The Meaning of Ascension – Shift Into Love Consciousness

The Meaning of Ascension – Shift Into Love Consciousness

The meaning of ascension
Up, Up, Up & away in vibration

The meaning of Ascension is to embody love consciousness and rise up in spiritual/energetic frequency to a place within closer to our higher self. The Creator that lives in us making us a lover of everything that we love.

To create a love and light quotient that takes us to conscious levels of elation that we know we deserve but may not have known were possible for us.

What it means to ascend to the 5th dimension, is the same thing it means to establish and create for ourselves a Heaven on Earth. Love consciousness is heart + mind coherence, a formula brewed in the cauldron of ascending purpose & destiny.

To ascend is to evolve spiritually/energetically, here we take a closer look at what it means to ascend in this discourse.

Is Ascension Real?

Ascension is not a new concept. It may be new to the new age community, but rising up energetically is a natural part of a human’s evolutionary ladder. Ascension is an eventuality for the soul, and an extraordinarily daunting feat with the body, here in this modern 3d world.

Spiritual evolution is as real as you live right now and then some. Rising up to meet God has always been a challenge for those that live here in this realm. Sprouting from underneath the boot of the modern 3d man and his world, takes power and perseverance.

A prevailing and enduring love for life and the marvelous progression of it here in this life. A love for the divine, and a true faith in the spiritual real estate.

What does ascending mean for humanity?

Humanity has been down trodden by those who oppress the common man into a life of constant servitude. And to what end? So that man can die, only to teach his children how to mimic the subservient life given to him by his merciful overlords?

Ascension means freeing ourselves from every man made machination that serves to drive us further from how we are to spiritually become free. Energetic and spiritual freedom assumes we are totally free.

Free to multidimensionally roam the Creator’s/Creatrix’s universe. Rising up to meet the divine is also what all this spiritual journey is all about. Ascending into “Heaven” to meet our ancient and passed loved ones, and understanding our full akashic profile for further growth.

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What is love consciousness?

Love consciousness is heart based living. In this ascension cycle we are rising up in spiritual energies. Love consciousness is the flagship, that tames the wave in a ferocious sea of highly charged energy particles. Love consciousness is paving the path to ascension in our everyday lives.

A heart based consciousness sees you having your compassionate, loving and understanding face on for all to see. Exercising a heart/mind coherence to analyze when the situation calls for you to assert or accept.

Love consciousness means you have the best of all involved and see to it that your love is impartial and fair, eliminating prejudice and bias from any one individual to serve the greater whole.

Gathering love and light in the self is the very heart of what it means to ascend. Ascending with Mother Earth is the grand gift of the ages and will make available the ability to manifest your dreams with far greater speed.

Can you ascend with a hardened heart?

A hardened heart assumes that you are callous and rigid in a way in regards to the feelings and emotions surrounding your witness spirit embody. A hardened heart lacks the flexibility of heart based living. Love consciousness escapes a callous heart, as well as the most viable path of ascension.

The inability to move in this regard is a point of subtle weakness, not strength. This goes against everything it means to ascend, and lines up with everything that is contrary to it.

A hardened heart stands in the way of free flowing emotion. The energetic shift begs we flow those feelings for understanding ourselves better. Hardened hearts are not free to flow. These usually surround those people who have very rigid beliefs that only serve to harden the heart and disposition of the subject. Inhibiting and denying the owner of that heart everything it means to ascend.

what it means to ascend


The Ascension of Jesus/Yeshua

The ascension of Jesus/Yehsua shows us what’s possible for the human. Rising above the obstacles of spiritual transformation is what the way is all about. Walking, talking and exhibiting a way of love consciousness to his fellow man, brother & sister.

Master Brother Jesus/Yeshua (Thats what I call him), gave forth an example in his portrayal of heart based living. Seeking to serve others first, being content in one’s self, and able to serve with no expectations of return.

This way & example helps us to understand a bit more of the spirit shining through the human persona. Blazing the trail for the embodying love and selfless service in this realm. Christ consciousness is how we will ascend. The example is clear, and the way has been made.

Love consciousness is the very embodiment of ascension. Ascending with Mother Earth means that you are heart focused in the game of rising up with her and adding your light to the grand equation.

Your soul is a star

Understand how your Personal Ascension applies to your soul journey!

The meaning of ascension shakes off the dust of the old life, and invites in what Mother Earth and her Elementals have been waiting for the human population to catch up on. Taking stock of what does not serve, and where we can add more light to our make up.

Love consciousness is light capacity in the body. What it means to ascend, means taking us into a phase of spiritual and transformative creation, reflective of our new age & consciousness.

The Meaning of Ascension is to Shift!