Where Does Consciousness Come From?

Where Does Consciousness Come From?

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Where does consciousness come from? Consciousness is everything and everywhere. How can we hunt for something that actually cannot be seen or touched. To track consciousness, we look to the spirit. For wherever we see spirit, something is alive and in motion. This motion never stops

To even catch a clue we look to the spirit that we have the greatest and most intimate relationship with. Our Inner spirit. In the human, we know where consciousness comes from, the inner spirit.

When we find out how our spirit got here in these bodies then we will have our clue. For now, learning to burrow further and further into the spirit, can start to reveal how “you” are here and why. Let us explore the nature of consciousness and how it will forever be… us.

How Does Consciousness Live Forever?

Yes, Consciousness lives forever in all the realms. As sure as their is life in the cosmos. It would be foolish to think the very infinite construct of Source, would create us and this sector of Creation and fill it with life, and do this nowhere else. Don’t be stupid, or afraid.

That consciousness that lives as you only has love for you whether you have love for yourself or not. Spirit is all and every. Spirit is Life. When pondering where consciousness come from we point our eyes and investigations deeper into our selves than ever before in trying to answer our inquiry.

When did consciousness start?

It is said that this consciousness is also known as transcendence. The nature of being transcendent, means you have existed or exceeded all things, here, in terms of time. What the common human populace realizes as time is our own.

To ask when consciousness started is to cycle the mind trying to conceptualize an unfathomable amount of time. When trying to conceptualize when did consciousness start means we end up where we always do, namely ending at “Infinite”. As a measure it leaves everything to the imagination and yet we are still left wondering.

The measure as which aliveness itself has witnessed aliveness itself cant possibly be measured. We would have to ask someone who is more closely relative to that being.

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Are We Conscious After Death?

In much of our lore, history and mythology. Think about it. Even “GODS” of death were alive. Alive to ferry souls to where they should be. But realize, the souls where “alive”. The Gods who ushered others after death were alive.

We know now with the way our consciousness has developed so far that our aliveness is ultimate. Even as we transition from this world to the next. It is surely a constant, the power we witness as aliveness.

If you can recall any and every account of anyone who has every lived to tell the story of their NDE(near death experience), you will notice that they all will simply tell you their experience of their aliveness being separate from their body. They will experience black nothing-ness as a transition from one state of consciousness to another.

Proof of Life Beyond Death

You have heard of those who posses consciousness after death that “haunt” people. The body has died, but sadness, grief, regret, blame and anger will remain as energies that contort the will of the witness. These will keep a soul down, as opposed to ascending through love, bliss, mastery & patience.

Again, our quickening of the spirit. Loving souls fly through heightened vibration to greater realms. Emotionally dense beings(holding hard feeling from this life) don’t ascend, the sit here and haunt people until they are trained on love and light. This has nothing to do with GOD hating them. This is the chosen state of their soul.

They, as a sovereign entity, simply has failed to acquire & apply the knowledge necessary to master the spirit/consciousness unto total freedom from this realm.

where consciousness comes from

Consciousness is everywhere

Where does consciousness come from? In this world, it’s love, presence and divine nature comes from me, you and all those engaged with their consciousness seeking a greater world. Where consciousness comes from ultimately we now believe to come FROM no where. WHY? Well because IT IS everywhere and no where. There is no other place that is not the void that is already occupied by consciousness itself.

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