Why Do People Meditate? – 3 Core Strengths In Spirit

Why Do People Meditate? – 3 Core Strengths In Spirit

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Why do people meditate? What do they seek to gain in themselves? The spirit of the energy of the mind and the heart are constantly moving. 

To slow down these powers in the human takes effort. Taking time simply to create a safe space to wind down allows you to recharge and regroup. 

Sleep is not always enough, as many people do not get enough sleep living busy lives in this modern 3d era. 

Giving your body another opportunity to reset is the purpose for those who meditate. Though a calming of the bodies energies is the focus most of the time. There are slightly different function and focuses that can be practiced and have the action still called a meditation. 

In working with our energies, essentially we are working with spirit. The power and life of us.

Here after reading we will understand 3 Core strengths in spirit that are to be gained from meditation. 

Meditate for Emptiness

The mind is a powerful tool to facilitate the organization of consciousness. To keep up with consciousness itself, it must be able to move at the speed of light. As nerve impulses in the physical body’s brain, thoughts come and go. This constant randomness is ever present in the modern 3d human. 

Consciousness, nerves and the brain are the abstract-to-concrete bridging of our aliveness wired in our body vehicle. Hard wired into consciousness itself can definitely be overwhelming. 

Doing what we can to calm that entire process of constant thinking & randomness works wonders for mental health. A little vacation from constant motion feels very good in the body and turns out is quite therapeutic. 

Meditation has taken over the west, after only being taken seriously in the East and indigenous cultures.

Not too long away are the days when the modern 3d industrialized world gave no merit and legitimacy to meditation and its place in spiritual practice for the human. Though now, things are changing and the shift is upon us. 

When we meditate for emptiness, we shut off the light on the work day in a sense and allow that which is constantly working a break from the forever grind that goes on 24 hrs a day.

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Emptiness in Spiritual Work

Emptiness is used in practice through meditation to find the center and balance. Finding calmness in this center helps us open up to ourselves. This emptiness creates a space for you to communicate with higher aspect and self. 

Emptiness in spiritual work is critical to the overall quality of the practice, weighing heavily on one’s ability to find stillness within. Here we meditate for emptiness. Sometimes all we have taken on is too much, and it is time to make our cups empty again.

Why do people meditate for emptiness? Those filled cups are all we have learned over the years. Sometimes your thoughts on your knowledge and what you know can be a hindrance to learning something new. A peace meditation is needed to focus on peace and the picture of what a peaceful experience could look like in your conscious experience.

Meditate for Peace

One of the most troubling and treacherous of running ramparts thoughts in the mind are those from originating from the spirit of anger. 

Anger can be a dominating force in the mind, in terms of its place next to other thoughts. It rages, and bullies other thought into irrelevance. Its warpath will produce its own feelings and thoughts thereof, and distort thoughts and feelings present. 

Anger is a spirit/or demon/or ill virtue. It has a temperament of its own, and thus virtually a life of its own as a spirit.

Anger is common in our society and there is a grand need for peace. Peace is one of the main reasons people meditate. To fight this “demon” if you will. An alive spirit within, that is a part of you. It is you. Though know that it is energy, and you always have the power to change your energy. Though an angry spirit will resist and will persist. 

The anger must be brought up to cleanse. As it is written, everything that God did not make will be rooted up. In this case, the bad children, more on them later. 

Some would wonder why do people meditate in a world that is one big distraction. It would definitely seem impossible having all the senses being attacked by some form of input.

Worthy of your eyes and ears or not, we still must hear it here in the modern 3d world. That’s why it’s time to shut it all off. To meditate for peace sometimes it can be necessary to cut all ALL outside stimuli.

Make Meditation A Part of your Daily Practice

quick meditation

Master Your Daily Meditations

Purchase Peace from Meditation

Peace is a great purchase for the soul. Just as the body becomes weary from physical activity, so too does the spirit become fatigued from overactivity in the spirit. Unruly souls that lash out and over exert themselves for anger are taxing on the spirit, burning more life-force energy.

A peaceful soul can preserve life-force and sees the benefits of stillness and silence as a treatment for the soul. Using these towards self mastery will create a solid foundation for the renewing of peace on a regular basis. The body will naturally meditate for peace and stillness when first starting out in their practice.

Meditate to practice concentration

As we quell anger, we learn what makes our angry spirits calm. After we have felt a height of peace we become attracted to the taste of it. Coming back to peace is the coming back to home. Is it not?

Anyone, I will say who enjoys the thought of coming home after a long sojourn can attest to the transition of feelings when we enter that place. 

Practicing peace you will find that you strengthen your ability to concentrate. To concentrate we must be skillful in quieting the mind and calming the thoughts and emotions. 

When concentrating while doing anything we are giving it our full focus. When training the spirit it is imperative that we give our full focus. This way the benefits of this practice will transfer all throughout life. 

As the mind is needed it is focused. Having good patterns and habits of doing this will only serve you well when seeking to get things done or really get into your practice. 

Concentrating on Meditative practice

Concentrating with anything requires practice to be efficient at it and meditation is no different. Taking out faculties through these motions will enable the body by muscle memory to fall into good practice and technique maintaining good form for optimal concentration.

Whether we meditate for peace, meditate for emptiness, we are training the same muscles, in slightly different ways and approaches.

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Why Meditation Now?

As the world wakes up, and the energies rise we are being corralled back into the heart. To those who know, see and live this, we are being called. 

As we gather light for the shift, managing it all becomes more and more daunting of a task if you stray too far from the center for too long. Our thoughts and emotions are like young children who will run off if we let them. 

Keeping a constant eye is key, and a disciplined due diligence will be needed to maintain awareness. Endeavoring with our practice will keep meditation a constant and our peace/anger at manageable levels. 

In these times we are taking staunch responsibility for our actions and our energetic imprint on the Creation. We know what we do here reverberates throughout the universe. Our spiritual health is more on our minds with the potential for reunifying, we want everything we bring to the table to be balanced, fully loved and mastered. As we want to bring lovely extraordinary human dreams to full consciousness anything lower vibrating will not make it. 

The state of our soul after death/pre ascension is very important to those with a consciously evolving soul. We want to have the best chance at leaving the most positive impact. A good meditation practice will assisting in honing a desired and conscious response to our actions. An everyday peace meditation should be as routine as brushing your teeth, working out or taking a vita-round every. 

Why do people meditate? … Because the world turns over to its higher resonating version of being. We rise up from inside out. We stand calm in the eyes of the storm that is the shift.

Master Meditation, Unlock Your Divine Presence & Move Into A Higher Resonance Of Being …