Understanding Emotional Intelligence – Outstanding Intuitive Perception Through Feelings & Emotions

Understanding Emotional Intelligence – Outstanding Intuitive Perception Through Feelings & Emotions

Emotional intelligence refers to the grand intuitive knowledge, foresight receptive and emotional information gathering skills of the soul. This emotional and intuitive information that comes and is picked up by the human spirit is a natural part of our experience. To miss the chance at listening to the language that your soul is speaking begs you bring more attention to your conscious experience.

Many problems encountered in the human that causes them to suffer would be their lack of ability in picking up this information for themselves. Relationships suffer, confusion leads to anger, and gaps in understanding lead to contempt.

We are not taught about our emotions in school. We grow up and find that the world doesn’t teach you outright at all, only through circumstance. You must seek understanding elsewhere.

Emotional intelligence happens to be our innate understanding if we are quiet enough to listen to it. The left brain is a storehouse of knowledge.

The right brain receives from a different strata. This is where feelings are interpreted to be understood as what is felt.

Typically when we refer to the intelligence of a person we tend to look at it in terms of capabilities around academic excellence. These types of kudos are reserved for those who excel in things like technology, mathematics, language or business acumen. The diversity in all people runs the gamut of what is emotional intelligence in the human and is overlooked especially in western societies.

This is why men know what their feeling feel like, but because of how societies expect men to act, they are not training in how to appropriately approach their ill and sour feelings. Ultimately, the feelings are not processed. The individual stuffs the emotions down, and any chances of any knowledge to enrich the person’s heart has sunk to slim & none.

When we say a person is intelligent, but fail to pick up on emotional context clues, we say they are emotionally unintelligent. For the man, who has upset his wife but does not know why?

You sir! Are very likely emotionally unintelligent.

Emotional Intelligence is the thinking behind feeling

In terms of the human we see the sensitiveness burrowed in many, and sensitiveness to feelings & energies. Having this intuition breeds empathic sentiments that allow you to read between the lines in feeling energy and in sensing human nature and behavior. All emotion is energy in motion.

That’s why when you see fits of rage and anger they are typically cries for aid from the inside.

Emotional intelligence is the thinking behind the feelings. You are picking up information, and before you are having major thoughts about it you are interpreting emotions. Studying the self lets you understand your own emotion and thus your emotion intelligence of the self. Knowing your self is very important.

Deprivation & lack are famous for creating vociferous grievances, and sarcasm can hide stuffed down emotions that need to be addressed.

This intelligence in the emotion can both second guess and confirm by way of the strength of the feeling. Fully understanding these perceptions in your matrix will give you the wisdom to gauge how strong a detection may be. It also gauges gut reactions for severity and it the ultimate decider in fight or flight. People who lack this will find themselves in danger not being aware or cognizant of their surroundings.

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Practicing Emotional discernment

Another corner of understanding in the intelligence of our emotions is emotional discernment. You are sure it is one thing. No, no. Perhaps it is something else.

Right here your feelings and emotions are at work trying to pick up what is there to know.

What is to be perceived about your surroundings?

You will also need this to discern one emotion from another whom you may be having trouble identifying in the moment. We are working with our energies here and we can’t just take them out and take a closer look. We have to be able to listen and be still long enough to practice recognizing & identifying our emotional discernment.

Your gut feeling could be wrong or it could be right. You must feel your way into these answers. It won’t be clear cut, until you are stronger. That is the nature of intuition. Feelings are either strong or they are weak, practice will make more adept your acumen in interpreting them.

practice emotional discernment
Feels like fun

Learning About the Intelligence given Through emotions

Emotional discernment and intelligence is what separate people who are good in relationships because they can pick up on things, from those who don’t because they are spiritually dead. They haven’t found the right person who will put up with their dense-ness.

Though this natural born perception is within us, individuals have different affinities for empathy and sensitiveness. Spirit embodies have different levels of skill, adeptness & intuitive emotional acumen. The human has it inside, but for the modern 3d human to learn it they must go deep within or be taught it from their environment.

Over the years when we retroactively analyze the self while studying it we come to know to a greater lever our feelings and emotions, how they work and how best to navigate them with clear sails. In looking back at our child hood we further know the self.

Here if we can remember how we were as a child and see how it relates to now in terms of our emotional energy patterns and behaviors, as can learn more deeply about our hearts.

This knowledge is not taught in school. Learning on one’s own accord through their own emotions is the best teacher for an individual. Though a person must be able to listen, perceive and be able to absorb information in this way.

Spiritually dead and emotionally incompetent

We are very young souls that have worked in this modern technological age to create weapons of war, while people are still hungry on the streets. Our western societies have become so proficient at destroying things like nations and people’s lives, while being so inept to fix them.

The people with the most wealth and power care the least and the lack and suffering in this world is despicable.

Our world is on the brink of self destruction, and our age begs that humanity learns to master recognizing our own emotional energy patterns and behaviors. This can help each other learn so we can move past walking on two feet and excreting waste from a cleave on our back side.

Time to evolve here people.

spiritually dead and incompetent

Let the spirit live!

The spiritually dead and emotional incompetent rule the air ways. People are turning away from the Tell-a-vision, searching alternative media & exploring interactive entertainment.

Whatever they can do to get away from the constant mind numbing program put out by our modern 3d world media.

It is the duty of those with wisdom to disseminate it to those in need. That is why we are here. The way things are moving now at the rate at which they are moving proves that we are currently evolving to more that what we currently are.

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Evolving through emotion intelligence

As we evolve, the intelligence of our emotions and feelings will grow with us.

Understanding our energy plays a key role in knowing the self in an effort to transform. We are a strapped to the hilt, armed to the teeth society that shoots ourselves in the foot with denying, stuffing down & and overlooking our emotions and their intuitive content.

We will not advance as a human species and indeed will grow further into an armed technological threat to ourselves until we accept the challenges and opportunities of teaching ourselves emotional intelligence. Passing this on to those who seek to evolve, or even just to those who seek to genuinely be a better person to themselves and others help the world and the transition of Mother Earth.

The beast of humanity is just that, a beast without emotional intelligence. If we work in practicing emotional discernment we will see that it is the sword of our intuition and means to cut through the mire and confusion of self delusion and unawareness.

Feelings and emotions are not our weakness, but our greater strength unless you are afraid of them. Being afraid of them will make it a lot harder to see them as powers and devices of learning for the soul. There is intelligence in the emotion of our being, it is part of the magic of being human.