We Are All Consciousness – 4 Aspects Of Witnessing the Hidden Individuated God Self

We Are All Consciousness – 4 Aspects Of Witnessing the Hidden Individuated God Self

we are one with god

We Are All One

We Are All Consciousness Expressing 

We are all consciousness, we are all within the awesomeness of the Creatrix. The energy aliveness that makes up all thing is tantamount to the light, love and ever present awareness that’s vibrating through the life of this and every spirit embody incarnated. Your unique expression, your energy signature, your soul song is not like anyone else’s in the Creation. In this unique expression you are a individuated cell of God Consciousness, you interact and interface with the Creation and this is interaction is unique to you.

As you understand and know yourself you know God and the universe. You start to know the inner working of the Creatrix and how you fit into everything, expressing your previously unexampled virtue of the Creator. 

This relationship also being unique, as your individuated god self aspect you are one of a kind eye that is the only one that see how it sees through the facets of a unique diamond. Thus, the light will refract from this unique diamond in its own special way, taking the style even of how one’s light shines as a signature for self and self alone. God consciousness understands and realized itself in you and you understand the Creation a little bit more. 

We are all consciousness, and in this discourse we further inspect the aspects of this vital part of ourselves that is allowing us to evolve in this time. 

Understanding the Individuated God Self

Every God self is made of their own stuff, and have your their own cosmic dust particles that were given to you that you will likely keep for an eternity. Vanity can gas you up, but the fact of the matter is that you are the same mold of a person. Though what you have been done to the mold is done by you and your journey.

Your journey and experience are unique, and because of it your divine self will in a way be its’ own Easter basket worth of gifts and treasures that this world has yet to awe before and witness.

You are a pivotal key to this collective journey in shifting the consciousness and offering your light in your part of the world. Your individuated god self will shine in the direction of how you are to serve in this experience. Let’s hope its something you love.

This expression is you and God, with a grand joining in the mind, heart & spirit. With this joining you are fully understanding of your place in everything and how you are a great piece of Creatrix being of service by spreading your light.

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Reveal your inner light

You are the light of the world…

To Judge Another Is To Judge The Self

Every consciousness you see is Source. From every creepy crawly thing to the most colossal of giants. In humans we are still the same self. The inner God self, or the child of Creation. Your judgement towards another is simply judging yourself. When you judge another you judge the self. When you fault them for being who they are, making the choices they have made, you condemn the self.

That person is the same God self having a different experience than you. You are all the same, the only difference is circumstance. When you judge another you condemn “you” or the “Self” as a unique individual coming through having their experience. Who is to say that you would have done better or the same in their shoes and experience. If you were dealt the same hand they were dealt physically, mentally even circumstantially, would you have done better? You could not know unless you live their life in their shoes.

Our judgement is a reflection of what you would have done or of what you currently think would have been the right decision to make. The you now, is not the you that would have been in that situation.

Would you not have been shaped as they have, had you walked that path? When you judge another you judge the self you hold very self that you are in contempt.

All Souls Are Held With One

For the One that is all, makes up All and lives as all as One, we are the children. All souls are held with One. This one holds all of us infinitely because we are infinite parts of itself. This is kind of like how you as a physical human wouldn’t want to loose an appendage. Though in this scenario Source would be closer to us still than an appendage. Humans most often will be concerned with the appearance and motor function duties that go along with the lose of the limb.

True in terms of humans, and false in terms of consciousness itself because the connection is deeper, Source cannot emotionally dip in power due to a loss(being a never ending source).

With all this excitement Source as the Individuate God self is birth and bred within the arms of the Creatrix. It is back to those same loving arms that souls will return to. Here they will gain their seal and “earn their wings” for the flight into the new horizon

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i am presence

Made equal by the spirit

Here in our modern 3d world people of fame and fortune are put on pedestals. We are all the exact same self, dressed with a different crust of the world. Any vain face you show the world, you will not be able to use as currency in the next world. Love, virtue & goodness will be the coin of this realm and with this we are all made equal by the spirit.

The worth inherent value of the spirit is life. You would not put the value of anything over your life. That would be unwise, seeing as your life is needed to facilitate your experience.

Though we are set apart by our masks, we are not defined by them. Our surface vanity will be broken when we are sent back to the purity One with a reframing or a lesson. In this moment God will meet God, as you realize yourself to not be apart from infinite Source. We are all consciousness and we are made equal by the spirit.

AS God self do not limit your self

Oh human! How you do so limit their experience? Your ability to witness your world through the sense you employ to do it is a dream and a joy. Tell me? What more is there to witness than pure aliveness? As you breathe, live and be, you are perfect. Surely not in the eyes of the world. In the eyes of Source you are alive in an experience that can only be had by on-the-scene eyes, only the front row will do.

Pure loving awareness does not need to validate itself. You just simply exist. To just be.

As you just be you expand your scope of where you can go. With the spirit you are reminded about the nature of where this world says you can go with the body, and it is the very same spirit that will exceed all limits for you experience. This is how we will be changing. This is definitely not a matter of if, but a matter of when.

As you limit yourself, deny everything that inhibits divine presence to be present in your life.

Honor the Inner Self

Living as consciousness itself

We are all consciousness and every human is a facet of the individuated God self. This being is also the child of Creation itself. An awareness, a spirit, a force of change to light a fire under the 3d modern human. We are broadening our scope of what we can do as humans in this time. Not always towards physical feats but spiritual ones

We make equal by the spirit, that is why when you judge another you judge the self. The child of creation holds all earthly human individuals in their palm, and no one will take them from the self.

Explore the individuated God self, and seek knowledge unto GOD and the Kingdom of Heaven. It is the jewel of great price, it is the spirit. With Source, all souls are held with One. The Self has parents that cover the Creatrix and beyond. Our scope of family here in the Universe is unbelievable and won’t be fathomed until it is experienced. You are simply royalty and your inheritance awaits you as you return home.