The God Of Creation Moves Again – As The Radiant Inner Child’s Joy of Creation

The God Of Creation Moves Again – As The Radiant Inner Child’s Joy of Creation

What Shall You Create Next?

In any god of creation book, when “GOD” moved, things happened. An unseen force(well at least to human eyes), working from behind the scenes to push forth the greater will that gives the cosmos legs. In these times another push is being made. A push for the child of creation to be awakened.

A chance for that child to make his way back into the world of men. A child to show the grown ups how to be maturely divine. The purity presented in our young is a reminder of how the spirit can exhibit a divine being in human form. Purity. Innocence without attachment because there are no corruptions.

It is believe we are making a shift in consciousness to return to harmony. A shift in consciousness that can not happen without it.

Here we will address how that child of creation in you is being moved by the God of Creation. A great and grand move to bring the true child of GOD back home. Back home to create into the star. To create worlds alongside the Creatrix itself in a beautiful cosmic dance of symphonic marvel.

Our Prime Creator

Prime Creator is the Most High. The GOD of Creation is love aliveness itself and the inherent consciousness therein, and is believed to root all things & all living things.

Any God that you have seen or read about that is less than love aliveness is NOT the Prime Creator, Source Creation, or the Living alive GOD of all things. Those were simply other children of god in high places that should not have been. The expression of love aliveness is the pure child, a spitting image of love aliveness itself.

Aliveness in the child is the gift. Through this grand alive aspect, alive in the realms as alive sentient beings, we are pieces of the child of creation. Fractals of prime creator itself. Light awareness animating humans beings. This time is meant to birth a new embodiment in the human. When the modern 3d human becomes the divine human a grand shift in consciousness will have taken place.

child of creation

The God of Creation And Its Child

You are that child. We share a link with everything. The God of Creation is also referred to as “The All”. Now in these times, scientists can prove God exists as the energy that moves all things. Everyone knows that an energy permeates everything and moves all matter within the spaces it occupies.

We know it is alive unto itself. It moves. It thinks. It feels, in one way or another. Some degree of what it thinks and feels is within you. Your job is to distinguish what is your human 3d mind and what is your higher knowledge and consciousness trying to communicate with you.

The child shares a link with the Creation and through that link joy is summoned unto us. Through the child’s purity and the lack of corruption even based here in our modern 3d world, they are able to naturally draw joy from Source Creation. It comes from the spirit, and in human terms, exhibited out through the surface to our world.

divine human boy

Life awakens again through full consciousness

Joy And The Divine Human

The Inner Child sleeps in many awakened to who and what they are. When we are young that child seeks to roam free and be filled with joy. They seek joy often, exuding a playful spirit naturally. The divine human will exude these traits as well.

A mastery, a presence, a loving disposition will mark the revelation of the inner child and its filling. Virtue of the spirit brings the meat and potatoes of what it means to be the divine human within the full meaning of divine presence and nature.

Joy resonates very high. If you notice your vibes will feel great when you are in joy. Joy is powerful, and is a great virtue capable of filling the heart away from emptiness. To be filled into a full divinity meaning you no longer have to reincarnate in this world before ascending is a gift and is the very gift of the ages available to us know with this ascension time.

The divine human will be full awakened to everything that they are and full remembrance of all their past lives. They will bring with them their full expertise of knowledge and multidimensional mind access.

Joy is a wonderful thing. Can you think when was the last time you were joy full? Do you remember what it feels like? Do you remember what being a deity feels like? To forget your unlimited multi-dimensional nature is a most grievous suffering, and if you signed up for it, you signed up for one hell of an adventure.

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The Joy Of Creation In The Child

Who is the God of Creation? Love Aliveness. As a child, your life is first are made possible by this power. Your spirit is embodied in this world with that power present in your flesh vehicle called a human body.

A joy of creation permeates the child. Being a divine being means you are filled with the power endowed by divinity itself. With this presence you are a divine being, meaning you will be immortal and share a more intimate connection with that very Prime Creator powering all worlds and life.

These powers exist with you naturally as a divine being meaning you draw from the inexhaustible source as a true and star breathing cosmic child of creation.

The Child of Creation Is Driving The shift in consciousness

In these times, are are creating our path unto Reunification & our impending shift in consciousness. Driving to discover the divine meaning of this life in these times. What does a divine human mean to you? I can tell you it means you won’t have a 9-5 that you hate, you won’t grow old, and you won’t be subject to the pain and struggles that are inherent while living in this world at this resonance of being.

As we wish and manifest we draw our path forth. As we dream and love, we lay the foundation for vibes that will pull us into the next shift in consciousness of our era. Joy is a groove on the key that opens the door to your divine reality and 5th dimensional version of Earth.

The Child of Creation was naturally endowed with the power to create. To create with a thought takes mastery & responsibility. We are here in this time learning to master those powers again. We are learning once again how to be divine, meaning we will ascend or evolve when that resonance of learning reaches a certain breaking point. We are creating this journey towards a divine human reality. We are being fueled by the God of Creation from within, to come on home.