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The world is changing in so many ways. It seems to many that time is speeding up. The frailties of the old world that meant hardship for the common man are not making the cut in the new world and people are not accepting these ways anymore.

Everyone is looking for a change. Different lines of thinking, or patterns of awakening are happening on all levels of civilization. Humanity is shifting to be something different from what it has been in the past.

The demand for our dwindling rights, fairer wages & and more incentive may be needed for the common man to subject to a failing system that no longer works. A days’ dollar is still needed, but it buys less, and it purchases more heartache in a failing system that no longer works.

The old system accommodated those whom it worked for. The old system of buying basic needs from an overlord, worked for the overlords and not the masses. Though now the world is changing to accommodate a new spirit. A new being of new resonance who has realized the truth of how the light has come to illuminate a new path of discovery in ourselves and changing world.

A Changing World To Welcome The New Human

At the base level, the change lies first in the individual. The shift in the alive mental/emotional energetic matrix that is your being can shift in an instant, and on the quantum level you have changed reality.

Your energy field and systems are a small microcosm within the grand truth of alive energy systems interconnected on a quantum level. Your shift has an effect on the whole.

Our modern 3d world is also governed by quantum truths. The particles and space create the mass and physicality of our world is held together by a force. The power of that force increases in resonance as the years go by faster, and faster she goes. That force is changing our world on the quantum level as it is changing us along with it.

This change is creating the bedrock for lasting transformation on the spiritual/energetic level and nothing can stop it. If the divine wills it so for the changing world, for the child of Creation and it souls, then surely it will come to pass.

human consciousness

Come on Home….

The demand for organics foods and products without chemicals, universal healthcare, an end to poverty. There is enough for everyone. The only ones who say there is not, are the ones with the most to give, and are the most ungiving of spirits amongst us.

Too much money in the hands of people who don’t care, and too little in the hands of the people who do. This dynamic also has had to transform in our changing world to give it honest chance at shifting for the betterment of all.

A quantum shift has taken place and and slowly our changing world makes way for a brand new way of doing things that works for everyone and not simply a select few.

human consciousness

The Transformation Of Human Consciousness

There are those in this world that seem to always do what they have always done, and there are those that will keep moving and seeking to evolve and get better in everything that they do. Some will even reach higher for the skies and for “GOD” in a new way, or you might say an old way that is coming back into view.

As we shift our human consciousness we go further along the journey of Ascension. Ascension is the accessing of greater levels of the self. It is an accumulation of light in the self. Though the soul, is indeed made from light energy, the vibration that humans here have subjected ourselves too in a drastically lower frequency of energy experience that what we have had to endure in times past.

It is said that this time we will perform this while in the body. A greater consciousness means you will be conscious of much more than you were before. Even more of yourself, that you did not know existed, places in yourself that you didn’t know you could go, and corners of the mind that you forgot where you had exploring to do.

More conscious of that mental/emotional energetic complex that is your alive being-ness. Not only conscious about more concerning yourself, but also the world at large. Including Mother Earth and her spirit and all those others that call Earth home. Many things are coming back into our remembrance, and as we remember more, lights come on in the self, and we become ‘illuminated’.

Moving Into Full Consciousness

Full consciousness is the full illumination of human consciousness here in this realm. Full consciousness also mean accessing supernatural means of communication. Being able to consciously communicate with others by way of a psychic link among those who are awake, aware, and capable.

I adds to you, and doesn’t make you less of a person but a more wholesome soul with powers that reflect your child of Creation status. The life we have lived, is said to be a ‘full life’, when you experience much on this world. These experience are a test. We haven’t experience a full life until we are able to live fully through the spirit. That time is fast approaching.

new human vibe

Out With The Old & Busted… In With The New & Readjusted

Outgrowing A Failing System That No Longer Works

Most people in our society are tired of the failing system that no longer works. The upheaval of civilization everywhere is a clear indicator that that the system that is in place no longer works and people are tired of it.

No one wants to be forced into to anything, especially agendas for those in powerful positions that clearly do not have the interest of the common everyday average Joe in mind or heart.

Here in the 2020’s this is clear. Our modern failing system that no longer works is being transformed into something else behind the seen. The power of those who have ruled is being undermined to bring in existence a system that transparently works for everyone, in particular the everyday folks.

Thrive & Heal & Support Toxic Free Home & Body Care

If you are not looking at what you are putting on your skin or in your mouth you could be poisoning yourself. Avoid these chemicals and protect your family.

Our failing system that no longer works has to go. Because of this system, Mother Earth’s children have to work just to eat and feed themselves. These are things that should have been afforded to Mother Earth’s children, and not toiling endlessly for basic needs. This is not the way it is supposed to be for divine beings. Moving forward into the shift of human consciousness will allow for us to enjoy a new system that works for everyone. This, unto marvel, new adventure and new life.

our changing world

You Are The Heart Of The Changing World

We are manifestations or divine expression in the realm. The greatest parts of us are those unforgettable aspects of the spirit that make the world around lovely and more endearing and unique. The greatest part is also part of what seems to shifting human consciousness in the world en masse.

Could it be that the greater goodness of Love Aliveness itself, wishes to change us into a being-ness that honors love aliveness?

I believe so, as the Creatrix wishes its alive energetic children come home an experience what it feels like to back in the Universal embrace of that Cosmic Mother from which light birthed as.

Yes, we are part of this change. The whole idea of a domino effect is that there is a chain reaction that starts a large action in motion, even to be something greater eventually. The energy of one conscious heart seeking to understand and master their own mental/emotional energy complex that is your beingness will rub off and start a chain reaction in the hearts and minds of those that are attracted to that energy and faithfully take it into their being. Taking into your being must not only mean seeking the knowledge but using the knowledge, and honoring the knowledge by making an effort to shift yourself with it in a real way you can feel.

What kind of world will we create when we are all embodying our greatest levels of love aliveness concentrated in the body. That is “Heaven on Earth”. An unlimited unimaginably beautiful and delicious experience onto forever for you until you choose another experience.

Something different in your now would only be a thought away from experiencing. Thought brings it …now, and you go about your experience and enjoy it until you choose to enjoy something else extraordinary unto forever our within what ever now.

Our ascension starts with me, the infinite Love Aliveness available to us in this now….and you….

We serve The All, Til All are One.