When Will Jesus Return? – How Christ Consciousness is the 2nd Coming of Christ

When Will Jesus Return? – How Christ Consciousness is the 2nd Coming of Christ

will jesus return

When will Jesus return to the Earth?  If you still wondering about this; well don’t. As a physical man, you can get that idea out of your head. There is a return that is prophesied. It is not a physical body that supposedly rose up from the grave. The one who promised you that they would always be with you is bringing back something special. A marvel for all to see. The 2nd coming of Christ will usher in Christ consciousness. Our heaven on earth scenario structured to transform us all and take us home. Here we discuss if Jesus will return and how Christ consciousness is the 2nd coming of Christ.

The 2nd Coming of Christ

It was never to be a dead man to pick up a dead man’s body and revivify it from dust. No. The spirit of a man, whose spirit rose after his supposed death of the body was to come back. A force. A spirit, and the “spirit” of something.

The story was to keep remembrance of something. A spirit who spoke through someone to tell us all that they were with us always. And that it would be back to do something. To achieve something for the world.

Will Christ create Heaven on Earth?

The promise of the return of Christ talks about the “Son of Man” return as well. Throughout texts Christian scriptures and gnostic gospels, they have also spoken about the “son of humanity” . These are both the same beings. The idea of this being is that this person was born from man/woman just like any other man.

The difference about this one is that he/she takes the role of Christ for he/she is the child, who being born from modern man, seeks to be like their “real” father(or spiritual parentage) and not just the father the seeded his body vehicle in this world.

If all men and women simply emulated their father and mother without seeking to be greater, we as a civilization would cease to evolve. Our spiritual evolution and upgrade in consciousness would be inevitably stunted by spiritual inertia and complacency. This way we can never reach a christ consciousness vibration. 

The woman or man seeking to chase the spiritual parentage full reunification invite Christ in our time in a real way. The being is prophesied to live in this time. This person is represented by all those who instead what to follow a man or a woman to idolize, they chose spirit itself. They chose to emulate the child of Creation because they believe that that is what lived in the Messiah and many honor that.

In many cases a version of perfected divine who is used as a model for how one is to shape themselves unto Reunification with the Creatrix/Creator. And happens to be the very one that come from Creation first. This is the one who will always be with you because, it is you.

will jesus return

Christ Consciousness is Salvation

If all idolized Christ or the Messiah then we would see those who sought to be masters. The Son of Man/Humanity are the spiritual body of those who are destined to first bring the world, their world(or realm) to divinity, and then that world for everyone else.

How is christ consciousness salvation? Isn’t Christ consciousness just new age foolishness?

Christ consciousness promises that when we are enveloped in its embrace we will be forever changed. Christ Consciousness has been embraced by the new age community because they understand what is being demonstrated. They know who & what Christ really is and who Master Brother Jesus/Yeshua serves in himself.

Love and Buddha consciousness will rein on Earth and the place will be a more marvelous place being filled with loving beings who no longer have the physical limits that they once had. Doing away with all limits and infirmities will create forever lasting peace on Earth.

If you assume because everyone being super in this fashion would create chaos instead of peace, I would say you watch too much tv while growing up in this world. That thinking is what made the world what it is today.

Christ Consciousness is the force that will unmake it. Bringing the consciousness on the planet to a loving, compassionate & more peaceful place for everyone. Not powerful beings fighting over power but a family of powerful beings who understand where power comes from. After knowing what it is, there is only love and praise for it.

It is all powerful, an alive power that will know all beings as one. This will allow humans to awaken the christ consciousness emergence of the purest self within. 

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Was Jesus christian?

To teach of a way, not a religion. Principles, guidelines rules..meant for coming closed to god, not about having God make a decision on whether it loves you or not. This way was indiscriminate of a religion. It did not require it. All that was required was for them to walk the way he walked and talk the way he talked. Most importantly understand the foundation in the spirit and work to cultivate the within yourself.

Was he a modern Christian like what we see today? Negative!

He surely was not selling an organized religion. He was not asking you to swear your fealty to anyone or anything. Only that you emulate the spirit and the spirit of himself by loving your fellow man/woman, and loving the God that gives you life.

White vs Black Jesus/Yeshua

Was the real Jesus/Yeshua was black?

It is well known that the original people in those days were a melanin rich people. These has been controversy over this but….there shouldn’t be. Think about the area that these people were in. These were not arctic climates.

We must ask in terms of historical accuracy, about the color origins of a man and his people. Though it doesn’t matter the color, in terms of spiritual development. The way that was portrayed did not have a color, as this way belonged to the spirit and was adopted by the man.

There is no question if you are asking when will Jesus return. The force that occupied a man within the Creation during a time, and perhaps many times already, is what will return. The Great master that lived within him is what will return to help us come into remembrance again. This time with a masterful marvel to exhibit.

That master is the Son of Creation, who is the spirit that drives to fruition the soul of the Son of Man/Humanity. The human child, taken after their spiritual parentage to help return all souls to the stars. Collective Christ consciousness is the 2nd coming of Christ, bringing heaven on earth, and all souls come back home.

WIll Jesus Return With An Army? NO…. You are the army! Master the self and embody your Divine Aspect.