What Does It Mean To Be Spiritual?

What Does It Mean To Be Spiritual?

what does it mean to be spiritual

What does it mean to be spiritual? Spiritual means being about the spirit. Having our mind on our spirit, and our spirit on our mind. Our spirit is our aliveness. Being spiritual, includes endeavoring to keep an awareness of our spirit/energy at any given moment. Concerning ourselves with the welfare of our spirit embody and that of others. 

The witness, which is your consciousness, extends itself in the world as you. The energies that surround our consciousness are our thoughts and emotions, or spirit powers. Through being aware, spirit will move as you think, feel or just be. 

Being totally into something that cannot be grasped with the hands, seen with the naked eye, or captured in a jar for further study under a microscope is no simple thing. 

Being spiritual does require some faith. Faith that is not directed through religion is not heretical. Being spiritual is naturally being free to explore the open ended side of spirit unable to be confined by any single religious understanding.

What does it mean to be spiritual? There is no one answer. Here we explore what it means to be spiritual in many ways here in this time, now and forever.

what does it mean to be spiritual

What Does Being Spiritual Mean?

The state of your spirit is your energy level. To intend for mental and emotional stability, to remain steadfast despite obstacles provided through some outside circumstance, is spirituality. It means not being afraid of confronting aspects of the self that are not harmonious in relation to the whole of civilization or community. 

Some people are simply a “victim” of who they are in their spirit, and are how they are, unabashedly, happy or hostile. They don’t seek to change who they are, their pain is so deep, their spirit knowledge and training, so shallow, that they just simply accept that they are the pain that they exhibit.

Their behavior is a result of their fear and pain, and their consciousness runs no deeper than this, by choice… In actuality, even that conscious can learn to run deeper.  Though people will shy away from venturing too far within, again because of fear. Some people don’t like silence because it leads them to thinking on themselves.

That is why is is easier and more comfortable to just be distracted in the world. Get out of the world and into you! 

Then there are those who wonder about themselves and seek to build themselves up. Strength, virtue & spiritual power in the self, a strength that champions spiritual development in the body. Transforming our victim in the body instead into its hero. 

What Does Spirituality Mean?

Spirituality is the study, practice & application of the way in which one endeavors to maintain awareness, refinement & accumulation of their energy or spirit. This way is a way of life, a way of being. A great spiritual master once spoke, “ I am.. the way..” , meaning the way of how “I am”.

The Child of Creation’s words free of spiritual self righteous full of love of service towards others and their fellow man and praise towards the infinite Source Creation through which they feed on energetically, and constantly.

Just as you understand the nature of your body needing it’s breath constantly, so does a Child of Creation/Angel/Ascended Master/Christ Being draw from source itself.

If you saw them they would be bursting with light. You are what you eat after all.

How often are you occupied with something that essentially is done to help you refine, quicken or accumulate spirit/energy in the body. When we start to care, I mean actually care for the state of the spirit in the body, we become more spiritual naturally. Your spirituality will be it’s own in how you care for the state of your spirit, 

what does spiritual mean

Your spiritual journey is a climb…

What Is Spiritual Mastery?

Spiritual Mastery is one of the primary goals for spirituality. Mastering the maintenance of your spirit and mental/emotional stability. This mastery is the mastery of the ancients. Some had awakened power by birth.

Some earned it strictly through spiritual mastery and discipline.  Mastering and conditioning everything outside the body, mastering and refining all energies and power within the body. 

Those same practices and techniques live even today, and focus working with the spirit. This is actual spiritual development. This is not just listening to some guy talk for a few hours and then going back to your daily life. This is mastering our breath, thought & feelings.

Mastering our techniques to quiet our mind, move energy in the body, awaken our energy centers, collect light in the body, and connect with stillness/silence. Spiritual mastery will create peaceful experiences to cultivate a nurturing around your intention of mastery.

Mastering the use of good works unto spirit, and lessening the actions that work against it. This is definitely not an easy thing for the modern human. As it is written, “the flesh is weak”. Correcting this weakness in the human at every turn is at the core of what it means to be spiritual.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of 666?

Pertains to the beast of man. 6 protons, 6 electrons and 6 neutrons. This atomic makeup completes the set for human individual.

A beast lies within man. Humanity has the capacity to be of a beast or for higher thinking and a greater level of compassion. The beast within humanity is home to every ill and serving aspect that is capable of being embodied in the spirit of man. The spiritual meaning of 666 points to this nature.

It must be pointed out so when humanity is to learn of the good children(good virtue), we will be able to paint a picture colored with what is essential for spiritual mastery and what we can do without. When we drop one 6, we step into another arena.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of 616?

6 protons, 6 electrons and 1 neutron.

616 points to a version of humanity that has reached spiritual/energetic perfection. The next level of perfection after this world which has no aspect of perfection.  All virtues in tow, a stable and naturally energetically harmonious being will result.

The spiritual meaning of 616 refers to the “sealed” form of the GOD human. A perfect virtuous and complete divine being. Faultless, blameless and fully tapped into Source and the multidimensional mind.

Compassionate, angelic though because we started out as a human with pains and problem personas, and to have fully & finally reached spiritual mastery, have a perfect balance to speak of in being sealed and complete.

Both has a balance but we are the latter is more of a divine balance and not simply something that can be used to

how to be spiritual
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Spiritual Self Righteousness

If you are on a spiritual high horse, step down. The angels who are perfect, infected by no pain of this world are humble and serve you. Someone who has yet to reach their spiritual perfection.

As an example, think of that. A being perfect in spirit (GOD, consciousness) and has minds/hearts to SERVE unwaveringly. Spiritual self righteousness or “I am too good to serve you” would taint the purity of the aforementioned spirit’s incessant willingness to serve.

A being, who could be filled with doubt, and not even believe in angels. A being who is afraid of something like death, which doesn’t exist. A being whom from all accounts would appear not to be worthy of an angel’s attention.

Gets it still, if they ask. Self righteousness does not come with the presence of true spirituality, but from the true absence of it.

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What Is Shadow Work In Spirituality?

So what is shadow work in spirituality? This arena of psyche far less traveled points to the dark and less illuminated aspects of our spirit. The corners of our consciousness far less travelled. The existence of these things points to the very definition of spirituality and why is is important.

As we mind our spirits we gaze upon, even that which chooses to not be seen. Choosing for ourselves to really get into the spirit like never before.

To mind one’s spirit. To encounter and confront that which lies in the self, could anger, sadden or even frighten the witness that pilots the human.

Once the witness takes more of its intended stance as a cosmic citizen and less of a human victim, then we start to overcome aspects of the spirit that stifles all intent to bring light into the self. We bring light to that which seeks to stay hidden in the self unacknowledged.

The “shadow” in shadow works bets on the humans perpetual state of being afraid to confront something in the self. The very definition of spirituality begs that we look at all aspects of our spirit that may be unfavorable or unsightly in our eyes. 

 We have the power to pull ourselves out of this darkness. When one is able to unearth and process different unresolved issues of pain in the self, you will not escape the “lightness” of being you will feel in yourself. This deepens our intimate relationship with ourselves and our bio-energetics.

When our energies are balanced and flowing we feel, calm, safe and relaxed. With more light in the self, we have more inspiration, vitality and gusto for life. Things like doubt, fear, worry and paranoia are lessened, as we clear and de-clutter the self of old detritus and wounds.

A Spiritual Awakening From Out Of A Deep Darkness

Seeking what it means to be spiritual means you peek through the door that lies between you now, and the you that embarks conscious and willing on your spiritual journey in hopes of self insight and revelation. Greater spiritual awakening and transformation await. To spiritually change from inside out is not to deny yourself in being who you are, but to deny the 3d modern world’s hold on who you were before your heart was taken by that same world.

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