Understanding Divine Unity – 4 Points of Oneness and Revealing The Spirit of the Heart

Understanding Divine Unity – 4 Points of Oneness and Revealing The Spirit of the Heart

understanding divine unity

Oneness is at the heart of understanding divine unity. In the cosmos exists an unfathomable concert of Compassion, Synchronicity, Random Acts of kindness. There lies as immeasurable number of highly charged particles and cosmic rays that are narrating a tale, to the ears of anyone with a sense to hear and the ability to listen.

Prophets and Seers of old have posited and preached that “God is One”. A more majestic and divine union exists far and wide and has been eluded to and taught for many era. It has been the focus of ancient scriptures and text. This Oneness provides the witness with a never ending supply of experience for the self to learn and grow.

Trust is a virtue that follows the divine in quick tow, mimicking each hot step as the virtue with dreams of everything’s-gonna-turn-out-fine worn on the sleeve, revealed to be imparted the power to see clarity of Oneness in Divine Union.

As I surrender and honor the spirit of my trust in Divine Union, I know that I am being spiritually led, by a spirit that knows me and is me, all day long. That being wants to shine, and reveal itself to first me, and then the world.

Understanding Divine Unity, in shifting our consciousness means grabbing a deeper relationship with the Creatrix/Creator. Getting to the heart of Creation itself. We are all One. This truth only makes you stronger.

Here we take a gander at understanding diving unity, with 4 points of Oneness to reveal the majestic and divine spirit of the heart.

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Serving from the heart – Divine service

Serving from the heart is the same as divine service. To truly serve from the heart you must choose and seek to serve without expectation of reward. You could do it because you believe in its cause. Your heart is involved so you could say you have ‘skin in the game’, and you wish to see a return.

As you serve you give of the heart and as you give of your light, your heart pulls in love and light to power your next action. The Creatrix gets you paid right way through inexhaustible Source, and you as a human have practiced your summoning of power through the universe. You are paid in love & light back to you in the form of life force energy. You feel bliss tingles as you serve you get a rush from feeling the spirit of people’s praise, admiration and thankfulness.

That vibe substantiates your drive in your 5d ascension journey, as you love what you do and how you serve, with treasure in the high place fiercely emblazoned on your dreaming eyes.

Is Reunification with the Creator and the chance of divine unity really worth all the trouble? The modern world would make you think that with shows depicting angels how find heaven boring and would rather be on Earth. This is preposterous and rubbish. Shallow ideas of what a divine world only means you have not fully connected with the love that you are. in the form of hopes, wishes & dreams that hangs on your heart and held in the forever place.

There is truly nothing higher to reach for. No doubt about it when you consider the ability to create worlds, customize them and fill them with life. Reunification and divine oneness with the Creatrix looms, and if you are reading this you will likely be in service to it.

Let us not forget as well on our light body ascension journeys that we need these bodies, and to take ample time out for ourselves is always in order. We must take care of ourselves before we can be in the position to help others.

As willing hearts are activated into the fold of the shift, we lighten and brighten the bold lights on the collective consciousness grid of Mother Earth.

spirit of the heart

Ascend Into Divine Oneness

God Is The Oneness As All – Divine Truth

All of the Creation is based on the idea, that we are a grand whole that make up on colossal matrix of souls, magic & majesty.

All people are one people, no matter the color on the outside. Everyone is an interconnected part of a grand orchestra of souls, that are inseparable, and if there were then there would still be no place to go and separate from that wasn’t the Creatrix. So there is no point in entertaining separation. Our Oneness can’t be escaped.

Scientists, even in our modern 3d world, have posited that our world is indeed a simulation. A simulation that we have been studying and exploring to uncover the truth of how everything is connected. The actual science of it all. Which exists with all things in the known cosmos. If you think there is no science behind some happening in the Creation that’s because you just aren’t savvy to that particular science.

Any clues into the interconnectedness of the Creatrix and its infinite power would excel our understandings of the universe and its science.

Other intellectuals try and declare that there is no GOD, no divine entities, just energy. I would ask them, “What do you think your energy is?”

Your spirit is energy. Your spirit does not only give you energy, but the real core of the energy is spirit itself. The spirit that is the energy of you, is forever part of the Source that make all things alive.


Steadfast with Divine Faith

It is said the as your faith grows, your light and alignment with the Creator grows as well. As you gain knowledge and enrich yourself, the advancement of this knowledge will lead to you having a stronger level of belief. The perfection of this belief will lead to many things. The greatest of these is a closeness with the Creatrix, that can only be described as transcendence. Source cannot be known, it is the Great Invisible Spirit, which can not be seen.

This advancement of faith is an advancement in your capacity to hold love and light. As your love for the Creator grows, so does your love for light, life and the witness that is you. Your faith is a receptive power that draws in everything that would shift your suspicion into a devotion.

Faith is a key virtue onto God, as without it your relationship cannot grow. The potential for your relationship to grow hangs on the depth of your faith. In the spirit of the heart lies a remembrance of origins. Serving from the heart this truth, transforms you from the inside out.

Your faith should come to a point to where you will affirm the Oneness of all things. This affirmation gives you joy, so much joy you are filled as you praise, exalt & spend time spending mind & heart energy on the Creator. Your light will be bursting from the seams. Your faith is the window that lets the lights in.


understanding divine unity
We are the Child of Creation!

The Oneness as Each, and Everyone & All

All souls are held with one, and the One is the same Oneness that puts a start or an end to every life. Once our body vehicle is done we go back to the awareness that we where before the world pain was set upon us. The multidimensional mind holds for us any experience that we once again yearned for, and Source keeps the lights on for us.

We cannot fathom what it will feel like when we are jacked into 5D processing power and speed, building at a blinding rate, and manifestations being created instantly. The Creatrix has provided an experience where different realms exist within a whole, compartmentalized for those of like vibration, as to not give anyone any bad trips.

Even with not understanding everything we understand that we are provided with everything we need such as food, water & shelter for our sojourn here on Mother Earth.

The one is everyone, why would it not care take of everyone? One may ask then why do horrible things happen in the world, if God is One and we are all One?

God may be the power that makes the spirits, and the power that houses the spirits, but this is a world where we have the power to make a decision for ourselves. That is part of our power as ‘gods’ here, along with the gift of free will. Understanding divine unity will be achieved by masters who trained, lived & learned despite the mire and the sea of forgetfulness in this world.

The Most High is too busy being the Creation to micro-manage your life. That would be more the place of the higher self. Thankfully for us our higher self is leagues more patient than we are.

Creatrix/Creator/GOD is the micro truth and the macro truth. It is far within, and far beyond. The breadth of the Creation and the power can’t and will not be measured.

All the while being everything, having a countless number of experiences as itself. Learning about itself, in the countless number of realms that make up its body, meeting others that make up different aspects of the same power.

God exists through the world as the very materials that make it up, but humans are making the choices in this world. They could be ‘god’ filled choices because we have that power here. Do we use it enough?

God is directly involved in the world by a conscious network of willing souls, light workers, star children, way-showers & sensitive persons. The brilliance of this presence can be seen in its exhibition of good works and in the radiance of its virtuous spirit.

God is in the world as compassion, justice, kindness & truth.

divine oneness
Try serving from the heart!

The Spirit of the Heart of Divine Union

The mind is the outward tool to see, and discover what is when moving forward, the heart is the inward tool to see, feel & know what is inside. The heart cannot be understood by the mind fully, but must be experienced. Such like God, the heart provides the energetic weight to pound trauma and the finesse needed to play the heart strings one-handed.

It is said that when in divine union everywhere you turn you will experience the breath of God. This is the nature of living in the Oneness energy that is the Creatrix. Our divine union prepares us for coalescing back into Source, back into the spirit of the heart. Taking a trip into the void, and coming out unscathed. We are specks of light within the grand chorus that is the Creation.

The spirit of the heart of Divine Union honors our Oneness, and the interconnectedness of all things. It leans on the understanding of the Creatrix as a mind jacked into the intelligence of the Universe.

The spirit of the heart of Divine Union honors our Oneness, by balancing, integrating and harmonizing all of our discordant selves in Oneness. Divine union brings together a great number of spirits that make us what and who we are. It brings us together to see the love that binds us all.

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