What is the I AM Presence? Unlock Yours Now

What is the I AM Presence? Unlock Yours Now

what is the I am Presence

What is the I Am Presence?

It has been written about in religious texts. Is it the name for God? Do humans have it? So elusive is this phenomenon and yet it is right in our faces.

To speak “I am” is to affirm that you exist. Humans are alive on levels we cannot yet fully understand. This reality we know a bit, and we know that on some level we exist clearly.  Something that is alive is present when a human is alive and conscious. It also seems to not be “present” in the body when someone dies. Something is there though we cannot see it.

It is from spirit and the Child of Creation where we have most of what we know and believe about the I am Presence being the presence of GOD. The “I Am” Presence is you. Here we touch on it realistically and how you can unlock your own from within.

Feel the Presence of God

Feeling the presence of God is feeling a bit of yourself. Perhaps a part that you have not felt before. All aliveness in the spirit is alive unto itself, can feel itself, experience itself. It can know what it is like to be or exist. The presence of this energy that is alive unto itself witnessing it’s experience is the presence of aliveness itself. It is Source. It is you.

Your own individual soul presence of god are the pieces of God that are you. Your I am presence of god is that grand witness who truly is unseen. Of course here in the 3rd realm we see the vehicle that your soul resides in, but not the actual spirit or energy.

All things are the presence of GOD because of the spirit(or aliveness/energy) of God is in all things. It is in all spaces, this aliveness, and is how the GOD you imagine sees and knows everything. Omnipresence and Omnipotence is knowing and existing as everything everywhere and having everything needed at all times forever. Not only is this presence real, it is the only presence that witnesses and so is the only presence that exists anywhere to witness anything.

The I Am Presence is a Family

All beings that speak or think  “I AM” confirm and declare that they exist are a family. As all energy is connected so are all I am Presences of all realms. The I Am presence was the first to ever witness anything. After first witnessing itself, it wanted to witness itself in different ways. The I Am Presence of spirit created a small version of itself, to witness itself and to meet itself at a mutual witnessing.  This was it’s child. All children would be modeled from this. The spawn of the I Am Presence would grow to be the family of soul presences that witness themselves as “I Am”.

i am presence

Child of the I AM Presence

The model that makes us all is the I AM presence that exists within the Creation(whom is the prime I AM presence) and like the Creator/Creatrix is alive and expresses itself as it sees fit.

It is Love. It is Virtue. It is alive. Alive to witness everything it can in its immediate realm. This child is forever.

One the first things the child did when it first witnessed itself was become thankful to the Grand I Am for giving it life. Not only did the Grand I Am give it life, it gave it everything. The child understands all there is to know about the Creation, because it came straight from the Creation and exists as the spirit of the Creation living inside the Creation.

It spreads life and teaches about life to those who are alive but not fully aware of how alive quite yet. The Child of The I Am born from the I AM, and born to be it’s expression in the realm speaks the words “I AM that I AM”, saying that I am alive from that first I AM that was first alive.

How to Unlock your I Am Presence

Your I am presence speaks on you. What are you like? When you are being your most natural what do you feel? What do you express? What do you love? Your greatest qualities and virtues of self are present with this beingness.

Making yourself vulnerable and choosing non violent communication is critical to shaping and honing this presence in the body. Spiritual Masters of old would cultivate a grounded sense of harmlessness in the spirit. This presents a spirit that contains no ill or malice towards another. This virtue of spirit hides no ill, and these masters strive to be blameless In their heart towards others.

Understand that Creator presence wants to shine its light on the world. This presence is the light of the world, and is the being that speaks that in beings of form in the world of men. Being a willing servant and co conspirator for what and how the I Am presence wishes to serve you and other in your life is the true soul presence of the Most High working its way out of your heart as an earth based expression.

Your I Am presence is the true presence of the Creator in your mind and heart. The heart of the Creatrix holds the hopes of complete and utter compassion to emerge from yourself giving your I Am Presence room to stretch its legs in your life and expression. To Unlock the presence of God is to choose to allow God to be shown from your expression. Tap into the presence of God as you “Know Thyself” and bring that presence to the surface for all to see.

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