Achieving True Peace in Christ – 4 Spiritual Disciplines To Adopt To Mold A Christ-Like Nature

Achieving True Peace in Christ – 4 Spiritual Disciplines To Adopt To Mold A Christ-Like Nature

achieving true peace in christ

Achieving true peace in Christ is not some religious mumbo jumbo if you understand the spiritual truth of it. 

Christ is the Child of Creation, whose namesake is the focus of this site, and everything that beings brings through the spirit. That being wants you to have everything, though you must understand to be in a position to receive everything. You energy must be right.

The ‘Christ’ is the ‘Child of Creation’ and as such the prince of peace is held in this spirit. An aspect of aliveness virtuous in nature. It is said that when the Creation witnesses itself, it them wished to witness and experience itself even more so.

Then the Child of Creation was born. The Child of Creation would the individualized model of how the Creation/Creatrix would experience itself, all the realms and the infinite realm of experience, itself.

This spirit would be given the keys to everything, to that is could understand everything. To be the one for all souls who come to know themselves as the spirit within.

That is why that being can say with total and complete confidence, “I am always with you”. This is because it knows that it is the spirit of all those individualized in the realms. Christ itself is the Child of Creation who would be personified aliveness in all realms as a spirit.

Not a man, but the shape of spirit that a man can take on. A man is given a shape at birth, with his physicality. It is up to him to mold it further. 

Why achieving true peace in Christ will Bring Heaven on Earth

A true peace in Christ means a certain mastery in the spirit. A certain balance, a centering. True peace in Christ means you are one with the spirit that makes humans alive.

As the Child of Creation you know that this spirit is your link to the All, to the spirit of all things.

To be filled with the spirit of fulfillment and contentment will require a filling indeed.  This type of filling in the spirit is what everyone will need to exist at the vibration that will be our new channel of existence. 

A true peace in Christ will reveal the truth to all. Christ is not some simple figure in a book. It is the Child of Creation, and the being who said that it will always be with us, has told us no lies here. In reverence to the spirit, that masters and brings all souls back home, it is filled with the very virtue of spirit that is needed to truly mold a Christ-like nature.

Be still to train the spirit

Meditation to train the spirit

There are few places in the Bible that actually mention meditation. For reasons only such as it is not expressly spelled out in the Bible give people pause and fear they blaspheme.

The irony of this type of indoctrination is that you are coming to religion to learn about God, and when approached with something that will actually allow you to better commune with your own spirit you are in fear of it through religious fear filled understandings. 

If one’s discernment is not brought up then the establishments peddling knowledge about spirit and reunification are doing a poor job training people about their own spirit. 

Using meditation to train the spirit get you into the aspect that is you and the version of yourself that sits in this real waiting to go multidimensional.

To meditate is simply to slow down and be present in this context. To train the spirit is to temper the bodies’ exhibition or illustration of the spirit. The illustration of the spirit will convert into behavior of the body. In kind, the exhibition of the spirit will clue one into the nature of the very spirit exhibiting. 

As it is written, ‘You will know them by their works’. A good tree doesn’t make bad apples. Though the apples can certainly turn bad, bad is not what’s fed their root. 

To get down to the root, we use meditation to carefully sift through what can certainly not be handled through human tangibility. 

For a true peace in Christ to be placed in your heart, you must invite the spirit of that to come out. You must go to the inner temple and honor that spirit. You honor that spirit by imitating it, practicing its personage & exercising the gracefulness of heart to respond with patience and care as it does. 

A peaceful Christ in the heart serves patiently those who are searching and have yet to find that peace within themselves. 

Having Patience In Reactivity

Patience is a virtue very close in color and vibe to peacefulness. They very much go hand in hand. During a meditation to train the spirit you are practicing your aspects of patience as well.

The normal modus operandi for the human is to feel, and react immediately on how you feel about it. Humans are used to this pattern of reactivity. 

Think. React. Feel. React. Having patience in reactivity begs you are presence in the moment enough to stop, breathe and fully witness what is happening in your experience.

Grace and patience are needed on the moment, and thusly in the heart and spirit. A peace and a patience grounded in the spirit will change your reality. 

It will change what is real to you. What is real to you is what you perceive to be real or substantial in your perception. You are the observer, and we now know that, as the observer you have power to create your reality through your perception. 

This is also the divine power of the human eye. If GOD, or Source Itself wants to create something. It would be a thought, and the creation code would be made, or see in the mind somehow and then made. 

Humans are so use to being offended or persecuted and to react when things don’t go their way. 

Having patience in reactivity will allow you to experience your world with more grace and presence. 

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grace of forgiveness

Grace of forgiveness

There is a grace needed to embody the spirit of forgiveness. 

Forgiveness begs that you, despite taking a lot of pain or trauma, muster the spirit of let go and replace that energy the sake of your own soul. 

To forgive, one needs to be able to let go. To let go of regret, worry, shame or jealousy is an easy thing to talk about, though eliminating aspects of the spirit will prove difficult without pulling the root cause.

Aspects of spirit that roil as they linger, and whose energy must be released and left to flow in and eventually out.

Patience, empathy & compassion are needed for forgiveness to have it’s full capacity to be itself. Forgiveness is a spirit that is virtuously full & powerful, and gives of itself because it is filled. Takes nothing of ill value as it wants for nothing, gives even though it receives nothing.

To give and bless without expectation is akin to the spirit of forgiveness. 

Virtue in speech or non-violent communication

There is a grace and virtue employed when one is seeking to embody the spirit of harmlessness and non violent communication. Learning and endeavoring to add gracefulness to your speech and patience to your now moment are great and powerful spiritual disciplines to adopt.

To speak is to express the spirit by way of the voice. The spirit of harmlessness moves in such a way as to example virtue in motion. The spirit of harmlessness takes a great many aspects of spirit into itself, like a fine and delicate mixture made into something marvelously prepared every time. 

What is made from the spirit is expressed and shown proof of in the speech. The throat chakra sits shortly above the heart, and what comes out of the throat is partially made in the heart. Like energy, and like a tributary that feeds off a river, they are made of like materials, and their output will be related. 

Peace in one’s speech can require finesse or a great many virtues to relay authenticity. Grace, Patience, Compassion & Empathy can employ as one to ensure harmlessness is embodied in the spirit of one’s speech. 

The spirit of harmlessness hides no ill will or ill intention. Filled with light and goodness, the spirit of harmlessness finds the most compassionate way forward and maintains this vibration with the incorruptibility of an ascension seal.

Masters of spirit of this caliber employ a strength in character that cannot be moved. They use meditation and other spiritual practices to train the spirit and the body. This all helps to temper the self and spirit embody to mold a Christ-like nature.

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