The Glorified Prophesied Return of The Child of Creation And The Ascending Children of Light

The Glorified Prophesied Return of The Child of Creation And The Ascending Children of Light

YOU Are the light of the world…

Do you feel your heart changing?…Moving? Shifting in some way. There are stories and beliefs about the return of A Great Being… Whether you are a Christian or don’t claim any organized religion, you know there is something greater. Something greater, whose child has been here many times before.

The belief that a Son of God/Child of Creation came here and was amongst us is nothing new. Not just a man or a woman, but a power. An enchanted presence, a higher vibration of being. Any “Christ”, “Buddha”, or Spiritual Master holds a greater consciousness of being and a greater resonance of being.

They possess an eye that cannot be seen, and can see into other dimensions and realities. To step in another world as easily as you would step between electronic sliding doors in the grocery store. The very Christ Child of the All Creation was given everything awesome and fabulous in the Creation. The Christ is a cosmic model and we are casts for that model. We are to be filled with everything true about that cast.

It lives within us, though we are not fully realized in it. Though a move to full consciousness will fully reunite you with your higher self, or Christ Child of Creation within. It was always this child whose return was prophesied, not simply a man.

We Are All The Child of Creation

Why You Are The Light of the World

For many years the world has been purged in darkness. A world were a great many of dangers can befall those who are unaware. The light of the world is a force, and the spirit of a force that is here to change how life is here on Earth.

The light of the world is a force that is meant to bring what it is, and who it is into the world. A spirit that seeks change. A spirit that seeks to emulate the spirit of the all Creation. Creative, virtuous, compassionate, soft and hard wired into the multidimensional mind of the Universe. What you love you choose to embody should let you know that you are the light of the world.

The light of the world is meant to be a beacon for ascending children of light to live and look up to. To know how it is they are to shape their light. You are the light of the world because, if you are reading this, you seek to find your place in it all.

Being who you are in all your truth, that the world has convinced you you should hide is what you are here to show.

A beacon lights the way for others. A beacon is used to mark a path. This beacon that is the light of the world is no different. The way is being lite back to full consciousness.

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The Masters of the All Creation Is The Child of Creation

Every Master or vibrationally higher level being is a child of God. As the Child is the very direct offspring of the cosmos they are afforded all the wondrous powers of the Creation. They are only but a thought away from manifesting that which they choose in the Creation.

The children of creation are the masters of creation. It is said that the child of creation was given everything, so that it could understand everything

They are consciously dialed in to the hidden stirs and compassionate coaxing from within that is the spirit that seeks to offer you a greater revelation of itself in you. This revelation reveals your divine nature.

The powers afforded to these masters are all made of, and navigated by, your consciousness, thoughts and emotions. An unseen mage surrounded by a swirling mass of energy fields. The mage pilots these from an unknown place.

Mysterious are the ways we interface with it. Those mysterious ways in our time are gearing up to draw out a revelation….A return of the child of creation.

you are the light of the world

Full Consciousness Freedom

What full consciousness freedom will feel like will be a cosmic freedom of no other. To travel the stars or vibrational planes of existence. To experience your multidimensional quality that is only comprehensible while you possess this full consciousness freedom.

What shall your spirit create in the world and how will it serve? The children of Creation that came throughout our ages would always serve to heal, help and free people. Seeing the marvels was not enough to bring all people back to full consciousness.

Remembrance of the power and majesty had to be brought back into the hearts of people. They had to know that that power is within them as well. Full consciousness is the greatest gift of life getting better.

As well as free their minds and hearts from limiting beliefs and doctrines. Surely when the spirit of that returns then it will be plain for all to see. A light such as that cannot easily be hidden, but can easily be misunderstood in our world to be a divine marvel.

You do not create a great light only to keep it hidden. This is counter productive to the purpose of a light/beacon. Full consciousness is the end result of those lights, lighting the way home for our brethren.

Take the journey within …

The Children of Light And The Evolved Self

The wondrous divine you is in there, in your heart and inner being, awaiting a shift to show it’s greatness. Embodied as you, that evolved self is the child of God and has a place in the world here in this time to make a difference.

A small difference in your world helps add light to the whole of our collective energy grid. This light, lights up the planet and the collective grid of willing hearts.

Your evolved self serves the evolution of all. To erase all 3D suffering on this planet, to purify Mother Earth, and to lift up all souls in this world will be an astronomical feat to say the least. Your goodwill and nature add light and a quickening to the collective consciousness energy fields of our realm.

Your evolved self is looking to contribute more light. On a quantum level we are all connected and a part of the whole energetic matrix of sound, powers, particles and space. Source Aliveness in its many different forms. You will either accept it’s divine expression through you or deny it.

** DON’T BE FOOLED ** – Know What Is Going In Your Body

My good brothers…sisters…Young Masters of all ages, all of us who have yet to be Masters, The return of that child hangs on you.

Full consciousness is a shift away for the child of creation. All ascending children of light are welcome back home to the stars. You are the light of the world as you seek to hold love and compassion in your heart for all.

A true child of God, is the one that mimics the spirit of the loving spiritual and cosmic parentage.

Be the return of the Child of Creation!