What Is 5D? – How 5D Consciousness Changes EVERYTHING About Life

What Is 5D? – How 5D Consciousness Changes EVERYTHING About Life

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So what is 5D? A not so far off world of possibilities that await us in the spirit. To know that our beings are capable of 5 dimensions, should make the human curious beyond measure. Our 3D world is very familiar to us.

We wake up, get up from our sleeping places and face our day similarly to how our parents and grandparents have. On two legs, working to make that daily dollar until we can’t.

Human can currently do so much. We would seem so evolved and yet, there is still a greater distance to reach for. We will explore 5D consciousness, and what we can do to realize an ascension.

A 5d consciousness shift is what many in these times are reaching for, and attracting into their lives with hearts wide open.

An ascension into 5D, doesn’t mean you are leaving everything you love behind. It means you are opening up to the world that awaits. When you open up to that world, the vibrations there will feel like nothing we have experienced here in the third.

What Is 5d Earth!

To Interface with life in a new way, to live in your own blissful imagining, is to create a realm made of feelings and thought. A dream wrought and sought in and of itself. The unlimited nature of the spirit creatively starts in the mind, and the imagination is the door you walk through to access it.

It was the power of GOD to manifest in a thought. The Receptive mind is the home of the imagination. When you draw from it, you draw something new to you, that may had been drawn from afar. You draw from a field of endless possibilities, you draw from the everything and the nothing. The truth of the 5th dimensional shift is upon us.

  • What is 5D Earth? – A higher resonating space, right here where we are, being occupied by higher resonating beings waiting for us to peek through.
  • Have we made a 3D to 4d shift already? – It is said that our seeking for the stars, our increased awareness of our emotion/mental states, and the greater belief and remembering of our innate connection to Source is a move from 3d to 4d. A difference in realms of belief to be sure. A shift in consciousness or way of thinking from one to another.
  • What will it be like living in 5D? – Manifest with a thought, create any experience with a thought, and enjoy it unto forever as you desire and much much more. Every deliciousness imaginable available to experience by virtue of our cosmic aliveness.
  • Can we learn how to get to 5D consciousness? – Yes! We are learning more about spiritual development and increasing our vibration and power level now.
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Many have come to bring things teaching back into remembrance

“What is greater to reach for than reunification with the Creator, a chance to live a cosmic existence of your own making….”

Rev Austin Miles
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Believe You Are Super

What 5D Consciousness Will Mean For Us

Someone once gave a higher resonating 5d truth. A message of love and how it could change things. To live with an ascension consciousness is to have your mind on spirit and spirit on your mind. An ascension into 5D will bring your awareness to your energy and spirit more often, even to a constant degree.

This is your power and your life. To ascend into the fifth world will have you minding the greater part of you. How can anything else be your most precious thing other than the power of your aliveness.

This greater 5d truth I believe came from the Child of Creation. That one who is truly always with you. The spirit of the being who wishes to see those who masquerade to serve the people but in truth serve people who hide in high places and some that don’t hide.

This truth of the 5d world simply speaks of an energy resonance. A higher signature energetic presence where you have full control over every part of you totally. You become a fountain of love and virtue, tapping out your previous conscious experience to see more unto yourself than you ever thought possible.

Some stories only divine marvels can publish.

Ascend Into Purity & Chemical Free Care

If you are not looking at what you are putting on your skin or in your mouth you could be poisoning yourself. Avoid these chemicals and protect your family.

Ascending Into 5D With A New Energy Of Being

To make it into 5D we will transform our consciousness into full consciousness. Full consciousness affords a full range of awareness into the multidimensional nature of your soul and spirit.

In 5D dimension, not only do you experience height, weight, and depth, we will experience our inner worlds. The realm of dreams and imaginings that lay within us.

Being limited to three dimensions means our experience is pretty clear cut. Our physicalness is raw and sometimes unforgiving. Infirmities can mean pain, and our experience gets as real as it gets.

A flexibility of experience is something everyone is secretly awaiting or believes can happen by some means or another.

A changed and sparkling new world were the worries of this life have been washed away, and along with the bleak landscape of hopelessness that lingered on even after the physical pain was gone. No more.

We are being helped like never before with our ascension into 5D.

Full consciousness is the ultimate package of complete & divine suite of impediments in service to Source Creation.

  • Helmet – You are connected to the Multidimensional mind. Any knowledge you seek is yours.
  • Armor – Love and Will (heart and solar plexus respectively) – Self love and purpose protect you and fuel you forward.
  • Greaves & Boots – Legs, energy meridians, root chakra & feet keep you connected to Mother Earth, in service as you anchor your light, as you seek your personal ascension.
  • Gauntlets – Your forearm feed energy into the hands. You have portals/chakras in your hands/palms too.
  • Shield – Aura or bio photon field, Your torus field – Alive unto you – Densifying the light in the field can be done with a thought.
  • Horse – Merkabah – Chariot of the Child of God, alive unto you. Two star tetrahedrons(sun/\ and earth\/), superimposed, made one, multidimensional flight. It also serves as a light realm/theater around you like the shine that surrounds a star.

Never before has the thought the divinity seems to glorious. A divine change, a more abundant change into 5d and full consciousness would enable a 5D truth of heaven on Earth. Loving heart catalyze this change.

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Opening the heart is one of the keys to ascending into 5D… Love, being source energy, heals, awakens and transforms life when it flows generously in high abundance in the self… We await divine dispensation as love, intend and dream forward…

Learn To Summon Your Divine 5D Presence !