exchange with the Creation. This is how the Child of Creation was filled through the spirit with all these virtuous & wonderful spiritual things.

As we take upon this practice we are changing not only ourselves but the nature of the reality around us. As we take in more light for the shift we are crystallizing our place as conduits of light for Mother Earth. As we live, breathe, take in light and live our life we transfer light into Mother Earth, as well as transmute discordant energies into working rhythms for the shift into 5d. 

It is said that with this ascension we are changing the awesomeness of how human ascension can be in physicality. Our energetic relationship will be an everyday thing where we draw from the Creatrix, not some put off weekly thing. 

This relationship we will find is the most precious one we can cherish and when honored will take us to the depths of the Creation and ourselves. A depth that we currently can’t fathom.

Practice Presence, Patience And The Conscious Now Moment #5

The center point of perception is now. Presence holds perception and patience together. A more conscious now moment begs you pay attention, closely to every breath.

Perhaps even more attention than you have even paid in your life. More dedication than you might think is warranted in any now moment. 

This is your life. You paying attention to what is happening in front of your eyes. As your conscious reality has your full attention you tend to breath more substantially. You are more dialed into your experience and as a result your spirit tries to absorb more of it into the body for the benefit and experience of you both here. Though alas, your body cannot take in as much as your spirit alone right now.

Due to the shifting nature of our spirits, this is changing rapidly. Breathe and pray to nourish the spirit and spirit embody.

Presence begs you are more into your experience than ever before. Why? Because there is some drastic change? No. Because your are intending and making a point to live your life and take everything from every moment that you can. The same way you would if you were in a diving experience and your were loving every moment of it. As we manifest our sparkling new reality we crystallize the vibration of divinity as we work our spiritual journey of ascension.

practice ways of growing spiritually

When you practice spirituality you lead with the spirit. When you move energy in the body & heal the self, you pack in the light for your ascension. Pray to nourish the spirit, and enlighten the soul.

The spirit of patience, presence and grace should be the forward style in which you step. This practices mastery in every breath, step and prayer. Your conscious moment begs your attention now, and your consciousness has shifted forever.

We are in the world, but not of it because we seek to be more of the spirit. More of its rich virtue and less of a slave to the 3d world’s lack of it. Start a daily spiritual practice and lift the spirit unto light.

Building Our Light Body Ascension in the 2020’s – 4 Mantras for Living Love Everyday 

Here comes the Son!

The Light body Ascension is one of the goals for our age, as the worlds turns to face just about a newer division everyday. Living love everyday becomes a most perilous climb in our modern alpha-dog-eat-dog-survival-of-the-fittest world mindset putting us at odds with not only your fellow man, but even that man’s counterpart half around the world. 

Humanity is moving towards our collective shift happening faster now than in any time in recorded history. The Earth is spinning faster and faster. We are becoming more loving as a society, as we are demanding change. Though it may not look like it, this is an explosion of love & light in the self. This demands fairness, equality, safety & security for all. The crust over the human expressing itself as need for change, must unsheathe before it can fully shine as love and goodness in a world that doesn’t always invite it in. 

Love and light is the fuel for the light body and our light body ascension. The exhibition of love to your fellow man, and the showing of love to oneself. We are bathed in love and light everyday through the SUN, which also feeds the light body natural vitamin D. 

The light body ascension into that of the higher octaves of experience is not for the faint of heart, though it is through love that the faint hearted can make the subliminal pass. 

Here in the 2020’s, it is no different in what is needed to achieve the light body. Here you will learn to use 4 living love mantras that will help you increase the light of the body and shift the focus to the spirit. In the spirit, to fly after our light body ascension we focus on living love everyday.

Building towards the Living Light body ascension

When building the light body. Think here. Love is light is life. These words as you will soon learn are synonymous when you really understand what they are and how they work.  

When we feed and grow our light body we need these keys nutrients for our multidimensional vehicle and chariot of the gods.

The light body and Merkabah have inexhaustible fuel through the Source. Keeping the source energy pathway open is how we will feed the light body in this time. This naturally will have you embody love as you practice love and compassion regularly. The face and material of the Cosmos is the Creatrix, which means that the love of the Creatrix is strong with you when you open your Merkabah.

Love is life itself. Love is aliveness. Love is the default state of consciousness ringing at its most high, awaiting orders from the Creatrix. Our light in the body as fuel can be built up leading to our event.

Love is Light is Life!

Awakening the crystal light body

Awakening the crystal light body is like birthing a star. Power and light are needed. Living Love everyday provides the necessary impetus for transmutation. The love of the Creatrix is willing us through her energetic fabric of everything to break the human cycle here and move forward with our human evolution.

Here we have provided some living love mantras to help you get in the frame of mind that befits an ascending individual the most. These mantras are using the power of the voice and sound to move the spirit.

In my Reunification/Ascension Training course, I gave a brief lesson on mantras and how they are able to harness the power of the voice to move the spirit. Ohm is also very powerful according to Dr. Pillai. A doctor who speaks on the light body and achieving it. This is said to be a primordial sound that helps prepare the spirit for higher light amongst other things.

** Check out this ascension prayer to help you come into the vibration of your divine presence **

4 living love mantras

Living Love is not easy portray and embody all the time. We are needing to shape out spirits for the better and from the inside out. As we speak forward, we will do, training our minds to follow through as we intend with the voice. The love of the Creatrix will ensure we do as we intend, for if we intend to put forth her will, then surely it will be so.

Using your heart and voice to exercise a move from 3d to 5d consciousness gathers light to the aura. As you smile and intend, you transform your living love mantras into words to live by. To embody love is to give way for a divine way of things given through by the spirit. When living love everyday, they become our modus operandi(MO), they essentially become the mental/emotional program that we are set on.

This is better then the brain-dead, unsympathetic, and spiritual inert program that the 3d modern world wants to put over our mind and hearts. Study these mantras and endeavor to recite and live them by their meaning in your life when you live & practice.

#1 – “I am the love and light that I am”

Here you acknowledge that you are the spirit. You know this much, and seek to uncover more. I know at the deepest core truth, I am the spirit and the light and love that make up the spirit that I am. 

You must speak this with confidence. As you speak this and breathe you get the ‘tingles of truth’ or those “blissful tingles”. Here you are taking in Love source as you breathe. You feel love and truth because this is your child of Creation aspect responding to the stimuli your have entered with your mind and heart. Its resonates with this truth, because it is its truth before it was yours when you incarnated here in this realm. 

Listen to these responses. Notice when they come up and what you are doing or saying at the time. This is a powerful gauge for you to get a clue into the ancient nature of the spirit you call home and me.

#2 – “I embody the love of the Creatrix/Creator”

Here you acknowledge that you are the spirit of love and goodness. You are fully aware of this now, and seek to uncover more. This is your truth. You are the very love consciousness of the Creator/Creatrix.

Here you know what you are here to do. You are one of those here to embody love as a way-shower/light worker. To show others how to choose love and not fear and judgement. 

When you embody the love of the Creatrix, you embody divine will. What you will want to do in concert with that higher divine you will be great things that serve the whole. You will work in concert with everything else that is bringing about change. Through the quantum level where things are always moving you have placed upon it your ticket to invite a whole new world into your reality.

Your intention and manifestations go into what you are saying and you wish to serve in this way in the biggest, most grandest way possible. This declaration empowers and emboldens you to carry the torch of enlightenment for Mother Earth’s children.

#3 -“I Intend to further the reach and widen my love and light capacity unto reunification with the Creatrix/Creator” 

Here we mantra to increase our light and capacity. To increase our capacity is to increase vibration. We vibrate faster and our fields vibrate wider apart to allow in more light. We want to increase our light and vibration all at once to stay in balance and to not over do it for ourselves.

In reality, no one overdo this to themselves because your higher self has more control than you , and is more in control of the process than you realize. Your higher self knows the moves you are going to make before you make them.

With this you are opening a pathway to let your higher self know that you are conscious and onboard. You intend to expand your aura and increase the reach of your light. You are loving the Earth Mother in this statement. As you take in light you offer light to Mother Gaia automatically as you exercise your symbiotic relationship with Mother Earth.

** Learn more on your spirit and I AM Presence **

Practice living love now!

Practice living love everyday

In our quest to enlighten, evolve & transform spiritually, we are also creating the groundwork for others to practice living love everyday. Our exhibited example provides structured balanced behavior for light workers and way-showers to follow.

You are the force that is here for change as you practice living love everyday. As we practice in this way we are filled with the love of the Creatrix, and exude this love out to our fellow brethren.

Setting the tone, and foundation for how one is to live love everyday starts with how one self loves. Your first and initial step is showing love to oneself in as many moments as possible. Practicing living love takes discipline and steadfast-ness. We practice to get better and to find better and easier ways to form habits that crystallize our efforts in shaping our spirit. 

To move into the reality of us all living love everyday in our advanced light body forms, this vibe must be caught and worked upon by a greater critical mass of people. Our light body ascension comes when the world has become expanded by becoming more light filled.

The 2020’s Age of Enlightenment – 5 Deep Spiritual Truths To Awaken Yourself


The great age of enlightenment is upon us. Times have evolved, and humans along with it shift with you, as you enlighten yourself. You are stoking the flames that will mold us into our new human. Hearts are turning to spiritual answers and heart based decisions in an upswing of civilization on the brink of revolt.

Pain and suffering have put immense pressure on those hearts who seek nothing other than being made into a diamond. A multifaceted spectrum of love, light and truth so bright, that its shine makes those who hide shudder and those who honor sing with a joyful glee. 

Like spiritual masters of old who sought spiritual truth, mastery & perfection, hours under the pressure of the new energetic climate is stewing our vibe to produce something marvelous in record time. How do you reach enlightenment when the light is being brought to you? Faster.

Not only that, but spiritual truth is coming along to help every one vibe higher, and is being accepted in people’s lives and heart. Here in the 2020’s age of enlightenment, here presented are 5 spiritual truths that are helping to transform us as we know & believe while exploring to a deeper level the us within ourselves.

What does enlightenment mean?

To enlighten means to see past the illusion in this world. It means to be spiritually progressed to a level of consciousness to where you are revealed to your presence in multiple realities. To reach a level in the heart, from where you cannot come back. You cannot easily un-know what is known. After you remember yourself, you enlighten yourself a great degree from you current conscious reality.

You enlighten yourself by the breathe and endeavoring to be conscious of yourself and your interconnectedness with everything around you within the Creatrix. The Creatrix orchestrates souls unto spiritual mastery, knowing deeper and deeper levels of oneself to unlock the most complex and fundamental of spiritual truths.

You are enlightening to the fact that you are one with everything. You enlighten to the fact that everything is condensed consciousness/light, and you are connected to the energy matrix that holds it all together. 

You enlighten yourself to the fact that everyone is on a soul journey of discovering even while helping others self discover. Enlightening means you are opening up to everything that your human eyes didn’t see before.

Master Your Daily Meditation In Three Minutes a Day!

Your daily meditation is key to maintaining stability and controlling your mental and emotional discipline. Help foment a peace in your life through practice.

#1 The Way of Enlightenment

The “way” to enlightenment is the way. The “very path of enlightenment” is in the way you conduct yourself. The way you store your energy and the style at which you spend it. In the way you carry yourself, and it is likely not only the way that you may have seen. In our age of enlightenment we now understand that the great way spoken of old, is simply you conducting yourself in a manner that adds to you and doesn’t take away. 

The conservation of energy in terms of our practice understands that energy must be held in a fashion enabling us to maintain a resonance of being. A frequency that is being nurtured as it is being made stable. This resonance, “is” the being itself, and in greater love/light amounts you will feel it in truth. A greater capacity of love/light has put a heavenly realm around your heart. 

When this being is nurtured to gain more and more speed in frequency than it starts to change the nature of the whole. There was always a way closer to GOD, though the silver linings in the truth has been skewed in misunderstandings from the point of view of western religions. 

#2 Our Planet is being taken up into the Light

Mother earth is being flooded by cosmic light and radiation. To say that ‘the light has come’ means that it is time to reveal. To say that the last cavalry is arriving and en route, and that the victory is assured. The apocalypse is upon us.

There are light realms. This realm is meant to shine as well. We have the sun, in our little 3d space that is the living luminary of our sector of Creation. The grander light in this part of the cosmos. 

Our Mother Earth is being showered with intense light here in the age of enlightenment to assist our in advances our vibrations faster than in the past. Highly charged particles are flooding our 3d space. This is not only meant to enlighten us, but to also go a bit further in assisting humans in making a180 degree turn back home to the stars as our soul progresses. 

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How did they reach enlightenment?

It is said that those who found enlightenment were able to be taken up into the light and be removed from this 3d spectrum. Once your body is made into pure light, you will not be limited to three dimensions.  Just as you are a part of your tribe, those whom would share similar vibes, you will resonate with the world wherein your heart resides.

If you are more in love with things of a spiritual nature your heart will beckon to that space. Your spiritual magnetism will pull you in the direction of your heart. We need conscious loving desires to move us in the direction of the intention we are trying to move towards. 

The truth of this path is that it was always there. You seeking to shape yourself into a good person, even the best person you can be has roots in self discipline and mastery. Choosing to shape the self is part and parcel to what enlightenment asks of you. 

The masters traveled into themselves. Uncovered the treasures within themselves that they did not know existed. They sat with those treasures until they were fully understood. Then they were able to travel with them once understanding the underlining spiritual truth.

To slip between the cracks laid between dimension is not something for the faint of heart, or the everyday person in this modern 3d world. Though we will soon find out here as our age of enlightenment comes full head.

#3 Love and Light are Forever

All was born from light and will return to it. All matter is dense light/consciousness put into form. We know now that The Most High GOD is aliveness itself, this is the God of all things that is forever. 

We know that energy cannot be destroyed. It only changes forms from time to time. In our age of enlightenment we understand that that same God that is forever is the very energy of all things that cannot be destroyed, and the source of it. 

If our soul and spirit comes from Source/Most High, then it stands to reason that our soul also is forever.


As Above, So Below. Humans also understand that somehow our bodies come from the Earth and will return to the dust of Mother Earth when our spirits are done exhibiting in this realm.

Our bodies are not forever. Surely not, at the vibration they sit at now. Though in this age of enlightenment we are ascending with our bodies intact. Bringing a truly divine experience to the realm of physicality. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

#4 We are Truly the Sons and Daughters of Love and Light

Being made of love and Light itself, The Creation & consciousness itself, we are the sons and daughters of God. Jesus or any being that claims to be the ‘son of God’ is never the only child of Creation. 

The child/son/daughter of God is a spirit. If man speaks from that spirit, truly, then it will be from that same spirit whom that man has honored within himself. 

The child of Creation is a concept to us humans. The Creation itself has a child. This Child is a spirit and is the master of everything and everyone. This is because it is the personified representation of aliveness itself in all the great realms that are made of light and aliveness itself.

The whole of Creation expressing itself as an individual to experience the realms. This being is ancient, timeless and whose transcendence is only surpassed by the Creation/Creatrix itself. If a separation ever was. The transcendence of Creation/Creatrix and the child or the ‘holy trinity’ cannot not reasonably be measured. Even if men could age all the stars we may still not come close to an age put upon a timeless Creation. 

Allow Only The Purest of Body & Home Care Near Your Family

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 #5 Heaven is a high resonating realm, Not a place for God’s Chosen

Heaven is a term used to describe the higher resonating “Heavenly realms’”. The Universe and Consciousness has made the higher realms accessible to those who have the correct resonance of being. It is not a matter of whether or not God ‘approves’ of you or not. It is a matter of… what is the state of your consciousness?

How deeply have you enlightened yourself? How much love/light have you assumed? How much work have you put into advancing your soul? These are the questions that you should be asking yourself. 

Some would ask if they were a good person. Someone can be a good person and still have many pains and trauma to work through before they can fully open their heart to others. Being a good person mimics spiritual mastery. Not only is it good to do to others that which you would have them do unto you, it is good as a spiritual practice.

Spiritual mastery depends on you and your spirit having the awareness, discipline & gumption to shape your spirit on your own to enlighten yourself.

A full heart opening takes the embodying of a higher spiritual truth as a set program in your conscious reality, negating all other consisting of old programs and the old paradigm and do nothing to serve the shift other to reiterate our loathing for the current program.

Being a good person will help you avoid bad karma, exercise compassion and other good virtues. Exercising compassion and good virtues are a practice that can rise your vibration as you live and exhibit as you always have.

This is a matter of your vibration being compatible with the higher realms. Everything that makes you a good person and advances the spirit matters. Not the religion you subscribed to, or what GOD you swore fealty to, or what God you claimed to be your “Lord and Savior”. 

In our age of enlightenment we are changing from the inside our. To enlighten ourselves in this time is a great feat considering the amount of ill programming put upon us by those in control of what we see everyday on the Tell-a-vision. Let us awaken further to more spiritual truth of our time meant to advance our understanding of our highly charged and evolutionary space.