What is 5D Consciousness? – 4 Major Signs You Are Shifting With Mother Earth

What is 5D Consciousness? – 4 Major Signs You Are Shifting With Mother Earth

what is 5d consciousness

What is 5d consciousness? A deep revelatory yearning for that soul remembrance journey back to our cosmic home. Your 5d awakening looms as you become a being more resonant with the energetic changes happening on Mother Earth. There are many signs that things are changing and evolving. As Mother Earth shifts, each endures their own personal 5d shift in the heart. This is creating more compassion in the world, though the daily news may try and convince you otherwise.

5d consciousness brings the end of 3d systems and the beginning of divine ones. This is one reason why some are having great trouble believing that this is the foreseen time of change. Many are seeing signs. Watch for these sign you are shifting with Mother Earth, into your own shift into 5d awareness.

#1 Shifting In and Out of 5D States

You notice your vibration more. That subtle buzzing that seems to coexist alongside your heartbeat. You hear it when you are being silent. You feel it when you are relaxing with yourself. The feeling and state of joy and bliss, engulf this awareness. As we vibe here in the 3rd realm, our vibration tends to meander around the average frequency ranges here.

You may be shifting also from wanting to exist and interact with the world to be uncharacteristically introverted. From doing what made you happy in the past, to that same activity draining you like never before. This is because pieces of you are already living in 5D.

5d awareness makes the way for the great shift to take place in your life, changing how you think and your thoughts on what’s possible. Changing how you feel about certain things. Taking your everyday or every moment out of the 3d world and into a place more resonant with your changing vibes. This also involves consciously maintaining good vibes, and doing our best to keep our heart and head in the game. Keeping those good vibes means you are on the right track.

what is 5d consciousness

#2 You are becoming a Highly Sensitive Person

If you’re noticing more sensitivity to things, then your bio energetics could be shifting with Mother Earth. As a highly sensitive person, you tend to feel more than other people. All senses and intuitive faculties in the body and outside on the skin, have a level of sensitivity. These levels are determined by many factors such as community, genetics, wear & tear, as well as soul affinity/age.

If you feel you have always been this sensitive, then you have likely always been in the flow of new energies. New energies meant to make things… well, new. This flow just means you are likely here to be who you are. To vibe as you do, seek as you do, and hold the light being who you were meant to be here in the 3rd realm. You were meant to adopt an ascension consciousness.

This also means your body energetics are shifting as the electro-magnetic field around the Earth is also shifting. Your aura and bio photon field is evolving and you will naturally become more sensitive to your own energies, those in others and in your surroundings. Being extra sensitive, as we are, will position you to be ready for a 5d consciousness shift when the moment is right. 

what is 5d consciousness

#3 You are minding your 5D Health

5d Health is centered around feeding the Light body and energy system in the body. You are cleaning up your diet or eating habits for this sole purpose, and your higher self is pushing you to succeed. You are consciously seeking to clear your fields of unwanted detritus that would only serve to stifle a full cleansing of the body vehicle. You don’t want something gross that you are eating stifle your ascending into 5d. 

The spirit within you that wills this is the spirit of your own self love and care. The greatest aspect of this spirit that is you wishes to be free in the greatest sense of the word. For that aspect of you to have the greatest freedom, it requires “YOU” to also be the greatest version of you that is the happiest and vibin’ the highest.

The soul seeks to put you in the most optimum position for spiritual growth to accommodate a 5d state of mind and transformation. The 5d reality will come about very slow and sluggish for those who are not actively taking response-ability for their health and nurturing onto a 5d cleansing. Your light body is a major upgrade of your energy system.

This light body needs Mother’s Earth goodness, care and natural nutrients to ensure the human body has what it needs to nurture the spirit in a real way. Providing the body with the supplies to make sure everything is moving the way it should. Energy needs to move in the body, and getting out of its way should be a priority. Mother earth is also cleansing herself with your cleansing to initiate her 5d earth ascension.

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#4 You dream of greener Divine Pastures

You are having 5d dreams. To you, those seeking to move into 5d consciousness and reality, your heart has in most cases already left and is moving in and out of this world and the next. You want to go home. You want to be free. Not just free to live in the country you live in, but free to travel the cosmos. And not in a ship made by men, but in a ship made by the spirit. The light body and merkabah are the vehicles and you are ready to take flight. You have let you higher self know that when the time comes, you are willing to take the plunge and step through the door.

Whether it is off-realm or off world, you are yearning to be taken to a place that is free from the worries of this life and modern 3d world.  There is a belief amongst many that they will “see GOD” when they die or are about to die, and at no other time will they see God. The time we are living in is indeed the time of the revelation, for something great to be revealed. The great thing is an entity that lives in us being awakened when you being shifting with Mother Earth.

When you are constantly being taken by your daydreaming, your love portal inside, into a place that you are finding yourself traveling to in the heart quite often, you are yearning to go back home. To the home we knew before we decided to incarnate on this planet. There is something more to be experienced, as the energetic space on this planet turns up even more, we will subtly shift more in our conscious awareness. 5d awareness will take your breath away and that is what the soul is longing for again. After lifetimes of living in this realm and being held back from our greatest potential, it is about to open up to us again in a divine way.

What is 5D Consciousness in you?

What is 5d consciousness to you? Is it your greatest dream ever, your greatest reality lived in your heart, a creation of vast proportions that you have set yourself upon to enjoy out your existence in peace? The love you harbor in yourself for all these things feeds from a spirit place. To activate a 5d consciousness you are going to need to infuse your reality with some love, however you can. The shifting of Mother Earth will take you back into the original and pure loving consciousness that you were before you forgot.

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