What is a Starseed – What, How & Why They Are Here

What is a Starseed – What, How & Why They Are Here

what is a Starseed

What is a Starseed? A soul whose origination was not local. Seeded from a place that is not here.
If you haven’t heard of this term it suggests that the origination of someone’s soul/or energy is fresh in this star system from another.

Who is to know where a spirit comes and goes. It is believed that most souls have been here for a while dying and reincarnating to live and die here again.  Working out our karma and learning what it takes for a soul entity literally to rise up in consciousness or vibration.

And then there are some souls that have not be caught in the cycle of life suffering and death. Souls that have not been bogged down in the thick mire of pain and forgetfulness here in this realm. These souls are coming with a naturally higher level of consciousness.

These souls come with a mission to help raise the consciousness of the planet in this time.  They have also forgotten. They hide underneath a burning and budding desire for change.  To not accept how they see things here, because THEY NEED to change.  They are the spiritual “new school” and if this planet is going to change into a place of love and compassion we need pure willing hearts. Their hearts resists what does not make Heart-conscious sense.

They can’t live in it, and they must change it.

And we must help them.

What is a Starseed?

Extra-terrestrial in origin. Not like us. The stuff that don’t make sense here that we have accepted for years, they just don’t get.

Starseeds are wired for change. It makes sense to them. If YOU grew up in this world and never felt like you fit in then your children will likely be starseeded.

Like you and I they will have different talents. They will be called to serve in different ways. They will have an inclination to help the world in some way whether it be with people or in improving systems that are already here but require change to be more sustainable.

If you notice kids these days are doing more incredible things. Showing signs of a budding and absorbent consciousness as well as ” old soul” knowledge when they learn to express it.

Main Classes of Starseed

Most can be classified by when they came in. As we are constantly being bombarded with cosmic rays and solar flares the way for more of these children is being made. The Universe & Earth are priming to change. These young people are catalysts for the evolution of consciousness. The vibration of their hearts, their effect on other hearts, and the willing conscious shifting of hearts is all being affected by them from one heart to another.

Indigo Children

Most Indigo kids started popping up in the 50’s and 60’s’. Though their greater entry bed was more in the 80’s. Around this time we had Starseeds entering with an astute sense of what actually works, and a sense to try and go against what does not. You can expect these kids to not go with the grain per see. They are naturally disruptive of a system that is thirsty for change. They are here to ensure that it changes for the better. Mother Earth and theirs hearts will it so. They can be mislabeled as mischievous because they create their own way that works. They feel it is their mission to “be different” and act accordingly.

Crystal Children

These children take after the indigo children in their disruption of the system, as a continuation of a star line whose mission is to shift this conscious reality. They are very helpful, and perceptive to what needs to change. These are largely naturally sweet children who possess a very loving aura about them.  These children are also very likely to be highly sensitive and empathic. Feeling their way through what feels right to them, avoiding and seeking to shift what does not. They come with a desire to contribute to the world. Crystal children will also often be the offspring of Indigo children.

Rainbow Children

Rainbow children follow the same soul lineage type and fall into our timeline a bit later around 2010 and on forth from there. These children are very advanced and have been known to have great awareness to higher states of consciousness.  These are the children you hear stories of doing amazing things like winning prestigious prizes for psychic ability or creating something more sustainable that would give someone around the world clean drinking water. Things like that. They care about thing like that.

All these things are needed to help shift the thinking of those on the planet. Starseeds are the ones “seeded” off world to come here to help us make this world a better place.  It is the grand Starseed mission.

how do you know if you are a starseed

How To Know If Your Child Is A Starseed

They are many signs to pick up in noticing if your child if a starseed or not. You may find that you yourself may be one if you resonate with the changing strata of these people.

Your child will have a longing to go home.  They will have an affinity for the stars & universe and may be obsessed with going somehow.  They are also typically very sensitive, and highly empathic. Many have been seen as ADD or ADHD children, because they can’t pay attention?….NO because the stuff you are busying them with is boring, non engaging and not narousing the interest of the child in the least.  These children will have problems paying attention to something they are not interested in or something that does not matter to them. They are drawn to what matters to all people and where their place will be in helping it to shift.

Some may even have awakened DNA. Starseed children have been found to sometimes possess extra strands of DNA.  Being highly sensitive and perceptive they find themselves as contactees of paranormal or extra-terrestrial phenomena. Being wide open and a child of the stars means your intelligence may run counter-intuitively to standard public school education(which makes sense how many kids have “ADHD” or “ADD”). This is naturally going to bore them as they are looking to absorb something of substance.

They learn and advance really quickly in their thinking and motor function. You will see them “evolve” more quickly then you did as a child.

***** The Horrible Truth *****

kings of the earth

What is the Starseed Mission here on Mother Earth?

Their missions to show us how to evolve like they are. Through their consciousness they will find better ways to be in the world and in themselves, and ultimately us. The definition of what it means to be a great and upstanding consciously evolving individual will be set high for how these children will learn and grow. As they grow we learn a natural and new heart based consciousness that is being put in place to change this realm on a grand scale.

Are you a Starseed meant for change?

So you are a starseed. What are you doing to change the world? Even your community is the world, and a change in people hearts is good change anywhere. Showing compassion where there was none or bringing forgiveness into a situation where it was not present before. Add nurturing and care where you see fit and do it without expectation. Remember we do this for Mother Earth and her children. The grand prize to be had comes later.

The bottom line is you are equipped to see and feel what is wrong in the world, though you may not have all the solutions to change. Do what you can and feel, but dream BIG. Our ascension to 5D is not shallow feat. We will need all willing hearts on deck.

If you are a Starseed, great. Now. How do you serve? How are you called to serve? If you are a Starseed you will have this answer eventually in your heart at some point. You will have an urge to go here, or help in this way, or learn this skill in your efforts to create change. Your Starseed mission if you choose to accept it: Be the greatest embodiment of love and compassion you can be in this realm and make sure it rubs off on everyone else.

Unlock Your Starseed Potential